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4 posts, 22:19 yesterday
The only two exceptions to the Einbürgerungstest are if: you have a German school-leaving qualification. you cannot fulfil the requirements because of a physical, psychological or mental illness…
696 posts, 22:01 yesterday
I've had other items from JL but maybe it's because plates are breakable? Crockery isn't listed on their FAQ list of non deliverable items. I tried sending them an email to ask but you need an order…
7 posts, 27 November
Unfortunately I can't answer the OP's bolded question with certainty, but I can say that the Mieterverein is undertaking two claims on our behalf. One is to lower our rent to the rate commensurate…
16 posts, 26 November
It's my understanding that they are required to do so - and they can be fined if they don't. I've explained as much as I know in a newer thread including that subject: Everyone in our block…
29 posts, 25 November
small update: so far the dealer is not answering my new emails and rejecting my phone calls regarding the registration process that I want to carry out myself. I'm wondering which lawyer I need…
1 posts, 25 November
Hello everyone, Can someone recommend a Steuerberater that offers consultation wrt capital gain taxes? I've approached quite a few Steuerberaters from google but most of them said they "do…
64 posts, 24 November
There do seem to be great differences in the speed that different Bezirk process Einbürgerung applications. As you can see from the posts in this thread Prenzlauer Berg/Pankow has a particularly bad…
1,558 posts, 17 November
Yes, but the Tesla thermal management system is integrated, meaning all sources and receptors of heat and cold are all connected together. Onboard computer generates heat, needs cooling. Motors…
1 posts, 14 November
Hello, I run a twice monthly free online anger support group. Its a a safe non-judgemental place where we can talk about anger, share our stories and offer strategies on reducing anger. The next…
23 posts, 12 November
Some do. In some cases even the address is checked. I had a payment come back to me free of charge because the recipient's account details were slightly out - despite me checking first who the…
16 posts, 8 November
haha, nope, don't sign up for raffles and other assorted spam and dross. No one is ever going to show up at my house with a cardboard check. Don't play the lottery. Every once in a while someone…
6 posts, 5 November
Thread necromancy! I have the same, but I was wondering what this means for working for other countries in the EU. Can I work for a company in Ireland or France, for example?
71 posts, 4 November
The name of the recipient must be on a doorbell/letterbox at least in the adjacent building though - otherwise there wouldn't really be a delivery attempt. Of course it doesn't mean to say that the…
1 posts, 3 November
We are a small, Montessori primary school in South West Berlin and are looking for qualified and experienced teachers, full or part time depending on the subjects offered. We would be particularly…
45 posts, 2 November
Cosmetic studios are closed in Berlin, but Botox has to be done by a doctor here and the OP refers to treatment in a klinik. In many places these medical practices seem to be able to continue…
139 posts, 1 November
that's correct however these will be covering domestic routes - other 16 will be international.. Link below to clarify: in.reuters.com/article/u... Lets hope the Bunderskartellamt can do…
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