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  2. Yes, absolutely - great that you can make it! And we often do talk about the business of translating, as well as all the other stuff...   1. crusoe  2. Gen  3. sysg 4. rappy  5. lygeia  6. Haubigut
  3. Hi Matrixkid, what did you do?  I came across this thread as I am also planning to go back to uni. Similar story to yours... and I would have expressed myself much like you. 😄 I always find the German rational a bit too refreshing for my taste... even after living here for a decade. However, it was nice to see folks here caring enough to return time and time again and try to help you. Really curious as to whether you decided to study, what happened, are you almost done? How did you find it? Was the language a hindrance? Did you overcome it quickly or with ease? Would love to hear from you. 
  4. Tax on foreign income

    Reading more about this on a variety of German websites, it seems to me like these "capital gain distributions" listed on the American 1099-DIV form don't really exist in German mutual funds. Of course the concept exists since the mutual fund manageres are buying and selling stocks as part of the mutual fund, but this activity isn't tracked in any way that is relevant to the normal person who owns the mutual fund. What I read are people talking about dividends that are either paid out in cash or that are reinvested (and for tax purposes, the reinvested dividends have to be reported every year and tax is paid). And the only other thing is the profit that comes from the value of the mutual fund going up and up (hopefully!), with no difference about whether that happened with a lot of buying and selling of stocks by the mutual fund manager or just buying and holding. As I understand it, this increase in value used to only be reported and taxed when you sold it, but starting Jan 1, 2018 that gain should be reported and taxed every year (but weirdly one year late, in a certain sense).  So my plan now is to put the dividend number in line 4 of KAP-INV and that's it for this year. Then next year it will get more complicated. Does that make sense to you?
  5. Bed Bugs, will they die if i go away for a few weeks?

    Never been exposed and I hope I will never be...what is today the bedbugs situation in Munich and Germany??
  6. Prince William's Affair

    William had an affair? Ex-King Carlos of Spain slept with more than 2,000 women:   So, who is the master here 🤗?
  7. Prince William's Affair

    Like he's the first and last royal to have an affair. Nothing to see here, move along.
  8. E-car tips

    Up until this post, you were on my "ok list"...   You have just proved yourself to be a troll... 
  9. Prince William's Affair

    Thats twice you have mentioned "tossed sallads"....   Maybe you are the king of Tossers!
  10. E-car tips

      French nuclear not good enough for you then?    Don't mind me, I'm just sniggering in the other room
  11. Legalities of apartment repainting on moving out

    Hi all! I just can't figure out if the tenant has to paint walls etc in the following cases (for both the contract contains a valid clause demanding "Schönheitsreparaturen" when moving out, and the landlord demands a repair, of course)   a) the flat wasn't in a freshly renovated state in the beginning of the lease, which was photographed and noted in a protocol, some minor wear and tear damage was added. Supposedly the tenant could be held liable for the part of the damage he incurred to return the flat in the same state he got it. On the other hand, it is impossible to not repair the whole flat which would make the condition better than at getting the flat.   b) the flat was freshly painted to begin with, five years, which are a reasonable time to renovate after, have passed, but the tenant has managed to keep the walls stain/scratch free. b2) by that time the whitewash has started to crack for example or the wallpaper is peeling (which could clearly happen if the flat remained empty). The problem here is that the landlord knows for sure renovation took place sufficiently long ago to demand repairs, but the tenant with unprofessional eye has no means to figure out whether it has held up well up to his arrival or maybe the work was poorly done.   Help will be much appreciated!
  12. Bed Bugs, will they die if i go away for a few weeks?

    But do they turn up in a unmarked white van ?   Or does everyone in the street now know what's crawling about in your flat...
  13. Where to have UK pension paid?

    Thank you everybody. The wheels are now in motion and must just now attempt to remember all my past addresses for the form, and wait for the Hamburg dept. to get into gear for the UK part.   Re. possible causes of delays: at the Deursche RV I was asked to choose whether to either wait to receive the German pension until they can calculate the final sum after I get my final wage, when all contributions will have been paid in full, or to allow them to calculate the final amount immediately, i.e. 3 months before the pension is due, based on an average of what the contributions normally are. The latter would result in the pension being paid out on the first due date, the former will result in a delay of 3 months. The issue is probably only important if you have very varying contributions each month. (I may not have explained that very well but maybe that is what has happened to other people.) Eventually back payments will be made.
  14. Prince William's Affair

      The rumour on the web is that one of the females has a video of the other receiving what is known in prison circles as a "tossed salad" to keep him in check.    Do not Google the urban dictionary as to what that is. 
  15. Prince William's Affair

    I am not a betting man, but I would take a bet that william and charles  will out live the current Queen    even if Phillip gets up to his old tricks, Diana etc
  16. E-car tips

      Buy a Tesla, burn more Coal & Gas! I will only buy an EV when we switch back to Nuclear in Germany.    
  17. Munich babysitters wanted

    Hi, We are a family of four living in Isarvorstadt. We are looking for someone to pick up our one year old daughter Daphne from Kita 3-4 times per week and look after her from 3pm-6/6.30pm. In total it would be 10-12 hours per week. It is a spanish & english speaking household and so Spanish is a big plus but most importantly you have a good rapport with small kids. We can offer a competitive hourly rate depending on experience and we are flexible on the days and conditions.  Please email or call/text me: 01785374621.    Looking forward to hearing from you.  Cheers Tom
  18. Tax on foreign income

      I believe these are when the mutual fund manager sells individual stocks in the mutual fund during the year and those had a profit on them -- they then take that money and reinvest it in more stocks. Basically something that is happening internally in the mutual fund.  I didn't actively sell any part of the mutual fund or receive any distributions from the fund. (sorry for the double post, I was logged in under a different account on this computer and didn't realize it)
  19. Bedbugs infestation

    If you have bedbugs, act as follows and I'm sure you will kill some of them:  
  20. Would it be all right if I arrived closer to 8 p.m.? I will be a 10-min walk away from that amazing-looking restaurant, and I have wanted to finally come to another of your meetups since last summer! Would be wonderful to see you and be able to chat; such luck that I will actually already be close to where you will meet.   Also: Whoever is willing to actually talk about the business of translating, please make yourselves known... I'm really interested in chatting about it.   Thanks!
  21. Prince William's Affair

      She will probably outlive them all. 😅
  22. Hello folks,  I have a student visa currently. I already graduated in mid April, but I was informed by my university that I will officially be exmatriculated at the end of this semester, which is August 31st. My current student visa expires at the end of May, and I have to update it - I want to switch to the job seeker visa given that I'm done with my studies. Does anyone know: can I switch to this job seeker visa, while still remaining enrolled at university until August 31st? I will have a preliminary certificate in a few days that states that I have completed by studies, and I will give this to the immigration office, however, I will still be enrolled until the semester ends. Is this a problem? This also means I will have a student insurance when I apply for job seeker visa... as I'm entitled to a student insurance until exmatriculation.  Any help appreciated!  
  23. Brexit: The fallout

      What is it about the Brexit Party that seems to attract the old fuddy duddies?  Vision for the Future?  
  24. Tax on foreign income

      I believe these are when the mutual fund manager sells individual stocks in the mutual fund during the year. Basically something that is happening internally in the mutual fund without my knowledge. I didn't receive any distributions from the mutual fund.
  25. Prince William's Affair

    I thought the same when I nearly stumbled over the dogs today, Luke! Noblesse oblige!
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