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The Last Century - Berlin

The Last Century is an Irish pub in Friedrichshain. They serve over fifty types of whiskey.

Lenbachstraße 1
10245 Berlin

District: Friedrichshain
Directions: S-Bahn to Ostkreuz

Update: This address is or was also home to a place called "The Happy Pig". It is not known whether "The Happy Pig" came before "The Last Century" or vice versa. Or, indeed, if either is still open at all (as of March 2007). Tel. number for Happy Pig previously listed as: 030 2900 9173

Review by: "Anonymous" on 13.Jan.2007   (edit this review)


This "Irish Pub" does indeed exist. But even though it has the appearance of an Irish Pub it is run by people (not Irish, for sure) that don't really know much about the culture behind it. To give you an example: I went there and asked if they would show Rugby World Cup '07 games there. They didn`t even know it was happening. Nor did they have Sky Sports or such... So if you are looking for a real Irish Pub in Berlin, this is not the place to go.

Posted by: "floho" at 8:53 am on 14.Sep.2007

Hi Floho, there's more to Ireland than watching sports on the TV, some good live music and a friendly atmosphere is just about all it takes. Do you know the Harp is the national symbol of Ireland? There are plenty of Irish pubs in Berlin with (mostly English) sports on TV and (mostly English) people cheering at the people on the TV who can't actually hear them. If this pub has no sports I'd say it could be worth a visit. take it easy, Martin

Posted by: "Martin Murphy" at 7:08 pm on 15.Sep.2007

This is a nice bar to drink in, and it's a great laugh on Paddy's night. But, in the words of the German owner herself, it is more an "international" bar than an Irish bar: they have Primera but no (British) Sky Sports, and definitely no RTÉ. The staff are very friendly, though, the Guinness isn't as exorbitant as elsewhere, and they'll stay open (drinking with you) pretty much forever. Go elsewhere for sport, come here for some túra lúra.

Posted by: "jj" at 12:17 pm on 28.Nov.2009

Now closed, and is The Happy Pig's

Posted by: casbarr at 5:19 pm on 7.Jun.2012
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