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2,780 posts, 14 May
I can general go along with that idea, the market is generally lower at the moment, then if it recovers, Tesla should recover as well. I juest have the fear that I have never seen a situation like…
18 posts, 14 May
I was very active as a younger man and I always feel I have a resovoir of fitness I can tap into if needed. I did a marathon in just over 3 hours and still had plenty left in the tank. It is the diet…
6 posts, 8 May
Is there a way to get a "Fiktionsbescheinigung" so that you at least prove that you didn´t deliberately violate the Aufenthaltsgesetz (or whatever the relevant law is called). That´s (or an…
40 posts, 3 May
We have friends with 2 small children (8 & 2) who have been living in Moabit since 2013 and they love it. However, the schools are apparently not that great, so they say. Their son was in the…
6 posts, 2 May
Thanks for all the replies. I returned to Berlin from Dublin without any problem. Aerlingus were just being overly cautious. And I did not have to show any Covid docmentation either.
78 posts, 24 April
I spoke to a manager at another Aldi Nord location and policy is that they are not allowed to detain or make physical contact with a customer. I also learnt that Aldi Nord doesn’t have cameras in…
2 posts, 24 April
Might be a formality to get it extended after a year, and no problem. Agree about looking after kiddies being very important. Perhaps the IT experts could help upgrade the visa website instead of…
1 posts, 20 April
Hi, Student info- Grade 2,1 average in BBR/ Class 9 in Berlin, changed school after half year in Class 10 owing to bullying and discrimination by last school, Couldn’t maintain last grade/ will…
4 posts, 17 April
Just did a google search for "london swimming pools with diving board" which gave a result of Home | South West London Diving (swld.org.uk) It seems to give a list of some places with a…
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EXPLAINED: How dental care works in Germany

You may have an idea how most healthcare in Germany works – but what about dental care? Dental work can be complex and it isn’t always easy to understand the costs involved. If you're an international resident and you haven't exactly mastered German dental vocabulary, it may be even more difficult!

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Living in Germany: The new app helping you live like a local

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