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@Janx Spirit, I'm unsure if the occupancing network works in scale good enough for parking sensors. One thing is a 30cm accuracy (estimated by many) when driving, another is a 30cm accuracy when…
109 posts, 16:10 yesterday
If no one knowedgable gets back to you I suggest trying variations of filling these fields out: one or the other, and both. And see which gets flagged as Fehler when you finish. And they give…
4 posts, 1 October
Normally, I would not do this, but in your case I would seriously recommend doing things the German way. First thing on Tuesday morning, get on the phone to your local school/your first-choice…
4 posts, 22 September
Not a recommendation, but I do wedding photography. You can take a look at my website here (some sections are currently undergoing an update, but the wedding section is up): nicholasolesenphot...
3 posts, 22 September
We haven't received post in about a month. We called the central post line, but they say we are indeed receiving it (?!?) and that they would look into the matter further. I googled it and there were…
30 posts, 20 September
My new computer is fine to watch movies on. Maybe not quite as good as my old 8gb one , but good enough. I may try to change the settings for this , but I am always afraid that I will not be able…
2 posts, 16 September
I spoke to my Grundversorger (N-Ergie) last week and they said that they have to inform me (in writing) of any price rises 6 weeks in advance and that no rises were immediately planned. As I've not…
1 posts, 15 September
Hi guys, So, there has not been a post about english-speaking schools in a while.  I guess it's an evergreen though. So, looking to sign up my kid next summer for first grade. We are looking…
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US midterms: With a month to go, have you registered to to vote?

US midterms: With a month to go, have you registered to to vote?

The November midterm elections are less than four months away and if you're a US citizen, you need to register and request a ballot if you plan on voting.

Winter is coming: How to stay happy and healthy

Winter is coming: How to stay happy and healthy

It's easy to enjoy the summer when living in Europe. Warm days and late sunsets allow plenty of time to socialise, exercise and enjoy yourself. The colder months, however, are a slightly different proposition.