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  2. How to date without tinder

      There is a big community of people from your country in Düsseldorf, and from what i have heard, significant communities in Wiesbaden and Berlin.   Have you considered getting socially connected with them?   I have found the Iranians in Germany to be friendly and much better educated on average than the locals.      Good luck.
  3. And that one takes the prize for Wildest Whatabout Ever. Did you get it straight from the Slavery Justification leaflet you picked up at the last white nationalist rally?
  4.   This seems like it should be a different thread.    If you open one, maybe some of the participants from the UK can weigh in about the reimbursement given to slave owning families there.   This is pretty scandalous.   That is a 178 year looting by the monied class.       <from Wikipedia> The Act provided for payments to slave-owners. The amount of money to be spent on the payments was set at "the Sum of Twenty Million Pounds Sterling".[18] Under the terms of the Act, the British government raised £20 million (£16.5 billion in 2013 pounds, when calculated as wage values)[19] to pay out for the loss of the slaves as business assets to the registered owners of the freed slaves. In 1833, £20 million amounted to 40% of the Treasury's annual income[20] or approximately 5% of the British GDP[21] (5% of the British GDP in 2016 was around £100 billion).[22] To finance the payments, the British government had to take on a £15 million loan, finalised on 3 August 1835, with banker Nathan Mayer Rothschild and his brother-in-law Moses Montefiore. The money was not paid back until 2015.[23]
  5. The Vent - No Chat!

    6am!  Seriously!   You started work on the building site with the digger at 6am!
  6.     You need a birth certificate.     You will not get an official birth certificate from the hospital, you will get some other confirmation (I can't recall what it is called) and you need to apply for a birth certificate from the Stadt where the child was born.  You have to fill in a form, hand in the paper you get from the hospital, your marriage certificate, and ID/passport of yourself and your wife. The hospital where we had our daughter had an office from die Stadt where we could actually do this directly, which is very handy as then we didn't need to do a separate trip into town to do it (but not all hospitals offer this).     The birth certificate will then be sent to your home which might take a couple of weeks.   You will actually receive multiple birth certificates.  One of which must be sent when you apply for Kindergeld, one of which is sent when you apply for Elterngeld, and I think one is needed for medical insurance.  I think that these are not "Geburtsurkunde" but " Geburtsbescheinigungen" and state what their reason is on them.  You get then a proper Geburtsurkunde for yourself to keep.   You get a choice now of a "German only" or an "International" birth certificate(s).  It is also possible to order extra birth certificates in case you want/need them for other purposes.  For this you have to pay extra.   You will also automatically receive a tax number for the child per post!
  7. unemployment benefit

    My husband spends a lot of time taking me to daily radiotherapy sessions. He also has done most of the repairs himself plus all the other day to day crap that we all have to do.  Maybe you think I'm better off just popping a few more tablets and putting and end to it as we are obviously sponging off society  and totally worthless !
  8. unemployment benefit

    We had to close the business because the kitchens were found to be infested with rats.  My husband meanwhile was given the run around about the start date of his new position.  He finally was told that the job had been given to someone else and sacked. This we are now fighting.  Believing that we could make a go of it we carried on with renovations but a problem with my health led to a MRI scan I'm not about to discuss this but the results are life changing.  We don't want hand outs. We need them.  What we want is for my husband to have a job and to sell this place which is now clean and liveable.    
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  10. Could you give a few links to those? I might be interested.
  11. How to date without tinder

