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Friday 01.Aug.2014

StarStarStar (5)   Non-German speaking German, want to study medicine by engelchen
ALGII benefits are welfare benefits. The purpose of the benefits is to cover living costs while the recipient gets back on his feet, not to subsidise higher education (there are different programmes for that). The JobCenter is not under obligation to let him take any language courses and can "help" him find an unskilled job to cover his expenses. Collecting welfare benefits means jump through whatever hoops the States tell you. If you want freedom of choice, don't apply for benefits and bring enough in savings like any other foreigner.
StarStar (4)   Non-German speaking German, want to study medicine by jaycool
Unless things have changed since I went to the job center with a friend in 2011, not only do you not have to take the integration course, you will not be allowed to. She didn't speak German, but had a German passport, and they would not pay for her to take any German courses. They weren't allowed to.
StarStar (4)   Non-German speaking German, want to study medicine by the.frollein
I think you need to do a lot more research. As others have said, you'll need *much* better language skills to be able to study medicine. And you'll need top grades to get in. You don't give any information on where you did your schooling, and what type of secondary school you did. Take a look at the Anabin website to determine whether you'd be eligible for direct entry into a German university. You might have to attend a Studienkolleg first anyway. The Studienkolleg is a one year prep course for foreign students who are not eligible for direct entry into a German university. There are different streams and it covers the material you'll need for your future studies as well as German lessons. Even if you are eligible for direct entry into medicine, you might want to consider… (another 142 words)
StarStar (4)   AOK insisting on back payments by 2B_orNot2B
Early reader - L8 responder here. Look out, it's once again 2B-typical-tombstone-text-time TTers! [/quote] @ AncientBrit: Your search may have started too late. At 6:30am on the 30[sup]th[/sup] just after post #2 from ruahepu I noticed the (original?) information posted in einkieke's user profile said, “Nationality: Argentinian/German.” Judging by their later input I presume at least sarabyrd and Starshollow had also seen that. Later that afternoon I couldn't find the thread (since the title had been edited) so returned to view the thread via >OP's profile >show all posts, and spotted the edited profile detail en route. I can only guess at the OP's motivation for doing that. When I saw he'd complained about sarabyrd's editing before she'd posted… (another 853 words)
StarStar (3)   Massacre in Gaza by NoBullJim
I have not heard anyone justifying the murder of civilians. Yes, it's a tragic time and many innocent people are victims, from babies, adolescents, teens, woman, men, even animals. This is a war, and sadly war has it's casualties, all wars do. Sure, Israel shot at targets they shouldn't have. But if I live in a town with my friends and family and random rockets come streaming in, and the sirens go off while I'm taking my two year old to the bathroom in a crowded mall, that is a scary scenario that they live 24 hours each and every day. Ok, I support Israel doing the aggressive response to try and end the ongoing, daily living in fear to protect their people. I do not condone the killing of innocent people who have nothing to do with this. That said, Hamas is a terrorist organization… (another 44 words)
StarStar (3)   Massacre in Gaza by mako1
Sorry, have to call bullshit on mradambee. There were no muslims celebrating in new jersey after the attack on the 9/11. Americans of all stripes were horrified and shocked.
StarStar (3)   Starting an Online Travel Agency by ruapehu
Sorry, medic - without wanting to question your business concept or the work you've put in, I for once do have to agree with Darkknight (although I can't judge to what extent his comments are spot-on). The questions you are posting regarding your business certainly lead me to believe you have no idea of what you're getting into. Q.1 tourism certificate. Valid question, but surely only one of many many well researched, prioritised and sorted questions to ask (as you then did) the IHK. why post that here? To me, it reads a bit like a non EU-citizen with no stated job/skills/funds mentioned saying I'd like to move to Germany, and where's the best place to buy organic food? Sure, it's relevant, but there are so many other things that must be higher priority to ask.… (another 242 words)
StarStar (3)   Advice for finding my mother by jaycool
We have some pretty amazing people on here who have found "lost" family members for others before. It would help if you were to post the information that you have, if you don't mind sharing that.
StarStar (3)   UK tenancy questions by LizzyH
hi Emkay - sorry to hear you have been having the issues. I had many many issues with my tenants which in the end is the reason I got rid of the flat. I am not sure of all the answers but as far as I am aware (from my own experience and research): Light bulb - this is not your responsibility - tenants are responsible for changing light bulbs and actually the agent should have known this and if they approved someone coming in to change it, they should pay as it is their own lack of knowledge on the tenant's responsibilities. I also had my tenants calling an electrician to change a bulb (not that it matters, but they were two guys in their 20s who couldn't change a light bulb!!!) which they then informed me they had done, emailed me the invoice (which I paid) before I realised… (another 441 words)

Thursday 31.Jul.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStarStar (14)   Massacre in Gaza by pog451
lookee here (German): As this (Muslim) guy points out - ISIS has massacred more Muslims in two days that the IDF in two weeks. Assad has killed an estimated 180000 Muslims in the last two years. the Taliban has killed tens of thousands of Muslims and the Sudanese extremists something like half a million. Muslims. Now the IDF kills 1000 people in Gaza, some or even many of whom almost certainly weren't civilians, and the world is supposed to be horrified? Im as sick as anyone of pictures of UN Schools being shelled (although large numbers of the "theyre murdering our babies" pictures look to be coming from Syria), but the IDF gets it in the neck for doing what other Muslim militias… (another 49 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Massacre in Gaza by jaycool
What are these protests supposed to do? It's going to have the same outcome if you protest, as it would if you sat at home with a beer in your hand. I doubt either Hamas or Israel are really interested in what the people in Germany think... The only country that could sway this one way or the other, besides the parties directly involved, would be the US, in my opinion. If they decided to come out against Israel, that would change everything.
StarStarStar (5)   Massacre in Gaza by optimista
Why stop at Syria? There is so much of this going on the world over, I simply cannot watch/listen to it anymore. Life is much happier in your own little bubble ignoring what you cannot change. I completely missed the first Iran/Iraq war 20 years ago and never did get around to watching the bombing of the Turkish Kurds. I really think I am better off for that. Having trawled through all the war stuff from the Armenians, the Trenches, the Holocaust to the genocide in Rwanda and war crimes in Yugoslavia over the years, I believe I know more than enough detail than is good for me. Jeremy, in your present state of mind I would recommend not watching this sort of stuff. You have to look after your psyche as well as your body.
StarStar (4)   Massacre in Gaza by Moondancer
I can't begin to comprehend storing rockets and ammunition in schools. Knowing this, and knowing that my enemy knows this too, why would you then make children stay in those schools. Just plain stupidity or part of a demonic plan? I can't begin to comprehend building tunnels and military buildings with donated cement and all the other donated supplies meant to build hospitals, schools and housing. I can't begin to comprehend killing my own population when they protest any of the above. I can't begin to comprehend a religion that feels it is ok to kill others of my very same religion but with a slightly different slant. Must just be a misunderstanding I can't begin to comprehend a religion that treats women worse than dogs, slicing off their genitals, sewing up their vaginas,… (another 34 words)
StarStarStarStar (7)   Why are you unhappy today? by HEM
It never rains but... So wife has been in local hospital for several days whilst they try to find out what is causing the fever she has since 2 weeks (we were not in Africa...). Then yesterday evening phone call: "daughter (22) fallen off horse, suspected broken arm, horse dissappeared; me to collect wife from hospital to go search for daughter + horse". By time I got to hospital things were a bit better: daughter had been delivered to emergency & people from stables had found horse (uninjured) and returned him to stables. Horse had shied as "some animal" had come out of bushes, daughter fell OK but held onto reigns & received three kicks (horse has irons). X-ray of arm/wrist showed nothing broken, ultrasonics showed no internal injuries so things could have… (another 59 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Macrobiotic diets by MikeMelga
Having "biotic" on Macrobiotic name does not make it more healthy. Having a pure vegetarian diet is also not healthy. That is just hippie bullshit. Steve Jobs death was probably caused by his macrobiotic diet. Don't be radical, eat a bit of everything. That is a healthy diet. Japanese and mediterranean people, which are considered overall to have very healthy diets, have a very complete diet, not focusing on some hippie "do not hurt the animals" dream. Putting some science behind my statements: humans need 22 essential amino acids to survive. Of those, our body cannot synthesize 9, so we need to obtain them… (another 23 words)
StarStar (4)   Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery by kiplette
As luck would have it, I did that last weekend in Lidl, the cashier spotted a wrinkled bit of ginger in the bottom of the trolley and just picked it out and asked if I still wanted it. Nicely, with a smile. Still reeling from the shock now.
StarStar (3)   Certified Translator for marriage certificate by the.frollein
This is an official site run by the Department of Justice in Hessen on behalf of all the German states, that lets you search for certified translators and interpreters - for all kinds of languages - in all of Germany. I have used this site numerous times for translators and interpreters, and can highly recommend it. It's worth phoning around a bit to compare quotes though, they can differ drastically. Or get in touch with TT member Nina_Glyndwr, she's a translator and lives in Düsseldorf. Not sure if she can do certified translations though.
StarStar (3)   Thinking of Leaving UK For Germany..advice? by nateo
Seriously, do this. I've been here almost 7 months, and I speak German pretty well, but it's still hard to live here. I don't really "get" Germans either. FWIW I think Brits are pretty weird too, though, so maybe you'll be fine. "Die Kirschen aus Nachbars Garten schmecken immer besser" and all that.
StarStar (3)   Why are you happy today? by emkay
I've been putting off getting new glasses for a very long time despite a rapid decline in vision - even the optician told me that I must be virtually unable to read - true We went to the optician to choose glasses today and I just couldn't find anything I liked and admit to feeling a bit apprehensive about having to wear permanent varifocals for the first time. I asked about contact lenses and I'm now wearing the perfect ones as a test and thrilled to be able to see properly again instantly. With the cost of glasses being around 800€ plus I would need sunglasses, the lenses are even more practical financially. Feels so liberating

