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The Lir - Berlin

The Lir is a nice, cozy and cheery Irish-owned bar and restaurant with a mixed crowd of people of all ages (English, German, and other speaking) who gather to drink and or eat in a convivial atmosphere. It is located on the ground floor of a beautiful pre-war building on a quiet tree-lined street with a nice roomy terrace.

The Lir
Flensburgerstra√ÉŇłe 7,
10557 Berlin-Tiergarten
S-Bhf Bellevue, U-Bhf Hansaplatz
Website: The Lir

Review by: "Andrew Buettner" on 18.Nov.2008   (edit this review)


Hey, is this place a hidden secret or what? I've just discovered it despite it being open for several years. Called in for one and ended up having four! The staff are nice and friendly and the food looks and smells good. I'll be back for some fish & chips. Location is quiet apart from the SBahn cruising by. Small beer garden out front for when the sun is shining.

Posted by: "JohnsonB" at 7:29 am on 20.Mar.2010

a very nice quiet pub and it also does food john an englishman is the landlord and chef i think a nice manthe food is not for me to much vegetables but my wife likes the food and the beer is great in it and if a few want a late beer you can so its a very good place to go why not visit and see

Posted by: "Daniel" at 9:20 am on 20.Feb.2011

Oh... i was so shocked last night that I thought i would share this with you all... our little stitch n' bitch group meets every week and this week we decided to try The Lir as a new potential venue as our numbers are increasing (although there were only 3 of us last night)... and they told us not to come back as knitting wasn't welcome... this was only after we spent money on food and drinks... Berlin has been so welcoming to me as a knitter and this was such a shock! I wouldn't go back to the Lir regardless of how good the fish and chips are... they were unbelieveabley bloody rude to 3 young women who were minding their own buisness eating drinking and knitting!

Posted by: LivBellamyBrown at 6:11 am on 1.Apr.2011

I was also with the above (Liv), when this incident happened. The barman at The Lir was rude and unbelievably prejudice. I was shocked. I would NEVER go back to The Lir and will tell all my friends here in Berlin to not go either.

Posted by: Tracytriumph at 7:18 am on 1.Apr.2011

I was there recently and the fish and chips weren't that good really. I found them pretty greasy and the place was pretty loud. The staff were very friendly though.

Posted by: black1 at 1:18 pm on 5.Apr.2011

I'm really shocked about this anit-knitting thing. I mean, the Irish are known for their wool sweaters and all. I went there a few weeks ago though and I was totally disappointing with their Fish and Chips. Greasy and the fish was definitely lacking...

Posted by: chi-beth at 4:33 pm on 10.Apr.2011

What's so offensive about knitting?!?! Sorry you girls went through that sounds like a most unpleasant place :-(

Posted by: aliceingermany at 2:32 pm on 15.Apr.2011

Would you be happier with "Knit and Natter" ...either way... quiet conversation over food and beer whilst hardly seems offensive!

Posted by: LivBellamyBrown at 6:54 pm on 24.Apr.2011

I was reasonably impressed by my first visit on Saturday, didn't try the food and the service was nothing special. The pub could do with draught cider though.

Posted by: gordonthemoron at 2:55 pm on 26.Apr.2011

Was very impressed on my first visit last night. Normally I'd only go to Irish bars for the UK footie but this place would be nice enough to be considered a local. Food looked very good if a little pricey and staff were friendly - especially the comical wee Irish chap :-)

Posted by: Handsome_Devil at 11:33 am on 4.May.2011

If you're lookin' to go out on the piss...forget The Lir..but if you are lookin' for the real deal for a good price...give it a go.

Posted by: Bad News Bear at 1:45 am on 11.Jan.2014
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