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Kilkenny Irish Pub - Berlin

The Kilkenny Irish Pub at the S-Bahn station Hackescher Markt is three pubs in one, and every pub tells a story of the Irish history. The Kilkenny is a popular meeting point in the hot spot of Berlin, in which Berliners and international guests meet for drinking, conversation, music, and parties. They also show sports events like the Bundesliga, the English Premier League, or the Champions League, live on Sky Sports and Premiere. Every Thursday they have a pub quiz which can be played in either German or in English.

Kilkenny Irish Pub - Berlin

Kilkenny Irish Pub - Hackescher Markt, 10115 Berlin - Mitte, Germany

Tel.: 030 2832084

S-Bahn Hackescher Markt (im S-Bahn)
Web: Kilkenny Irish Pub

Review by: "Anonymous" on 30.Apr.2006   (edit this review)


I would agree with all of the above. This pub was also non-smoking when I visited it recently. Not entirely unconnected to this, it also smelt rather odd. As if some big, wet, hairy dog had died in the corner. I suppose that is the result of the poor cleaning of furnishings and fittings for a number of years being masked by the smell of smoke. Nevertheless a pleasant, albeit slightly pricy, night out :)

Posted by: "Kommentarlos" at 7:10 pm on 9.Nov.2008

when i went there i was told that an ex employee had put chemicals under the carpet to make it smell like that

Posted by: gonzoryan at 3:51 pm on 12.Nov.2008

I was there on Sat as I had an half hour to kill. The Chelsea game was advertised outside, but the Bundesliga was on. There was only 2 Germans watching it. Then in came 13 or 14 English who wnated to watch the @adverised' game, but the staff would not turn the TV over: Whatever. Oh and by the way the whole pub did smeel like month old puke and it was 4.2 Euro for a beer. Never see me there again.

Posted by: Deccie at 1:04 pm on 7.Dec.2008

Then take a universal TV remote control or a universal one for the TV brand down there with you and have fun with it.

Posted by: black1 at 8:46 pm on 7.Dec.2008

This place has the smallest kitchen I have ever worked in. Really not room enough to swing a cat, let alone a big wet hairy dog.

Posted by: Taffthedigger at 8:36 am on 11.Dec.2008

the guinness was pretty shit...and 5€! can't blame them for cashing in on tourists but as a resident i would stay well away.

Posted by: snarfe at 9:10 am on 21.Apr.2009

this place is expensive with weird lighting and is either dead or packed. When it's packed it is just unpleasant, standing room only, would rather sit outside even in the winter. There is a 110-year-old lady who sits by the toilet with a plate... I don't like when I spend exorbitant amounts money in a joint and then have to feel like a dick for not paying for the toilet as well. Do not like, but the location is good for a starting pint on a Saturday night... as long as there aren't any Irish stag parties going on.

Posted by: dessa_dangerous at 11:43 am on 1.Jul.2009

Since it's take over a number of years ago the place is on it's knees. The rent is massive and the staff disheartened. The manager is quite clearly out of her/his depth. Bloody clueless in all shapes and forms. Look at the menu and laugh about their grasp of history and culinary delights. When a so called, 'Irish Pub', sells pitchers of Guinness I think you know what you are in for....I vote it the worst Irish Bar in Berlin. Apart from that the number of Stag Parties spending their entire weekend there is absurd. Mindless, thoughtless, brainless, pointless and boring. It will close soon... I doubt.

Posted by: HAL9000 at 12:22 pm on 30.Jul.2009

went on saturday lunchtime, much the same decor as the previous times I've been in and fortunately no stag parties. Service was quick (a lot better than I've experienced in the past) and the shepherds pie was ace, twice the size and ten times better than I'd get in munich at about the same price. Only gripe was paying €4,90 for a weissbier

Posted by: gordonthemoron at 8:13 am on 7.Sep.2009

Was disappointed with the prices, but just wanted to watch Premiership football.