Wednesday 30.Jul.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar (17)   AOK insisting on back payments by Starshollow
So you can't read the forms the AOK sends you in German - but now you are quoting from the Sozialgesetzbuch in German and you think you understand THAT? Jesus bloody wept..... The law does not say in the least what you think it does. Yes, as a self-employed your are not obligated (!) to enter into the public health insurance. Actually, in the German system self-employed mostly belong to private health insurance. Not being obligated to enter public insurance is not the same thing as not being obligated to have ANY health insurance. On the contrary: the other law, already quoted to you, § 193 Abs 3 VVG, specifically says that everyone who is NOT member of the public health insurance and a resident of Germany has to have private health insurance instead. So you needed for your entire… (another 521 words)
StarStarStarStarStarStarStar (14)   AOK insisting on back payments by Starshollow
Enkieke: there is a very simple but common rule around the world when it comes to law: Ignorance of the law does not prevent you from getting punished! You are a grown up person and it is your obligation to check the laws that apply to you (and everyone else for that matter). Sorry, but that is the harsh truth. 1. It is common and widespread knowledge since 2009 that every resident in Germany has to obtain and hold health insurance. You can't be without health insurance while in Germany - at least not with facing the consequences later when you try to re-enter into a health insurance. Because then you have to pay back-charges. This is what the law says. 2. There was a short period of amnesty from August 2013 to Jan. 1st 2014 - again with loads of info about this in the media and here… (another 370 words)
StarStarStarStarStarStarStar (13)   AOK insisting on back payments by El Jeffo
Dude, don't shoot the messenger. It isn't sarabyrd's fault that you up, nor is it the fault of anyone else who has tried to help you. You can insult us all, erase your account, and have the biggest, huffiest flounce this site has ever seen (you're off to a good start, btw), but it won't change the scope or amplitude of your fuckup. Rational dealings with someone like Starshollow, on the other hand, might. So do you want to burn your bridges and remain up or do you want to accept the help and advice you're being offered to help unfuck the situation? I pressed some green and red buttons, too, BTW. I wonder what they do?
StarStarStarStar (8)   AOK insisting on back payments by pappnase
OK Snowflake, I'm bored. I've just read through your screed and searched for everything marked 'Question' or closed with a Question mark, here you go have some answers... They won't help though.You would be taken to a hospital, treated and presented with a bill.Yes, and then they would present you with a bill for all the missing back-payments.Nope, everyone in Germany must have insurance.Yes, contact AOK and start making a payment plan.Correct, nothing that anyone says on this forum can change the law.They get treated and presented with a bill. If they don't pay it then the usual legal processes are followed to recover the money. Often these fail because homeless people are without funds.No-one gets left to die, they have an outstanding debt after treatment, just like… (another 46 words)
StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar (15)   Why are you happy today? by Mellyco
I have a job!!! A job, a real job, in my field, my specialty, no less! It has been in the works for a while, my first interview was in March, and at that point it was a "pie in the sky" type of thing, I really didn't think it was going to happen. Then there were a couple of months of decision making on their side, then a couple more months of negotiating, sorting out a contract, etc. But the contract is now signed, I spent part of the day there today in strategy meetings, and officially start on Friday!!! 6 months Probezeit, and then unbefristet! I am nervous, but so excited - this is a huge opportunity, in a job where I have a lot to offer, and I negotiated a pretty good package, too! It will be hard and frustrating and everything else, but… (another 10 words)
StarStarStarStarStarStarStar (13)   Pleeeze help me by jaycool
I have been living in Germany for 5 years and haven't paid any taxes. Since I might be needing Harz IV, I figured maybe it's time to start paying, so I'm in the system. I called the finanzamt and asked if they would let me pay. Now get this, they want the taxes for the whole 5 years. Then they laughed, laughed I tell ya, at me when I said that I didn't need Harz IV for the past 5 years, but I might need it soon, so I only wanted to start paying from today. Now they claim I was in fact covered for Harz IV for the past 5 years and that I have been dodging taxes. I informed them that I didn't ask to be covered for Harz IV and would only pay as of today. They made a mockery of me and started laughing again!!! My question is, how can I get these clowns at the… (another 28 words)
StarStarStarStar (7)   The Vent by LostinLuneburg
Dearest flatmate, If I leave for 5 days, and on day 3 you leave for 2 weeks, I do not expect to come back to a filthy house, unemptied trashcans, and a sink of dirty dishes. If there was an emergency, I expect you to have left a note explaining together with lots of chocolate. AAARRRRRGGGGHHHH.
StarStarStar (6)   Thinking of Leaving UK For Germany..advice? by SpiderPig
Before you leave the UK... Go to night school and learn some basics.. Get a satellite company to fit a dish on the 19.2° Astra1... Wa´tch nothing but German TV especially the Kids cartoons etc Like KiKa...
StarStarStar (5)   How to get kid a dad that functions like one by Tibia
So you can't even pay him to be a parent? *gulp* I like Kiplette's suggestion- my own father was a terrible, insane man, but the only pleasant memories I have of him are the times we spent together, with me helping him with car maintenance. This boosted my self-esteem because I was useful and capable, and allowed me to see that he could be calm, absorbed, friendly and civil, so it allowed me to see a side of him that was sane. The seeing his okay side allowed me to realise early on that parents are people too with their mental illnesses and problems, and that there was someone decent there that presumably had been attractive to my mother (ergo I had less contempt for my mother, being with this guy). And incidentally enough I have more compassion for him, as he continues raging and… (another 93 words)

