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Sur Mandir - Nuremberg

This is one of the best Indians in Nürnberg. They have an 11 level rating of spiciness, so you're assured consistent spiciness once you get to know the system. Haven't gone above 9 myself and unlikely to.

Katzwanger Str. 127, 90461 Nürnberg, 0911/4333088

Review by: MadAxeMurderer on 18.Dec.2007   (edit this review)


They don't mess around with the heat ratings. They go from "Germanisch-Scharf" through several levels of heat all the way up to "Indisch-Plus." Anything near Indisch is very spicy. The owner will make sure you understand how hot the menu items really are. I've tried the Murg Nirwana (hottest item on the menu, supposedly a step above Indisch-Plus), and it's even nuclear hot by chile-head standards. That being said, the food is very flavorful, even the Murg Nirwana. They provide a salad with a jogurt-dill dressing with every meal, probably to help with the heat. The mango lassi is very good, and so is the chai tea. Naan is mediocre, and although they used to, they no longer have any Indian beers.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 7:28 pm on 16.Jan.2011
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