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12 posts, 19:48 yesterday
Yep, and yet DHL is still better than the rest. At least in my city. The usual justification is postmen are overworked and underpaid. Had shitty experience at post office and Postbank too. I guess…
7 posts, 16 January
On the website I used the "refresh page every few minutes" method of finding an appointment a couple years ago, got one that was a few weeks distant. I'm not sure how that works nowadays. Showed up…
4 posts, 15 January
Freelancers are eligible for Elterngeld. I did this myself twice with our two kids. The amount of the Kindergeld is calculated differently for freelancers than for employees. If the kid is born on…
21 posts, 15 January
Hardy´s, they are nice and expensive, but they may ask you to gently at least look at a treadmill once in a while between sips of a beverage from the bar or a new flavor from the protein shake menue.
1,807 posts, 14 January
Windshield wipers are typically controlled by a stalk, but yes, the guy was likely still in the getting to know the car phase when he wasn't watching the road and crashed. The dumbest thing here…
11 posts, 10 January
Thanks for all the condolences. It helps. I will not be returning to Berlin , until February at least. I just would not feel safe on a train for at least 2 hours and then on a plane for about the…
5 posts, 9 January
Are you aware that we are currently in the middle of a global pandemic? Have you considered that you might not be allowed to enter Denmark depending on the rules in effect in February? Denmark…
1 posts, 6 January
Hey Toytown Germany, I recently bought a used VW Caddy that was retrofitted with a CNG system a couple years after it was purchased by the original owner. A part on the car belonging to the CNG…
6 posts, 5 January
I have permanent residency so I managed to get back already. I guess for now I'd like to make sure there are no breaks of my living here, I hope they can cancel the deregistration, or let me register…
1 posts, 4 January
I recently moved to Germany from another EU country. In Germany, I have worked and paid taxes from day 1, and I will continue to do so for as long as I stay. It's hard to predict exactly how long…
11 posts, 4 January
Being a native Bavarian I´ve never heard the term "Sammelheizung" before (must be some sort of Northern dialect) but Dr. Google says it does exist and that what your property manager explained is…
7 posts, 4 January
A friend of mine told me that the communists started building these houses in Berlin in the late 40s to demonstrate their superiority over the capitalist world, but they were expensive to construct…
20 posts, 30 December
I've seen offers of all sorts of free jobs scrawled on public restroom doors, but never a free nose job. And certainly I didn't think AOK was offering them... what a revolution that would be. (If…
5 posts, 28 December
I suspect the few spaces left in the area never get advertised on the open market. Networking is difficult in times of social distancing, but if you already have contacts in the area ask around. You…
4 posts, 28 December
I'm not convinced that you'll be exempt coming from outside of Schengen and outside of the EU, however, it is premature to even discuss it now. You'll need to keep an eye on the rules and read them…
4 posts, 28 December
The OP has not logged into TT since the day he first posted & so is unlikely to see your posting. Try posting including his ID preceeded by the "@" symbol as this should send him an e-mail…
2 posts, 23 December
Hi People from Berlin, I have been asked by Einbürgerungamt to take "Sprachtest für Einbürgerung" at VHS. There isnt alot of information available online and there is only one Model Test available.
9 posts, 22 December
If there is a deadline which you can´t meet before getting proper advice I´d suggest to tell them in writing that you´re paying under reservation and without acknowledging a legal obligation…
7 posts, 21 December
That must be really frustrating. You certainly have nothing to lose by writing the letter, I'd say there is still a reasonable chance they would take the mitigating circumstances into account.
4 posts, 20 December
Thanks a lot @engelchen for clarifying and putting it in the correct section. I was in Bremen trying to fix another issue refer my other thread sometime back  also thanks @lunaCH
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