Tuesday 29.Jul.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStar (11)   How to get kid a dad that functions like one by chrislaing
As a man, you would have to be completely insane to take on the nightmarish risk of taking any kind of interest in a child not your own, particularly a female one. Anyone who doesn't immediately apprehend this risk is naïve in the extreme.
StarStarStarStar (8)   How to get kid a dad that functions like one by kyliek
Sorry to be blunt but your best solution is to find a new husband or SO after you figure out why you wound up marrying someone who could be so unfeeling towards his own child.. Your daughter is going to have a lot of difficulties later in life with relationships if he treats her like this...and if you let it continue, she will have contempt towards you later in life for staying with such a loser..I give you credit for recognizing the problem and trying to be proactive in finding a substitute father figure for her, but as you can see, that's a lot to ask for from someone not related to her Speaking as someone whose father treated her as a non-entity growing up, though was a "good provider" and also absent a lot due to work: you reap what you sow later in life. Don't expect… (another 22 words)
StarStarStarStar (7)   How to get kid a dad that functions like one by emkay
I really do sympathize with your situation. But, I would probably look at things from a different perspective. I was a single mother until my daughter was 10 years old. I often longed for the father figure to bounce into her life and make everything perfect. During those 10 years, I observed plenty and came to the conclusion that you just can't dream up a perfect scenario. Of all of the parents that I had met, including my own, I concluded that some people are just not natural born parents. Both mothers and fathers can be at least hopeless and at worst, damaging to their children. I've seen it a few times where fathers are just clueless particularly in the younger years. This can change but you can't make it change. Perhaps your husband had an unaffectionate or generally distant… (another 82 words)
StarStarStar (6)   How to get kid a dad that functions like one by katoj
There are two different issues here: an absent parent, and your child's interests. As for the first, as others have said, coaches, teachers, parents of other kids, and other caregivers can help to provide positive adult role models. As for her interests, she'll be better off if you stop focusing on stereotypical gender roles. Sports and technology are not "boy things." Why can't you take her swimming or to the technology museum? Or go with other families? I guarantee you plenty of girls are interested in these things. Find some extracurricular activities or clubs that your daughter is interested in and don't worry about what gender the other people are.
StarStarStarStar (8)   The Vent by kiplette
Young man, by a quirk of fate, you were here at a rare moment when funding was available to hire expensive people like me to teach dingbats like you. With your lack of enthusiasm and your rudeness you have just lost possibly the last chance you had to gain some more useful qualifications. I am sorry your parents don't support you more, and don't push you when you need it, but actually there comes a time when they are no longer an excuse and you have to decide for yourself to get a grip. So entitled. So irritating. So short sighted. I could weep.
StarStarStarStar (7)   Help with English grammar by dessa_dangerous
the first one is correct. Your gut is wrong. The first "the" is equivalent to the German "je", with the second "the" being the equivalent of its "desto".
StarStarStarStar (7)   Operation required, insurance cover running out by calibear
As far as I know "being between insurance" doesn't exist in Germany. Insurance is mandatory and she will be billed for any months she didn't sign up as soon as someone figures it out. She should call her insurance company and extend coverage for a month.
StarStarStar (5)   Operation required, insurance cover running out by Starshollow
as others have already pointed out: just because her job ends it does not mean her health insurance ends, too. On the contrary...her insurance continues (assuming it is a German public or private health insurance, of course) until she provides proof of having set up any other health insurance - she jsut has to pay for it now. If it is public health insurance, she ought to contact them ASAP in order to get the premium settled accordingly for someone without job/income. if she is/was privately insured, she'll just continue to pay the same premium albeit now all by herself. Cheerio
StarStar (4)   Operation required, insurance cover running out by LeonG
If she is with a public insurer like AOK etc., the insurance does not automatically end with her job. It is up to her to contact her insurance, tell them she is going to be between jobs for a month and arrange to pay for her coverage during the time she is jobless which should be around 145€ per month.
StarStarStar (5)   Smoking in public places by tokeshu
fraufruit - you are to be applauded for being considerate. Unfortunately, I can't agree with you that 'many' smokers behave in the same way that you do. Since coming to Germany, I've seen ONE person waiting for people to finish eating (in a beergarden) before lighting up. I do think people have every right to smoke, but I appreciate everyone being considerate. I appreciate parents of monstrous children controlling their children too (something else that doesn't seem to happen all that much). For the many smokers you mention who think about others, there are 10 times that number who don't. I don't really know why. I had an electrician show up 3 days ago with a cigarette in his hand. I gave him an old jam jar to use as an ashtray while he worked and found half a… (another 21 words)
StarStar (4)   Smoking in public places by uhale
What really grinds my gears is when some inconsiderate person lights up next to my PREGNANT wife. To those people: don't be such a jerk. Neither my wife, nor my unborn baby share your wish for lung cancer. Do it somewhere else. I would expect a highly educated country like Germany to be better.
StarStar (4)   Prospective employer learn about my current salary by ruapehu
Not sure now there are no actual physical Lohnsteuerkarte, but they used to be able to find out once they got the LSK (unless the person changed jobs at the end of the year, thus handing over a frsh LSK)...they information was clearly visible form the previous employer. However, prospective employers are not allowed to ask what your current salary is (I know, some still do), and there was once a case of someone lying who was sacked once she provided her LSK and was caught out. She went to court and won, since asking for the current salary wasn't allowable anyway. Unfortunately you often have to weigh up the security and built up package against negotiating a higher salary and maybe a more interesting challenge in a new company. That's the reality - that once youo're actually in… (another 34 words)
StarStar (4) won't accept passport as ID... by lapsus alumni
They have a long list of IDs that are accepted, including credit and debit cards (either the card used to make the purchase, or another one). I really don't see any plausible and non-contrived scenario in which someone would be inconvenienced by DB's policy as it currently stands.
StarStar (4)   Best pizza restaurants in Munich by justruss
Having sampled an extensive array-- but by no means all-- of the pizza places here, and having been a resident of NYC (Manhattan & Brooklyn), I don't think there's anything that even approaches a NYC style pizza here. It doesn't matter how you define it either, there's nothing at any of the poles set out by Grimaldi's, the classic-cheap-by-the-slice places, the sit-down neo-Neapolitan spots like Paulie Gee's in Greenpoint. Nothing. So, at least for the time being, it's better to go for something good but different rather than a disappointing impostor. The most reliably good spot I've been going to for the last few years is Solo Pizza in the Au. The pizzas are large, toppings are good quality, and the chili oil actually hot. I've not had a disappointing… (another 119 words)
StarStar (3)   Taxi Availability at JFK Airport by robinson100
I am sure I read in the news last week that JFK airport has banned all taxi companies in a bid to increase the general health of travelers. Instead, they now have bicycles for hire, with small trailers attached behind them (for luggage), and all fitted with a TomTom, so as to help visitors navigate their way in the city. Anybody not willing to hire a bicycle simply has to walk.

