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Irish Harp Pub - Berlin

Irish Harp Pub - Giesebrechtstrasse 15, 10629 Berlin - Charlottenburg, Germany

They say "home is where the harp is".

Irish Harp Pub Berlin

Tel.: 030 8827739
U-Bahn Adenauerplatz
Web: Harp Pub

Review by: "Anonymous" on 30.Apr.2006   (edit this review)


I think this pub is closed now!

Posted by: "Hartmut" at 6:28 pm on 5.Sep.2006

They re-opened on 15 January 2007, with great food & drinks, quiz nights, live sports on tv & live music on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays.. go check it out!!!

Posted by: "Teena" at 10:37 pm on 6.Feb.2007

Its a bit of a shame, the harp has been taken over by new owners, cleaned up, looks much better. Unfortunately the new owners took out the projector TV's, satellite dish and any atmosphere the place ever had. Forget watching any UK sports games/matches, no rugby etc. Sorry but it is just a quiet German pub now...

Posted by: "Kiplug" at 5:29 pm on 9.Feb.2007

Its now ran by the famous a infamous people from the killkenny Irish pub under the train station in hackesch markt . So the same really you decide if that's good or bad.

Posted by: lolo at 5:59 pm on 11.Apr.2007

could you tell me where Darren Dix went. He is my daughters godfather and we lost touch. he said on freinds reunited he was manger in 2003. thanks jake

Posted by: "Jake Coates" at 6:43 pm on 2.May.2007

The pub is as difficult to find as ever but I must say it is ten times betternow than when I used to come a few (6/7!) years ago! Excellent football coverage, very friendly staff (a special mention to Maria, Sarah and the barman I think is called Damo), a shame Liverpool lost but we'd a wonderful night nevertheless us ex-pats will be back again soon good to know we all have a reliable local nearby once again finally

Posted by: "Kevin j Blox" at 6:20 am on 8.Jun.2007

Had a gorgeous meal in the Harp served by the lovely Maria:) Damo behind the bar is very quick with the drinks which helps! Large outside area to eat and chill out. Hopefully be going back again

Posted by: "Emma Rowe -ireland" at 5:34 pm on 21.Aug.2007

i worked in the harp 12 years ago. i cant believe what u idiots did 2 it.

Posted by: "phil" at 10:06 am on 12.Sep.2007

another example of what germans cant do...run an irish pub!!bring back the good old days!!

Posted by: "sadlymislead" at 7:24 pm on 17.Feb.2008

I think the Irish Harp is getting very unfair reviews. I've been in Berlin for 20 years and I'm Irish. Berlin has changed a lot since I first came here and there are a lot of people who don't seem to want to accept that. It is different to how it used to be but that doesn't make it bad. On the contrary, the food is excellant, the staff are friendly and although it is german owned,it is run by an Irish woman who does the job exceptionally well. I say stop living in the past and give it a chance

Posted by: "Annabella" at 10:58 pm on 19.Mar.2008

I have Darren's e-mail address. Shoot me a line and I will give it to you Jake. Rodney_Ramseur@yahoo.com

Posted by: "Rodney" at 8:52 am on 10.Apr.2008

i visited the harp and i can say that it is a very nice place, one of the best i have visited. plus the friendly atmosphere is quite amazing, thanks to the lovely Maria and the cute waitresses there. i have had the pleasure to witness a hularious night of karaoke night with the funny Joe and Marky Mark. simply gorgeous. im goin tonight as well for some live irish music. keep it up.

Posted by: "William kobersy" at 3:50 pm on 9.May.2008

I have to say that in the 4 years that I have been here the Harp is as good an Irish Pub as you will find. Sports is always on the big screen on request and the Kilkenny is good if but a little over priced. Food is fantastic. Shame when that Sunderland bloke (Darren) departed along with Sue, Alene & Dermot, but has since had a total refit last year and really brings home that Irish warmth. Joe, I must get along for a bit of Hi Ho Silver Lining one night.

Posted by: "Terry Champion" at 3:31 pm on 20.May.2008

I used to play in the pup and the harp in the early eightys every weekend. the name of the group was Fir Na Erin I was just wonder if Mike and Paddy still run the harp in the centre of town as i will be coming over in october for a long weekend and would like to meet up with them you can email me on paul.hutchman@ntlworld.com many thanks

Posted by: "big paul" at 5:09 pm on 22.Jul.2008

i worked in berlin in the mid ninties on the sites and the harp was our local pub as we lived in hektor strasse a 10 minute walk away had some great nights and days in the harp and hope to return some time soon ps wonder if a special girl still drinks there

Posted by: "MARK" at 6:06 pm on 22.Sep.2009

hi everyone have a question on all the ex irish pub staff that i have seen here would you make contact with me we are trying to set bup a get together next year if ye are up for it anyone you know pass it on would be great to see all again.

