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134 posts, 27 October
Historic events in the capital of Germany: The Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt is going to open at 31.10.2020 ! 26. October 2020: Start of the S-Bahn-Link to the BER Terminal 1 31.
1,499 posts, 26 October
Yep. No LIDAR, no HD maps, and yet it works! Mark this: they just won the autonomous driving race! It will still take 2 years or so to make it robust, Mobileye is probably be as good as they are,…
7 posts, 25 October
No. At least my accountant didn´t ask for it but I still received a refund. I filed on behalf of my mom who had already died though. No idea whether that played a role. It might have seemed an…
1 posts, 23 October
Anyone can recommend fahrschule around kreuzkolln for b class license? Language is english, or turkish. I don't have driving experience. All the schools I checked have completely different prices;…
5 posts, 22 October
I filed my German taxes for the first time this year and used Thomas Zitzelberger: I doubt the process could have been easier. It was cloud based using their secure server for document transfers…
4 posts, 19 October
Yeah, I would also double check there, I know the rules keep changing. But thought it was more legal if I was living in the apartment too, and wasn't renting out through there the entire time.
45 posts, 19 October
That didn't seem to last very long around here, perhaps because we're in an area with so few cases compared to elsewhere. After a couple of months way back in spring/summer it was back to normal and…
68 posts, 17 October
I would just install a cheap laser pointer pointing directly to his camera. I find that unreasonable bullies tend not to react well if you try to reason with them, hence unreasonable. But they do…
2 posts, 15 October
Hallo Berlin! We’re Geoff and Alex, the co-hosts of the expat podcast "Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey." We've both lived in Berlin, Germany for a combined 15 years and the city has become a…
10 posts, 15 October
€25 per hour - but you will be a subcontractor. So need Gewerbeschein, pay taxes, watch out for Krankeversicherung etc. And of course, find a few other companies to work for before the FA calls…
3 posts, 15 October
I just got it last month because it was free on the PS4. I'd be down to give it a try, I've only been playing solo for now, and I'd say I'm still a noob, although I did get that chicken dinner once…
14 posts, 14 October
I think there's two issues being discussed here. Jebe is talking about the rental cap that the Berlin Senate instituted a while back. This law prevents landlords from raising the rent for the…
18 posts, 12 October
None. According to the link, Manchester is a risk area and 14 days of quarantine are necessary upon return to Germany if you've been there. The breaking up of countries into regions for risk area…
18 posts, 10 October
tia-rescue.org/... grai.ie/greyhounds-as-pe... Maybe not for the OP, but for anyone else that would like to adopt a greyhound. My sister in law adopted two greyhounds and is very happy with…
3 posts, 8 October
Hello Everyone, Thank you for taking the time to read my post and helping out. My situation is that I lived with an old Germany lady 3 months and she was very hard to deal with. She was…
2 posts, 1 October
Hello, We will be moving to Berlin next year with our daughter, who is in 4th grade. We are interested in BBIS and BIS and would very much hear some feedback about both schools.
1 posts, 1 October
Hello everyone, I am a music composer and sound engineer, currently living in Berlin. I have been regularly registered as a freelancer since 2019. In light of the recent COVID-19 issues, I…
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The Local Germany
Germany to close bars and restaurants as Merkel unveils new round of Covid-19 shutdowns

Germany to close bars and restaurants as Merkel unveils new round of Covid-19 shutdowns

Germany on Wednesday ordered a new round of shutdowns for the cultural, leisure as well as food and drink sectors, in a bid to halt a surge in new coronavirus infections.

EXPLAINED: European healthcare spending and ratings by country

EXPLAINED: European healthcare spending and ratings by country

Most healthcare systems in Europe offer a good level of care. But which countries spend the most money on healthcare? Which do well in independent ratings? And which regions have the best life expectancy?

Explained: How to understand the German

Explained: How to understand the German 'Anmeldung'

The Anmeldung is most people's first experience of German bureaucracy. It's also a legal requirement.

Revealed: Germany

Revealed: Germany's worst public spending sins of 2020

Every October the Association of German Taxpayers publishes its “black book” of the worst public spending sins in each federal state. The winners this year include a €20 bottle of water and some very pampered hamsters.

Closing Germany

Closing Germany's hotels, restaurants and theatres is 'very hard decision', says Health Minister

Health Minister Jens Spahn has defended government proposals for a lockdown in Germany in November.

Fears over lack of medical staff in Germany amid coronavirus surge

Fears over lack of medical staff in Germany amid coronavirus surge

Chancellor Angela Merkel is seeking drastic new curbs, including fresh shutdowns, amid fears over the impact of the coronavirus resurgence.

UPDATE: These are the Berlin streets where you have to wear a face mask

UPDATE: These are the Berlin streets where you have to wear a face mask

UPDATE: Berlin has expanded expanded the list of streets on which wearing as face mask is obligatory, adding 23 new streets.