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White Trash Fast Food (WTFF) - Berlin

White Trash is a restaurant and a nightclub. American food, very friendly and interesting people, fantastic and slightly different music. From outside you'd think the venue is a Chinese restaurant... surprise inside. Also great to dance your heels off on a weekend, with live acts and DJs. I love this place!

White Trash - Restaurant + Club
Schönhauser Allee 6/7, Berlin
Open from 6 pm till late
Website: White Trash Fast Food

Submitted by: Mikaela

Review by: "Anonymous" on 21.Sep.2006   (edit this review)


The full name of the place is 'White Trash Fast Food', abbreviated 'WTFF', although it's not a fast food restaurant. You know how Europe is full of these 'American' restaurants that try to be a cross between a TGI Fridays and a 50s diner (e.g., The Sixties on Oranienburger Straße) and end up being completely kitschy and generally failing to make any authentic imitation of food available in the States? Well, WTFF takes that concept and skewers it with an in-your-face punk attitude. So you get waitresses in saddle shoes and mini-skirts who look like they might kick your ass. And the place brews its own beers with names like 'Dirty Fucking Weizen'. There's usually good music playing on the weekends for a single-digit cover, often different bands upstairs and downstairs (in the

Posted by: jtw at 7:19 am on 8.May.2007

White Trash have opened a summer beach bar on the Spree next to Bar 25. on Holtzmarkt Straße near Jannowitz brüke train station (U bahn) It is set up like a Wild West Theme complete with camels, ponys, sand, and of course very cool bar staff. You should definately check it out. Its called STRAND MARKT Here is the website: www.strandmarkt.de/

Posted by: "firebouy" at 8:49 pm on 9.May.2007

totally lame atmosphere, clientile, and staff. This place is full of losers who are about 10 years out of trend (which describes Prenzelberg to a "T"). Lame, Less for More, cliche, brash all describe this horrid venue. Save yourself the trouble, dont fall for the tourist trap.

Posted by: "MrBerlin" at 11:02 am on 4.Mar.2008

When Wally moved this place from Torstr. I thought it was the end. But I was pleasantly surprised. I'm disappointed the mezzanine bar is now booths but I totally dig the mix of tourists, locals and would-be rock stars. The burgers are good (though they're better at The Bird) and there's tons and tons of live music, which makes all the goofy tourists head for the door. Another plus: Motorhead's Lemy replaced Ben Becker as a regular.

Posted by: KäptnKnitterbart at 3:19 pm on 5.Mar.2008

having previously eaten here and enjoyed the bands downstairs, 4 of us went to WTFF last thurs night about 9pm...we'd had food so were after some beers and a band. EURO1- to get in = not a prob. however, to our disappointment, we were not allowed to sit at any table, as we didn't want to order full meals = big prob! approx 50% of tables in the place were empty. hence, after a waiter slammed his fist on the table shouting 'this is a BUSINESS' (meaning, our beer money was no good) we finished our single round of beers standing at the crowded bar, and went and spent many hours of drinking money elsewhere. what a disappointment. I can understand it if it was busy, but come on..

Posted by: "biffo" at 2:48 pm on 26.Mar.2008

White Trash is pretty average in every respect as far as I'm concerned. I tried this place as I was told I was guaranteed a great burger, and cool atmosphere. Ihave to admit that I felt pretty let down. But for those who dont want to make the same mistake, I'd advise them to head to 'The Bird'. Its not as central as WTFF, but the food is fantastic and the beer is also very good. The place may be quite small, but it has a good atmosphere and you're never made to feel like you should be ordering more if its just a few beers you're after.

Posted by: Btheboat at 9:56 pm on 9.Apr.2008

I agree with most of the posts. The place is unique with a mix of berliners, german and other tourists.. young and old. Foods quite good upstairs and the soundsystem downstair is excellent. We're looking forward to the Chicago East Party on June 13th and July 11th at White Trash. Chicago Rose www.chicagorose.de

Posted by: Chicago Rose at 10:08 pm on 5.May.2008

What's with all these rave reviews of The Bird? My 11 euro cheeseburger (11 fucking euros for a burger?) fell apart like a big meaty cow pie when I lifted it -- instead of a burger I had a big pile of ground beef dumped on my fries. Who cares how "quality" the beef is when the burger is such a big shitty disappointment? And the guys who run the joint offer the lamest excuse --"we can't decent buns in Berlin." So they sell these meatballs on a hockey puck "toastie" and call them burgers. Well, they can sell these jokes to Germans, tourists, and sucker Yuppie homesick Americans, but I've eaten about a million burgers, from Maine to California, and have never been so ripped off in my life. Yeah, the fries might have been good, but because they were covered with what shoulda been my burger, I didn't enjoy them. My suggestion for The Bird dudes -- try harder to find an alternative to lame English muffins. Hip arrogance and an outrageous price is no substitute for a decent bun.