  12. How to date without tinder

    buy a new cheap phone and install tinder.
  13. How to date without tinder

    Maybe this is not what you are looking for, but what about joining a club, for example a sports club? Or sign up for a German class and maybe you'll meet someone. 
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  15. Hi People, I have a problem and I need your help. I thank you in advance for your advises and sharing ideas.   Situation I'm a young man in my thirties living in Berlin. I'm not ugly. I don't have any facial problems. Non-smoking. No addiction. Fit (But no six packs). I'm not vegan. I have a good job with good salary. I work through internet. So I don't have the luxury of working in a big office with many coworkers and to chat with girls over the coffee machine. In fact I have to work from home. I speak English and have a long way to learn German enough for dating a German-only girl. So I'm looking for someone who also speaks English. I'm coming from a country with a very radical dictatorship who made any relation between opposite sexes except after marriage a serious crime worthy of taking life! So I couldn't find the opportunity to learn skills to help me find a girlfriend later after my immigration to a free society like Germany.   Tinder For some technical reason I am banned from tinder app permanently (I first installed it on a rooted phone and their system automatically banned me and does not want to un-ban me ever. Their support does not respond to me. All the methods of resetting the account didn't work).   Other online dating apps Other than that, I also tried OkCupid and Parship and hit the same wall that most men do: No response at all from anyone. Maybe girls just use those apps to boost their self confidence and not to respond to anyone ever. Whatever is the reason, I respect them for not answering me. But the effect of sending thousands of messages carefully crafted and emotionally described one by one separately and uniquely to hundreds of people without copy paste, just to receive zero answer from any one of them is so crushing for me that I don't want to try that EVER AGAIN. So please do not give me advice on how to boost my online dating profile. If it has worked for you, then good for you. Congratulations! But for me, enough is enough. No more online dating!   Speed Dating Event Websites I tried looking for speed dating events. I could only find two websites. I cannot figure out if they are only for German speaking people or English speaking people can also join. Because all the text on the website was only in German. Another problem with these two websites was that one of them by chance puts my age in a range of people equal to my age or 10 years older. Therefore as a man, I will be the youngest person in the group dating women all older than me! There was absolutely no other age range in the site which works for me.   Dating/Singles meetup events Then I tried looking for singles meetings on and I realized the company has banned all dating groups in 2016! Why?!   Smuggling my heart into non-dating meetup events Another idea was to go to meetups which are not about dating and then try to find a girl to date with. Problem here is that, people whom I meet are not expecting a date there. Most of them are temporarily in Berlin and will move out of the city the next day (In fact the website which is becoming a monopoly in this business is very popular with travelers rather than locals). Most participants are male. And if I find any female participant who is not traveling to another continent the next day, is not 20 years older than me, and by chance I can compete over 10 other single men in the room over her attention, then these cases are so rare and it might take decades until I find a real match this way.   Accepting living alone I also tried to accept living alone. Maybe it's the end of dating as we know it. Maybe human race will go extinct. Maybe the future is human cloning and lonely men and women who always live alone. But I'm sure there must be a way out there. I just don't know how.   So what? So what else I can do? Should I walk to street and ask girls for phone number? Am I the only person who is banned from the Tinder and cannot find any other way of finding a partner? Once again I thank you for any comment. Please do not judge me. I'm just trying to be a good person. Share the beauties of life with a soulmate. I want to be optimistic. And I am open to advises.
  16. Thank you very much PandaMunich. Your answers helps a lot. P.S. enjoy your stay in whatever part of the world you are :)
  17. Health Insurance Contract Cancellation

    Thanks for the info. If I did come back after 55 it would be to work. My intention would be to work as a teacher at an international school, so I am not sure if the above would apply to me, as I wouldn't be retired yet. 
  18. 4rooms apartment available from August 1st in Harlaching/Menterschwaige Munich close to Isar and Perlacher forest in a new building. Peaceful and serene neighbourhood with lots of greenery at the same time 25mins away from the city centre by  tram (running every six minutes with tram stop right in front of the apartment building) or 15 mins drive. Schools, kindergarten, hospital, Arzt Praxis, Apotheke, baker at a walkable distance. Apartment available with huge designer fitted kitchen  for a family with appliances like oven,  microwave,  dish washer,  induction hob, etc almost new.  Separate room for laundry in the apartment  (water and electricity connection) and lots of built in storage space.  Designer made garderobe at the entrance for shoe storage and jackets.  Master bedroom with fitted walk in closet (included in the rent) and a bath.  Guest/ kids toilet with walk in shower and custom made ceiling height mirror cabinet. Floor to ceiling (2.6 m)light flooding triple glazed windows in every room and underfloor heating. Two terraces one with marquee and second with garden umbrella and terrace furniture(also included in the rent). Kalt mieten 2786 plus neben Kosten 426 plus Garage 100 Euros(optional) For more details...  
  19. As the weather is good to sit outside, we have a reservation this week at an old favourite Maharani, where we can enjoy probably the best onion bhajis in Bavaria!   Please enter your name in the list below and copy, as usual, by 17:30 Wednseday at the latest.   1. LisaJK 2. HughK 3. Paul (back from Brexitland) 4.
  20. Worst jokes ever

    Why did the chicken cross the Moebius strip?   To get to the same side.
  21. Health Insurance Contract Cancellation

