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Irish Inn - Berlin

Irish Inn is a nice little pub with regular live music, live sports (Premiere & Sky) and basket meals, run by an Englishman. Guinness, Murphy's Red, Newcastle Brown Ale, Strongbow Cider & Warsteiner on draft.

Damaschkestraße 28
10711 Berlin
Tel.: 030 63429970
Website: Irish Inn

Close to S-Bahn Charlottenburg,
U-Bahn Adenauer-Platz,
Kurfürstendamm 100, M19, M29

Opening hours:
Monday closed
Tueday - Friday 16:00 - 2:00
Saturday & Sunday 11:00 - ?

Review by: "Anonymous" on 30.Apr.2006   (edit this review)


Its closed since 1.Jul.2007 and i miss it.

Posted by: "me" at 1:41 pm on 8.Feb.2008

The Irish inn will open again in February 2009! The new owner is an Englishman! flepi.de/Irish_Inn.html

Posted by: berlinmonster at 11:47 pm on 10.Jan.2009

This is a great little pub with a super atmosphere- Cosy and quaint. The craic with the owners Astrid and Barny is worth the visit alone! But there's lots more; the darts, cards, the live music, and finally an Irish bar in Berlin with drinks at a great price. Will definitely be back there soon.

Posted by: oons at 11:32 am on 24.Mar.2009

they have live football on satuarday england & scotland and guinness is only 3,50€

Posted by: Irish Inn at 4:07 pm on 26.Mar.2009

are you allowed to smoke in here?

Posted by: SurreyBoy at 11:57 am on 9.Apr.2009

yes you can smoke if you wish

Posted by: berlinmonster at 4:39 pm on 27.Apr.2009

Hi please visit www.irishinn-berlin.de greets Raff

Posted by: "virtualwesti" at 11:10 pm on 2.Oct.2009

well where do I start? this is a great little pub down on Damaschkestraße, the atmosphere is second to none, every member of the bar is so welcoming. The live music really sets the mood- un-amplified-yet it still gets everyone singing along in such a jovial manner. I have to mention it, but one night my vehicle wouldn't start one night outside the Irish Inn, so Barny and Astrid (the main gaffers) sorted out the ADAC, to come down and tow our vehicle to the nearest Garage at 5AM and had it towed away in there name.Then they gave us a lift home to Spandau! All in all a truly hospitable and welcoming place for anyone in search of a "real local pub".

Posted by: DanDan891 at 9:01 pm on 22.Nov.2009

does anyone know wether ufc 111 will be open for public viewing there?

Posted by: "Fritz" at 7:29 pm on 15.Mar.2010

I don't get in there much now my girlfriend is heavily prgnant but previously I spent some good nights in there. I enjoyed watching the World Cup on the big screen and I'm most pleased they will be showing all the LIverpool games on Sky this season. Come on you Reds! If you live in Berlin and have not visited the pub then I can only recommend you give it a try. If you want a couple of drinks and a freindly chat in English or German then this would be my tip.

Posted by: "Dave" at 7:23 pm on 22.Aug.2010

Wonderful small (but not too small) and friendly. Despite the name, it doesn't pretend to be another Irish pub, but does sell Irish beers (Murphey's & Murphey's Red) As stated before, some great live music without amplification.Doesn't need it :o) Always showing live footy from the UK on the big screen. Well worth a visit.

Posted by: andy_jm at 8:13 am on 16.Sep.2010

I left Berlin just after the Irish Inn closed..AGAIN..Aug. 2011..the fact is that in Berlin, as in any major city, young people stay home and use the internet for social contact..just 20 years ago when I moved to Berlin, clearly the age group at, for example, The James Joyce (same area in Berlin) was 17-80....Eke Knipen in Berlin are closing by the week..it's over for many..and I say loud and clear...Barney and Astrid gave it their best....I wish them well from Ireland...which has Berlin weather..I'm so homesick. albert

Posted by: "Albert in Galway" at 10:53 pm on 19.Nov.2011

Irish Inn is opened again, i walk by it everyday. Some night its really crowded with a live band playing rock/irish folk.

Posted by: "Andreas" at 1:35 pm on 8.Feb.2012
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