Posted by: Dave Morgan at 9:36 am on 20.Jan.2010

Just back from a trip to Berlin-lovely apart from our visit to this pub. The waitress thought we had ordered drink directly from the bar and subjected us to a string of unbelievable abuse in front of other customers and staff.Worse still when she discovered she was wrong she didn't have the decency to apologize!I hope this is not an example of German hospitality,it would certainly not be acceptable in Ireland. Needless to say we won't be back.

Posted by: "eileen, Ireland" at 8:36 am on 30.Jun.2011

I was rather disappointed by the 5 Euro Guinness. It was watery and almost had not taste. But the live music was great.

Posted by: "RNG" at 2:12 pm on 6.Jul.2011

i was very disapointed lots of drunk men(at 1pm in the day)falling over and asking us for money while we were eating the staff(german) did not care stag parties were annoying and loud and drunk(at day time) hated berlin will never go back frankfurt is much better :) this wud not be acceptable in ireland

Posted by: asherling at 12:30 am on 1.Aug.2011

Last time I was here was in 2008. Walked past it recently and it still made me shudder to hear the noise from yet another loud party inside. But at least nobody has mentioned the smell again for some time - has it really gone?

Posted by: chrisc at 6:17 am on 5.Aug.2011

This has to be the worst pub in Berlin. Went in to this pub last time I was in Berlin as I wanted to watch the Ireland rugby match. We found a table and sat down. Waited about 10 mins and the waiter kept walking past us so I tryed to get his attention but he proceeded to ignore us. I thought find Ill go to the bar instead. I walked to the next person/waiter and proceeded to ask him if they would be showing the Ireland match. Before I was even half way through my question he shouted at me that I was in the service area and that this was only for waiters. I apologised and said that I hadnt seen the sign and only had a question but that he didnt need to put his hands on me to get me out of the service area. I asked him about the match again and he said ask at the bar. I though ok he is a dick but there always is one isnt there. I approced the bar and asked the barman would they be showing the Ireland match. He was as rude as the other man and snapped no. I then asked did he know a play that would be showing it and got another snapped answer of no. I can only assume being Irish myself that this bar is not owned by an Irish person. There was nothing irish about it and the staff were pigs. I would stay away from this pub.

Posted by: SophieB at 9:12 am on 21.Aug.2011

I agree with everything above, this bar is not a place to go to. Also being Irish myself I was looking for some decent Irish music but the band they had played US 80's pop the entire night, the beer was way too expensive and the decorations don't properly represent Irish culture. If you want a Irish pub in Berlin I recommend Molly Malones - Irish Pub the music was good and the service was friendly, they also throw a good St. Paddy's day party.

Posted by: "twc" at 9:29 am on 30.Aug.2011

Loving the comments here i must say, i went into this bar one night and Stashbox were playin, it was incredibly loud, not 1 Irish song and still the guy who books the bands is still booking the same 4 bands week in week out. Its a F"§$§"$% joke of a bar, and i heard from the grape vine there is a back hand system in place. Really angers me that the "Irish Bar" is being used as a marketing tool because ill tell you one thing there is not 1 thing in there Irish!! i dont even think any of the staff are Irish! Had 1 Pint and left in a Hurry!

Posted by: bailesham at 12:23 pm on 30.Aug.2011

I can vouch for the fact that bands playing here are all connected to the pub itself.......ie most of them work there as well. To be fair I like Stashbox, admittedly no Irish music, but quite fun nevertheless. Prices extortionate...... Manager is a dick.

Posted by: "Dart" at 7:09 pm on 12.Sep.2011

Well to be fair only two of the bands that play there are connected to the pub itself, and lots of the staff are actually Irish. On Tuesdays & Wednesdays (except summers) they have live music which is usually Irish and folk based. At the weekends they have "party" bands for dancing to. And at the end of the day it is an "Irish Pub" in the tourist center of a large city underneath a busy train station where most of the tourists happily pay the crazy prices and dance along with the stag parties. If you really want to spend your Saturday night in an authentic Irish pub, you will have to look a little harder in other districts of the city. Or why not just go to Ireland for a weekend?

Posted by: getupgetdown at 8:12 pm on 19.Sep.2011
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