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93 posts, 17:10 hrs
Stosslüftung is just opening all the windows completely for a few or more minutes. It will help when the outside temps are lower than inside. Right now, it's 31 outside, 27 inside so I would not…
64 posts, 16:45 hrs
@Feierabend Thanks for the reply. I will go to the Hausarzt and see if I can get the yellow pass. I think the quote says make sure your vaccination history is up-to-date? The full quote is:
20 posts, 15:02 hrs
Folks, I'm in the US and might be travelling to Berlin early August for a week or so (I don't live in Berlin, but have a family friend there). I'm flying through London which requires a PCR or…
15 posts, 14:44 hrs
As I don't like open threads, the result of this little adventure is that he went to a specialist hospital for a second opinion and they told him that the first hospital, who had suggested…
2,061 posts, 20:34 yesterday
The government will keep pushing up petrol prices and other costs for ICE cars until people switch, people in thend, will have to deceide whether they want the better solution, ICE cars ( but cause…
1 posts, 11 June
Hello, I'm Comparing Personal Liability & Home Insurance companies (+ incl. possibly Dog Insurance though we have that separately for now). Anyone have good experiences w/ companies?…
1 posts, 11 June
Hello. Been trying to compare dental insurance plans that cover implants. Most companies have waiting times and strict payout limits in the first 4 years, which might be unavoidable. E.g.
14 posts, 10 June
I don't know that but I guess it's not much... He might have taken some course for a1 /a2 level, but that may not have played a significant role for his employment offer. As i said, he knew the…
72 posts, 10 June
Thanks for your response! I'm certainly surprised to have heard nothing back in response, not even a confirmation 🤷‍♂️ Fun facts: at this rate, I'll probably have quit Germany by the time they…
2 posts, 5 June
Hi y'all, thank you for your time! I am a lawyer at bar myself. For a very cool as profitable case, I am seeking for black lawyers. My background is Tanzania. Thank you! Best Friedian
2 posts, 2 June
Hi, I am setting up some ‚casual‘ German lessons with a teacher for my mother (65y) from mid June onwards. At the moment 2 or 3times a week around 10-12. looking for a few others who might be…
6 posts, 24 May
Let your landlord handle it. It is not your property. Tell them immediately. They should have insurance. This happened to a friend of mine. He also got to stay in a hotel during repairs.
15 posts, 23 May
Hello everyone, my name is inma, spanish living in berlin since 2018. i was diagnosed with bilateral vascular TOS by doctor Bohm last friday. He suggested physical therapy for three months and go…
19 posts, 21 May
In the past we fixed it and arranged for the cost to be removed from the rent. Worked well but only because the landlord was happy we got things fixed and the person looking after the property…
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Fact check: Is Germany facing an imminent Covid vaccine shortage?

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EXPLAINED: Everything you need to know about parental leave in Germany

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