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  2. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    Colin  Kaepernick ?
  3. The English Teacher's Corner

    This is fun.. not so much for English students.. but more for us dumb native speakers!
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  5. "Anmeldung" possible with permanent accommodation?

    Yes, that is what I did At least in my case the owner of the flat refused to fill in the form. I just printed the airbnb receipt and went to the office explaining I live there and the owner is refusing to fill in the form. They were ok with it. Good luck!
  6. Heart attack at the age of 41

    I don‘t make fun of Muslims or Jews for not eating pork. I understand that fully. I have this thing about not eating horse or dog meat. It is what you grow up with. As far as I remember, horse meat was never anything I was offered in England. I don‘t know if horse meat is actually even legal there. Dog meat clearly not.   I worked in Hamburg in an office many years ago in our area, Harburg, with a daily market,  and there was a stand with Wurst of different kinds. Karsten, a German colleague , knew full well I would never eat horse meat. One midday, at the market, he said „ I‘ll get the sausages for us.“ What did I end up eating without knowing? It tasted strange, I didn‘t like it. Yep, horse meat. Such a stupid grin on his face when he admitted it. He wasn‘t 15 but about 45.   Bastard.   And, you know ( or should!😂), you shouldn‘t eat an animal that speaks and sings in English. So there!
  7. President Donald J. Trump

    Trump's frustrated-toddler behavior has turned the Oval Office into the Womper Room.
  8. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Hi all, What if someone moves to Germany in December, pays everything themselves and get partially tax-free, partially taxed reimbursement from the company January the following year?   i.e. Everything paid in December (by the employee) Everything reimbursed in January together with the wage (by the company) BUT - 8000 euros are steuer und sozialversicherungsfrei - 2000 euros are -pflichtig. So netto is < 10000.   Are taxed 2000 euros claimed in the year X (as they are paid in this year) or the year X+1 (as they are taxed this year)?    
  9. No discussion on this "Box" before you bought the place?
  10. Heart attack at the age of 41

    I disagree, horse is great, especially on the BBQ, or marinated and wok-ed, or smoked and/or dried as nag jerkey. Red rum Rouladen are great too .
  11. BSR container location for my house and neighbours.

    This really all seems a fantastic way to get to know your neighbours and make new friends.  
  12. Drive there and back. Using Europ Car, pick up a Passat wagon in Verona on the 31st of July return on  2nd of August, kilometers inclusive, about 200 bucks...then take the train might find a station closer, I just chose Verona for the convenience.    and, of course...leaving the country might be a problem. but you never know...
  13. Are you sure? Have you checked the Grundbuch for easements?
  14. Slack group for networking with Americans

    so literally you need to be completely evil to join this and actually believe that the "big switch" actually happened?
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    And it should be noted that yesterday's election of Ireland's finance minister as leader of the Eurogroup once again shows that, contrary to what UK red tops say, the EU is not run by Berlin, or indeed Paris.   Donohoe had the 4 largest economies of the EU against him but he triumphed thanks to the votes of the smaller nations. How much of a say do the smaller nations of the UK have again?!
  16. I've just posted a silly photo

        Maybe it's a toaster?
  17. Slack group for networking with Americans

    I mean no Trump supporters. :)
  18. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    It's basically Puritanical.    It's an ad hominem argument on steroids. 
  19. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      It is about disempowering political rivals.   Eliminating racism is the marketing spin to convince the mindless mob to follow along.   Note that people like Justin Trudeau, Ralph Northam, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, and Jimmy Fallon have all dressed up in black face.    As long as they stay loyal to their political tribe, it is no problem.   
  20. I've just posted a silly photo

    Why is the electric radiator smoking?
  21. Coronavirus

    Another piece of disturbing news: a soccer player who tested positive in June and hence has been tested negative 3 times during 14 quatantine has been found positive again:
  22. Politics Gen XYZ

    This is brilliant:    
  23. Dear all,  I recently bought a new car, and would like to register it. In the past, I could just walk into the registration office (Zulassungstele) and register a new car (albeit a waiting time). Apparently in the city I live (Pfaffenhofen) you can't do that anymore, you can only do it after making an appointment. However, the appointments are 2 weeks away.  I am wondering if there isn't any online regstration services. I did a quick google and came up with a few options. Does anyone have any experience with this? Regards,  Anita
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