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Oscar Wilde - Berlin

Oscar Wilde - Friedrichstrasse112 a, 10117 Berlin - Mitte, Germany

Tel.: 030 2828166

All the trappings of a typical Irish pub - from sports on the big screen, pub quizzes, live music, great craic, fantastic food and a wide range of beers and whiskys.

Oscar Wilde Irish Pub - Berlin

U/S-Bahn Friedrichstrasse
Web: Oscar Wilde Irish Pub

Review by: "Anonymous" on 31.Dec.2002   (edit this review)


Visit characterized by an overwhelming stench of brass polish that sweeps over you when you enter the premises and sadly doesn't leave. The waitressing staff were scruffily dressed, appeared bored and disinterested in their work and the service was extremely slow. I would expect someone to make eye contact when serving a drink and especially when being thanked for said service. Apart from a small area next to the front door and the bar itself, this pub is still a smoking venue despite the ban.

Posted by: "anon" at 9:56 am on 11.Jan.2008

Don't bother asking the owner for any favors either - no matter how big or small. I asked for the TV to be turned up a little while watching a football match that everyone else was watching when 20 more people came in. He said the volume hasn't been touched since the beginning of the game and therfore would not touch it again. I said I understand but the volume of the crowd has increased. He didn't give a crap. The other night I asked if there might be football on... ok I admit I was looking for college American football... but the reaction was, without blinking an eye, no. I asked if they had a schedule or a guide I could look at and he barely responded with a no. And to paraphrase he said it's people like you, one person, who comes in and wants American football and then you don't come back for two weeks. Maybe if you were in a group of 15 I might do it but not for you. I guess he hadn't noticed the other 20 times I'd been in his pub. So we left. Too bad, there were actually three of us, soon to be four and we would have sat in his pub, that had a total of 10 people in it, including us, eating and drinking for the next 4 hours. The guys's just a grump in general. Not a good way to get people to come back. Guess he can afford to have a bad attitude.

Posted by: trevorb43 at 2:23 pm on 11.Jan.2008

Well was that an angry post I made. Never email when you are mad. I have to say that I reluctantly returned there and was greeted with a much friendlier owner who went out of his way to serve our party a snack even after the kitchen was closed. What gives? Guess everyone deserves a second chance. Now, if it were just non-smoking...

Posted by: trevorb43 at 4:48 pm on 15.Jan.2008

I love the Oscars!! Best Irish pub in Berlin by far!!!!!!!

Posted by: "chica" at 1:15 pm on 24.Jan.2008

I hate the oscars.I hate the owner,I hate the people that drink there.I hate the fact thhat you can go there and buy drugs.I will tell the police and I will see that the evil doers are bought to justice.

Posted by: "captaincrackdown" at 7:17 pm on 17.Feb.2008

I haven't been there, but now I know that "evil doers" are there, I certainly want to go!!!!

Posted by: deedeelovering at 9:34 pm on 28.Feb.2008

its overrated, a tourist trap. Real Berliners and local expats don't even pay mind to it. The Irish Harp and the Old Emerald Isle (voted by Guiness as Germany's top Irish Pub) are much better. Oscar Wilde is for dweeby tourist.

Posted by: "YoDaddy" at 10:51 am on 4.Mar.2008

I like the oscar wilde. The first time that i was there was in 2001 and decided that would like to move to Berlin, and so i did and i am living here 7 years.

Posted by: "the fairy queen" at 3:15 pm on 12.Mar.2008

the oscar wilde is hilarious! on my first night in berlin in 1998 i witnessed a fist-fight between a dwarf and an octogenerian Irish-dance teacher. It was like Celebrity Deathmatch meets Riverdance. And ask the staff about the secret tunnel....

Posted by: "jim cross" at 4:53 pm on 18.Mar.2008

The Oscar Wilde is both a pub I love and hate! My Berliner girlfriend loves it and has been going there on and off for 12 years now. That means I am there lots too. The fact that the staff can change moods at the flick of a button only adds to the great atmosphere. Having said that I am a regular and I go there as much to see certain people and the Liverpool football matches.

Posted by: silverbear at 2:17 pm on 10.Apr.2008

I don't get the negative comments about the OW - whenever we've been the staff have been really chirpy and helpful. We've asked for them to put the football on my husband and his mate (not a premier league team) and they've always obliged. Sure, it might not have the atmosphere of the Kilkenny, but it's not the pits!!!

