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Maharaja Palace - Nuremberg

This is a relatively new restuarant and very keen. They also have a lunchtime menu, and would deliver around Nürnberg for orders over Euro 20

Regensburgerstr 41, 90478 Nürnberg,

Phone: 0911/4244914
Fax: 0911/4345893

Review by: MadAxeMurderer on 18.Dec.2007   (edit this review)


Even after reading negative reviews on TT about this restaurant, I decided to try this restaurant. I am afraid I have to concur with the negative reviews. The food was terrible and was not cooked fresh. The owners were downright rude and had no idea about customer satisfaction. I would say there are better indian restaurants in Nuremberg and best to avoid this one.

Posted by: angel 2010 at 1:08 pm on 16.May.2012

pathetic and bad service...charges are low but food quality is very low

Posted by: "aram_123" at 1:22 pm on 3.Sep.2012

Actually i am saying this because,,, i went there with my friends two weeks before..... The person who served us was using a very harsh language as if he has done a million dollor favor to us by letting us enter there.... we ordered some curries,,,and to our amoúsements,,all were prepared in same mixture or curry base....no exception with vegetarian...one of my indian friend who is vegetarian ,ordered lady finger,,,which was prepared in a same mixture as of lamb tikka masala.............. the most pathetic was that the person who was serving us was the owner,,and to our amusement,,,asked for the tip by himself at the time of making payment as if we will run without giving tips,,,oh my god,,,,this was something rubbish,,,greedy fellow I would never try to go there again.....

Posted by: aram_123 at 1:30 pm on 3.Sep.2012
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