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O'Shea's Irish Pub - Nuremberg

O'Shea's Irish pub - Wespennest 6, 90403 Nuremberg, Germany

O'Shea's is situated in the heart of Nuremberg along the river Pegnitz. They offer an extensive range of international and Irish food including Gaelic Steak, burgers, Fish & Chips, Irish Stew, Cottage Pie, Smoked Salmon, Irish Breakfast, and more. Drinks include Guinness, Kilkenny, Fosters, Augustiner, Warsteiner, Strongbow, and Mgners Cider, plus a wide choice of whiskys. From April to October the beer garden is open - it can seat up to 125 people.

O'Shea's Irish Pub - Nuremberg

Tel.: 0911 232895
Web: O'Shea's Irish pub

Review by: "Anonymous" on 28.Jun.2006   (edit this review)


Spent a few hours here on Saturday afternoon/evening. Great bar! Good Guinness, tasty food, friendly service and good music. I really like the layout of the place with the vaulted ceilings. You can't go too far wrong. Only thing I'd recommend is that they pay a little more attention to the state of the toilets, ensure that there's always paper, etc. The owner, Johhny O'Brien, who also owns Finnegans, is a good bloke and made us very welcome. I'll definitely pay a return visit.

Posted by: Keydeck at 11:36 am on 3.Dec.2007

I love this place!! My wife is originally from Nürnberg and everytime we come home to visit her family, it is on my MUST go to place list! The ambieance is awesome and the food is quite good as well. The whiskey choices are outstanding! We'll be back in just over a week for a Christmas visit and yes, O'Shea's is on my list!

Posted by: mh75 at 2:00 pm on 6.Dec.2007

Top bar..great Guinness and Mr O Brien himself is a top lad !!

Posted by: the_Eagle at 6:18 pm on 12.Dec.2007

I´ve been to the Irish pub in Frankfurt, its not all that.The O in Nürnberg is the BOMB and i will always pass there for a drink or two. PS. Where can i get the sausages in Germany? can i buy two packets for individual use? I prefer the sausages than sex. cause i love me some food, for real!!!! mzblackdiamond80@yahoo.com

Posted by: "eye-rish lover" at 7:40 pm on 28.Apr.2008

We used to be regular visitors when we lived in Nürnberg - fantastic cottage pie!

Posted by: Caroline at 7:25 pm on 13.May.2008

Does this pub allow kids in?

Posted by: shaunyboy at 9:12 am on 21.Nov.2009

o'shea's allows childern and give them entertainment with music playing from the radio and plenty to look at. It is like a meuseum in there, I have a 16 yr old and 11 yr old both girls and they love it at o'shea's. English is absoulty spoken and traditional irish car bomb drinks..so tasty! hits the spot. Enjoy yourselves we always do!

Posted by: "jazzin92" at 4:03 pm on 1.Oct.2010

The Steak! Li makes the best steak ever! I like the Biergarten on the Pignetz, fantastic place.

Posted by: TheSavageLegend at 2:14 pm on 16.Dec.2010

In response to the-eagle, I've known Mr. O'Brien for over 20 years and would suggest that not only is he an old Bollix of the first order, but also he'd be the first to admit it. If you fancy a free pint off him for old times sake, though, forget it.

Posted by: MrBowlocks at 4:56 pm on 25.Jan.2011

I went here to have a beer with my dad and my friend Howie. We are from the United States. The bartender, John Short, is a sweetheart. He took very good care of us. I am looking for him on Facebook. If anyone can help me find him, I'd really appreciate it! If you know him or have his facebook, please give him my name above!

Posted by: "Dakota Kyle Yost" at 1:19 pm on 6.Sep.2011

traditional irish car bomb drinks? WTF??

Posted by: joe buck at 2:29 pm on 12.Oct.2011

I am an American who spends a great deal of time at Finnegan's and O'Shea's. They are both great places with different atmospheres. Finnegan's is a sports bar showing English premier League, Bundesliga matches as well as rugby, Gaelic football, and hurling when in season. O'Shea's is a restaurant with good food and atmosphere, but does not do sports. It does not even have a television in the restaurant. In any case, visit the places. They are the best in Nuernberg.

Posted by: "Gerry" at 8:21 pm on 13.Apr.2012

O'Sheas - whenever I go there is always full, book first! Great food, Guinness and Augustiner, all I need...

Posted by: LundenLad at 4:59 pm on 20.Mar.2013

we are working 1 hour from nuremberg and went to OShea's on 6/23/2013 and was very good. Spoke english and made us feel verycomfortable. great food and atmosphere.

Posted by: timberdog at 8:46 am on 26.Jun.2013

Regarding "Gerry" above, take all posts with the preverbial pinch of salt, go to either Irish pub in Nurnberg and you'll see why instantly. O'Shea's and Finnegans are both superb and well worth a visit.

Posted by: expatabroad at 1:26 pm on 24.Oct.2013

A friend of mine who has known Johnny (the owner) for a long time suggested I should go there for a few beers and spend some quality time in a friendly English speaking environment. The location and the pub itself are awesome. The beer is really good too, they have the best Kilkenny and Guinness. Too bad that the service is really poor and the staff is very cold and unfriendly, which is quite strange considering that most of the bartenders and servers seem to be originally from Ireland. It wasn't a particularly busy night, we sat at the bar with my friend and nobody asked us whether we wanted to order a drink or needed anything, there were 3 bartenders behind the bar and they were simply entertaining each other instead of paying attention to the customers. We literally had to draw their attention and one of them finally got us our beers. We tried to start a conversation with him because we wanted to have more info about the pub, what kind of events they have etc. The guy was extremely unfriendly, he just said a couple of words and then went back to chat with his other bartender buddies. I hope my friend will eventually have the chance to talk to Johnny about the fact that his staff seriously needs to take a customer relationship class. It's a pity to see such a nice place ruined by poor service.

Posted by: "chicagorocks" at 7:51 pm on 1.Dec.2013

Ambience is good, service is poor, bartenders have a very disinterested attitude towards customers, no appeal whatsoever. Definitely not your typical Irish pub where you can make new friends.

Posted by: project_manager at 7:22 pm on 2.Dec.2013

Great bar, great craic.

Posted by: the_eagle at 12:33 pm on 3.Dec.2013

I really love the food there! As to the "always full" thing stated above... I usually go there for the great breakfast (starting around midday) and it's never crowded! The evening staff isn't the best though, they tend to let you wait for ages (which sucks).

Posted by: RoamingMike at 10:46 am on 4.Dec.2013
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