    The forum experts haven't turned up yet, but I did some googling until they do and found this: It seems it's possible if you have previosly paid into the German social insurance system.     Translation: Securing livelihood for non-EU aliens in accordance with § 5 Para. 1 No. 1 of the Residence Act:  How can you, as a foreign pensioner, take out health insurance in Germany if you do not come from the countries of the European Union and need a residence permit with an obligation to secure your livelihood? Of course, you are also obliged to have health insurance in Germany if you do not come from the countries of the European Union. However, this is somewhat different in your case. If you want to travel to Germany to spend the evening of your life here, you will probably need a residence permit with an obligation to secure your livelihood in accordance with § 5 Para. 1 No. 1 of the Residence Act (§ 5 Para. 1 No. 1 AufenthG). In this case, a person resident in Germany must guarantee that their livelihood, including medical coverage, is guaranteed in Germany. With the obligation to secure your livelihood, you no longer fulfil the requirements for a statutory health insurance fund. Voluntary insurance in a statutory health insurance fund is also not possible. You only have the option of private health insurance. Translated with      
  22. That is what I had expected but the opposite is true, every day when I set off to work I can see the Alps, you could only do that on rare days and mostly in winter in them long gone days. Maybe politics have done something good after all; particle level monitoring, catalyzers, clean air bill and the fact that the greenies will go old Testament and biblical on your ass if you so much as burn a leaf. 
  23. Health Insurance Contract Cancellation

    That's interesting! I have often wondered if I would be able to come back after the age of 55 and be in the public health insurance. Would getting back into public health insurance be possible after age 55, so I wouldn't have to pay a huge sum for health insurance?
  24. I have a "small business" related question, maybe someone here can help. Does an order made orally and confirmed by text (Whatsapp) is binding, even though there is no signed contract. I have a regular customer for few months now, we have a brief but good relationship. He usually picks up his order at my place made through my website, sometimes after working hours so for logistics we were texting and then doing business directly via text as it was quicker and easier for everyone. About a month and a half ago, after having his business going well, he made a huge custom order to me with a due date in two months (so in about 2 weeks from now). The problem is, he hinted yesterday that he might have to cancel his order and I'm already done with manufacturing all the goods. I know I screwed myself up a bit as I didn't make a proper contract and didn't ask for a deposit as for months everything was going rather well. We didnt manage to have a proper talk yet and I know he was working long full days the past 2-3 days so things might work out in the end but I didn't get much details and respond to what we're doing next and I'm afraid I'm gonna get ghosted or that he's gonna refuse to pick up his order and pay. I have his address, IBAN (dunno if that might help) and copy of his ID. And texts where I confirmed if the order is right and still up. I'm already thinking proposing to split the order through the next 10 months (this time with the proper paper work), but if it's a no, what would be my options ? Can it go in front of a judge if I take a lawyer,  could he end up reimbursing me for the legal fees ? Can I sell my claim to a factoring company, is it even worth it or more problems ?
  25. Health Insurance Contract Cancellation

    From what I gather, If your son should return to Germany some time in the future he can rejoin the Krankenkasse he was with while he was here.     Translation:   Since the health reform in 2007 there is a compulsory insurance in Germany. Everyone must insure themselves against illness, even those who come to Germany from abroad. The principle applies that everyone must be insured in the health insurance policy in which they were last insured. This means in detail: Those who previously lived in Germany and were insured there in a statutory health insurance fund also return to the statutory health insurance fund. The choice of statutory health insurance is free. Here you can apply for a health insurance change before you return. If you have worked abroad and had social insurance there, you can join a German statutory health insurance when you return. Here you can apply for this health insurance online. Translated with
  26. Maybe your 9 yr old certificate pre-dates the ALTE system, so although it is TELC, it is not within the framework now in place. Which is basically splitting hairs, given that you have lived here ages and hold down a job which requires communication with the natives....   Having said that, my impression from reading endless threads is that the individual you see has you over a barrel.
  27. I'm surprised to read: "The air is better, cleaner and smells of hot pine"   I would think the air quality would have become worse everywhere due to increased population, more cars on the road burning petro, more manufacturing to make more stuff for the increased population, etc.   Everything I read says Germany's economy is booming and there are housing shortages in every city.   More people = worse air right?
  28. Health Insurance Contract Cancellation

    My son is leaving Germany in September to study in the UK. He will be with the NHS. He is currently working and insured through the TKK. Presumably he is best just cancelling his TKK policy - he has no idea whether he will return to Germany or not after his 4 years of study. I have read of people remaining in just in case they want to return, and paying a lower amount for the time they are away, but that seems overkill for his situation.   Thoughts?
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