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Murray's Irish Bar - Berlin

Murray's Irish Bar is a friendly pub located in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin. Note that until November 2007 this pub was known as "The Old Emerald Isle".

UPDATE: Murray's closed on July 11, 2009. Apparently the premises will never be an Irish pub again.

The Old Emerald Isle - Berlin

Murray's Irish Bar
Erkelenzdamm 49 (Google Map)
10999 Berlin - Kreuzberg
Tel.: 030 6156 917
U1/U15/U8 Kottbussertor
Website: Murray's Irish Bar

Review by: "Anonymous" on 9.Jan.2008   (edit this review)


after being closed for 4 weeks, my local is finally open again!!!Yippee, drinks were alright but the food was very very delicious. Thank god the old chef is still there! I´ll be back!!!!!!

Posted by: "the happy customer" at 4:49 pm on 7.Dec.2007

went to the former OEI and was very impressed with the atmosphere in there now! had a good time and enjoyed my drinks, company and food, c ya soon

Posted by: "the queen" at 4:56 pm on 7.Dec.2007

Went down there and had Sunday dinner with the family and friends. Was very pleasant, the food was good and so were the drinks. Will be going back again for sure.

Posted by: black1 at 11:18 am on 17.Dec.2007

whats with the new manageress? bring back the craig, or we´re not coming back!!! We´ll only eat and leave in future

Posted by: "oei customer" at 4:27 pm on 21.Dec.2007

What's the problem with the new management, I was down there recently and everyone seemed so friendly....?!

Posted by: "Irish visitor" at 2:44 pm on 23.Dec.2007

by far the best bar in berlin now all the drug nuts are out of there!

Posted by: "family guy" at 12:56 pm on 27.Dec.2007

Well I have to say, what an amazing place this is!I've been to Murrays now on several occasions and find it most delightful!!The staff are wonderful, the food, probably the best in berlin and the music EVERY Friday,Saturday and Monday is just marvolous.Please people believe me, this is the place to go!!See you soon

Posted by: "the irish rover" at 5:31 pm on 27.Dec.2007

I agree with "family guy" who said: "by far the best bar in berlin now all the drug nuts are out of there!". I wonder if the snide remarks about the new management come from people connected with the old management.

Posted by: black1 at 12:25 pm on 28.Dec.2007

Went to the pub the other day and had a fantastic time!!! Everybody was having fun, a good laugh and excellent food, see you all soon again!!!!!

Posted by: "fan of food & beer" at 5:47 pm on 4.Jan.2008

Well,Im glad that the drug nuts are out, but where is the heart of the pub? Whats with the new manageress? The staff is not allowed to drink or to laugh. No craig like before! Thank God, that Keith the kitchen-chef ist still there. The pub is borin like the re-opening in nov. We'r not feelin welcome anymore. However the live music fri and sat is just great!

Posted by: "guinness4ever" at 9:27 pm on 5.Jan.2008

I heard this bar used to play american football games on the weekends. Is this still true? I just moved to Berlin last week and was looking for a place to watch the playoffs.

Posted by: "usa visitor" at 10:30 am on 9.Jan.2008

yes, the bar is showing american football and the manageress said that they´re planning a massive nite for the superbowl with american food etc.

Posted by: celtic cross at 6:29 pm on 10.Jan.2008

showing american football but not irish rugby???? come on......

Posted by: "bemused" at 3:53 pm on 12.Jan.2008

Was in there last night for the first time since last summer... can't quite put my finger on it but somehow it feels now like any other Irish pub outside Ireland. More like an interpretation of an Irish pub than the real thing: when I first went in there in late 2006 I was really surprised by the genuine/authentic atmosphere, how there were so many Irish people there and how felt like being back at home. Now it's somehow like a "sanitised" version of its former self. They were actually enforcing the smoking ban too. All in all I just think it's more upmarket - I'm sure it will do well, I guess the new management know what their target demographic is but I doubt I'll be back. The beer was pretty pricey too, €2.30 for a kleines Berliner but at least they have a better selection on tap than before.

Posted by: "Paul" at 10:53 pm on 12.Jan.2008

hey, course they are showing rugby! They even sorted out screens etc to get rid of all the disturbances. Six nations starting on feb 2nd.I´ll be down there.

Posted by: celtic cross at 4:33 pm on 16.Jan.2008

What happened to the Emerald? Did they re-open somewhere else?

