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123 posts, 01:56 hrs
I understand it to mean "face that's begging to be punched" which is particularly apt with this example I actually worked with a guy who had a Backpfeifengesicht. I can't explain why I wanted…
103 posts, 00:11 hrs
Kanonkop means canon head. I tried it as well. Didn't blow my head off though :). The South Africans often use some tricks to speed up the process of wine making, not allowed in the old world.
451 posts, 22:42 yesterday
The backup beer for the backup beers has gone and now I´m down to the pretend beer. My fridge is generally a biotope in it´s own right where evolution gets a kick everytime the light goes on,…
3 posts, 22:09 yesterday
Hallo zusammen, My Grandmother has passed away about 3 years ago a left an inheritance in the high 5 figures. My Grandmother had no will, therefore it is to be split evenly, between my Mom and…
317 posts, 21:53 yesterday
One of those pseudo french baguette joints... I was hungry and my train was super delayed. The bread was indeed stale, the staff listless and despondant, and the ham of dubious texture.
1 posts, 21:18 yesterday
I did a bit of freelance work last year in addition to my regular full-time job, and now I can no longer use Lohi or Steuerring because they don't deal with freelance taxes. Could anybody please…
12 posts, 19:48 yesterday
Babies need peace and quiet and their mummy and her breast milk. I did not even take my lo on a bus till she was three months old. Yes, really. So loud and bone shaking and stinky and people coughing…
17 posts, 18:59 yesterday
I ask the people i work with to correct my German which some do, I also when unsure, say alternatively endings to a word in a questioning manner and someone will always give me the right answer, e.g.
22 posts, 18:44 yesterday
I have finally received the itemised connection breakdown and it does tie up ... but €300 for 11Mb would be very easy to do it you forget to disable your data roaming when boarding a ship! The €59…
6 posts, 18:41 yesterday
Hi, We are still looking for a babysitter for our 4 month old baby starting in September. We would need daily morning hours from 8-11/13:00 depending on the day. Monday- Thursday and occasionally…
2 posts, 17:30 yesterday
Sorry for late reply. We've tried a few times to arrange something in Braunschweig but not much interest, it clashed with my German classes too. I would like to play regularly and I know a few…
159 posts, 16:46 yesterday
Hello every one, after reading all of your comments and with my experience I know how difficult it is to find an English speaking doctor in Germany. Last week I was very sick I could find a doctor.
13 posts, 16:27 yesterday
hello, I was also looking for a handyman to fix my furniture and to help me in setting up my new cupboard, which I bought from ikea. I went through many websites. But either there was a language…
25 posts, 14:28 yesterday
hey, @bonjambon, the group met a couple of times, but nothing came from it. It seems everybody was looking for something else. If you're interested, I can probably get you in contact with the guy…
5 posts, 14:17 yesterday
Try Ebay Kleinanzeigen and Quoka. Immobilienscout24.de is also worth a try, but that will not be free. OTOH, they do have a tool where you can allegedly check the interest beforehand, to decide…
180 posts, 13:18 yesterday
@Thiago andrade This happened to me as well. It's pretty easy. Just get in touch with the DMV in the state where you resided in the US. Tell them you need a complete certified driving record. They'll…
14 posts, 13:18 yesterday
You evidently know your clientel. I dabbled in holograms for a bit and while they are great eye-catchers having specialized content made by a 3rd company can get quite pricy, it´s great fun though…
54 posts, 12:30 yesterday
When I joined the forum, it only gave me the option of Marburg. I actually live 35km from there. And as I said,in our ten years here, I've never cleaned the electric kettle and have never put salt in…
1,176 posts, 11:59 yesterday
Fixed that for you... *sad sigh* I know a lady in Germany who runs a flourishing medical practice as a naturopath and homeopath - and no, she didn't have her kids vaccinated in any way. She…
5 posts, 11:42 yesterday
While there is no fixed deadline for a return of the kaution, a landlord has to formally tell you what amount of kaution he is holding back and why by giving you an outline of his claims asap after…
41 posts, 10:59 yesterday
I received this message from a newbie: "Hey Lukeskywalker, I'm hesitating to ask, but is it possible to ask you to send me bestsecret.com invitation code? I cannot find another person who is…
8 posts, 19 August
I only started paying some attention to the Bundesliga in the '90s. But even before, Bayern always made me nauseous. Not sure how many games I'll get to, but cheers. The same goes with Berlin.
2 posts, 19 August
This week we have a Toytown reservation for 7:30 pm at Sitar, Robert-Koch-Str 4, (corner Tattenbach Str.), 80538 München. Nearest station U4,5 Lehel and 16 Tram. sitar-indisches-restaura...
1 posts, 19 August
I require assistance to help distribute pallets around the exhibition site. Nothing heavy and plenty of breaks and rest. You must be physically fit and have a good command of English language.
4 posts, 19 August
Hi there, I quite agree, pmd, DeepL is excellent as they translate and offer alternative synonyms. In answer your question, Acton, I wouldn't want to tackle either technical or medical…
39 posts, 19 August
I'm living in Hochfeld, and moved here from Leicester, England to be with my wife who's family is all here. I'd really love to meet up with any other Brits or English speakers for coffee. I'm still…
84 posts, 19 August
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, hiermit kündige ich meinen Vodafone Kabel Vertrag mit Vertragsnummer (enter your contract or customer number here) zum (date of termination). Der Grund für die…
5 posts, 19 August
@Starshollow@john g. or anyone else who knows the industry: Hoping you can answer this. With the Auftrag/Vollmacht I had given the GmbH, did this Vermittlerin who works for them as a freelancer…
18 posts, 19 August
Here comes *the* problem: If somebody signs the Aufhebungsvertrag, the last sentence of the Arbeitszeugnis will be something like this: "Herr Müller verließ unser Unternehmen zum 27.11.2019 in…
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