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  2. The problem is that we all want loads of fresh and unblemished fruit and veg... So the Clever scientists GM the crops...  this alters their growth rates, patters and allsorts this screwing about with the life cycle of the local wildlife...    Then as there are no natural enemies etc... a roague but infestation could wreck everything, so the clever scientists create inscticides to stop this happening...    Somehow... I thing clever can be substituted by dumbfucker too..   Have you never noticed the lack of bugs on your windscreen and front of the car after a rum out?       Whirled peas everybody!            
  3. German translators

    Hello Elissa   My wife is a German translator (English-Arabic-German) and is interested is there anyway to get in contact with you.   Thanks
  4. Ah, no one can stay with Mawista and CareConcept and co if they become a  “ proper “ employee - ie on a German contract but not on MiniJob terms.  It is either fully comprehensive  German public or German private insurance. And there the questions start : public v private. Public is compulsory if the salary is under 60,750 gross p.a. Private is an option if over that but, there again, there are issues re eligibility for public insurance if the pre-employment insurance was private...   The kids? Definitely an issue and, depending on the other spouse’s situation , it may be that:   the kids could be co-insured free of charge through the other spouse   or   the kids could be publicly insured through the second spouse at an EXTRA cost per child of c. 160 euros a month or   the kids could be privately insured through the first spouse ( the privately insured one ) at at EXTRA cost per child of 130-200 euros a month.   Many possible scenarios and case by case...
  5. Fund taxation in 2018 and "fiktive Veräußerung"

    Hi all,   I just want to confirm one point: all information I see regarding this topic says nothing about funds that were also paid into during 2018. What I assume is:   * 100 units of X Fund held on 1.1.2018 * 50 units purchased throughout the year * I assume you would calculate the increase in value based on the 100 units you held at the beginning of the year   i.e. those new units don't factor in until the following year. This of course seems like the only thing that would make any sense (or be fair). But it would be great if someone could confirm this.   Thanks  
  6. Alternative titles of threads

    OK, nothing like the original, but I just couldn't resist ...   Honey, I shrunk the business
  7. Alternative titles of threads

    Dogs getting pensions in the Freiburg area
  8. When we lived in Mannheim, we used Hundehotel Neckartal. I recommend her without reservation.
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  10. Do tell.  Just in case we ever need one!  Recommendations are always good
  11. We just took a walk through a sunny, humid woods and were covered up in bugs. I'm going to say, no, it's not normal to find no bugs.
  12. Bike locked up

      Management of train and subway stations clears away the bicycles every few years - but they put up numerous signs and attach stickers to bikes warning the owners of this several weeks beforehand. Rest assured, this is a thief.
  13. During a long walk through the forest and wild flower meadows next to our house, we noticed that we barely saw any insects, flying or bees nor butterflies despite the meadows being in full that normal for this time of year on a sunny calm day? 
  14. Bike locked up

    Thank you so much! Will do. One question though, is it certain that the train station management doesn't do this, like at all? I was just wondering if it was locked due to being abandoned for more than 2 weeks.
  15. Bike locked up

    Take your keys and photos to the police and ask them. Surely the actual to-be-bike-thief wouldn't do that if Spidey's speculation is correct.  
  16. Bike locked up

    The thing is, we don't have purchase receipts as we bought them second hand. Does having the keys to the lock prove anything? (The bike lock we used to bind the bikes to the metal bar) Oh, we also have photos with the bikes from last month so...
  17. Or should just sent the tax declaration as it is, with that 1500 euro in Zeile 21, and then the Finanzamt will do all the math ?   Ok I think that it works like I wrote in this post. About the software I just activated the voice for inputing the Doppelter Haushaltsführung expenses but without inserting any expenses and it automatically updated the total sum of money I should receive back by considering the additional taxation on that 1500 euro.
  18. Rental woes in Berlin

    tl;dr I guess the main issue, despite them confirming that Anmeldung is possible, is confirming that the landlords have authorized it, and the tenants aren't just making it up and possibly faking a contract. How should I go about checking this for myself to cover my own ass? Contacting the landlords/administration themselves, checking the main rental contract?
  19. Hi,   when I changed employer in 2018 the new employer paid me 1500 euro lump sum for move expenses. It was tax-free and indeed I found it in Zeile 21 of my Lohnsteuerbescheinigugn.   I am using a well known online software for my 2018 Steuererklarung. I put all my relocation expenses in order to have some taxes money back. Now I want to put this 1500 euro as a normal taxable income because this software doesn't automatically do this kind of reconcilation between Umzug expenses and this 1500 euro I received.    Can I just fix it by simply add this 1500 to the Zeile 3 (taxable income) ? 
  20. BMW 3er Touring Petrol black

  21. Rental woes in Berlin

    They just emailed me, confirming that Anmeldung is indeed possible. (This is the €200 temporary sublet in a closet) I'll ask about the keys as well, and bring a friend to review the contract, but if Anmeldung is indeed allowed that should be the end of the main issue right? Or is it possible, and recommended, to confirm that the actual landlord has approved of this? At present I'm only corresponding with the main renters, with only their word that the administration is also fine with it. Any other steps to take? Review their main rental contract to confirm that subletting is possible, etc?
  22. Bike locked up

    I would ask a friend!...     Your friend... as you almost always have a friend or a work coleague who the same has happened to...
  23. Bike locked up

      So what's the good advice?
  24. Bike locked up

      Somehow, I just can't picture this scenario. How would it pan out?    I still say go to the police first and ask them.
  25. Bike locked up

    I am sure whoever put the lock on the bike also took note/pictures of the serial/frame numbers and aslo has a receipt freshly printed out...    
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