Posted by: "petunia" at 8:47 pm on 12.Apr.2008

The only thing wrong with The Oscar Wilde is the manager with the bald head. He can be asoundingly flippant with both tourists and regulars alike. One has to experience first had the way he treats the customers in order to believe it! But that's not to say that my experience of the OW hasn't been generally positive. I've met some nice people in there and even made a few friends too.

Posted by: "flash08" at 6:35 pm on 3.May.2008

I have to say that whilst i recognise some of the comments being made about the manager, my sense is that he's just got a pretty dry sense of humour. Sometimes his N Irish accent can make him sound a bit more belligerent than he actually is. I would conclude that he's basically a nice guy, but you've got to approach him in the right way.

Posted by: thh at 7:03 am on 7.May.2008

I went there with my husband who is British and a regular customer, and over the years has put alot of money into his pub via pints. The owner Mr. Clean not only ignored me completely, but didn't even offer his hand when introduced to me. Needless today I've told my husband we can spend our money elsewhere and Mr. Clean can go fuck himself.

Posted by: "Micmoobymuffin" at 1:56 pm on 7.May.2008

Oh and one more thing ... Mr. Clean had the fucking audacity to ask why my husband hadn't been coming in. My husband told him, I'm married now and we've been getting our house together. He seemed a bit asshurt because his personal life was more important than coming into his bar and spending money. Also when our waitress was no where to be seen I approached the bar in the back (where we were sitting and was open due to a live band in that night) and I was ignored when I tried to order a drink and I was the only one standing at the bar. My husband had to go over and wake the dude up.

Posted by: "Micmoobymuffin" at 2:01 pm on 7.May.2008

"I have to say that whilst i recognise some of the comments being made about the manager, my sense is that he's just got a pretty dry sense of humour. Sometimes his N Irish accent can make him sound a bit more belligerent than he actually is. I would conclude that he's basically a nice guy, but you've got to approach him in the right way." Spot on.

Posted by: milk at 3:37 pm on 10.May.2008

Can I just say that if you are hanging out here you are a first class loser, because let's face it, you're in Berlin and if this is the best you can do for somewhere to drink, it's really time for a serious re-evauation of what sort of person you are and why you're in Berlin in the first place. This is a bar to watch football in when you can't see it anywhere else and you want some cool footy atmosphere, otherwise, walk around the corner and enjoy cheap drinks and the real Berlin atmosphere.

Posted by: Rockpig at 6:21 pm on 10.May.2008

a bit harsh, but I don't like the place either

Posted by: gordonthemoron at 2:02 pm on 13.May.2008

I was drinking a pint (my 2nd I must add) during the first half of a football game. It was about a quarter full still when a member of staff approached me and asked me if she could get me another drink. I politely declined her offer pointing out I still had some of my pint left and would get myself a drink at half time (which was 10 minutes away). She went away and returned with a new pint for me and also my friend who had more than half of his pint left and said "If you are sitting you need to be drinking or my manager will kick you out". Never had that happen before in a pub in all my life! Avoid the place like the plague now, even though some of my friends still go there to watch football.

Posted by: "Herald" at 10:19 am on 21.May.2008

Went to watch the Ireland Germany match last year..... Didn't think it was asking too much (Irish bar in Germany). It wasn't on as they were showing England V France in Rugby. Wasn't pleased. Then I witnessed the infamous "friendly" owner refusing entry to people who had just gone outside to use their phone.. Haven't been back since.....

Posted by: RandomName at 1:34 pm on 21.May.2008

The OWs is a great place to watch rugby, footie or whatever. To enjoy a pub or the atmosphere, you don't have to get on with the manager or worry about him not shaking your hand when introduced. Its only a pub not the prospective mother-in-law. Its also what pubs are like at home so if you want german service then go to a german pub if you want a wee bit of home in Berlin, go to the oscars p.s. I think the last time I saw a tourist there was in 98. Europa center is the non irish tourist trap.

Posted by: "seeyoujimmy" at 3:05 pm on 26.May.2008

Sorry but lets get this straight, the OW is a massive shithole, with an owner that is, by all accounts, a huge ass. BUT to watch a football game, who cares? just look at the big screen.. thats the only reason i've ever been there and the only reason i will ever be there again

Posted by: mr fahrenheit at 8:04 am on 5.Jun.2008

and that comment that "if you want a wee bit of home in berlin, go to the oscars" is total bollox. unless you mean getting ripped through the hole on the price of a pint, then yes, its just like home

Posted by: mr fahrenheit at 8:12 am on 5.Jun.2008

As a customer and consumer (and much tougher character than any Euro-trash) I would never allow myself to be mistreated by some run down, ghetto, unclean pub manager. Not unless he wishes to spend the weekend in the Krankenhaus!