Monday 28.Jul.2014

StarStarStarStarStar (9)   How to get kid a dad that functions like one by kiplette
A friend who wanted something similar for her little boy got herself a rather lovely male aupair from Sweden, and yes, he was exactly as one would hope. This may be a bit of an extreme solution, because you have a spare bod around all the time, but it worked for her. Maybe you could share one with another family. With your husband, rather than encouraging him to do traditional kid stuff with her, if that doesn't interest him, how about suggesting she joins him in an activity which he does like. My Dad wouldn't do lots of kid stuff, but would happily let you 'help' change a carburettor, or whatever he was doing, and with my kids, he would show them sudoku and logic puzzles. Always on his terms, but you have to work with what you've got, not what you wish you had.
StarStar (4)   How to get kid a dad that functions like one by Conquistador
Unfortunately, it's extremely hard to find someone who is both willing and able to take on that sort of role for a child that isn't their biological or adopted kid (especially someone that you can fully trust). Find suitable Vereine and extracurricular activities for your daughter, where she get will get attention from positive role models such as coaches and teachers. I don't know how it is way up north, but Bavarian fathers generally have a somewhat hands-off attitude when it comes to their daughters' upbringing.
StarStar (3)   How to get kid a dad that functions like one by westvan
Going by sonazeit's other posts, this is a more extreme situation. I agree with getting the little girl involved in some kind of sports club or other activities in a group setting. Not sure a one to one situation would be appropriate.
StarStar (3)   How to get kid a dad that functions like one by sonazeit
Thanks so much all for the tips and comments. Group sports is set up for starting this week for the entire year (after years of delay). Au pair has to wait until I get two more big prerequisites accomplished, then I do plan to get one now and then for short periods of time as we are in a neighborhood popular with young people and my kid is thrilled when s.o. who interacts positively with her is in the home.
StarStarStar (5)   Smoking in public places by Chocky
Attached imageI am REALLY interested to know where you got the idea I was/am a mod. Unless you mean this type of mod, in which case you would be partly right.. I guess that judging by your reaction to Keleth's post a promotion is out of the question?
StarStar (4)   Smoking in public places by katheliz
Expecting heavy smokers to be considerate and polite and cooperative is like expecting Republicans to embrace Barack Obama in public and smile. Smokers are often angry, hostile people. I guess we should encourage them to smoke, to ease their emotions and to keep them from going postal on us. "Some people have had changes in behavior, hostility, agitation... while using [this medication] to help them quit smoking. Some people had these symptoms when they began taking [this medication], and others developed them after several weeks of treatment or after stopping [this medication]." from the medication's website. I actually knew a heavy smoker, now dead, who was very considerate, always asking if it was OK to smoke in our apartment. We, too, were very polite and always said yes.… (another 233 words)
StarStar (4)   Smoking in public places by Perfect Poise
You didn't piss me off, I just don't think your conduct on this thread is befitting for a mod. I have quite reasonably stated on this thread, and it's branched thread, that I am sick of constantly maneuvering my small child through crowds of selfish smokers in this country. Quite reasonable really, as the stench and the smoke is disgusting and possibly hazardous. So quite a reasonable, relevant thing to add to this conversation. Your response? "Cry me a river, it's people like you who wanted these laws." Firstly, that is bullshit, secondly, what the You wonder why I believe smokers have sociopathic tendencies? Are you that far gone???
StarStar (3)   Smoking in public places by clickety6
My apologies. Was meant to be a light-hearted poke, not an accusation of you really posting twice. I thought my adopting the style of bontasan's post would make the link more obvious than it was, and I hadn't picked up on your use of selfish in your reply to yourkeau.
StarStarStar (5)   The Vent by Chocky
To the Islamists who have been attacking Jewish people and businesses in various european cities over the last few days - keep your poisonous beliefs out of Europe, it doesn't belong here. We thought we had done away with religious hatred after Word War II, now it seems we've managed to import it from those places where tolerance towards those of other faiths is unheard of.
StarStarStar (5)   The Vent by optimista
Manchester Airport Customer Services state that their aim is to help passengers have as smooth and stress free journey as possible. They achieve this by forcing passengers to faff about looking for the right coinage for luggage trolleys and providing associated machines that do not function. Result: you can schlepp your own luggage, baby. Upon arrival and return. Furthermore, they have provided a Car Rental Village miles away from the airport terminals accessible only by a bus with next to no floor space for luggage. There is shelving however for those who are used and able to lift cases weighing 15kg and more to shoulder height. The bus disgorges its 20 odd passengers who then all want a car at the same time. An orderly queue is formed while TWO employees struggle with a computer system… (another 253 words)
StarStar (4)   The Vent by sarabyrd
Deutsche Telekom, I cannot tell you how unimpressed I am. After speaking to six of your employees today and explaining at length that I have not had email service for one of my three accounts on my cell phone since Germany won the World Championship the last person had the gall to say, "Oh, we are experiencing server problems today, that's why you cannot connect". What part of since 13 July did you not understand? Not to mention dropping me out of the line twice (but not on purpose like last week). And claiming that the problem is with my phone - no. Because, DT, when two accounts work and one does not the cause is most likely not in the phone. Well, five minutes after our last phone call, I tried one last time to set up the email address, using the same properties as I had… (another 51 words)
StarStar (3)   The Vent by Erised
Excellent Lady Catherine BTW My vent is for those fukers at the tax office. You think you can scare me? I eat breakfast 300 yards away from 4000 in-laws trained to kill me. So don't think you can come here with your stupid little form, flash a badge and make me nervous.
StarStar (4)   German translation for verruca by katheliz
No, no, nooooooooooo! What is 5.)? I'm willing to supply it. 5.) Go to a dermatologist and have the wart treated by a professional. It's Germany, you've got insurance.
StarStar (3)   Residence & work permits by angelbeast
You are right. I was only talking about the Niederlassungserlaubnis and the Daueraufenthalt-EU missed my radar. Here is some information for the holders of Daueraufenthalt-EU titel from other EU member states (other than UK, Ireland and Denmark). BAMF Link
StarStar (3)   Canadian thinking about Germany for Masters by engelchen
If you click on my username, you'll see that I'm Canadian too. I actually studied economics in Canada and completed my (interdisciplinary) master's here. I wouldn't recommend studying here in English unless you can find a really good programme with high standards. I studied mainly in German because I didn't have the patience for courses taught in Genglish. The application eligibility requirements are enough to make me highly suspicious. Unless they are really desperate for applicants, there is no reason to have such low language requirements. I think that is the wrong reason to study here. Come here for a year as an au pair or on a WHV (aka Youth Mobility) if you want to do that. Carefully consider what you want to do and choose your degree accordingly.

