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4 posts, 11:43 hrs
You will get back some of the Nebenkosten if you paid too much. The landlord has to give you a detailed overview of what was used and return the rest of the money. Just make sure they do a…
51 posts, 14:20 yesterday
No update to add, but I explained how I did it in a message much further up the thread. You'll just be freiwilling versichert with AOK. If your employer is very kind they might even be willing to…
189 posts, 10:32 yesterday
Having lived and worked in German-speaking countries previously, I thought that I (somewhat arrogantly) knew most of what there was to know about the Holocaust. The exhibition at the New Synagogue…
24 posts, 24 June
As of now, two of my teams are looking for a few players. One is playing Oberliga, hence we need players with minimum 5-6 years experience in a club. The other one is in Landesliga, so some…
5 posts, 20 June
The interrupted lines are "Safety line marks for cyclists", see examples: Schutzstreifen für Radfahrer As far as I know, cars are allowed to go into those marked lines for a short period of…
114 posts, 18 June
Friday 21st June 2019, 21:30 Mauersegler Berlin Bernauer Straße 63, 13355, Berlin goo.gl/maps/adqkzbvud2z... Area between the entrance and the bar is reserved. Meetup sign on the table.
10 posts, 14 June
OP knows about the VAT, otherwise she’d be posting this from Jail. Unlike income tax, the Finanzamt doesn’t have a sense of humor when it comes to VAT. That was never your money not to have…
7 posts, 13 June
How much money? It's highly unlikely to be more than 4 figures so I wouldn't even bother trying to find a bank, the yearly charges would be far greater than any interest you think you could earn.
9 posts, 11 June
The place I did the conversion does not exist anymore, but this is the place I take my cars for LPG maintenance and I am quite happy with them: autogastanken24.de/meist... Yes, you have to…
9 posts, 11 June
The problem with Thai Park is that it became too popular and it is out of control. Now you can even see people selling Caipirinhas, nothing wrong with Caipis, but it is not very Thai. After it was…
10 posts, 8 June
Just curious, what is the difference between them? Or at least what does HR is Germany do? We don’t have a workers council... it was HR who suggested to meet after I tried changing positions…
20 posts, 5 June
Some easy jobs to get like restaurant etc may be flexible. A lot probably prefer minijobbers but if you say you need a 451€ job, they might be ok with it. I believe it's actually cheaper for them.
1 posts, 4 June
Hello I am living in Berlin for 3 years and I had a temporary contract for my flat. It is now time to find something permanent. My landlord recommends me to give an advertisement to newspapers to…
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Photo of the Day: The naked moped rider stopped by German police

Photo of the Day: The naked moped rider stopped by German police

One way to deal with the heat is to strip off. But a moped rider in the state of Brandenburg has taken it to the next level.

Neo-Nazi suspect

Neo-Nazi suspect 'admits' to pro-migrant politician murder

The key suspect in the killing of a pro-migrant politician has admitted to the gun murder, Germany's interior minister said Wednesday after a special parliamentary commission hearing.

'BlaBlaBus': Fresh competition for Flixbus takes to the road in Germany

FlixBus has long been king of the budget long-distance bus company market in Germany. But that could be about to change.

38 injured by high levels of chlorine at Hesse swimming pool

38 injured by high levels of chlorine at Hesse swimming pool

A total of 38 swimmers – many of them children – suffered injuries due to an increased chlorine concentration at a swimming pool in Hesse, north of Frankfurt.

German word of the day: Digga

German word of the day: Digga

This popular slang salutation has its origins in one German film.

'Durchzug is not harmful!': Red Cross tells Germans to leave their fans on and windows open

The German Red Cross has created a stir after posting some heatwave advice on Twitter. Here's why.