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Goldene Post - Nuremberg

Had a hankering for a schnitzl, and so thought we would give this place (that had a Michelin sticker albeit from 2005) a try. Sorry we did. As seems the usual in all Innenstadt restaurants in N-berg, mediocrity is the best they strive for in the tourist areas. My husband's Nuremberger sausages were fine...hard to mess that up. My schnitzl came out of the kitchen about 3 minutes after I ordered it. It was clear that this was precooked and then nuked back to room temperature. The meat was watery and the whole thing was simply tasteless. It was if there was no salt or seasoning added to the coating. Nuking a fried item has the result of making it completely uncrispy. It was frankly inedible (husband, kid and I all didn't like it). When we complained we were yelled at by the waiter...and I mean yelled at. He proceeded to tell us we do not know what a schnitzl tastes like. Consiering my husband is German and I have lived here for 11 years...yes we do. The other patrons started speaking up for us as he was so rude. Ah well. Anyone know a good schnitzl in N-berg?

Innenstadt near the castle and accross from the Sebald Kirche.

Review by: "Gemini" on 26.Mar.2012   (edit this review)

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