Posted by: "irishinberlin" at 6:37 pm on 12.Oct.2009

I think also that the Harp got some rough reviews here - they're a big pub in Berlin's unpopular West side, and I think they basically do their best to please everyone. Recently they scrapped the karaoke in favour of a cheesy but well-intentioned Irish folk-music night with some dancers. As for sports, they have plenty of TVs if that's what keeps you happy. Lots of foreign sports - soccer, rugby, et al. There's an Irish pub in Xberg that has or had Irish football and hurling on the TV there, so that might be worth checking out. In West Berlin, we don't have a really good Irish pub with the possibility of playing Irish music gigs there. There's only the Molly Malone, the Harp, and some small one also near the Kudamm where the owner (who sounds British) actually dislikes Irish music.

Posted by: Martin Murphy at 12:38 pm on 20.Oct.2009

Use to be a regular in the Irish Harp in 1986 -1989 Pre Wall Fall....Harp was one of best bars , then again that time only 2 or 3 irish bars......changing times !!

Posted by: the_eagle at 7:30 am on 21.Oct.2009

shot since Damo and Maria left. Could think of no reason to go there now. At least the scottish bartender is quick and friendly.

Posted by: "doob" at 1:30 pm on 28.Feb.2010

is it still open or closed and does charlottenburg still have action at night im over in 2 weeks for a weekend so id like to visit my old haunts

Posted by: "upthearse" at 8:33 am on 22.Mar.2011

it's still posting events on it's website, was open last september when I last visited

Posted by: gordonthemoron at 9:50 am on 23.Mar.2011

It's still open. I live near it. Only been there once, but it seems okay and is always busy when there is football on the telly.

Posted by: tracytriumph at 10:07 am on 1.Apr.2011

thanks tracytriumph for the information i will be visiting again in july i didnt get to it this time [i met lads i knew and didnt leave the oscar and k/kenny more stupid me but these things happen]but i will be in it in july pity the football will be over im sure there will be a few in

Posted by: "upthearse" at 6:48 am on 26.Apr.2011

What a load of rubbish. The Harp has been taken over and run by Germans and ruined. Its now a German pub with a hint of what an Irish pub should be like. If you want overpriced beer with extremely bad and rude service, then this is the place to go. The Medion TV screens at the front are un-watchable and the waitress with the Irish accent is absolutely disgraceful and very very rude. As for the bar manager, what a twat!!! Bring back the Celi house someone please.... What ever happened to that funny little bloke Rummers and the odd fella from Sunderland, anyone know where they are?

Posted by: "DodgyDave" at 7:15 am on 30.May.2011

I recently moved to Berlin and had the dubious pleasure of experiencing my first Irish pub here, and I totally agree with DodgyDave; appalling service by the irish waitress - and the food was pretty poor to boot. I won't be going back there in a hurry.

Posted by: "Paddy" at 3:40 pm on 14.Jun.2011

I visited this pub at 8am on September 18 2011 for England v Georgia in the RWC 2011 from New Zealand. The continental breakfast at 6 Euros was great value - and the staff were just great Can't recommend it highly enough

Posted by: "ruref" at 8:41 pm on 19.Sep.2011

Awful place run by a German boss with no personality, the service is terribly inconsistent. It doesn't know if it is a pub or a cafe. Rude, ignorant staff not exactly motivated by the terrible management. Was great in the past, kind of sums up exactly what is wrong with 'Irish' themed bars in Germany, because there is nothing Irish about this place except one rude waitress. I won't be going back.

Posted by: headwrecker at 11:25 pm on 27.Sep.2011

if you're interested in any of the sporting events that they advertise on their website, ALWAYS call ahead and confirm...twice now I've done that and been spared a trip.

Posted by: PenguinRocks at 11:34 am on 30.Sep.2011

I've been to Irish Harp for several of the RWC games now. The games are always played... on several TVs that work fine, and two projectors that work fine... the volume is turned up and you can hear fine... It's all Irish, British, French expats, though I'm sure this isn't true not during the RWC... Service isn't great when it's packed full of rugby fans, but was fine during the pool games. I mean, it's not the best place I've ever been, but I think it's perfectly fine/decent for what it is. I don't know why people have such strong opinions about it.

Posted by: soslavsk at 1:35 pm on 17.Oct.2011
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