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  2. Brexit: The fallout

      Don't stress, buddy. The UK will catch up as soon as we can get US steroid beef in there. Britain sixth fattest nation in the world - and rates rising faster than United States
  3. Only in America...

      The officer got fired. Apparently, no one but him wanted to arrest the girl.   Here.
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    Obese does not always equate to pretty well nourished. More to the point what exactly have they put in their bodies that is over time slowly killing them.
  5. Brexit: The fallout

      Can confirm. I lived in one of the largest chicken producing cities in the southern US. I used to buy my chicken at the processing plant before it got chlorinated. The chlorinated stuff is rank.
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    Post-brexit Britain will be eating CFC (Chlorine-Filled Chicken) Britain’s farmers have taken a swipe at Boris Johnson, warning that slashing standards would be “the work of the insane”, after the prime minister attacked resistance to US food as “mumbo jumbo”. The comments are a direct response to the prime minister championing US food in a speech earlier this month, when he insisted “pretty well-nourished” Americans disproved “hysterical fears”.
  7. Brexit: The fallout

      Will do!!!!
  8. Jute bag for sale

    Still available.
  9. Magnetic puzzle book

    Still available.
  10. DJECO puzzles - Ritter

    Ritter /Warrior puzzle (36 pieces) still available.  Other 3 puzzles are sold.  
  11. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Tedious as ever.
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    Interesting speech by Barnier at his Alma mater...   One excerpt:   During its 47 years of membership, the UK built up a privileged position in a number of strategic areas: financial services, of course, but also as a regulatory and certification hub, and a major entry point into the EU single market. In great part, this was made possible by the fact that the UK was an EU Member State, within the single market. But the UK has decided to leave this single market, the customs union, and all the EU's international agreements. It no longer wishes to participate to our common ecosystem of rules, supervision and enforcement mechanisms. This choice will have consequences as of 1January 2021, even if we reach a deal with the UK on our future relationship. ... 1/ First of all, regarding imports from the UK: On 1 January 2021, whatever the outcome of the negotiation, there will be checks and controls on all UK goods entering the single market – as there are for any third country. The EU must be able to assess risks on any product coming into its market and, if necessary, activate physical controls.These checks are particularly important given the UK's position as a major entry point into the single market. As part of these checks, we will need to pay the greatest attention to the rules of origin that we will put in our trade agreement. Of course we love made in Britain! But we must have guarantees that the goods we import from the UK – tariff- and quota-free – really are British. We cannot take the risk that the UK becomes an assembly hub for goods from all over the world, allowing them to enter the single market as British goods. 2/ Second example: financial services: As of 1 January 2021, UK firms will lose the benefit of the financial services passport. Indeed, no firm from a country outside the Single market has such a passport. This means that UK financial services firms will no longer be able to offer their services in all EU Member States based on their UK authorisation. Those UK financial institutions that want to continue working in all certainty across the Single Market know that they can establish themselves in an EU Member State. For the rest, in a number of sectors, such as in the area of Credit Rating Agencies, the EU will have the possibility to grant equivalences. We will do so when it is in the interest of the EU; our financial stability; our investors and our consumers. But these equivalences will never be global nor permanent. Nor will they be subject to joint management with the UK. They are, and will remain, unilateral decisions. I read in the Financial Times recently that London must retain its primacy as a hub for wholesale financial markets without becoming a rule-taker of European regulation. As a former Commissioner in charge of financial services, allow me to question that. Why should we accept that the profits stay in London while the EU carries the risks? The UK may not want to be a rule-taker. But we do not want to be the risk-taker. When the next financial crisis strikes, who will foot the bill? I doubt the UK will foot it for the EU. That is why the EU must take the responsibility for its financial regulation, supervision and stability. 3/ Third example: the authorisation and certification of goods for circulation in the EU Single Market. As of 1 January 2021, as a third country, the UK will no longer be able to grant marketing authorisations for pharmaceuticals or type-approvals for cars for the EU market. In addition, goods certified by UK bodies will no longer be allowed to be placed on the EU market. Indeed, the EU cannot accept, whatever the sector, to be reliant on the UK – as a third country that is no longer participating in the internal market – for key regulatory, supervisory and certification tasks. Especially when we are talking about very large volumes. And even more so when we are talking about critical products, such as medical devices. Aside from possible supply risks, this would raise enforcement issues. That is why these functions must be carried out in the EU in the future.
  13. Suicide - would/could you kill yourself?

      Go jogging 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🏃🏽 and reward yourself with a beer 🍻 
  14. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Never underestimate children. They learn more by observing than you give them credit for. I learned a lot back then. Commercial kitchens as a shining example? Seriously?!? My kitchen is far from perfect, but I never ever ever had to be concerned about salmonella or any cases of food poisoning. Not shiny, but certainly not car-finish-poisonous.
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    Yep. Cars for the British market will come with sunglasses as standard for those sunlit uplands.
  16. Today
  17. President Donald J. Trump

    Oh dear. Newly released and pardoned by Trump Blago (Dem) is singing about [Hussein]...            
  18. Oh, I see. As long as both parties agree, of course.
  19. calculation of working days

    I used to have business trips abroad. My company pays me travel allowance and also expenses. There is a space for this allowance on the payslip - also on the notice of taxes paid last year.   One year I forgot to deduct the business trip days from my commuting allowance. The tax office asked me (in a friendly tone) if I'd want to correct it. I did of course    Yes, you'll need to deduct your 18 from the 165.   Unless you drive to work and then on to your business destination in which case for that (and the returning day ) the commuting allowance stands.   PS sites like this help calculate working days / year based on each Bundesland:  
  20. Thank you, LeonG. I was hoping there was some sort of maximum that a company could charge more than an estimate and that looks true by your link. Still haven't heard back from the tax preparers though.   Fraufruit, I meant tear up every copy of the contract, including the one with the lawyer, who I'm assuming wouldn't charge you a tear-up fee based on your net worth. I believe the difference here is that in America lawyers hold onto contracts while in Germany they are filed with the government, which means they're harder to cancel.
  21. What's got you flummoxed today?

    @French bean I thoroughly agree that having children in a kitchen sends all systems for food prep hygiene out the window. I worked in commercial kitchens once upon a time and prefer a three sink method to a two sink and would prefer to always have stainless steel work surfaces, but we don't always get that much control, do we? I wish you luck.
  22. calculation of working days

    thank you so much. so i calculated 165 now let's say i have some up coming business trips abroad. 10 days in france + 8 days in greece.   do i have to deduct the 18 days of work abroad ? this is all for the sake of calculation of commuting costs. so i multiply the 165*0,3 or (165-18)*0,3 ?  i hope that makes sense
  23. What's got you flummoxed today?

    You obviously prepare food differently from me. I cook throughout the week and I do use chopping boards but as I cook for the family, things sometimes fall off the board. My daughter prepares her school lunch and I cannot guarentee that she won't put things on the surface. There are also fruit and veg that we all put on the surface and not necessarily on a board. However ours is a working kitchen for food preparation and not a designer kitchen to show off in.   As for general hygiene, I do wash hands for cooking and between touching meat and other food stuffs. I prefer cleaning tops with a vinegar based cleaning fluid though not always possible. My biggest concern is the chemicals used in these cleaning fluids and how much can leach into the food.
  24. Brexit: The fallout

    Improvement in UK car exports fails to offset domestic decline as production falls in January     Surely that will pick right up now that Brexit's got done.
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