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Brauerei Schuhmacher - Düsseldorf

Brauerei Schuhmacher has a marvellous atmosphere. It is a wonderful family run Alt Beer brewery established 1838 in the Altstadt and now in the Oststrasse famous for its Alt Beer and various beer festivals and jazz do`s in summer etc! Then its often standing room only and many guests stand outside on the pavement and get their beer through the open windows!

The beer really does come from the barrels there - no CO2 - and with traditional scubbed wood tables etc. All food is genuinely the old fashioned type with such tasty dishes as Schweinshaxen, selfmade Bratwursts, Eisbein etc etc!

The waiters are not called "Obers" as is common in german pubs etc but Kurbisse and they wear their tradional gear of blue shirts and a long dark blue aprons etc. Usually they keep bringing fresh alt-beer for empty glasses until you say STOP! Brewery tours and parties etc can be arranged but strictly by appointment.

Very much a stop off for the many japaneses and other businessmen and tourists from the nearby Immermannstrasse! Well worth a visit to enjoy life and atmosphere in a real old brewery restaurant with super flower arrangements by the lady of the house and interesting wall paintings such as " The Russians in the Bölkerstasse " etc!

The website is also great and certainly worth visiting.


Brauerei Schuhmacher
Oststrasse 123
40210 Düsseldorf
Tel: 0211 8289020
Homepage: Brauerei Schuhmacher

Review by: "cromwell16" on 27.Oct.2008   (edit this review)

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