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5 posts, 05:14 hrs
There is some paperwork involved in buying an imported car though. Unless you want to do it yourself the dealer ill likely charge you for it. The saving can be huge though. Back in my student days I…
9 posts, 21:41 yesterday
@Zhaitan : All the best to you and your child! All sorts of bushes are bearing nice looking berries to decorate with now - also go to Grunewald and the big lake in the Berlin area for interesting…
1,433 posts, 14:13 yesterday
The best analogy would be Theranos. Independent of it is a scam or not, it seems overvalued and the bet in hydrogen will not be price competitive with batteries, so half their business plan is…
92 posts, 17 September
Do you have pictures that prove that? Just in case the landlord suddenly decides to blame you for the poor conditions of the flat. Anyway, you have a lawyer now so use him. Don't talk to the…
8 posts, 16 September
Hopefully you have records for all of this because not sure how you were able to stay the 10 months of unemployment? when you file for alg1 they may question this as you report status for 5 years in…
21 posts, 16 September
I posted the links for Berlin earlier in the thread, however, I'm not sure whether they'll test your husband. I had a test last month and although the forms say 3 working days I got my negative…
10 posts, 14 September
@adjustment Please carefully reread my post - especially the language you quoted - and consider whether in light of the information I provided your response makes any sense.
66 posts, 10 September
Sorry, I didn't write it very clearly. Thank you for asking. The two insurances that refused payouts for anything that happened were the 1. building insurance and the 2. home/contents insurance.
2 posts, 8 September
It's happening again! Next Sunday 13th of September, 9.30-14.30 in Grunewald forest. The meeting point is outside the Grunewald S-bahn. The price is the same, 25 € for 5 hours. We will end our…
16 posts, 7 September
Thank you so much for all this valuable information! Amazing and much appreciated. We have a lot of research to do and like you said, maybe some waiting, but if we go for it, I agree that it should…
3 posts, 4 September
I hope you already visited the apartment physically. first I would use DeepL or google to translate the document and read it thoroughly. That will give you an overall impression and conditions. I…
161 posts, 2 September
Friday 4th September 2020, 21:00 Schönwetter Bernauer Str. 63, 13355 Berlin goo.gl/maps/sqvsgn4pkgdq... Reserved table for "Adam". Look for the red inflatable Stonker and Meetup sign on the…
76 posts, 2 September
Sorry OP to hear about your experiences. What I will say is you can experience prejudice when you speak the same language perfectly - personally, I had the 'you Irish go home' twice in my life (in…
61 posts, 2 September
Hahaha, no I haven't. From my experience, it's a bit pointless. They'll get in touch when they start working on your case and they'll let you know if it's good to go or if they need something else…
3 posts, 2 September
Dear Optimista, thanks for your reply (even though your comment does not reflect your username) it is completely legal to have a car without a German driving license, I use it for Business (online…
6 posts, 31 August
Thank you so much for responding, your response made me feel a bit better. I will call them and explain that I need a counsellor from my culture so that it is easier for them to understand the…
3 posts, 26 August
It seems you are in berlin, I can highly recommend Katja Ponert who speaks fluent english. The firm is at www.vpmk.de your Explanation though is Confusing. Do you need a extension of blue card? or…
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Nurse weeps as tells German court of her blood doping role

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