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I think they may change their minds quicker when it's they themselves who get sick, or when children actually die. You can tell them and tell them and tell them, but until their own lying eyes see…
5 posts, 23:33 hrs
Not trying to fearmonger, but ask your doctor about Zika before you travel. I skipped a trip because of it. Your kid can't get a vaccination for zika afaik and won't necessarily have gotten any…
111 posts, 22:27 hrs
Fremdschämen...I know what it is and Nicole used it the other day! In English? Vicarious embarrassment...seen that...but doesn´t sound like something you´d say down the pub! Remembering an…
53 posts, 22:19 hrs
The premature closing has happened to me too. I understand they don't want to risk ppl coming in 5 min before closing who then spend an hour shopping but it's annoying when you want to grab something…
8 posts, 18:50 hrs
I only started paying some attention to the Bundesliga in the '90s. But even before, Bayern always made me nauseous. Not sure how many games I'll get to, but cheers. The same goes with Berlin.
2 posts, 18:11 hrs
This week we have a Toytown reservation for 7:30 pm at Sitar, Robert-Koch-Str 4, (corner Tattenbach Str.), 80538 München. Nearest station U4,5 Lehel and 16 Tram. sitar-indisches-restaura...
1 posts, 17:57 hrs
I require assistance to help distribute pallets around the exhibition site. Nothing heavy and plenty of breaks and rest. You must be physically fit and have a good command of English language.
4 posts, 17:39 hrs
Thank you so much for your reply. I agree that most germans would have made their holiday plans well in advance. Just a thought! Can I ask which are the popular German sites for owner rentals. Not…
4 posts, 17:26 hrs
Hi there, I quite agree, pmd, DeepL is excellent as they translate and offer alternative synonyms. In answer your question, Acton, I wouldn't want to tackle either technical or medical…
98 posts, 16:58 hrs
I'm not a wine connoisseur by any means but came across a nice (to my taste) South African red wine a few years ago called Kanonkop. It didn't have the harsh taste some red wines can have and wasn't…
39 posts, 16:05 hrs
I'm living in Hochfeld, and moved here from Leicester, England to be with my wife who's family is all here. I'd really love to meet up with any other Brits or English speakers for coffee. I'm still…
84 posts, 15:50 hrs
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, hiermit kündige ich meinen Vodafone Kabel Vertrag mit Vertragsnummer (enter your contract or customer number here) zum (date of termination). Der Grund für die…
310 posts, 14:43 hrs
I tried the one with crickets in it the other day. (see link below) wuestengarnele.de/4-x-in... Dark chocolate, figs and cricket powder. It was very crunchy, and tasted ok. Just not as sweet…
5 posts, 14:29 hrs
@Starshollow@john g. or anyone else who knows the industry: Hoping you can answer this. With the Auftrag/Vollmacht I had given the GmbH, did this Vermittlerin who works for them as a freelancer…
9 posts, 14:11 hrs
@Alexnf, not a bad idea. Seems I now have two ideas worth considering. @slammer I live in the Allgäu. A wow effect is unnecessary. Simple works. The idea of a computer screen in the window suits.
18 posts, 12:40 hrs
Here comes *the* problem: If somebody signs the Aufhebungsvertrag, the last sentence of the Arbeitszeugnis will be something like this: "Herr Müller verließ unser Unternehmen zum 27.11.2019 in…
3 posts, 11:55 hrs
Join a square dance club. You learn in English and it is great fun. heidelberg-hoedowners.de... Join a choir. Unless you happen to be tone deaf. heidelberg.de/hd/hd/lebe... Join a Verein…
1,255 posts, 01:17 hrs
Ah, Techsmex! I was an illegal Englishman hitchhiking around back then in the States! Had a one week visa..and it stretched out ( ie I ignored it! ),.Hey, man, I was 20. Last year I had my 66th…
113 posts, 01:06 hrs
Here's an article from the year 2000 saying that "pimp" had started to be used to mean "cool" and could be traced back to hip-hop. Apparently someone from the OED doesn't think it comes from "pimper".
436 posts, 21:43 yesterday
Life's a bitch for j2. He said. "Got one of these new stand up paddles for the holidays. We tried it out on the beach near San Tropez earlier this year and my son lost the tiny bloody screws…
21 posts, 21:39 yesterday
Hi, sorry for the very late reply. I forgot to reply to this email. I negotiated a very good Arbeitszeugnis and money owed me to the last day. Did not ask for more time in the company, since I…
3 posts, 19:31 yesterday
Are you asking if your wife automatically qualifies for a citizenship because you qualify? If so, I highly doubt that. If you get citizenship (after getting your naturalization certificate) then it…
7 posts, 16:58 yesterday
Just advertise it here: ebay-kleinanzeige... You can also get them from Diakonia or AWM Halle. Here you can have it transported for extra fee. mucbook.de/seconhand-moe...
18 posts, 12:37 yesterday
I am have been thinking about this elterngeldplus issue for sometime. Suppose, I am working for 30 hours in my current job after the birth of my child and mutterschutz , is there a threshold on how…
13 posts, 12:19 yesterday
If nobody has mentioned you can do DTZ ( de.wikipedia.org/wiki... in VHS, for example here in munich: mvhs.de/program... 175€. This B1 certificate is accepted in applications for citizenship.
1,803 posts, 17 August
I don't know. That's why you need to talk to your local ABH. Let them know about your situation and ask what happens in case of a deal or no deal and if they can give you time.
23 posts, 17 August
I'm not a lawyer but as far as I can google, the landlord would still need to put it in the contract why he needs the room after the rental period is up. If he didn't, you do not have to respect the…
9 posts, 17 August
We registered our kids in the local "Betreunde Grundschule". They opened at 7.00am and closed at 17.00. They provided lunch and helped the kids with their homework. They also provided childcare…
72 posts, 16 August
And please change your locks asap. The guys seems to be such a prick that I wouldn't put it past him to mess up the place while you are gone just to make trouble. Changing a lock is not that hard…
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'A considerable risk': Germany plans to protect its airports from drones

Responding to a growing number of drone disturbances at airports, Germany is looking into expanding its prohibition zone for the flying robots.

'We need to stand up to crisis': Germany warns of recession

The German economy could enter a recession in the third quarter, the Bundesbank warned Monday, as the debate on government measures to support the economy swelled in Berlin.

Kurds in Syria hand over four IS-linked children to Germany

Kurds in Syria hand over four IS-linked children to Germany

The Kurdish authorities in northeast Syria on Monday handed over four children linked with the Islamic State group to Germany, their first such repatriation to the European country, an official said.

'Until now it hasn't been talked about': Who were the East German victims of the Iron Curtain?

August 19th marks the 30th anniversary of a pivotal event that led to the fall the Iron Curtain. We remember the East Germans who tried to escape via the Bulgarian border in the years leading up to the end of communism.

Merkel stresses need for

Merkel stresses need for 'humane' Europe on Iron Curtain anniversary

German Chancellor Angela Merkel recalled the importance of a "humane" Europe Monday as she took part in commemorations in Hungary to mark the 30th anniversary of a pivotal moment in the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989.

Chemnitz: Portrait of a city shaken by anti-foreigner riots

Chemnitz: Portrait of a city shaken by anti-foreigner riots

The Saxony state elections, where the AfD is expected to make big gains, take place a year after anti-foreigner protests broke out in Chemnitz. The Local found out how the city is trying to recover.