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The Double Inn - Berlin

The Double Inn is an Irish-Scottish pub in Berlin.

Wilhelminenhofstrasse 89
12459 Berlin (Spreehöfe)
Tel: 030 530 10 666
Website: The Double Inn
Open: Tue-Sun 17:00 - 0:00 Uhr, Fri-Sat 17:00 - Open end

Review by: "Bianca Tews" on 12.Apr.2008   (edit this review)


i live near and have never seen this....believed to be closed

Posted by: snarfe at 2:19 pm on 13.May.2008

Looking that the website it doesn't seem to be closed. They're listing details of live music and events this weekend and beyond.

Posted by: Editor Bob at 9:41 am on 10.Jul.2008

Its not closed. My hubby's in a band and they played there not that long ago. Its got a bit of a strange lay out and the majority of the staff, if not all are German but they're really friendly. The black stuff isn't bad either.

Posted by: seeyoujimmy at 12:13 pm on 13.Aug.2008

It's definitely not closed, as I spoke to the owner today and she's already planning events for Autumn 2009.

Posted by: "M.C." at 9:54 pm on 7.Jul.2009
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