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  2. President Donald J. Trump

    Oh dear. Newly released and pardoned by Trump Blago (Dem) is singing about [Hussein]...            
  3. Oh, I see. As long as both parties agree, of course.
  4. calculation of working days

    I used to have business trips abroad. My company pays me travel allowance and also expenses. There is a space for this allowance on the payslip - also on the notice of taxes paid last year.   One year I forgot to deduct the business trip days from my commuting allowance. The tax office asked me (in a friendly tone) if I'd want to correct it. I did of course    Yes, you'll need to deduct your 18 from the 165.   Unless you drive to work and then on to your business destination in which case for that (and the returning day ) the commuting allowance stands.   PS sites like this help calculate working days / year based on each Bundesland:  
  5. Thank you, LeonG. I was hoping there was some sort of maximum that a company could charge more than an estimate and that looks true by your link. Still haven't heard back from the tax preparers though.   Fraufruit, I meant tear up every copy of the contract, including the one with the lawyer, who I'm assuming wouldn't charge you a tear-up fee based on your net worth. I believe the difference here is that in America lawyers hold onto contracts while in Germany they are filed with the government, which means they're harder to cancel.
  6. What's got you flummoxed today?

    @French bean I thoroughly agree that having children in a kitchen sends all systems for food prep hygiene out the window. I worked in commercial kitchens once upon a time and prefer a three sink method to a two sink and would prefer to always have stainless steel work surfaces, but we don't always get that much control, do we? I wish you luck.
  7. calculation of working days

    thank you so much. so i calculated 165 now let's say i have some up coming business trips abroad. 10 days in france + 8 days in greece.   do i have to deduct the 18 days of work abroad ? this is all for the sake of calculation of commuting costs. so i multiply the 165*0,3 or (165-18)*0,3 ?  i hope that makes sense
  8. What's got you flummoxed today?

    You obviously prepare food differently from me. I cook throughout the week and I do use chopping boards but as I cook for the family, things sometimes fall off the board. My daughter prepares her school lunch and I cannot guarentee that she won't put things on the surface. There are also fruit and veg that we all put on the surface and not necessarily on a board. However ours is a working kitchen for food preparation and not a designer kitchen to show off in.   As for general hygiene, I do wash hands for cooking and between touching meat and other food stuffs. I prefer cleaning tops with a vinegar based cleaning fluid though not always possible. My biggest concern is the chemicals used in these cleaning fluids and how much can leach into the food.
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    Improvement in UK car exports fails to offset domestic decline as production falls in January     Surely that will pick right up now that Brexit's got done.
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    I'm tempted to buy this one for HF:
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  12. Suicide - would/could you kill yourself?

    One of my mother-in-law's best friends went to Switzerland for AS a few years ago. She was in her late 60s and had been battling on-and-off cancer for 15 years or so. When it came back the 4th time, same type, this time apparently one of those "just a matter of time, now" diagnoses, she had had enough. Didn't even bother with chemo or radiation, went straight to Dignitas for an appointment, which was only a few months later. In the meantime she did intensive traveling to visit her best friends, but didn't even tell most of them what was up. 
  13. Forgot about the pictures, sorry - please see this dropbox folder.
  14. 2 big pillows for sale; 7 EUR is the total price.   - firm - 72x72cm - Model "Inner" by Ikea - can be used as floor cushions, too   The (freshly washed) pillow cases have broken zips so you should probably get new ones. We keep them on to keep the pillows clean. After moving we no longer need them, maybe someone else has some use for them so here they are.   If interested please get in touch via private message was I won't be actively monitoring this thread.   Thanks!
  15. President Donald J. Trump

    Don`t forget the "pray away AIDS" thing too.
  16. President Donald J. Trump

        Oh Dear...   What`s the betting Trump withdraws this lawsuit but not until he`s used it to whip up his base and idiots like J2 at his rallys. Also would he not have to testify under oath,if so I think that`s the last thing he or his advisors  want him to do.   Talking of Trumps advisors and idiots. The is the man Trump unbelievably gave a presidential medal of freedom to..   I`m sure J2 believes this conspiracy implicitly but ffs.
  17. President Donald J. Trump

      The guy who screwed up in the past with the HIV outbreak, same guy who advocated that lung cancer was not linked to smoking,   Yep, good idea.
  18. President Donald J. Trump

    I wasn't sure whether to post this here, or in 'What Made You Laugh Today'...   Trump names VP Pence to lead coronavirus response    
  19. What's got you flummoxed today?

      My counter tops are textured. I wouldn't knead bread dough on them, anyway, as I have a bread board for that.   @Sannerl That was nearly amusing.
  20. Stupid package stuck in customs at Frankfurt airport

    I had the same thing last year a package from USA was held in Frankfurt and the status never changed. I didn't receive any notifications, I didn't have any luck trying to contact someone at the Zollamt. It was like that for six weeks and then the package just turned up with an €8 euro customs charge! Status still says it's stuck in customs. It really is a waiting game!
  21. What's got you flummoxed today?

        You obviously never breathe in the kitchen.  
  22. Stupid package stuck in customs at Frankfurt airport

    No I am afraid that I haven't gotten a note, email or call. The only reason I know the package is in customs is because the US postal service has stated its status as there.
  23. Coronavirus

    Coronavirus cases surge to 400 in Italy    
  24. Why are you unhappy today?

    Thanks everyone. As for the new place; it's idyllic for me (and Shoshanna my cat as I'm surrounded by fields with so many meeces). Obviously there's so much of Sabine here with me and it'll stay that way, but yes, maybe it does help a little to be away from the house we shared in Erding.   Spidey; shower her with ice cream!
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