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  2. What made you laugh today?

    Yesterday someone sent me a recipe for Breakfast Doughnuts, with no doughnut in the ingredient list. So what did I look for today when I got this?   And recommended for Kids' Parties, too...
  3. Resigning and taking the rest of your holidays

    Thanks lewton, there is sadly an extremely toxic culture in the company that is why I am leaving. 
  4. Resigning and taking the rest of your holidays

    Thanks Leon, What if I am short of several hours? like 40 hours! It has been accumulated in these 3 years. Each month I did not fulfill the required hours. In our company everything is based on trust and we write the hours that we work. Since I always write the exact hours that I really work this happened to me! I know some people that do the opposite but that is another story! So long story short, now I owe the company around 40 hours on top of my vacation days! What do you think will happen? I  have no problem if they deduct it from my salary! I just want to come up with a solution!
  5. What made you laugh today?

    You can also overdo it:
  6. Resigning and taking the rest of your holidays

    They can't take back vacation they already gave you.
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  8. Resigning and taking the rest of your holidays

    Please note that normally your contract states that you are entitled to the full year's holidays, but that only includes the minimum legal 20 days/year. Your company gives you 27 by offering 7 more, but by law it is only required to give you 20 days per year.   So there are 3 scenarios for your case: 1. Your company only recognises 18 days for you. It might be or not be legal. You will need to ask somebody that knows more than me. 2. Your company recognises 20 days for you. As far as I know, this is the most possible scenario. 3. Your company recognises the full 27 days for you. In this case sounds like an awesome employer and you shouldn't leave them. 
  9. What's got you flummoxed today?

      shudder.   reminds me somewhat of the gypsy moth caterpillar (in looks) and the infestation we had in upstate NY and all over the east coast in the 80s.  I remember one summer there were so many caterpillars, it sounded like it was raining all the time - the "rain" was the sound of their chewing and pooping.  It was horrible - truly, the caterpillars were EVERYWHERE.  So many trees were completely defoliated, their sickening "tents" in the branches, overflowing with caterpillars.  No joke, almost like some kind of horror movie except they didn't have any direct impact on people (their hairs are harmless).   ironically enough, decades later I lived right next to the park where that scourge of exotics first took hold in the 1860's.  
  10. Freelancer pension and citizenship

    @nchristowitz did you find any answers to your questions? I'm a freelancer in a similar situation - I actually have about 3 years of payments into the Deutsche Rentenversicherung, and have been looking up the RÜRUP Rente type of pension plans. I'm also not sure whom to talk to get a good idea of what to do, aside from trying my luck with the Ausländerbehörde. 18% of my income to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung seems quite cost-prohibitive especially if its post-tax income.
  11. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Next time you should warn us: "This post contains disturbing images."
  12. What made you smile today?

    This:     ...because the cartoonist (who does a lot of dog-based movie-poster-spoofs and "Cleo and Company") actually followed a request of mine from only five days ago...
  13. What's got you flummoxed today?

    It's getting out of hand:   Toxic processionary caterpillar plague spreads across Europe. It's in the Dutch news almost every other day. Each oak processionary caterpillar has up to 700,000 hairs causing skin irritation. They are spread through the wind as well. Almost the entire country is infected.   
  14. Resigning and taking the rest of your holidays

    Hi guys,   Here is my current situation. I read all the posts in this topic yet I am not sure if I got it right. I have been employed since almost 3 years ago and I am entitled to 27 vacation days per yer. I am going to resign (in July) and by considering my 1 month Kündigungfrist, I will work till the end of August. So far this year, I have taken 24 days off! Now what will happen at the end of August? If the number of vacation days are calculated per month, I am entitled to only 18 days by the end of August! So I will be short of 6 days (24 - 18). Will this be deducted from my salary somehow? If I am entitled to the complete 27 days, this means that I will have another 3 off days in August? Which one is correct?    
  15. Is BAMF violating the European laws?

    Not only how, but also when. Some member states take years to transpose the directive, on purpose!
  16. Surviving as a Freelancer w/high taxes and insurance?

     Yeah, I just meant the next payment I’m getting from my freelancer employer for my next assignment. I don’t receive a regular salary. 
  17. Surviving as a Freelancer w/high taxes and insurance?

    Haha, wow, I’ve been cited! Yes, that’s true. 
  18. Surviving as a Freelancer w/high taxes and insurance?

    Thanks for the background information — that actually explains a lot about why the system seems to fail those who are not high-earning. Still odd, though, since for me, being a freelancer is not really a privilege, but a necessity.    At this point, I think that making 1k a month with minimal taxes versus what I earn now with higher taxes is almost the same in the end. The only difference is that I work a lot more.     
  19.   There it is!  See also
  20. Friday 19th July 2019, 21:30   Mauersegler Berlin Bernauer Straße 63, 13355, Berlin   Terrace booked. Meetup sign on the table.
  21. Hi Everyone, Welcome one and All, it's time to tickle those tastebuds and clean off the dust from that Winning Chili recipe you haven't used before.   The Munich Chili Cookoff has taken place at this time of year since 1999 and every year we have great fun cooking, competing and eating Chili. Each year we also collect for "The Klinik Clowns" Charity here in Munich:     Come on down on Saturday 3 of August to the Munich Chili Cookoff (also with cookie contest) at The Zar Bar, Rosenheimerstr 270.   If you want to take part then the rules are simple   1. Cook a pot of Chili at home (in a fireproof container, we will want to reheat it at the event) or cook a batch of your favorite Cookies 2. Come along to "The Zar Bar" between 14:00hrs till 15:00hrs and sign up to enter the contests.  Entry for competitors is free! 3. Sit down, chill out, listen to some live music whilst the Judges taste the Chili / Cookies and decide who's best 4. Cheer or Boo as the winners are announced. 5. When the Judging is done, spectators have the chance to taste the entered Chilis and Cookies. 6. Chill out with fiery stomachs and drink more or just relax to more live music.   We are also on Facebook And our own website     Come along and join in, who knows, you might just become a Chilihead.   See Ya'll.      
  22. Jokes

    Too apt!  My cousin is 65 and has two teenagers just getting their driver's licenses this year.  He's already worrying! :D I'll send him this to soothe his mind.

    Try to use the alumni network of your MBA. It can give you a foot in the door. Philips and Unilever are based in Hamburg, so have a look at their corporate website for vacancies.
  24. What made you laugh today?

    ohhhhhh how about this one?    
  25. Etiquette for parcels left with neighbours

    If the sign doesn't work, get this one instead:  
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