Sunday 27.Jul.2014

StarStarStarStar (8)   How can I save my marriage? by MrAdamBee
I said this weeks ago & all the idealists criticized me. Your marriage is over. If everything you say about this man & the relationship is true then you should want to move on. If you don't then please seek therapy. They wont fix the relationship but will enable you to see whats going on from a better perspective. The one everybody else sees it from. It will be a difficult few months maybe years but life will be much better when you make the choice to move on. You can occasionally rekindle the fire but once the spark is out its over. People who tell you otherwise think they are being supportive but are just delaying the inevitable causing wasted time in your life that you can never get back.
StarStarStar (6)   How can I save my marriage? by Krieg
And you really believe her and she is only a victim here. She will never save her marriage because for her it is more important to show how the husband is the guilty one and she is doing everything possible to save the relationship.
StarStarStar (5)   How can I save my marriage? by ruapehu
Totally agree with MrAdamBee and Krieg above. I have just re-read all your posts...the tone hasn't changed at all; you seem to be going around in circles. From the very few facts you have posted, and the many many accusations against your husband, I suspect if I heard his side of the story, I would understand why he wants to keep you away from him. Sorry for being so blunt, but your focus seems to be mainly on what HE does to YOU, not on how YOU can live your life. I suggest you stop reflecting on all the emotional ins and outs, and concentrate on the logistics of getting yourself back together. Maybe it will take years for you to get the distance you need to genuinely reflect on the situation and see where your part in this was - there's certainly no point at the moment, while your… (another 65 words)
StarStar (3)   How can I save my marriage? by dessa_dangerous
This is an example of TT selective reading, covering-your-ears-and-disregarding-the-rest at its finest and purest. Still, never ceases to amaze. I'm too lazy to actually go back through the entire thread but I'm fairly sure a subtle majority at least have suggested doing the exact opposite. "A lot of people" are, in reality, a few, whereas "most people" would account for the remaining overwhelming majority who think you should do all you can to cut your losses / heal / progress / take a look in the mirror / stop the insanity / etc.
StarStarStar (6)   Au pairing very far from the city by Smaug
Don't just focus on Berlin. Potsdam is a great town and it's very close to Kladow and it's a really cool place. There are buses that connect Kladow and Potsdam (the ride is about 20 minutes). I'd suggest to explore Potsdam (don't forget the fabulous Sanssouci Palace) and consider joining a course in whatever interests you at the Potsdam Volkshochschule. The latter will give you a chance to meet people that are more local to you than Berlin.
StarStar (4)   Au pairing very far from the city by JN53
I see no one has answered you, yet. I'm not an au-pair and not in Berlin anymore, but I think Kladow is a nice area. You can get a public transportation pass and get into Berlin just fine. There were many times where it took me an hour to get places in Berlin, but I never considered it a big deal, so in my opinion you'll have time to see the city if you have a whole day off, which I assume you would. As for meeting Germans, as other posters have said on this site, join a club, or church or other organization. You can also make friends in your German class, although they wouldn't be German. I think it's very difficult to make friends with Germans in Berlin. It took me three years of seeing the same people a few times a month to find out they really thought of me as a friend.… (another 47 words)
StarStar (3)   Au pairing very far from the city by robinson100
Since au-pairs usually have a language course as part of their contract, you will obviously be getting out and about by yourself and learning the language, if you cannot speak German already. You will also be entitled to time off - I am not sure of the rules, but you cannot be expected to work every day, weekend and evening, can you? Use your free time to do the things you would do at home - as mentioned above, join a club (or two!), participate in voluntary work or find other people through TT who are not so far away from you. As for "making friends" with Germans, as an au-pair, you will only be here for a limited time, and you should bare that in mind. Generally, Germans are not as open to new friendships as you might be accustomed to, and it tends to take quite a long time… (another 74 words)
StarStar (4)   What to avoid doing when using the Internet by Smaug
I would rephrase that as "use a properly encrypted VPN, based in a country where the country doesn't give a about enforcing copyright laws" but good advice anyway.
StarStar (4)   How deadly is smoking? by Techsmex
I am an ex-smoker. Started up in my preteens per peer pressure, trying to 'look cool' and be accepted among the stupid popular kids, then gradually got sucked into the habit. I eventually quit at the age of 24, after a night of heavy drinking and smoking 2 packs one night. I remember having a moment of clarity, asking myself "what the are you doing?", having trouble breathing. I hope that those early years don't come back to haunt me in the form of lung cancer in my later years. Smoking is the no good will come from it.
StarStar (3)   Finding a Job as a US Patent Attorney by cloudyday
I am the original poster for this topic, and earlier this year I moved back to the United States. I am adding some additional information based on my experiences, much of which relates to returning to the US. My goal is to provide a more complete picture that closes the loop, you could say. While my decision to return to the US was based largely on personal reasons, there were also some professional motivations. The main one was that, as important as US patents are for European companies, opportunities for US patent attorneys are better in the States. If you move to Europe with the view that I had, namely, that working there is something you plan to do for a limited time, then this probably isn't an issue. However, if you are looking for a career path where you can move up in a company… (another 689 words)
StarStar (3)   Sherlock (TV series) by Russet
I've just been through the whole of the post "Must-Watch TV Shows", thinking to myself, why is Sherlock nowhere to be found? But then I've just spotted this post, which is quite rightly dedicated 100 % to this genius sleuth. The fourth series will be starting in December, from what I understand. I'm going to have to find the much-talked-about prequel, even if only to ridicule the German accents and scoff at the fact that there isn't a jury system in this country. And now for something totally different: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are going camping. They pitch their tent under the stars and go to sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night Holmes wakes Watson up: ''Watson, look up at the stars, and tell me what you deduce.'' Watson says, ''I… (another 48 words)
StarStar (3)   Smoking in public places by yourkeau
Free market, blablabla, will self-regulate, blablabla. That's bullshit. Especially reference to bankrupt bars. In a free market businesses are supposed to go bankrupt from time to time, oder? I'm hearing a lot of fairy tales about bankrupt bars, yet the number of them in Bavaria didn't decrease after smoking ban in 2009. There is a smoking ban at Oktoberfest, but millions of visitors are still coming. Smoking generation will die and be replaced by the generation which is not used to smoking in bars. Thus, in the long run it's impossible that the number of bars can decrease.
StarStar (3)   Smoking in public places by clickety6
You're(*) paying people who have lied to you for years a small fortune in order to pump your body full of toxic chemicals that will likely shorten your life by a decade and give you a host of disgusting side effects on the way, all for no real benefit other than their promise (the same guys who have lied to you for years, don't forget) that it will make you look cool. I'm not sure you can blame Sarabyrd here... (*)You = smokers in general, not you in particular.
StarStar (3)   Smoking in public places by clickety6
There is continual legislation on car emissions to reduce the number of toxins emitted with the cost being borne by the purchaser. Plus the creation of city centre exemption zones for the more polluting vehicles. Sounds fairly analogous to banning cigarette smokers from enclosed public areas except they're not required to wear stickers on their foreheads indicating their level of toxicity. Anyway, in lieu of banning all smoking in public, I find it useful to have smokers in the street. It gives me a chance to explain to my kids what addiction is and how these people are poisoning themselves and destroying their health. Seeing some heavy smokers coughing and hawking up a load of phlegmy mucus helps here. Plus they have a good sense of smell and have already started remarking to me that… (another 41 words)
StarStar (3)   Smoking in public places by clickety6
How selfish is it to stand just outside a doorway blowing smoke in people's faces? How selfish is it to assume that only smokers wish to use outdoor terraces to sit and eat? How selfish is it to persist in paying money to companies who direct their advertising at ensnaring youngsters into smoking? How selfish is to to persist in claiming that secondary smoking is not harmful despite a wealth of evidence to the contrary? How selfish is it to discard cigarette butts wherever you feel like because you're too lazy to put them where they belong costing a country millions in extra cleaning. How selfish is it to indulge in an activity that causes about half of all fatal residential fires and starts thousands of forest fires each year? How selfish is it to engage in an activity that threatens… (another 43 words)