Posted by: "Steve" at 1:39 pm on 6.Jun.2008

I suppose the person of whom many are complaining is in fact a man of great intelligence and wit. The fact that it is often delivered with laconic and dead-pan irony, as is the custom in Derry, seems to be lost on the whingers, and only adds to the attraction of the place, since, presumably they won't be there. I often use OWs as a rendezvous prior to moving on, but I have also spent whole evenings there, having fallen in with some group or other. At which times it could fairly be said, 'The craic was moighty.' In 12 years I have never had a negative experience in the place, no rudeness from the staff and always had good service. The food is pub food and the drink is not especially expensive. I haven't been to a gig there for years, but they used to be great. The place seems to be fairly quiet during the summer months, which is great if you want a quiet drink. In winter, the place can be raging. Pay no attention to the nonsense above, which is probably libelous (or the probable thinly veiled physical threat), since they won't be there - good! "As a customer and consumer..." Is there a difference? Ever heard of a tautology?

Posted by: Fontleroy at 8:47 pm on 24.Jun.2008

I cant believe people are still writing about this subject, coupled with a lack of respect from Fontleroy to people with differing opinions from his own. Ever heard of 'theres no smoke without fire'? when 20 people complain about the way the gaffer comes across to his punters, as opposed to one that may claim to be his Personal Attitude therapist and stick up for the place?

Posted by: berlinender at 7:25 am on 26.Jun.2008

Although this is not the forum for this type of post, I will post here for convenience. Disrespectful? Moi? If it was, then it was disrespect towards the disrespectful, which must have some positive merit, surely? No smoke without fire? This must be one of the silliest pseudo-aphorisms in existence, both in its literal and figurative senses. Literally, because there is often smoke without any of the quantum effects we experience as flame, or fire. Figuratively, and in context, taken to mean that if the majority think so, it has a higher likelihood of being true, is also highly dubious for several reasons. Winston Churchill once said that the most compelling argument against democracy was a five minute conversation with the average voter. Mao (and many others) said that a lie only has to be repeated a hundred times before it becomes true (in epistemology it is called a ‘true fallacy’). And finally to use a Derry expression, those with the least to say, shout the loudest. So, taken together: the vehemence and lack of circumspection of the personal remarks towards the man, that says far more about the people who made the remarks than they do of the man himself, and the fallacy that there must be truth in the opinions of those that make most noise, effectively conspire to refute the awful, and in my experience, untrue pejorative opinions.

Posted by: Fontleroy at 2:13 pm on 26.Jun.2008

aah, a man of learning, impressive, or just a load of superfluous codsollop ! your reference to laconic and dead pan irony doesnt count in your stable, does it? Sorry Fontleroy - spending over €100 in his hole one night, then the next night getting arsey attitude and dirty looks just for asking for a bit of sound for the football is no example of wit or intelligence, but downroght f***ing cheek and a clear signal that the man doesnt know his arse from his elbow when it comes to customer service.

Posted by: berlinender at 6:49 pm on 26.Jun.2008

I would crack some joke along the lines of 'if I wanted service this bad I would go to a German pub' but it wouldn't be true. Sadly, I would put this venue at the top of my list of places I won't return to. IMHO Simply nasty. Thankfully I didn't meet this purveyor of laconic wit. It seems a shame that he doesn't really have the intelligence to realise he is rubbing a number of customers up the wrong way.

Posted by: "Kommentarlos" at 8:28 pm on 26.Jun.2008

its all true was there in 97,,fella was a tossa then,,and it seems he still is ...........

Posted by: "lepracorn" at 8:56 pm on 15.Jul.2008

will be in Berlin for a few days from the 7th. My husband wants to see the GAA game on Sunday. Any suggestions??

Posted by: "thevisitor" at 10:17 pm on 5.Aug.2008

Go somewhere where your custom is appreciated, instead of disrespected.. If you want an irish bar, check out the Kilkenny or the Irish harp...

Posted by: berlinender at 10:12 am on 6.Aug.2008

The owner is a sound man. Cant believe the stick he's been getting! Always very friendly whenever he's over from Derry. The OW is a typical irish pub, run by an irish owner. If you enjoy ur sports on tv, then this is the place to come to. By sports, I mean football, rugby etc... I've always enjoyed the craic in the bar and have v often stayed 'til closing and have always been given a warm welcome. Maybe the people that have the problem adopt a bad attitude when going there, I don't know. What I will say is, if ur looking to go, try it yourself and you won't be disappointed.

