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Sangam Nuremberg

JerseyBoy and I were in Nuremberg for the day yesterday and decided to have a quick curry before heading to the train station to catch our train back to Munich. This Indian restaurant was right at the exit of the underground passageway between the train station and the start of the Altstadt (on the Altstadt side). We noticed the name was the same as one of our favs here in Munich. We asked and the server said that it was ran by one of the brothers of the Munich restaurant.

Anyway, he had Chicken Vindaloo and said it was quite nice, not hot enough, but that was his fault as he forgot to ask for English hot ;) I had Lamb Bhuna and it was excellent (and I know my lamb bhuna). They made Indian/English style bhaji for us and they were also quite nice. We didn't have any naan, so cant comment on that. We would both highly recommend this place!

Restaurant Sangam
Königstrasse 83-87
90402 Nuremberg

Tel: 0911 23 49 418
Open: 11.30-15.00 hrs, 17.30-24.00 hrs daily

Review by: eurobabs on 20.Feb.2011   (edit this review)


Ate there last night after hearing from several people that it was quite good. VERY dissapointed. Had Chicken vindaloo, chicken jalfresi, dah, and nan. All were BLAH! The sauces tasted as if they were made out of a jar. Won't be going back.

Posted by: gemini at 4:48 pm on 27.Jan.2012

Ate once, the taste was ok, but when visited again, it was really bad. Taste wise: Very inconsistent Ambience: good Service: Poor (need to wait for long, I feel he just wants to show the people outside that there are a lot of customers interested to savour his food -- unfortunately at the expense of the customer's patience and patience and patience :() .. ah there arrives our paneer butter Masala and garlic naans ;) after around 45 mins :( Cost wise: on par with other speciality restraunts. ------------------------------------------------------ Enjoy...

Posted by: "strandedingermany" at 9:17 am on 31.Jan.2012

A VERY BAD restaurant. Their only advantage is their location. Food is of very poor quality and standard. The service is appalling. They have a very rude and disinterested attitude towards the customers... had to wait for a long time for the food... only to discover that the waiter forgot half the order. Overall a very poorly run restaurant - a sure recipe for a ruined evening.

Posted by: "Sumita" at 9:35 am on 25.Aug.2012

Hi all, I don't agree with bad reviews. I eat here at least once per week and have not had a bad meal once. I do think food is better during day than at night, and service can vary....but it is never bad. Best Indian restaurant I have found in Nuremberg so far.

Posted by: "Alan" at 4:15 pm on 10.Nov.2013

oh dear, Alan. I ate here once in summer with a friend. Normally I give every place a second try, but both of our meals were so utterly bland and tasteless that I didn't feel any need to re-visit. The only other Indian restuarant I've tried so far in Nuremberg is Mount Lavinia (which calls itself Sri Lankan, but doesn't have much specifically Sri Lankan on the menu), which is classes above Sangam.

Posted by: ruapehu at 1:27 pm on 11.Nov.2013

We visited Nuremberg on Saturday and we thought that's we try Sangam as it's close to the station and we wanted to eat before we caught the train home. We went in and the waiter asked us to wait while he found a table. The restaurant was two thirds empty so we didn't think this would be a problem. We waited for a few minutes and saw the waiter chatting to a colleague on the other side of the room. We thought that perhaps he was waiting for us and so we went over. He shouted at us "No, no you must wait! I am trying to find a table for you!" and flapped his hands at us as if trying to drive us away. We decided that if this behaviour was indicative of the customer service at Sangam we'd prefer to eat elsewhere and we left. Reading the reviews here and on Trip Advisor I think that we made a wise decision!

Posted by: Lyra at 11:20 am on 18.Nov.2013

I agree with the bad reviews. Sub standard service and food. Only ambience is good. Avoid.

Posted by: Amrani at 11:11 pm on 22.Nov.2013

Was there today, the low point of our otherwise amazing weekend at Nuremberg. Situated bang near to the Tourist Information, this big restaurant is decked up very well. But, for a kofta and a dal we had to wait over 30 minutes, only to be disappointed. Upon requesting status of food, as we had a train to catch, the server was rude in asking abruptly when is your train? Anyways, the kofta was much much sweeter than it should be (almost like a dessert) and had soaked no curry as it ought to. The Dal Makhni was bland, but was the better amongst the two evils. The star of the show was the parantha, and that is all to be happy for. I strongly feel that this establishment is offering sub standard Indian food to unsuspecting locals, and recommend others to stay away from.

Posted by: "bazinga" at 8:15 pm on 15.Dec.2013

Looks like nothing has changed. Three years back my gf and I went for dinner at Sangam on New Year's eve. The menu was fixed(~30 euros per person). After drinks and appetizers, we had to wait for more than 90 minutes for the main course. We wanted to leave after paying for the drinks etc and I let the manager/owner know this. The food appeared within fifteen minutes. The whole point of fixed menu is that the food is already prepared/semi-prepared. I guess their location lets them get away with this. But, I don't understand why can't they improve their service.

Posted by: "Tourist" at 3:00 pm on 31.Dec.2013

Agree with all the bad reviews here. I've been there 3-4 times (since it is the only Indian restaurant around with a good ambience and I had to go with other people). Food is always bland, tasteless and too much creamy. Server's aren't polite either.

Posted by: psaxena at 6:41 pm on 9.Jan.2014
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