Posted by: "kitchen bitch" at 3:48 pm on 18.Jan.2008

whats the craic?the only irish barman sacked??its a sad day when the "irish" is taken from the irish bar. Jolted customer

Posted by: "jolted customer" at 1:13 pm on 26.Jan.2008

Great Pub, great food, better prices than the rest of the Irish pubs we've found since moving over here, and it's always showing the rugby(been here since september and only now did we find a place that you don't have to ring ahead and make sure, only for it not to be shown or turned off because they can make more money if they show football). It's a bit out of the way, but we will be going back there.

Posted by: "Rugbynuts" at 2:07 pm on 26.Jan.2008

My first time back in my "local" since the change in ownership. The place doesn't look much different, staff are friendly but quiet, drinks cold and food tasty. But remember to bring plenty of cash as they don't yet have a card machine yet. Funnily enough it turns out this is actually the CUSTOMER'S problem and they'll happily expect you inconvenience yourself as you trek down and back from the bank in the rain. Fitting right in with German customer service in general...

Posted by: "MissingTheEmerald" at 7:26 pm on 2.Feb.2008

Its good to see this place full again, great atmosphere for the rugby last night (reminds me of the days under Rupert). Food good, service good, TV reception satisfactory, all in all good to see the pub moving in the right direction again. Looking forward to the rest of the 6 nations......

Posted by: chaslie at 3:19 pm on 3.Feb.2008

Back from Ireland after 1 year in my local pub. Its a borin atmosphere. Where is my favorite Liza and the irish barman? Im missin the always friendly blond waitress. No welcome for me. Waitin for a re-opening somewhere else... Im no drug nut. Im a simple customer

Posted by: "bennyboy" at 10:44 pm on 6.Feb.2008

is it still irish owned?

Posted by: "xx" at 11:05 pm on 7.Feb.2008

Why have they bothered to change the name... the old name was great. All the people I know still call it the emerald. Doesn't seem as lively as before. There is one really sour bar-maid there now. We miss Lisa and I don't see much of an improvement: the toilets still look like they fixing, simple things like broken cupboard doors in the toilets make it look shabby.

Posted by: "charley" at 11:09 pm on 7.Feb.2008

We were in there last night for the first time after re-opening. Unfortunately what we've been told was true. The best Irish Pub outside of Ireland (The OEI) has turned into a boring shithole wiht no atmospere, unproffesional+unfriendly staff (Murrays). It's a shame !!! We miss you Liza

Posted by: "CMO" at 8:01 am on 11.Feb.2008

Great food, excellent live music and the Guinness is the best in Berlin. The staff are friendly and professional so I am surprised by the sudden flurry of negative views. I've been going to this pub for the last 5 years and had to live through the steady decline. In the end the OEI wasn't a pub (they never had any stock) but a convenient place to buy drugs. Since the change to Murray's I have become a regular again and I'm glad to see a lot of the old regulars returning. Bruce, the new owner, says he wants to get it back to the pub we all loved, as CMO so rightly says, the best bar outside of Ireland. They've come a long way in a short time and I think it won't be much longer before they get there.

Posted by: "guinnessguy" at 1:44 pm on 11.Feb.2008

The best irish pub outside Ireland? James Joyce on Bathurst, Toronto

Posted by: "tara" at 4:14 pm on 11.Feb.2008

What a load of crap, same musicians every weekend. unfriendly, boring, boring, boring

Posted by: "Tim" at 7:40 am on 12.Apr.2008

I agree.Same old shit each week.Food is good though.Bring back the fun!!

Posted by: "confused" at 11:46 am on 12.Apr.2008

We're going to be in Berlin this weekend, and I have been charged with finding somewhere to watch the Munster vs Saracens match - does anyone happen to know whether the rugby will be on at Murray's? (If so, the boyfriend will be overjoyed!)

Posted by: "Anna" at 9:18 am on 22.Apr.2008

Did you click the "What's on..." link on the pub's own website? It tells you what they will be showing. Looks indeed like the rugby is on. 1pm Sunday.

Posted by: Editor Bob at 9:21 am on 22.Apr.2008

Great, thanks Bob. I had a look at the website, but for some reason the events I can see only go up 13th April...anyway, good to know!

Posted by: "Anna" at 4:55 pm on 22.Apr.2008

The new owner is South African and likes rugby, every match I've wanted to watch since I found out they showed rugby regularly, including Magners Leaue has been shown here.

Posted by: "Rugby Nuts" at 5:16 pm on 29.Apr.2008

Was down there the other day, great food and drink, nice atmosphere. My one criticism is that they never seem to have any horseradish for the roast beef!

Posted by: black1 at 10:08 am on 30.Apr.2008

Definately the best Irish pub I've been to in Berlin. Great food, Bulmers and of course sport! Saw a really good musician there recently, Ken Burke. Really enjoyable!