Saturday 26.Jul.2014

StarStar (4)   How deadly is smoking? by bramble
I'm unhappy to learn that my 14 year old granddaughter has started smoking, a habit which she condemned only a year ago. Peer pressure, obviously. She has even pinched money out of her mother's purse so she could buy cigarettes. Had already used up her pocket money. Unfortunately, she's also at that age where she knows everything better and discussion isn't possible. Instead you get a lot of cheek. By the time she's approachable for discussion, she'll already be hooked. Maybe she already is. Her mother (my daughter) is also unhappy that her daughter has started smoking, although she smokes herself. She also started that young. She can't kick the habit. I never smoked. I used to be my granddaughter's role model, now I'm only embarrassing. I know she'll… (another 80 words)
StarStar (3)   How deadly is smoking? by katheliz
That's so true, bramble. My oldest three children came to Germany ages 11 - 14 and the older two were probably smoking within a year, the third started later. Of my younger two, one began smoking when he was over 20! He knew all the objections, but he was hanging around with musicians. His older brother never smoked, never drank, never got a tattoo and has never had his ears pierced, which distinguishes him from the other four. My younger daughter and my youngest son have stopped smoking - thank goodness. The oldest two smoke heavily. It bothers me a lot, but after forty years, it's doubtful they'll ever stop.
StarStar (3)   Moving to Munich and my situation is unique by MrAdamBee
I'm not trying to be negative just my experience. I moved here 4 months age from nyc. I'm married to a german girl so I thought things would go smoothly and that I was allowed to work thru marriage. After landing it took 5 weeks to get appt at the KRW for my permit. After waiting 5 weeks they told me I can stay in germany but cant work until I passed a basic language test. So I had to enroll in an intensive 5day/week 3.5 hour course for a month. That class cost 600€(Almost $1,000USD). Passed my test and 9 weeks after arrival obtained my residence/work permit. Also navigating thru the system is painfully slow and difficult. Yes everyone there speaks English but they prefer not to. Luckily my wife was there to help. Regarding your apartment I hope your contract goes thru smoothly.… (another 185 words)
StarStar (3)   Merkel blames Hamas for Gaza Strip violence by Hazza
The UN are talking about war crimes, so it doesn't look like the world is ignoring it completely. Obviously their hands are tied somewhat because the US is in Israel's back pocket... They can't do that, because they rely on US support, and even this is not guaranteed if they start a really obvious genocide. Their actions have to look somewhat measured.
StarStar (3)   Questions for those who have achieved =>B2 exams by JasmineStar
To complete the story, I got my results yesterday, and I have passed. I'm happy to forget the exams now, and just focus on learning for the joy of learning, because the experienc of taking the exams was really deflating.
StarStar (3)   How to get out of paying church tax by gmtl
If you state that you are Catholic when coming to Germany and then change your mind and fill out a Kirchenaustrittsformular at the city hall to get out, then the German authorities will communicate all this information to the German Catholic Church (your entering and then exiting), and you might very well be faced with situations like the ones you described. To avoid situations like that, it is better to state "KEINE" for religious affiliation when arriving in Germany. Then neither the local Catholic church, nor any other church in Germany, will receive any information about your entering and leaving their church, as it is none of their business. This makes it practically impossible for you to find yourself in the situation above. Note: whether you are Catholic or not in the traditional… (another 41 words)
StarStar (3)   Son (2 3/4 yrs old) has phimosis - circumcision? by janicecz
According to this article: Phimosis can't really be diagnosed in a child as young as yours because the foreskin sometimes does not fully retract until 10 years or so, even puberty. But I have to believe German doctors know what they're talking about when it comes to foreskin, since most men and boys are intact here. If "tight foreskin" really is a problem, I've heard steroid creams and gentle stretching can work - circumcision should be an absolute last resort as you would not want to take those 20,000 specialized nerve endings away from your boy! Good luck. P.S., - two good resources for more info.

Friday 25.Jul.2014

StarStarStarStar (7) won't accept passport as ID... by Small Town Boy
It's not about identification per se; they don't care what you look like or even what your name is. They just want to know that the person travelling is the person who made the booking, or that the person who made the booking did so on behalf of the person travelling. So if you submit a 16-digit number during the booking process and can provide this same number during the journey, then they know that the world is in order. The number on a credit card is unmistakable; on a Chinese or Korean passport I would imagine it's a little more complicated.
StarStar (3) won't accept passport as ID... by Small Town Boy
See Wikipedia. In short, the handheld computer isn't in constant contact with the database due to connection problems resulting from being in buttfuck nowhere. Presenting unique ID prevents multiple people using multiple printouts of the same ticket. As already mentioned, a credit card can be swiped, a passport not.
StarStarStar (5)   Children locked in hot cars by kati
I don't know... I've had a lot of very tired mornings in my life and some ultra-tired ones and on one of those, after dropping off No 2 in the kindergarten turned left in order to drive on to work. And only realized two traffic lights later that No 3 was still sleeping in the back and that I should have turned right for the creche. I turn left every single morning. And I didn't realize. Sleep deprivation does the trick. Made me think differently of those parents forgetting their kids in cars (seems to happen regularly in France, where its hot and more people use creches). Doesn't make it less sad, though.
StarStar (4)   Drunken, Uninhibited Meetup for Beer (DUMB) by halfright
Good Morning guys, Thanks for last night, damn it was fun, double damn that I'm not going to be able to attend much more Hopefully as promised I can come again for the October meetup. I would like to thank you all for the card, the gift (it fits perfectly btw!) the recital, but mostly for the company the fun and the laughs. Yes, yes you must. And what's more, if you want to go to the October event, I'll most likely be driving up and staying in a Hotel as I did last night, I can certainly pick you up and you can come with me, obviously a separate accommodation required on your behalf Just let me know. Oh and White Rose, you party animal you Thanks for showing us the Sky Beach, very interesting place. Thanks again to one and all ...
StarStar (4)   How deadly is smoking? by zwiebelfisch
If only life were that simple, here is some even more recent research with different conclusions:
StarStar (4)   How deadly is smoking? by katheliz
If the life expectancy is 30 years, half of the people die before age 30 and half afterwards. And most of those who die before 30 are children who die before the age of five. However, people forget smoking affects other systems of the body besides the lungs. In fact, Freud succumbed to throat cancer. Oddly, a lot of smokers end up with cancerous bowels. My aunt had to have part of her tongue removed, and my own father had emphysema when he died at 62, but he actually died of a ruptured aortic aneurysm - the circulatory system is famously affected by smoking. Europeans who took up smoking after their various New World conquests observed early that smoking was dangerous. Much later, the term "coffin nail" appeared in the 1880s. But nobody was listening, particularly Big Tobacc… (another 1 words)
StarStar (3)   How deadly is smoking? by goodjon
Um, okaaay (previous post). Anyway, I have been in Germany since 1994, so here is some historical perspective: It USED to be ok(legal) to smoke ANYWHERE (Doctors offices, gas stations, probably natural gas plants, it seemed), and they DID. Now - I believe cause of the EU - there is a law forbidding smoking in restaurants and clubs (gasp! why clubs?). German restaurants/clubs tried to get around this by labeling themselves 'private' (and thus a private space). Dont know how this stands today - if they are still doing this, havent seen it. But as far as I know there is no such 'militant' law as in California which forbids smoking within something like 11 yards of a public building. Americans are definitely puritanical and extreme about it (as most things). It appears childish… (another 130 words)
StarStar (4)   Car Repair Terms by RedTapeTranslation
kltranslations112 has been spamming Toytown all afternoon, including on my business page. To clear up any confusion, this poster has nothing to do with Red Tape Translation.
StarStar (3)   Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery by Techsmex
If your bag is large enough, you can stick one of these 'head in a jar' pranks in it.. or modify the contents and shrink the jar & pic for a smaller fit. Be prepared for a major scene with polizei, terrified screams, and lots of drama. You can always say it's an 'art project' How to.. Get creative! check out Justin Bieber below
StarStar (3)   Strange and sick people in Berlin by vuputa
Totally agree about most of those people being harmless. Yet there are some murderous war mongering psychopaths who disguise their mental diseases that are even "elected" into office. You just have to look at what is happening to the poor people of Ukraine.
StarStar (3)   TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite by murphaph
If you like...but you should really let sleeping dogs lie... I have never had a "Bee in my bonnet" about the presence of the RTE channels. I had a bee in my bonnet about the fact you were intimating that "the other" blade streams were all dodgy but yours was "legit" because it didn't carry any hooky Sky channels. I pulled you up on that and highlighted that any stream containing RTE is just as hooky because RTE cannot be received in the clear in any country where redistribution is legal (ie CH). You then opted to throw in fabricated potential sources like the Isle of Man (which would have been just as illegal but anyway) in some bizarre effort to "throw me off the scent" rather than just stating that the streams come from the Netherlands and Portugal… (another 257 words)
StarStar (3)   Legal action against my former company by Boots
There's a principal that a freelancer should have more than one client, and if they only have one client they work for full time, they are technically an Employee. In that case you might be able to claim the rights of an employee in a dispute. A lawyer can advise you for a couple of hundred €. However. The rights of the employee in Germany extend to little more than asking for your job back. You can sue accordingly, and hope the company settles out of court. The recommended compensation is two weeks' salary per year of employment and companies typically settle for twice that. So the most you have to gain (assuming you don't want the job) is four months' salary, less the cost of bringing the action. Plus the bad rep you might get if you work in a Small World.

