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Irish Pub in the Europa-Center - Berlin

Irish Pub in the Europa-Center - Kurfürstendamm 225, 10789 Berlin - Charlottenburg, Germany

Tel.: 030 2621634

This is a huge Irish Pub. Possibly the largest in Berlin. Located in the Europa-Center - a shopping complex in the center of the city.

Irish Pub - Europa Center - Berlin

U/S-Bahn Zoologischer Garten

Review by: "Anonymous" on 30.Apr.2003   (edit this review)


This is one of the best pubs I know which has live music every night and customers from all around the world, Great atmosphere and friends to be made!.

Posted by: "Pete" at 8:58 pm on 3.Feb.2007

can anybody tell me if Mike Smith and Paddy Scanlon still run the Irish Harp and Irish Pub in Berlin. I used to play in a group called Fir Na Erin in the late 1970,s our 2 main gigs were the Harp and the pub and I am considering returning for a few years and would like to getr in touch with the 2 guys Many thanks

Posted by: "Paul Hutchman" at 11:56 am on 4.Feb.2007

Best pub in the world

Posted by: "Peter Wetherell" at 9:59 pm on 10.Feb.2008

what is it with all the irish bars in berlin?they are all owned by non-irish!!!what the fuuuuuuoooock is going on?

Posted by: "findingitfunny" at 7:19 pm on 17.Feb.2008

Try the LIR on Flensburger Str. 7,10557 Berlin 030 3928502. Owned by John Power - Irish. He's expanding at the moment and soon an extra room for football,rugby etc will be up and running.Well worth a look in. Nice people,nice food, nice pint !

Posted by: trevor power at 9:14 pm on 20.Feb.2008

I couldn't get their link to work...but i wanted to know, are they doing anything special for St. Patrick's day?

Posted by: missmargaret at 4:35 pm on 23.Feb.2008

This place is literally always the same, a selection of Berlins most mediocre bands ranging from majorca party pap to really really bad Beatles coverbands somehow manage to drone out the same atmosphere every night of the week. The local sleasy wierdos go there to pick up the middle aged desperate women and to pester any other girl they pass along the way. The other sleasy wierdos go there for the bargain basket prostitutes that line the seats by the toilets. the staff will gladly have a laugh at your expense and then mine you for tips on the already outrageously overpriced drinks. As the night wears on expect to find a slobbery english man leaning up against an aging hookers breasts, a crowd of Irish farmers trying to remember the words to "the fields of athenry" and a danish kid getting sick outside. Locals avoid the place, tourists are drawn to it. Live music, big screen sports, guinness and ham cheese toasties will bring a certain crowd no matter what.

Posted by: "bricktop" at 2:34 pm on 15.Aug.2008

I was there in 2000 (or 2001) when Aberdeen played against Hertha Berlin in the UEFA Cup. One of the best experiences of my life being at this pub full of fans, highly recommended

Posted by: Simmie at 11:19 pm on 12.Nov.2008

Dear Toytown Germany useurs... Be Prepared you might be a little shocked by the following information. We both worked at this particular Irish pub and the above information is startlingly accurate. If you thought going to drink there is bad, spare a thought for the poor slobs who have to put up with some of the WORST appauling bar tenders and floor staff attitudes around. And as the night lingers, and it approaches 1am, perhaps you and your group of friends may propose "how about a round of fries on the table" much to the pleasure of the company at your table. But no the choices of culinary of delights at the Irish pub are limited, because you will get served a ham & cheese sandwich that could be better prepared and served by a six year old child.... A six year old child would unforunately for us also earn more. We currently have the pleasure of your company for the low low price of ¢5 an hour. We also are shocked at the prices, seeing as one Guiness for us constitutes one hour of work. Also shocking is the attitude some of our more surley long serving staff. Who see tips as not an expression of reward for good service but a birth right that should be demanded from every customer regardless of experience... Fancy going to an Irish pub in Berlin??? Do yourself a favour, choose a different one. Regards Bertie.

Posted by: robbiegup at 1:41 pm on 2.Dec.2008

is ther any chance 3 english speaking australiuans could get work at a bar in berlin??

Posted by: "jess" at 10:07 am on 14.Sep.2009

ask the bar(s) in question

Posted by: johnnydee82 at 6:58 pm on 14.Sep.2009

What's the Irish breakfast like?

Posted by: smurf at 10:55 am on 24.Sep.2009

irish breakfast isnt bad but its conspicuously lacking black and white pudding. its also of course a bit too pricey like everything else in there. better off going to the harp just further up the kü-damm,

Posted by: "pajo" at 8:40 am on 19.Oct.2009

Ah come on, be realistic, this is the worst pub in Berlin, and there's nothing Irish about it.

Posted by: Martin Murphy at 12:54 pm on 20.Oct.2009

Great place on Saturday nights, it becomes a non irish bar full with black african hookers and lonely travellers !!!

Posted by: the_eagle at 7:31 am on 21.Oct.2009

this is one of the worst pubs I have ever been in, and it's very expensive

Posted by: gordonthemoron at 10:34 am on 22.Oct.2009

your in germany why not go to a german bar, you want irish ya better of heading to ireland.....typical tourists. it's o.k to be out of your comfort zone, get some culture into ya.

Posted by: dixibarbara at 5:21 pm on 23.Oct.2009

A pub in a mall. Say no more.

Posted by: "Richard" at 4:28 pm on 11.Jul.2010

Do they show english premier league football on tv?

Posted by: "Rich" at 10:44 pm on 20.Aug.2010

Yes, they do show Premier League matches, but do yourself a favour and go somewhere better, e.g. Oscar Wilde or Harp. Also avoid Kilkenny Hackescher Markt, which is quite possibly the worst bar in Berlin.

Posted by: "kuhching" at 5:52 pm on 21.Aug.2010

im english and worked in berlin and all the pubs were good and the people nice and if you get a pub you dont like dont go in to it we all have pubs we dont like and its not fair to call them and to tom theres plenty of nice girls not tarts in the europa centre maybe he had a problem with them and is bitter i liked the pub anyway and hello to all the people in it

Posted by: "the tan" at 6:01 pm on 13.Nov.2010

This is one of the best pubs I have been too, rocks just as much as "The Bird" does. Went a few days ago and saw an epic band known as Godzilla (still trying to find out more about the guys) but if you are into classic rock covers such as Paint it Black, La Grange etc. then they are a band to look for. Though yes, for Footie and Rugby matches, while they do show them, it is much better to go elsewhere since you will not get a seat or get to listen to the commentary due to all the chatter going on.

Posted by: "Adam" at 12:28 pm on 15.Nov.2010

I was in Berlin at the beginning of August and wanted to catch the friendly rugby matches. Decided on this pub and realised I made a mistake straight away. Asked if they would be showing the rugby (Wales/England or Ireland/Scotland) was told 'No' in a very brusque manner. There were 10 other people in the bar and half wanted to watch the rugby so there wasn't really a reason not to show it. Rude staff and rip-off prices make this a place to avoid at any cost.

Posted by: "Rugby Fan" at 11:57 am on 24.Aug.2011

i was in this pub many times over the years and i found the staff very friendly i admit its costly there but its worth it great craic

Posted by: "buddy 62" at 8:31 am on 6.Sep.2013
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