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6 posts, 12:06 hrs
It only helps against Luddite doctors who have not discovered Internet yet. Unfortunately, it's usually the good ones. The bad ones remove all bad reviews about them by withdrawing permission to…
14 posts, 8 November
It depends, not if you create a contract detailing the nature of the sublet, along with leaving your items (some, not all obviously) in the apartment. I have known quite a few people who managed to…
12 posts, 7 November
We decided to buy a bio Christmas tree this year. Lots of good reasons to do so as shown on google. I.e. br.de/radio/bayern1/inha... and bund.net/mitmachen/bund-... There are various…
9 posts, 6 November
@kiplette In total we have 32 Europa-Schule, 4 of which are English/Deutsch. 2 are Grundschule, 1 an Integriete Sekundarschule and the other a Gymnasium. These are state funded schools which…
80 posts, 6 November
That’s very true; we certainly don’t, so I think I’ll have to put it in the Keller until next year. I’m trying the plastic turkey bags this year, but I’ve heard about the brown paper bag method…
2 posts, 4 November
Are going to be working at the same company? If you are moving for a new job with a new company, the last 3 pay slips will not mean much to landlords here. I think a guarantor would be a good idea.
1 posts, 3 November
Hi, The SEPA debit on my bank account for the BVG Monthly abo payment failed just before the weekend (didn't have enough money in the account). Now I am wondering what to do to pay? Is my card…
37 posts, 1 November
Hi. It seems that he is still working, at least according to Doctolib. Do you know how much he charges for private visits? Alternatively, if anybody knows English speaking doctor with adult ADD…
101 posts, 1 November
Off the top of my head the way the top of my head the way the verification works is they make one or two transfers to your account and then you have to tell me how much they transferred so they can…
9 posts, 31 October
Hi, Thanks for your reply. The Hausverwaltung manages everything so we are asked to contact them. The contract states the Hausverwaltung represents the owner as the landlord. I have no contact…
106 posts, 30 October
Not sure if I am share this. When I was young I spent lot of my free time in things related to technology, I was part of several free software programming, tinkered a lot with R-Pies, networking,…
649 posts, 29 October
Watercress is available often in FrischeParadies (Berlin and Frankfurt at least), especially at Xmas. I have also grown it successfully in a tub on the terrace. The lack of smoked white fish is…
22 posts, 17 October
In anesthesia nitrous oxide isn´t used on it´s own anyway because it´s analgetic effect is too weak. It has lately become sort of a party drug though - at least in the Netherlands where you can buy…
4 posts, 16 October
Age aside, she might try working at a franchise or chain. Usually, there is some sort of career path from within that could lead to a management position. Only the strong survive.
1 posts, 16 October
For anyone interested in becoming self-employed in Germany this weekend is deGUT in Berlin. deGUT is a trade fair with various seminars and workshops on self-employment in Germany. Most of the info…
1 posts, 16 October
The mum-and-bumps/playgroup now meets every Tuesday from 9.30-11.30 in the former café Maya & Callas, Markstr. 5, 13407 near U8-Franz-Neumann-Platz. There are plenty of toys, a nice big rug to…
1 posts, 16 October
The mum-and-bumps/playgroup now meets every Tuesday from 9.30-11.30 in the former café Maya & Callas, Markstr. 5, 13407 near U8-Franz-Neumann-Platz. There are plenty of toys, a nice big rug to…
4 posts, 16 October
I'll get the permission when the landlord visits the apartment. Airbnb should cover any guest damage. I understand this income should be declared on the tax declaration. I don't know if anything else…
1 posts, 16 October
Come join the Only Always Bodywork & Movement Collective for a casual gathering of English-speaking bodywork therapists and movement instructors. Body Shop Talk No. 2 will explore the…
19 posts, 16 October
I would agree with RedMidge and see someone to speak with about your feelings and situation. The blue card actually has a negative to actually get a job that matches the visa the salary…
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Number of people without a home rises in Germany

Number of people without a home rises in Germany

Last year around 678,000 people were homeless in Germany, an increase of four percent on the previous year.

German word of the day: Die Sehnsucht

German word of the day: Die Sehnsucht

A noun with a meaning which is a combination of ‘longing’, ‘pining’ or ‘yearning’, the idea of Sehnsucht is something which can’t be summed up in one word in English.

Grundrente: Merkel

Grundrente: Merkel's coalition reaches deal on Germany's pension reform

The German coalition parties on Sunday reached a deal on pension reform, thus avoiding a political crisis which threatened to collapse the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

US must be

US must be 'mutually respectful partner': German President

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier urged the United States to be a "mutually respectful partner" and reject nationalism, in a clear salvo aimed at US leader Donald Trump.

Berlin football fans knock over mock-up wall before match

Berlin football fans knock over mock-up wall before match

A replica of the Berlin Wall separated the teams before Hertha Berlin's home Bundesliga tie against RB Leipzig at the city's Olympic Stadium, part of Saturday's celebrations making the 30th anniversary of the fall of the original wall.

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall 'reminds us to defend democracy': Merkel

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday urged Europe to defend democracy and freedom as Germany marked 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, warning that such gains must not be taken for granted.