Thursday 24.Jul.2014

StarStarStarStarStar (10)   The Vent by AlexTr
You left me two years after we got married because I got sick and you "couldn't deal" and now you are calling me because the love or your life, the one I warned you was a deceitful little bitch, is now throwing you out of the house for which you paid the down payment. You refused to sign off when I wanted to get married here causing a one year delay in my marriage. Now, you want me to engage my contacts in the city where you live to keep the deceitful little bitch from absconding with the house and all your worldly possessions. Here's your woo. I can't offer any advice besides hire a lawyer.
StarStarStarStar (7)   Fine for too many people in an apartment by project
Thanks for the suggestion. I did it, and they said there's no problem, and that I did good to tell them. We have to pay only the difference of the Nebenkosten for the time she lived with me. Thanks everyone for your replies.
StarStarStar (6)   What to avoid doing when using the Internet by the.frollein
A huge issue in Germany is torrenting/illegal downloading from the internet. Word of wisdom: Don't do it. There are entire lawyer's offices who live off sending out a massive wave of letters every once in a while demanding payment. For more info, see these threads: * Accused of torrenting copyrighted material * Downloading of torrents in Germany - is internet traffice strictly monitored * Downloading mp3 files illegally * Downloading a game - is this illegal in Germany? Then there are fake mails claiming to be from lawyers, that want to send you details of your crime in a ZIP file. As a general rule, as anywhere else in the world, don't open any attached files of any kind, unless you are 100% sure they are trustworthy. Don't be fooled by attached files allegedly sent by friends,… (another 100 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Merkel blames Hamas for Gaza Strip violence by Hazza
Of course - the UN, non-profit aid organisations, independent observers, and the wider global community are all anti-semites and wrong. Whilst Netanyahu and his cronies, and the religious zealots of this world are correct. Makes perfect sense.
StarStar (3)   Merkel blames Hamas for Gaza Strip violence by Chocky
The Palestinian death toll has now reached 718, that number includes 165 children. But of course that's only because of Hamas and their 'human shields' If only the US Government wasn't so hogtied by certain factions of the Jewish American community and the Evangelical Christians and their permanent threat of withdrawal of support for whichever morally bankrupt administration is in power at the time, there might actually be some hope of Netanyahu and his fellow war criminals being brought to task.
StarStarStar (5)   How deadly is smoking? by Museofcomedy
We will all die from something, someday. Depending on what we read it will be sugar, breads, smoke, alcohol, lack of exercise etc. or perhaps a gunshot, or car accident. Some things we have more control over than others. I can tell you my mother smoked for years and quit at 50, and then died of lung cancer at 60. Not a pretty death. As a kid I often had bronchitis with colds- from second hand smoke they say. My stepson with no smoke from our home, but in his other home had smoke. He had a constant series of ear infections described by the doctor as being from smoke, and recommended he not be around it. The turbinates inside my nose swell when I get around cigarettes. On the other hand, some people can smoke, eat fat and sugar, and drink till death with no issue or disease. We should all… (another 32 words)
StarStar (3)   How deadly is smoking? by Chocky
I don't want to sound heartless, emphysema is a hideous illness, as is lung cancer, and it was no doubt hell for the people you knew who had those illnesses as well as their families, but your anecdotal account doesn't count for much, unfortunately. Exposure to tobacco smoke is the primary cause of lung cancer
StarStar (3)   How deadly is smoking? by Perfect Poise
Because it's by far the worst and most prolific "smell", potentially hazardous (yes I know the jury is still out on that one) and completely, utterly unnecessary.
StarStar (3)   How deadly is smoking? by dessa_dangerous
asshole, I am (see profile). Sanctimonious, certainly not so much so that I'd turn around and act as if I'm so much smarter than and superior to people still indulging in the thing I gave up. In this case it would mean that Chocky spent most of his adult life being an inconsiderate, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing moron who hates himself and is destructive and harmful to others. Villainizing smokers is one thing, ex-smokers villainizing smokers is a sickening form of Uncle-Tommery said ex-smokers should be ashamed of. A bit like Yanks leaving the US and then banging on about how they were basically the only person in the entire country who had the good sense to get out. The outta here.
StarStar (4)   Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery by yourkeau
I did it in Israel. In every single shop, at train and bus stations. But they are not looking for shoplifters, they are looking for bombs/weapons. Do you really think that it's ok to convert a country into a war zone just because there are a couple of thieves around?That you would tell the next generation which will be used to showing bags. They will tell that strip searching should not hurt if there is nothing to hide.
StarStar (3)   Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery by lapsus alumni
It gets worse: you're actually paying for these shoplifters: part of the price you pay at a store reflects the costs of shoplifting. Personally, I don't mind having my bags checked if that means catching more shoplifters. I always ask for receipts anyway, and just throw them in the bag with everything else. If I am ever checked, the receipts will provide ample proof that I've paid for whatever's in my bags.
StarStar (4)   Midwife arrested for attempted murder by sarabyrd
According to various news sources, a midwife practicing at Klinikum Großhadern in Munich was arrested on four cases of attempted murder today. Allegedly, she had added anticoagulants to the i.v. medication of four pregnant mothers prior to their scheduled Caesarean operations, massively increasing the risk of their bleeding out during the operation and also endangering the yet unborn children*. All four women were high risk pregnancies, the midwife was either head midwife, responsible for the medication prior to and during the birth, or assisting midwife, possibly administering medication ordered by the head midwife, in all four operations. While increased bleeding is normal during and after a Caesarean and went unremarked by the attending doctors, an anaesthesist was alarmed and alerted… (another 121 words)
StarStar (3)   Strange and sick people in Berlin by SineadK
Personally I try to see it with compassion. Nobody who is physically and mentally well shouts abuse etc at people. Having a mental illness myself although not of a psychotic nature I have become more sympathetic. I also did not understand this while I was younger but having been through the system in Ireland and Germany you meet lots of people with schizophrenic and psychotic illness. It is very sad and their lives have been ruined. It is also sometimes very difficult to treat these illnesses especially as there is poor insight into a lot of situations. You will meet a lot of people like this in big cities just because the area is more highly populated I think.
StarStar (3)   Honeymoon is over by victorian67
If I may say so, and without knowing anything of your life circumstances which are none of my business, I would simply say that material considérations are nothing compared to what you have achieved in your lifetime in terms of bringing 3 healthy sons into the world who represent your legacy for the future We too often get lost in the smaller picture and often miss what really matters as we all struggle through life and a little spiritual approach is always welcomed when material considérations seems to have become the center of our world since whoever we might be, there will always be so much more to us that what we posess... I wish you the very best and above all inner peace for the future Karim

