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  2. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      I second that!!  
  3. We play our next game Wednesday, May 29nd at 6:00pm.   We will be at location 1 near Chinese tower. As always, please bring a light and a dark shirt.   Map to location 1:   See you on the field!
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  5. Tip of the day

    Find out if you are a racist by simply holding a milkshake under your chin.
  6. Hello, we have Fire Truck toy from Bruder for sale. This one:   It has functions such as a ladder, water hose and pump, and lights and sound-effects...plastic but very good quality.   Asking 20 Euros.   Please, send me msg if interested.
  7. Moving boxes / shipping boxes exchange

    Hello, I am looking for moving boxes. Please PM me, if you have any available! Thank you.
  8. If women are serious about equality, why aren't they still trying to trip up horses?
  9. Rowenta Air purifier

    do you have photos or model and brand please
  10. Privat people transportation, Munich airport transfer

    how much do you charge per hour? per day?
  11. Things to ponder

      Synopsis: You're a sandwich short of a Picknick.
  12. Which documents did you need to translate? The person in the Amt marked me the Geburtsurkunde/n to bring it translated. But the translator that I contacted told me that I need to translate also my citizenship, which also makes sense. Should I then translate also citizenship just to be safe?
  13. Politics Gen XYZ

      Republicans; Abortion is against God, who values ALL life. God; (rofl) I gave the world a seven year plague and drowned millions in Noah's flood. Republicans; Shhh God; I killed firstborn sons and all those Midianites. Republicans; ... ... ... ... ...
  14. Random pointless comments

    Are you a supporter of the Brexit Party?
  15. Hi there,   this kind of question is better to ask in "Parents in Munich" Facebook group. You will get tons of replies and advise. Good luck!
  16. Random pointless comments

      ...and the rise of invasive species.
  17. Random pointless comments

    The Chelsea Flower Show is basically old white middle clas people going on about borders.
  18. Moving away after divorce leaving kids with their mother

      Have you never heard of 'coming out'?   What other reason could a father leave their children other than for self indulgence?   From what little information you have given, you deserve everything your wife could throw at you.   It doesn't matter what you call it, how you want to explain or dress it up, if you're leaving the country for the long term you are abandoning your responsibilities and your children.   My advice from father to father is you need a fucking reality check.  
  19. Hello,   I am looking at the possibility of a shipping container home here in Germany (if it is even possible). I have seen this work very well in other countries that I have lived in but not sure how it might work here.   Before I start seriously looking into it, I wanted to see if anyone has one and if so, if they can tell me anything about it and maybe where to start.                
  20. Which past members do you miss the most?

    But if you and or RenF hadnt trolled them to death... You wouldnt be missing them...
  21. I've just posted a silly photo

    "Do not my Subjects bring the bacon home usually?"
  22. Things to ponder

    What the hell are you talking about? I´m not saying people choose to be LGBTQ or black. I´m saying I don´t discriminate against anyone. Don´t you dare accuse me of being a neo-Nazi, by the way. What minority am I insulting? What with the " friend" ?  Voices in your head?  I fear for the human race if people like you get to rule the place. There are enough nutters around. You are truly a nutter. You have zero idea who I am. I am just a normal guy worried about dangerous people like you. Take your pills and chill out.
  23. Things to ponder

    Just read the above, sorry but John has a point, just look haow in the past couple of years the LGBT message has been hijacked by hardliners that are pushing their agenda through without a thought for the women it offends or for the LGBT community that just want to be accepted as normal, look at my previous posts on the subject. Sorry Alex, but you are as hard line as they come. There is no need for it,the majority accept you for who you are and there is no need to automatically assume someone may do you harm. As for calling someone a fascist- grow up. That's what we see from the Trans activists who are actually stifling free speech and turning people against the LGBT community. I've said my piece, I'll go away now.   Just one final thing, you talk about people showing respect to the minority, people actually wouldn't give a shit if the hard core minority hadn't tried to force their agenda on the majority and show no respect for the majority. Respect works both ways.
  24. I've just posted a silly photo

    Shopping for a meal for one.  
  25. Things to ponder

    Nice straw man. Neo-nazis choose that. So now you're saying people choose to be LGBTQ or black? I'd love to hear how you work that out. At any rate, I've said my piece. It's on your head now. I bet you have a "friend" to absolve you in your mind for every minority you insult.
  26. Things to ponder

    A minority as such does not deserve respect. It all depends. How about neo-Nazis? (A minority , hopefully ) at the moment. Respect? None from me.
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