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4 posts, 19:12 yesterday
Sperrmüll means "awkward waste" and they mean stuff like sofas and beds. There's no mention of mineral building waste which I don't think they would collect. Either you find a "man with a van" to…
7 posts, 26 November
Buy a football if you don't already have one. Go swimming. For reasons I don't understand, the natives seem to want to swim in indoor pools as warm as soup, so you normally find a heated outdoor pool…
18 posts, 25 November
Yes, I moved in 2019 (I registered my new address then as well). When I finally received the notification of it, it had an old address of mine from 2018 (even though I re-registered at new addresses…
2,429 posts, 20 November
The article is 100% wrong! Drivers are able to enter the car and drive it, what can't be done is to remotely connect to the car. Bluetooth is enough to unlock and drive the car. Otherwise people…
42 posts, 13 November
Me - former American soldier in late 60s and have returned several times starting as a hitch hiking hippy/vagabond in the early 70s looking for a former girlfriend/friend. No romantic objectives…
20 posts, 13 November
I would recommend that you email the correct department at this link, if only to check whether they have received your application: berlin.de/einwanderung/u... I applied by email four months ago,…
17 posts, 10 November
As I recall, the company requesting the ID would have to send you a Post Ident form for you to fill out and bring to the post. Maybe this company doesn't offer it but it doesn't hurt to ask.
22 posts, 8 November
Searching for information I found this link centogene.com/covid-19/t... top of the page is the link to all of their test centers throughout Germany. Can't find the overview link but is very…
28 posts, 8 November
I don't know about ya'll but that looks like Documents to me...and the chicken scratch description doesn't help much. I imagine looking at that form at the end of a long day... I don't know what…
3 posts, 5 November
Roughly, class B is all private vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes (that includes the weight of any trailer), so that includes not only cars but also most vans/minibuses (up to 9 seater).
50 posts, 5 November
Back in my traveling days, I had Platinum, etc. class with 2 different airlines. I was flying business anyway so the points accumulated quickly. As the years went by, the points were worth less and…
17 posts, 4 November
Have you negotiated for a relocation consultant yet? You obviously don't know how things work here and without fluent German you will have difficulty navigating the system.
22 posts, 1 November
I think if you took it to court, the judge might ask if you could have mitigated your damages by taking public transport or a taxi to the airport instead of waiting for a tow truck. I don't see…
12 posts, 30 October
Did you do a handover when you moved out and your handover papers included a date and a meter reading? You can protest that you should have to pay for time you no longer lived there but it would be…
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