Posted by: "OkieinBerlin" at 6:52 am on 6.May.2008

"Hip arrogance and an outrageous price is no substitute for a decent bun." Truer words were never spoken. A plus about tight pants is that they hinder sperm production. Maybe we can prevent the hipster mentality from reproducing.

Posted by: mikehaef at 9:08 pm on 7.May.2008

you dont actually think you will ever get a real burger in germany, berlin or p-berg for that matter do you? Quality of Beef in greater europe doesnt compare to south america, australia and the usa. it's all frozen, processed (what in germany isnt?) and very poorly cooked (usually burnt thru like a hockey puck). Not only do Germans know nothing about quality, good food or service, they know nothing of how to cook in contemporary times (they are about 50 years behind in every facet of life.)

Posted by: "kevin" at 9:13 am on 3.Jun.2008

You know I actually liked this place until I went there the other night for my bf's birthday. Had the most horrible experience ever! Waiter brought last meal to table 30 mins after everyone else then told us to pay and leave half way through our last beers. When we paid I didn't feel at all like giving a generous tip for an already overpriced dinner and horrible service. Upon payment the waiter told me to f*^# off and get the f*^# out of the restaurant and not to come back because we didnt want to give him more than 3 euro tip. Nice way to treat your customers! and since when do you ask for a tip in Berlin? Little did he know I actually work near by at a local hostel, nearly all the time i recommended people to go there. Never again WTFF!! Get your staff off the drugs first!

Posted by: berlinbean at 11:37 pm on 4.Jul.2008

There are some more stylish bars down Alt Shonhauser Allee. More relaxed vibe too.

Posted by: jonk77 at 9:20 am on 5.Jul.2008

I'm going to dissapoint you all and say I had a fantastic time at White Trash last Sat night. The staff were friendly and our waiter constantly kept checking if we needed more beer. The food was ok, a burger is half the price of those at The Bird and has half the taste - fair deal! First time I'd been there in 2 years and I'd go back again in a flash.

Posted by: "Rockpig" at 8:14 am on 8.Jul.2008

Get ready for the \Gestappo/... As poster KäptnKnitterbart on 5 May 2008 wrote: "a waiter slammed his fist on the table shouting 'this is a BUSINESS'" And later on the 3rd of June 2008, Kevin writes: "the waiter told me to f%ck off and get the f%ck out of the restaurant", "...overpriced dinner and horrible service." I am echoing those experiences. My wife and I have lived in Berlin for several years. We eat out once a month. We thought about going to The Bird. However, while walking by the establishment 'White Trash Fast Food' in the Yuppie district. I saw a favorite of mine on the Menu. We both decided to chance it and go in. I ordered what I wanted right away, and my wife ordered a side a few minutes later. When several groups who were seated after us had received their meals, I asked our waiter about our orders. The food came shortly after, and was not very hot. There was a person who appeared out of no-where and didn't say a word to us prior. He barked orders at me from a distance. When I later went looking for this criminal, I found him skulking behind the bar. I explained I was a customer, not one of his slaves. He was completely indifferent, self-justified, and continued to tell me off instead of apologize. It was like the worst experiences either of us have had at Government Amts. I wonder if the 'waiter' of the two previous posters was the bartender or owner, doing waiter duty? A tallish, uptight, queen-ish, skinny guy with dark hair? Does that description match yours? Either the guy is duplicitous, treating his employees or co-workers as angels, or he is a dick to everyone, in a random fashion. In either case, he or his restaurant won't continue with such poor people skills. I wish him the worst, as he has seemed to adopt the non-existent no-standard 'customer service model' which exists frequently in Berlin. In summary, the food is good when it does finally arrive - be prepared: to be treated like an unwanted, flea-covered dog with an abusive owner.

Posted by: "wtf" at 7:51 am on 9.Jul.2008

I didn't have a bad experience there, cuzzy. Quoting the wrong Captain. I like the place and love comments like "his restaurant won't continue ..." when something is so obviously a success. Might as well be honest: His restaurant will continue without you. If all you people hate PB so much, why are you there?

Posted by: KäptnKnitterbart at 8:31 am on 9.Jul.2008

I must say the chips I had were at least big fat ones, service is shite though to be honest. Good music, however. Worth a visit if you want to dance the night away.

Posted by: Steve Shadforth at 9:10 am on 3.Aug.2008

WTFF is okay. I like some of the bands that play there so I go to see them and to be honest I don't give a monkey's about the service or attitude of the staff just as long as they keep me supplied in the best moscow mules in Berlin.

Posted by: seeyoujimmy at 11:55 am on 13.Aug.2008

Crap service, fantastic music and great athmosphere. It gets the important bits right. Go to this bar if you like an edge to your dinner.

