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The Twisted Bavarian - Munich

Update: these premises are now home to Barschwein Essen

The Twisted Bavarian - Tengstr. 20, 80798 Munich, Germany

The Twisted Bavarian opened in late 2004 in the premises of the former Savoy Bar. The name 'Twisted Bavarian' comes from the fact that the ownership, Jürgen and Dory, are Bavarian and Texan. The foods reflects this mix.

Twisted Bavarian - Munich

The building itself is fairly historic. Previously it was the Savoy hotel although nowadays it is a block of flats. Apparently Leni Riefenstahl once lived in the hotel as did many other famous actresses, actors, musicians and artists.

The Twisted Bavarian
Tengstrasse 20, Schwabing, Munich - Satellite map - Streetmap 1, Streetmap 2
U-Bahn U2 Josephsplatz
Tel. 089 2711445

Open daily: 5pm 'til 1am
... Fri & Sat 'til 3am
... Sundays from 11am in the Winter
... Sundays from 5pm in the Summer

They have a non-smoking section too!

Website: Twisted-Bavarian.com

Review by: "Anonymous" on 21.Sep.2004   (edit this review)


Hey, congratulations on your opening! Sorry will miss the Oct 30 party, will be out of town. But i'll get in to see you and sample your wares as soon as i can. all the best! M%-D

Posted by: "just michael" at 11:06 am on 28.Oct.2004

great place! fantastic food, wonderfull owners and staff, always fun - basically my favorite place now :-)

Posted by: "arwen" at 9:45 am on 30.Dec.2004

Great to see more restaurants in Munich of the Mexican variety. My review of the food at the Twisted Bavarian: Nachos were the best I have tasted in Germany, and their salsas are exquisite, but I found the mango salsa a bit too sweet, but to each their own, and they have enough others to try. However, my steak burrito was a bit dry and unfulfilling. A good start for a new restaurant, and hopefully they will get the kinks out of the burritos. Friendly staff and fast enough service.

Posted by: "tter" at 1:09 pm on 18.Jan.2005

Haven't been to the place yet, but it will certainly be the destination on my next night out solely because of their efforts and offers in helping to reunite Chaco the missing dog with his owner - what wonderfully kind people you (and your staff) are. Per chance you're reading this, I would like to donate € 40.00 toward a reward for finding Chaco (and encourage any other animal lovers to do the same) - do you have a "Collection Plate" at your restaurant for donators? Enjoy the Karma Points coming your way... GiGi1moore

Posted by: "GiGi1moore" at 1:42 pm on 27.Jan.2005

A taste of Tejas in München – a destination all who visit or reside in town should experience. I had pico de giao and the mango salsa, tortilla soup, (and a healthy sampling of local beers, of course :) ... which triumphed authenticity and taste buds tests. When one goes, take a book or two to donate or swap with the growing English library in the back room. Oh yea, bring Euros...my credit card was no good, nor did the ATM across the street like my plastic. Very best regards to my new ‘Twisted’ friends – thanks for making my brief visit that much more enjoyable. C U next time for sure! /Russ

Posted by: "Russ" at 3:09 pm on 28.Jan.2005

Yo Dory! See you next week!

Posted by: "Michael Whitaker" at 8:27 am on 1.Mar.2005

Awesome! Congrats on the new place... hope to see it soon!!!

Posted by: "Joe Stoli" at 2:05 pm on 16.Apr.2005

Shortly after I went some friends went and found the TwiBa to be merely OK - totally in contrast to what I thought. There are very few places in Munich that serve food as good as the Twisted Bavarian's in my opinion. Yum, the expensive Thai restaurant on Viktualienmarkt, is probably the only place I can think of that is better, and is probably three times as expensive. I would recommend the Twisted Bavarian to anybody in an instant, and hope that the luke warm response of my friends was merely a one off - I loved it and will definitely go back next time I'm in town.

Posted by: "Cockernee" at 10:15 pm on 26.Apr.2005

I heard a rumor that they're going to have a take-out window soon!

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 9:25 am on 29.Apr.2005

Great bar. The female staff take guests home after work!

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 8:29 am on 25.Aug.2005

Dear Anonymous, Grow a ball sack and state your name! I would at least like to allow our staff the opportunity to judge your performance, ahem or lack of?

Posted by: "TexasTornado" at 11:00 am on 17.Oct.2005

Sending good vibes and positive Mojo right now!!!! Good luck Twisted. Dj-Jodi

Posted by: "DJ - Jodi" at 1:01 pm on 18.Oct.2005

Excellent! My girlfriend and I finally tried out the TB Saturday night and were very impressed. The Works Burger - medium-rare, of course - and the burrito with chipotle salsa were perfect. Oh yeah, and the cocktails were damned good! (The Rum Runner whup-assed me in the very best way . . .) We're already looking forward to our next visit and will highly recommend the TB to all our friends. Keep up the great work!

Posted by: "Fehlhammer Worthen" at 5:33 pm on 27.Nov.2005

just been reading the TB discussion on the forum....wanted to say have been here just once and didn't find it as amazing as I expected from all the fuss on TT! I went for drinks with a group of ex-pats and the service was chronic (we all thought so), so I had no desire to return and try the food out, which I have since found out isn't a great loss! I didn't like the atmosphere in the place, it was quite dull and dingey too; the toilets were smelly too which is very off-putting. I have the impression the TB gets by on TTers' loyalty than anything else, which is quite a shame as the place probably has a lot of potential.

Posted by: "anon" at 10:49 am on 4.Jan.2006

To the anon above, yes and no. It DOES hae gret possibilities, but i agree, it was a bit... off. Dull and dingey appeals to some though. I liked it better than most 'local' pubs and bars.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 6:58 pm on 4.Jan.2006

The Twisted Bavarian web site is being restored, Dori gave me a backup, now here: http://berklix.com/twisted-bavarian/ Next we need to repair the domains, after which I'll set a forward from the above page. Julian S. jhs@berklix.com

Posted by: "Julian Stacey" at 6:56 pm on 21.Feb.2006

Bit late for a new website, hey? Isn't the Twisted Bavarian due to be closing for good this weekend? Or maybe the site is being restored for posterity?

Posted by: "Bitter and twisted" at 1:04 pm on 23.Feb.2006

Here for a party a couple of weeks - this place is great. Wicked margeritas, excellent home-made salsa and even better, a no-smoking section! BRILLIANT!

Posted by: "Lucy" at 12:34 pm on 15.May.2006

The Twisted Bavarian is now Closed. They Closed there doors sometime at the beginning of May..

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 8:36 pm on 1.Jun.2006

I am soooo not suprised here, the food was awesome on the ONE time I managed to get in... even when they were supposedly "open" they pretty much had their hours whenever they wanted, which means that on 3 occaisons I went with the hope of tasty nachos only to be sadly, sadly dissapointed. If they would have been open at the times they were supposed to they would have gotten alot more business!

Posted by: "Elaina" at 6:09 am on 16.Jun.2006
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