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The Shannon - Berlin

The Shannon
Apostel-Paulus-Strasse 34,
10823 Berlin-Schöneberg

Tel.: 030 78950075
U-Bahn Eisenacher Strasse

Review by: "Anonymous" on 30.Apr.2006   (edit this review)


So it's re opened as the new shannon. Alot of thought went into that! And some spanish guy is running it? Que? Should be called the new joke. will not be going there again sad customer

Posted by: "this is funny" at 1:15 pm on 26.Jan.2008

sadly dissapointed by the atmosphere in here.the life has been taken away from what was one of berlins leading irish bars.sorry but i will not be back!!

Posted by: "oldtimer" at 9:03 pm on 4.Feb.2008

The manager, Goncalo, is Portuguese and has made a great job of the Shannon. There is a friendly crowd and without doubt the best pint of Guinness in the city. St. Patrick´s weekend promises to be fantastic, especially Saturday with the rugby and the Loafing Heroes who are a class act.

Posted by: "berlinirish" at 4:08 pm on 13.Mar.2008

Well sorry Berlinirish, but how can an Irish Bar run by a Portuguese person be Irish? I ask you also how can a Berlinirish be real Irish? I am sorry but this place really has no atmosphere and is host to shabby music and karaoke. What's with that idiot karaoke guy? I look forward to my journey back to Ireland to get back to REAL Irish pubs!

Posted by: "realirish!!" at 2:53 pm on 16.Mar.2008

I do not care if the manager is portuguese or not. what i know is the guiness there is great. and about the music you need to go there and listen. by the way the karoake idiot is gonne. good move goncalo.

Posted by: "guiness lover" at 3:33 pm on 26.Mar.2008

Cant actually think of an irish bar run by an irish person in berlin. The new shannon is a great bar, the owner and other staff are really friendly. They have some wicked bands at the weekends, and as for there being no atmosphere, that is just insane, it has more atmosphere than most places. I will definately be going back!!

Posted by: "Jenny from Ireland" at 11:39 am on 27.Mar.2008

What is everybodies preoccupation with keeping things the same? Berlin has changed in the past years and so have the pubs, people should stop living in the past and embrace the future!! The Shannon is part of that future!

Posted by: "Strongbow Fan" at 4:40 pm on 27.Mar.2008

Embrace the future!Shut up.The place is run on drugs.The sound of sirens is coming.

Posted by: "anti drugs" at 11:49 am on 12.Apr.2008

WHAT a bleedin kip,oh my god,youve got 2 b having a laugh,should be called the shambles.

Posted by: "gifi" at 4:57 pm on 3.May.2008

the porkandcheese shannon,i dont think so. declan maybe looked like a taliban bomber but at least he was irish!

Posted by: "jock" at 2:26 pm on 10.Mar.2009

Okay guys, lots of pros and cons there, and some racist rubbish. Realistically we don't have anywhere else (worthwhile) to go in West Berlin, so is this place still open or not? I'll have a look for it.

Posted by: Martin Murphy at 1:20 pm on 20.Oct.2009

no its not open now but we are in the west the irish inn

Posted by: Irish Inn at 3:13 pm on 20.Oct.2009

I highly recommend Molly Malone's in Wilmersdorf: Address: Hanauer Str. 80, 14197 Berlin U9 ? SBahn Bundesplatz is a 5+ min walk form the pub. Marcus who runs the pub is a friendly barman, there is live music, open stages, sessions etc, as well ad Irish and British sport on the TV. Food is fine pub grub, a big menu. And it is a real pub, looks like a real pub and feels like a real pub. Colin

Posted by: colinmanning at 8:38 am on 16.Nov.2009

Is the Irish Inn still doing the full monty breakfasts???????

Posted by: englishbooksandfoods at 4:25 am on 17.Nov.2009
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