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The Old Emerald Isle - Berlin

The Old Emerald Isle is was a cosy, family-run Irish pub with great home cooking. Definitely worth a visit.

UPDATE: In November 2007 this pub became Murray's Irish Bar.

The Old Emerald Isle - Berlin

The Old Emerald Isle
Erkelenzdamm 49 (Google Map)
10999 Berlin - Kreuzberg
Tel.: 030 6156 917
U1/U15/U8 Kottbussertor

Review by: "Anonymous" on 31.Dec.2002   (edit this review)


USED to be good craic, USED to have good food, USED to have TV that didnt cut out half way through every life or death rugby match.

Posted by: "Bernt B" at 5:33 pm on 9.Feb.2007

>> USED to be .... Sounds like someone had a bad night out :) The Old Emerald Isle is one of my favourite pubs in Berlin, the best Irish pub in the city by a long way. Great to sit outside in the summer, nice and close to the Landwehrkanal. Won the "Guiness Irish Pub of the Year" for the whole of Germany in 2003 as I remember. Not undeservedly so.

Posted by: "jayhay" at 8:28 am on 13.Feb.2007

Bernt, I find you email message very hard to believe! 1. Whats your problem with the craic? 2. Whats your problem with the food? 3. Whats your problem with the TV? And above anything else why didn't you speak to me or post a message on the OEI website? The tv has been perfect for 4 weeks, so much so i offered my proper customer drinks and taxies on the house if the signal was not good enough. How long have you been coming to TOEI? Which member of staff did you report the problems to? -------------------------------------------------- Carol yes the rugby is on on 24th feb and the signal is perfect. Jason and Liza TOEI

Posted by: "Jason" at 5:56 am on 19.Feb.2007

I went to the EI for the Super Bowl and had a great time. The TV was great... the only complaint that I had was that I ordered the Chips and Dip and the chips were way too spicy for my liking. That in combination with the dips (which were great) was a little much for my tastes... Other than that... cool place... B

Posted by: "Benn" at 2:33 pm on 22.Feb.2007

I agree with the

Posted by: "Lost my custom" at 5:34 pm on 13.May.2007

I went down there a few weeks ago with some friends and our kids for Sunday dinner. They were still shut half an hour after opening time. We waited quietly but someone else came past and knocked on the door, only to be told to "fuck off". That's really nice in front of the 3 year old kids. When the door finally opened we were told that dinner would take hours and even a cup of coffee would take an hour. So we went off to the Turkish place nearby. Shame, I really liked going there.

Posted by: black1 at 7:55 am on 15.May.2007

seems like the place is going downhill fast as i know a few other people who don't go their as much any more the place needs new owners and to clear the bar staff out if you ask me

Posted by: Blue Cow at 6:35 pm on 21.May.2007

Hi there Lisa & Jason I had a really gr8 time at the emerald isle everyone is very warm & welcoming,food was fab too.

Posted by: "Delboys daughter" at 12:52 pm on 23.Oct.2007

I am very sad, that Lisa and Jason have sold the Old Emerald Island. The new owner shines to be all right, too, but nobody can replace Lisa and Jason. I wish them a good future! Good Luck !!

Posted by: "mysty" at 8:58 pm on 27.Oct.2007

The pub has been shut for the last 2 weeks because of the change in management. Should be open anytime now. Hopefully it will be back to its old glory days. Having withdawn my custom from the old management, I'll give it another try now that there's new people running it.

Posted by: black1 at 11:33 am on 14.Nov.2007

This place re-opens tonight as Murray's Irish Bar!

Posted by: "Visitor" at 5:44 pm on 24.Nov.2007