Posted by: Cork Girl at 1:36 pm on 2.May.2008

dear black1, just to let you know there´s always horsradish there just ask the chef and not the staff, so enjoy your roast beef more next time!!!

Posted by: "happy customer" at 5:08 pm on 2.May.2008

aesy now lads,since its repoened this bar is getting better and better,it might be a slow process but rome wasnt built in a day,it does miss liam but has the next best thing now that steve is back in the kitchen,the manager is cool too.

Posted by: "lfc" at 10:16 pm on 2.May.2008

This is all a bit odd to say the very least. I think a major failure of the Emerald was made by leaving crack heads to run a mad house. It could have been so good with a little attention to detail and a basic concept of management rather than abandonment. However on a recent visit to Murrays I was happy not to hear members of staff shouting, 'f*ck you BITCH' and they were friendly if lacking in much personality. They could however use some basic training like putting a beer mat down in front of the guests pints and understanding what they are serving. It's not rocket science and the new management should be cracking down on this and actively looking for animated bar staff who know their stuff. Otherwise disaster looms. It's time to start from scratch and fix the toilets for GOD's sake! BTW: MURRAYS? Who came up with that? It means, 'by the sea'. The only question left is what sea and how deep will the Berlin publics love be for it?

Posted by: HAL9000 at 12:25 pm on 24.May.2008

Writing from Switzerland - It's good to hear that you're open again. Okay, so it's got a new name. It's still the place we're finishing the amnesty international Ten Mile Walk this year on 6 July. And we love the place, the grub and liquid refreshment after walking 16 kilometres through the city, I can tell you! All the best for a great summer.

Posted by: "Ann Roberston" at 12:33 pm on 2.Jun.2008

Hey will this place be showing the south Africa - Wales game next Saturday?

Posted by: "Nic" at 8:10 pm on 3.Jun.2008

Hal9000 Murray's has nothing Nothing to do with "By the Sea", that's just a translation of an old Irish/Scots family name. Most real Irish pubs up to the last couple of decades, particularly in rural areas are know by the family name of the proprietors. As an Irish person myself I'd much rather see an Irish family name above the door than the likes of "the Old Shillelagh" type nonsense favoured by Americans.... There is no excuse however for a pub to not maintain decent toilets. Simply a case of staff out clearing tables also checking that they are in good condition and have sufficient supplies of napkins/toilet paper etc. Also if a pub has had a drugs problem in the recent past, common sense would ensure that the toilet area is where most of the the problems occur, so regular checks keeps the druggies away.....

Posted by: "Ronan" at 12:39 pm on 4.Jul.2008

Just to let all those rugby fans out there know that this place is showing all the Tri-nations games live (even the early ones). They also do a great fry-up - which I find important with my 10am Guinness:) - so worth checking out.

Posted by: "rugbynut" at 11:33 am on 17.Jul.2008

It's been six month since our first visit to Murrays after reopening. Went there again on Saturday, hoping it might have changed for the better. Well, it didn't !!! Hardly any people in there, boring, no atmosphere and unfriendly staff. The OEI used to be so special,this place is just one BIG DISSAPOINTMENT !!!

Posted by: "CMO" at 8:04 am on 18.Aug.2008

Hi....could anyone tell me, WHICH one is a good place to go then....??? Cannot find a real good pub ere in Berlin...

Posted by: "micki" at 7:03 pm on 23.Aug.2008

Hi there...just moved to Berlin and am a bit of a golf-nut. Does anyone have an idea if Murrays will be showing the Ryder Cup in September? With Irish players in the European team, I would hope so!

Posted by: "arf" at 3:09 pm on 27.Aug.2008

I'm giving up on this pub. The sunday roast is half the size of the dinner when it was the OEI amd the staff often don't know anything about the food. Horseradish needs to be taken with you from home. It's friendly enough.

Posted by: black1 at 3:23 pm on 12.Sep.2008

someone wrote that murrays means by the sea? waht are you talking about- its just a surname!

Posted by: dee123 at 11:27 am on 18.Sep.2008

please come back rupert-liam-dermot-lisa-richie jonno ect.that then was a real irish pub. 100 pc food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: "johnboy" at 11:42 am on 18.Sep.2008

Had a great time in here last weekend, superb live music and a fun crowd. Changed a bit since I was in here 18 months ago and I disagree with some of the posts that it's bad. Staff are friendly. Didn't try the food but it looked good and certainly no complaints about the beer....

Posted by: "dub_dave" at 5:46 pm on 25.Sep.2008

Anyone know if they're likely to be showing the Rangers vs Celtic game on Saturday?