Posted by: "Ger" at 5:11 pm on 3.Feb.2009

any place you have to pay an admission charge just to eat there thinks a bit too much of themselves

Posted by: loberto at 10:19 pm on 4.Feb.2009

my friends from san diego were here a couple of months ago and they wanted to go to white trssh. they said it reminded them of TGI Fridays. which is one of those chain american restaurants.

Posted by: "whitetrashsucks" at 6:45 am on 6.Feb.2009

best food I've had in Germany, top notch, I'll be back soon, woohooo

Posted by: "kuhching" at 6:33 pm on 6.Feb.2009

Damn! Some bitter posts here, yikes!

Posted by: "damntheman" at 8:38 am on 7.Feb.2009

I went, for the second time, the White Trash on Wednesday, but this time, for lunch. The first time around, we went on a Wednesday night. I had a burrito and a beer; was not terribly impressed or disappointed by either the food or the service. It was just sort of so-so. My second trip was much better. My friends and I ordered burgers. With the burger comes a trip to the salad bar, a decent sized portion of fries, and a small drink. The burger is almost too big to wrap your mouth around, and as a seasoned burger-chef, I have to say, even I couldn't have made it better. The BBQ burger with jalapenos is to die for. The tap beer unfortunately was a) expensive, b) tasted like nothing and c) warm and flat. So far I have not had a decent draught beer in this place. The good thing about going for lunch is that it is relatively uncrowded and service is quick. Our server was very nice, a bit absent-minded, but attentive to our needs as long as we asked her for everything twice. What really really really bothered me, though was when we went to pay the check with a card, she asked straight up how I intended to pay my tip. I realize that she is American, and she realized I am American, but even in the States it is plain unacceptable to basically demand a tip. After we'd finished paying for our food--which she forced us to do the second we were finished eating, although the restaurant was empty--she began moving furniture around us, clearing away things we were still using, passing chairs (!!!) over our table, making us feel as uncomfortable as possible until we left, bellies full, no time to digest or relax. I will go back for the burgers, but I will not order a draught beer there again, and I intend to tell the server that asking me for a tip is rude, and that if she wants to kick me out the second I put my fork down to send the manager.

Posted by: dessa_dangerous at 2:41 pm on 4.Oct.2009

I find the food good, but a little pricy if you are living on a budget with normal household expenses (health insurance etc)

Posted by: Kommentarlos at 7:51 pm on 8.Oct.2009

can be fun and a nice rock and roll alternative to the techno, electro scene in berlin! recommended, thurs pm's!

Posted by: SKershaw at 2:23 pm on 24.Mar.2010

The worst night I've had in Berlin so far has been down to the fuckhole that was working on the door last night. There was about eight of us out and the first three went in without a problem. Then the doorman came out and just said to me and my mate, "Sorry, lads - not tonight." We asked why, considering that we were both sober and weren't scruffily dressed, and he replied, "You don't fit in." like this was flamingly obvious. I asked him what he meant, and he said, "I don't want to tell you the real reason." I asked him again, and he just shrugged. Now, without boasting, I did his job for three years in England on much tougher doors and with much scarier clients, and I would never turn anyone away without a reason, ever. What's worse is that this fucknut only felt brave because his colleague looked pretty handy. Anyway, I'm phoning the management tomorrow to complain and, if they don't do something, then I'm going to make a point of telling everyone I know in Berlin to give this dive a wide berth.

Posted by: PC1981 at 10:00 am on 28.Mar.2010

uh, I Live in Berlin... therefore I dont go to places that are way beneath our standards... its for tourist... plus I dont pay entrance to eat anywhere... with their shitty food and poor service, they should be paying the guest. However, the music scene is quite worth a 1 or 2 time visit... but nothing you cant as good if not better get anywhere else in the city. not a thumbs down, not a thumbs up... nothing really that original... but I do believe they are successful and I wish them further success... after all, just because you, them or even I do not rave about it, doesnt mean it doesnt fulfill its commercial niche.

Posted by: SKershaw at 2:05 pm on 11.May.2010

The band I'm in recently played there during the first week at the new location. It was still a bit "under construction", and they hadn't fully worked out the sound system yet (I'm sure they will soon enough, if they haven't already), but I enjoyed the burger (it was free, so I can't complain about the price), and there were lots of people there to see us, but I have no idea how it compares to reviews from four years ago ... (and, actually, I'm just trying to figure out how to post anything on this website/forum ... it won't let me post on any other discussion groups, so this is just a test message, albeit an informed one about the restaurant/nightclub in question). One thing to keep in mind is that the entire staff seems to be non-German, mostly American, as you might expect at a place with this name. And the huge outdoor space at the new location is worth mentioning, very different from the original location (which was pointed out to us since we spent the night across the street from it).

Posted by: dpearson67 at 7:41 am on 5.Jun.2014
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