Wednesday 23.Jul.2014

StarStarStarStar (7)   Legal action against my former company by Smaug
I was in a similar situation to the OP's many years ago. After about 3 years working as a freelancer for a large company we parted ways in not so very good terms (they asked me to leave). I went to a lawyer who told me that I might have a case to claim that I was an employee all along and I could, in theory, make them take me back. However, I chose to turn the other cheek, forget about it and look for other clients. My rationale was that if I had become litigious with them and had been taken on as an employee I would in all likelihood ended up in a position where I would've been bullied on the job. They wouldn't have been happy with me being there. Who wants that? Additionally, rumor would've spread that I'd taken a client to court. It's always a small world in whatever… (another 169 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Legal action against my former company by El Jeffo
Thanks. It's people like you who are making life difficult for actual freelancers and consultants. If you call yourself a freelancer or a consultant, you're just that. If you want to have a regular job, look for a regular job. You can find a lawyer and sue, but I hope they laugh you out of court. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.
StarStar (4)   Legal action against my former company by El Jeffo
You think paying taxes makes you special (EDIT: you erased that part)? Sorry, but your attitude is not generating a great deal of sympathy from my perspective. If a work agency was involved, as you say, then you're up feces creek without a propulsion device, despite their alleged promises. In that case, you were not even a consultant, but instead a temporary worker (a Leiharbeitskraft in the vernacular). If the company decided they didn't want to engage your services any longer, that's that. Any claims to unemployment compensation would have to be filed against the agency that supplied you. Sorry your "divorce" wasn't more amicable, but one rarely benefits from burning one's bridges.
StarStar (3)   Legal action against my former company by ruapehu
I don't think you have fully understood what you will be in for even if you are able to successfully sue the company. What you would stand to get would not be any kind of cash payout, but rather a permanent position in your current or an equivalent job...considering the feelings you have for the company or the people you work for/with, I can't see how this would further your career. Also, as a consultant, you likely earn a lot more than the company will pay for that position as an internal (I have on occasion been offered my contract position as a permanent employee, and the drop in money would always have been extreme), so if they are forced to give you permanent position, you will earn a lot less than you have been doing as a freelancer, and you will also be up for backpayment of… (another 53 words)
StarStarStar (6)   City to Airport drop for 40 Euros by 2B_orNot2B
Welcome to Toytown Roger Whilst it is good that you recognise the validity of the concerns raised by other posters about the passenger liability cover and trading licenses of the service you're offering I must admit to feeling less than reassured by such a terse phrase as, “Luckily I have it.” Your user name strongly suggests that you are an authorised taxi operator in the city of Munich which, if that were true, would beg the question as to why you would choose to offer a service below the effective rate which is, according to all credible (independent, academic, economic institute, trade association, trade union, state or city council) studies, needed to cover the basic nett cost of provision of same. Most TTers are savvy enough to realise that TT, like any other public forum… (another 249 words)
StarStarStar (5)   City to Airport drop for 40 Euros by munichtaxi
Thanks guys for the in depth knowledge you have provided. Lets me just simplify things. I will be driving to airport every evening starting tomorrow. If anyone wants to hitch a ride and split the gas cost, let me know.
StarStarStar (6)   Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery by jono
I object to feeling a criminal when I am shopping. If the shop does this in a obtrusive way , I choose not to shop there anymore. They can loose money in other ways too - by not considering the customers experience. Give me credit, if I was going to steal things I wouldn't target the sold at Lidl or Aldi.
StarStar (3)   Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery by robinson100
Actually, stores in Germany are responsible for recycling the packaging of products they sell - if you look around in any supermarket you will find a place for it. (this rule does not only apply to supermarkets though!)
StarStarStar (5)   Looking for English/spanish speaking investigator by Conquistador
A phone call might be a bit of a shock- if I were you I would try a letter first. Write it in English or Spanish and then have it translated into German by someone in the US and send both versions.
StarStarStar (5)   Fine for too many people in an apartment by Hazza
I would imagine that they asked for Nebenkosten calculation. The company looking after the flats don't really give a about possible benefit fraud - they're probably just interested in dividing up heating, garbage costs, etc in a fair way per resident. It sounds like they haven't even asked for her name. It is also in the interests of all other residents that you're honest about this, as it divides these costs with another person - thus reducing the costs for everyone else. So I would suggest that you tell the company that you made a mistake and that there are actually 2 people living there. Otherwise, one of the other residents is bound to notice and complain, and then you'll actually be in trouble.
StarStar (4)   A policeless society by Chocky
There are good cops and bad cops, and, sorry Esham, but your one bad experience doesn't prove anything. The key is the quality of the training, if you give a bunch of shaven apes who joined the force because they saw it as a physically demanding and interesting job handcuffs, a pistol, and a can of CS gas then send them out on to the streets of New York or the rougher parts of Manchester telling them to deal with criminals without giving them appropriate training, then there will be incidences of excessive force and brutality. That training should also be coupled with psychometric evaluation before they are even commissioned to weed out as best as possible the psychopaths and bullies.
StarStar (3)   A policeless society by mlovett
You are WRONG. Clearly you and Esham have never had your lives saved by the police [unfortunately, for us ]. I can claim this, more than once. And DAMN do they look better than either of you in a uniform! You are both [Republican, but weirdly so] idiots. There, I said it.
StarStar (4)   Smoking in public places by clickety6
Hopefully you're not starting before 7 am and you're finishing by 10 pm and avoiding any lunchtime sessions - mustn't violate those quiet hours! Get yourself some wireless headphones and you can turn your computer back up. Presumably, unlike the smokers in question, you're not standing on the balcony to do this and your emissions aren't ending up in the neighbour's flat? Unless you're grunting like Navratilova during your bouts of onanism, they probably can't hear you next door,. But if you're worried, record yourself one day, set it on play back and then get yourself invited in by the neighbours and see what you can hear. It's a win-win. If you can't hear anything - great! if you can - and you're there with your neighbours - just… (another 30 words)
StarStar (3)   My new fur babies arrived and ouch by SineadK
They went from being shy to now following me all over the house, climbing my leg and throwing themselves down to have their bellies rubbed. I woke up to the two kittens sniffing my face haha