Posted by: "Timbo" at 10:35 am on 24.Dec.2008

Quit your moaning!!! Liza et al ran the place into the ground!!!! i for one am happy to see the back of the drug addled staff who coupld barely get an order straight,a pregnant Liza Pissed and smoking, Liza's baby being passed from pillar to post at 11pm cos she couldn't be bothered to sort childcare and her manky looking bloke pissed up and lining up coke whenever you walked in and christy looking like a car crash. Rupert had to flee cos of tax evasion, Liza never paid a bill, there was hardly a well stocked bar in place when she was in charge. Bruce Murray has turned the place around, cleaned it up and put in staff who know what they are doing. it's a great place to watch the rugby or football, prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is alot better than the likes of the oscar wilde or the harp......

Posted by: "happy_at _murrays" at 4:20 pm on 5.Jan.2009

the place for beer, food, music and sport. Was down there over the last few Friday's and there's a great atmosphere. Friendly staff and the musician had everyone singing along. Looking at their website I see that even the GAA games are being shown live.

Posted by: "johnno" at 9:40 pm on 27.Jan.2009

Will be there Saturday week,will the Ireland Wales match be on,saw previous negative comment on rugby

Posted by: "slatts" at 7:42 pm on 11.Mar.2009

The best rugby pub in Berlin by far!!! Very reasonably priced beer and the service is great! Does get crowded for the big games though....So get there early!

Posted by: "RUGBY NUT" at 9:49 pm on 22.Mar.2009

If you like loud drunk POMS shouting about a stupid ball game, by all means make the effort to go here but that's not my idea of a place to go. Turn OFF the frigging TV's and maybe we could have a chat but those stupid machines are too much anywhere. If you want to watch those things, buy one and stay at home. They destroy all communication and are the scurge of our society and why it's so fucked up.

Posted by: "No thanks" at 9:01 am on 24.Mar.2009

that makes a change - 9 times out of 10 its loud mouthed pissed up Aussies the sport pubs everywhere that folk have to endure.

Posted by: berlinender at 11:56 am on 24.Mar.2009

got to love murray's. Not exactly cheap, but great location, great atmosphere (except on St Paddy's day, bah), great staff, huge patio. I always feel at home at Murray's and I'm not even Irish.

Posted by: dessa_dangerous at 11:45 am on 1.Jul.2009

Sunday 12th July is it's last day. It's closing down. Should be some freebies going but shame, it was a good boozer.

Posted by: Dave69 at 10:02 am on 11.Jul.2009

Why is it closing? That's terrible, was the only decent irish pub to watch rugby in in berlin, and a great bar aside from that.

Posted by: "rugbynuts" at 3:43 pm on 11.Jul.2009

The pub is now officially closed. I would have given everyone notice but I only found out for sure today myself and I also believed if the worse came to the worse we had at least till Sunday. Unfortunately due to the wishes of the landlady it will never be an Irish pub again. I'd like to say thanks to everyone who supported the pub. It's a very sad day.

Posted by: WexGirl at 4:10 pm on 11.Jul.2009

Well, we too called it 'TPFKATOEI' (The pub formerly known as the old emerald ile), but anyway, it was still a good place to go, it had a couple of good days and some fantastic live music and it's a shame that it's closed. End of an era.

Posted by: "ark" at 9:11 am on 16.Jul.2009

Wow... end of an era indeed. Can anyone tell me how Liza is? Am shocked to hear about what sounds like a really public meltdown. Is she ok? The emerald Isle was great back under Rupert... sad sad. Nowhere nicer than the bierrgarten on a summer evening in Berlin.

Posted by: "Niamh" at 11:46 pm on 4.Sep.2009

Well its definitely a public meltdown now you've publicised it 'Niamh'. Didn't know about this at all myself but I'm not the kind of Irish person who needs an Irish pub,all Irish ex-pats I know here are here by choice, preferring the creative local bar and cafes. There just isn't really a market for an Irish pub outside the touristy areas I imagine.

Posted by: "Neasa" at 9:18 am on 6.Sep.2009

Sad another pub is gone - Murray's added to the very long list also including (probably for quite a while) Bailey's on Bundesallee, and the 'Irish Pub' on Eisenacher Strasse. Why did they close? Was it too much american footie, british rugby, and no irish music? Did they drive away the Irish berliners? Probably not, it's more about where is within walking distance and not too intolerably awful (ruling out the Kilkenny & Europa centre), when it comes down to it.

Posted by: Martin Murphy at 1:05 pm on 20.Oct.2009

im glad its closed nothing only filth went into it

Posted by: "bobbydazzler" at 11:04 am on 16.May.2011
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