Posted by: "Irishrover" at 11:44 am on 6.Aug.2008

The Kilkenny is a complete kip, full of tourists and obnoxious types, incredibly unfriendly and inefficient staff, and awful loud music. Avoid it like the plague. The Oscar Wilde is not great, but Terry is fine - of course he's a bit bolshie, but what do you expect from a guy form Derry! Forget the hard exterior, he really is a pussy cat inside.

Posted by: colinmanning at 9:07 am on 7.Aug.2008

kip? is it also possible to sleep there too?

Posted by: berlinender at 10:25 am on 7.Aug.2008

terry is a gentleman

Posted by: "gonzoryan" at 11:46 am on 29.Sep.2008

I worked in the oscar in 1998. they couldnt have been nicer. I have been back a few times since to visit. latest this summer when the bar guys andy and jason were asked by customers about a million times why they choose berlin. no wonder the staff get pissed off as the customers expect big long conversations. That doesnt happen in a busy pub in ireland so why expect it when your away. A lovely pub with fab staff.

Posted by: "gonzoryan" at 11:50 am on 29.Sep.2008

I cant stand this place either. The owner is not at all friendly, some of the bar maids can be. BUt they are PUSHY they constantly want you with a drink full. The prices are also expensive for Berlin I never go there. I dont understand why people go there maybe if your tourist or if there showing a game which is nowhere else being shown but otherwhise the ow is awful. The original berliner stuff is way better and much more authentic.

Posted by: "juliandfb" at 9:48 am on 30.Sep.2008

Its their job to sell drink ie thats how they make money.many customers sit over the same drink all night.The boss always welcomes the customers.I havent ever seen the boss in the kilkenny or the europa.......

Posted by: "gonzoryan" at 10:08 am on 1.Oct.2008

Wish the Oscar would serve a decent pint at a decent price!

Posted by: Acton at 6:53 pm on 4.Oct.2008

The Managers name is Uwe, (OOver) he is quiet relaxed sits at the back and smokes cigars and enjoys watching the money just roll in. Why not? well done Uwe! His bald headed Manager is Terry,comes from Derry, hates the English 'among others' Is sharp,flippent,and constantly stressed, as tourists and local Brits pour in daily demanding this game or that, get drunk,see their team,(or country) lose,and has to deal with the pricks. The manager is obviously on a commission paided deal,as he teaches the young naive east European waitresses, to pick fast up and push a sale. Do you blame him? However prices have gone through the roof! as people still pay them, Brits, Aussies, Kiwis, mainly. No more locals, they know where it's cheaper nowdays. But you can still see a great game in a good atmosphere now and then. If Man U win that is ;) T.

Posted by: "Tony" at 1:22 am on 8.Mar.2010

I've had some great nights in there watching Liverpool thrash European opposition with the supporters singing as well. Terry is OK (who wouldn't be stressed out when the place is chocker) and Andy behind the bar is a "Bluenose" but a nice fella. Not the cheapest place in town but loads better than the Irish Harp or Kilkenny.

Posted by: "JohnsonB" at 9:26 am on 19.Mar.2010

I'm moving to Berlin from Liverpool in about 3 weeks, so if they show Liverpool matches I'll defo be there.

Posted by: BenFromEngland at 4:52 pm on 3.Apr.2010

Hadn't been is Oscar for a few years, went in yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. Service was prompt, prices were good for drinks (Strongbow €4,20 a pint) and food, food I had was good too. However, the bar was surprisingly empty. 8 customers when I got there at 6:15, none when I left at 8:15

Posted by: gordonthemoron at 9:16 am on 6.Apr.2010

Might as well go to the gigantic Joyce cafeteria in Dublin. Oscar Wilde is just a big trough. No atmosphere at all. Does not begin to justify going to that part of the city. I wish it would go out of business. Maybe go if you are nostalgic for being / being raped by a fraternity brother.

Posted by: "elbow" at 9:28 am on 14.Apr.2010

i wish they'd get rid of that toilet smell when you walk in... it's definitely not brass polish!

Posted by: bbbb at 1:59 pm on 20.May.2010

Yeah, the toilet smell is bad alright. Have to say Terry is a sound man and can be very funny, I guess you kinda have to now him and the Derry people are in general to get him, Andy's dead sound to, still miss Alex though, he was the best.

Posted by: Irish Lassie at 11:53 am on 21.May.2010

Stinky, smelly pub in a horrible building serving stuff that Gordon Ramsay would flip out at. Typical expat pub, dirty, stinks of stale booze and fags. Just go past it on the tram and look at the building, it looks condemed. Crap.

