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  2. Why are you unhappy today?

    I have a (human) medical background, but the principles of a renal (kidney) diet apply to animals, too. In a nutshell, it is essential. Leon, put your cat on that diet if she will accept it. Some cats btw have to be kept indoors so they don't snack on other food not good for them.
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  4. Start with a shit-tonne of dough
  5. Climate change discussion

      Poor Greta. Poor Sparkles and Harry.
  6. Why are you unhappy today?

    When I was growing up in the UK we had a cat "adopt" us which the vet diagnosed with a kidney problem. The cat would have been around 10 at the time. The vet put him on a special dry food diet (came in a big tub, bought from the vet) and he (the cat, not the vet) loved it. Wouldn't eat anything else. He lived until he was around 20.   This info from a doctor/lecturer at the small animals clinic of Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich says that cats with chronic renal insufficiency should be put on a special diet, mostly obtainable from vets, ASAP.     Here's a veterinary practice in Hanover that has a page about this problem: And it looks as if Hanover University also has a small animals clinic that deals with this problem:
  7. What are you cooking today?

    That was a long time ago :). It would be cool to go there now and just speak Dutch and order poffertjes. We traded it with the British for Suriname, the least known country in South America. Even Brazilians don't know it's a bordercountry, but they border with everybody, sort of. 
  8. Travelling with a 2.5 month old

    She was 38 and would have had no trouble getting another job.  She just wasn't thinking outside the box. Some of my dreams have solved problems for me.  Last night I had a dream that involved two lengthy flights in quick succession, which had me distressed.  Suddenly (still dreaming), I realized I could cancel the second because it was work-related and I'm 13 years retired.  Instant joy. I wish my sister could have had that joy in real life.
  9. What are you cooking today?

    I dont think it has the bechamel base that is the hallmark of  a souffle though.
  10. What are you cooking today?

      As I suspected - a failed soufflé which lisa13 failed to fail.    
  11. Travelling with a 2.5 month old

    How old was she when she made the, in retrospect, regrettable decision? How difficult would it have been for her to get a similar job with similar prospects?    I am still regretting a ham dandwich I ate two days ago. It lays as heavily on my mind as it did on my stomach.
  12. What are you cooking today?

    Definitive Dutch Baby:
  13. What are you cooking today?

    Coleslaw is also known as "swedish salad" in DE 
  14. Jokes

    I walked into a car showroom and said to the salesman, "My wife would like to talk to you about the Volkswagen Golf in the window."    He said, "We don't have a Volkswagen Golf in the window."   I said, "You do now."
  15. Travelling with a 2.5 month old

    Living far away from family causes us to make hard decisions. When one of my three sisters married in California, another was living far away in Indiana.  Her boss wouldn't give her time off to make a three-day weekend trip to CA, and to this day - 30 years later - she regrets she didn't just tell him 'I quit' and get on the plane.
  16. Any Americans around Darmstadt?

    Hello Andreas! I'm from the US and live in Darmstadt. Did you find any other Americans to meet up with?
  17. What are you cooking today?

    There may be a Dutch thread somewhere for coleslaw...I remember  a chat with my Dutch friends here and they didn´t know. Mcdonalds via USA...but originally Dutch...
  18. Next Badminton is 27.08.2019 19:30-21:30        The closing time for reservations is Midnight on SATURDAY. Booking: Please sign up below. Please note that all names down at the deadline are committed bookings! Please ALWAYS specify the times you wish to play e.g. 19:30-20:30 Important: Please do check back here on the Monday evening after 23:00 for updates before turning up! We may have to adjust your preferred times if too many sign up for the courts we have available! Please copy this post and add your booking.     1. Colin 2000-2130  
  19. What are you cooking today?

      but that looks like a german pancake, unlike the alleged german pancake/dutch baby I liked which looks like a giant yorkshire pudding   GAHHHHHH!   I'm so confused...nevermind  
  20. What are you cooking today?

    Here's what the Internet says. It seems pretty comprehensive. 'While these pancakes are derived from the German pancake dish, it is said that the name Dutch baby was coined by one of Victor Manca's daughters, where "Dutch" perhaps was her corruption of the German autonym deutsch. Manca's Cafe claimed that it owned the trademark for Dutch babies in 1942. Alternative names: German pancake, Bismarck, ... Type: Popover Main ingredients: Eggs, wheat flour, milk, vanil... Place of origin: United States   Dutch baby pancake - Wikipedia › wiki › Dutch_baby_pancake'
  21.   wrong! Racism Racism Racism! :)
  22. What are you cooking today?

      bah - deutsch = dutch in the US.  Clueless   best example is the region of the "Pennsylvania Dutch" - which is one of the most German regions in the country.   but anyway it's not a German pancake either!!!
  23. What are you cooking today?

    Ah, maybe from the time New York was called New Amsterdam?    
  24. Tax return questions and errors

    Hi PandaMunich,   I really apologise for abusing your time. I hadn't seen your 2018 new resolution... You have been of great help in the past and I somehow took this for granted. Thank you for your responses. You are right, I should improve my German.  Since my husband has no income I stupidly put myself as person A, the Finanzamt fixed that on most part of the Steuerbescheid but somehow not for the Kapitalerträge. This was our first join tax return. I shall take care next year not to reproduce that.   Thanks again and have a nice evening.
  25. What are you cooking today?

    Ah, Deutsch. Not Dutch :).   Poffertjes is Dutch. Mini pancakes:
  26. What are you cooking today?

    Yeah - the sneaks! So I listed another recipe for Dutch Baby.  I've never made one, but they sound delicious.  Your recipe looks good, too.  
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