Posted by: "Dave" at 4:17 pm on 11.Jul.2010

Well, its a great pub if there is live music, but its a rather boring place if there is not.

Posted by: "John" at 7:35 am on 12.Jul.2010

I have been at least 20 times in OW in past 2 years.No one forced me, I am not a tourist and i have little interest in football. It is not cosmo, it's not cool, but it is a handly meeting spot and well located. As with pubs back home (once upon a time), you meet people that you plan and had not planned to meet. You don't need the bar staff to be your best friends, just deliver the beers and food. People do go there in droves to watch football on TV. TV dampens conversation in pubs although it is a shared experience. OW fits into Berlin life just as much as its neighbours - strip bars, Huren, Italian restaurants, Tacheles, curry wurst Imbiss. Lets enjoy the diveristy of personalities and businesses. My memories of the bars in Koeln, serving their Koelsch beer is that their waiters were famous for being unfriendly and brusque. Berlin is famous too for its Berliner Schnauze. Long live the Oscar Wilde.

Posted by: "greenbox" at 12:46 pm on 17.Jul.2010

I'd like to point out that the message a few posts above by 'Acton' was not posted by me. How is this possible? Aren't members' names unique? What happens if someone posts a very unpopular message using a false ID? I'm an occasional visitor to the OW and have no complaints apart from the behaviour of its expatriot customers. I had to head-but one once who was being particarly obnoxious at about 3 pm outside the pub and I expected the manager to ban me. He just chuckled and said it was nothing unusual and I shouldn't worry. Just like home really.

Posted by: Acton at 2:09 pm on 20.Jul.2010

Had a good laugh at all these comments. I worked in OW for about 18 months. This was back in '91/'92. Jack owns the place - He and his wife Molly were frequent visitors and the staff looked forward to their visits. They were never shy about buying more than their fair share of rounds. Uwe was Day Manager - Quiet, goes about his job in efficient manner. Terry- Evening Manager. Look if you are of sensitive nature and expect pampering, then Terry will not be your cup of tea. However if you are a normal person who can give and take a slagging, who can put up with a dry wit and who enjoys football GAA and Rugby. Then You'll get on with Terry. If you are genuine and need a hand with anything then he'll help you out. He looks after his regulars not the once off or €10 a night punters. PS American Football is not a sport

Posted by: "A Conway" at 9:54 pm on 21.Jul.2010

Heading back to visit the Oscar in November,Terry can be scary but so kind when you get to know him,helped me out when I needed work and always welcoming when I return,,,typical irish man you take him as he is

Posted by: gonzoryan at 9:01 am on 12.Oct.2010

"He looks after his regulars not the once off or €10 a night punters" I think Oscar Wilde is OK, but do I really have to spend more than €10 a night on Guinness as suggested above? Is that what it takes to get the sound turned up on my football game? If so, I'd rather watch at home on iraqigoals.com.

Posted by: "Kuhching" at 11:57 pm on 24.Oct.2010

The Oscars still nice for food and drink and a bit of craic when away from home,,,was so delighted to eat there last weekend...No I tended to drink in the oscar then the Silberfisch.

Posted by: gonzoryan at 5:39 pm on 13.Nov.2010

ive heard the oscar is closing down its lease is finished and they are demolishing it what a pity anyone know where francie devaney is he stole a lot of lads wages when he left overnight we have a small but effective bit of bussiness to deal with he hasnt been forgot about the search is on

Posted by: "upthearse" at 7:39 am on 24.Mar.2011

I was back visiting last week and no mention of it closing down,we are all meeting up in a few weeks for a reunion over there,It was very busy every night I was there so doubt its closing

Posted by: gonzoryan at 11:29 am on 24.Mar.2011

Went there a few times because our neighbor likes the bar and always invited us. It was during the world cup and we had a group of about 12, we were drinking and eating and spending lots of money but at some point the owner told us we were to loud..... TO LOUD? at a bar on world cup which Germany had won.... so of course being drunk we left so pissed telling him how pissed we were. Prsonally the first few times I went I was bored. The atmosphere is boring, the people are boring, and the owner is what I like to call a douchebag.

Posted by: brookeb at 3:23 pm on 25.Mar.2011

I was in the Oscar Wilde watching the advertised Cardiff - West Ham game. Manager Terry from Derry turned the game over for the rugby and walked off! When we complained he got very abusive and give us a mouthful. Never again.

Posted by: "The Romford Hammer" at 4:15 pm on 6.Mar.2012
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