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Thursday 30.Oct.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStar (12)   Healthcare payment errors now referred to zollamt by El Jeffo
With respect, you need to get one thing through your head: it was not their fuckup, it was yours. You spent money that didn't belong to you. Before that, you failed to provide them with the documentation they requested. Changing health insurance providers does not allow you to flip the bird at the old provider to which you owe €5,000.
StarStarStarStarStar (9)   Healthcare payment errors now referred to zollamt by LeonG
That's a good one. You know you owe them and you have to pay them what you owe. You have the money but you go and spend it on something else. In any case, when you owe somebody money and you can't pay, the first step would be to contact whoever is trying to collect from you at the moment and tell them that you don't have the money and can't pay. Then ask if you can pay in installments. If you can, you should stick to your payment plan religiously, even if you may be tempted to spend the money on something else, because if you make a payment plan and don't stick to it, they are not going to give you that chance again. If they don't accept installments, the debt will eventually go to court and some nice person will come to your house with a court order and look for valuables… (another 8 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Healthcare payment errors now referred to zollamt by engelchen
The Zoll is responsible for Vollstreckung of public health insurance payments (although I don't really know the rationale behind this). In other words, the TK gave you back your money not realising that the debit they processed was reversed and then you turned around and spent the amount they refunded you?
StarStarStar (5)   Healthcare payment errors now referred to zollamt by batchfile
What help did you want? Through a series of errors you ended up with €5k that did not belong to you. Rather than returning that money to your health care provider you moved house and fitted a new kitchen. Now you seem surprised they are pursuing recovery of the debt.
StarStarStarStarStar (10)   Late pregnancy, delay in insurance coverage by Starshollow
Is this really a German company/employer? has HR ever dealt with Expat employees before? Because it does not sound like that. In order to make sure that the info you receive is entirely accurate, please see my comments/further info below. If need be I'd be more than happy to communicate with said HR-person directly on your behalf because, quite frankly, some of what you write below is complete HR experienced in dealing with Expat employees? Is the communication with your husband in English and does HR use the language well enough? Just trying to make sure that there are no major underlying misunderstandings because of language barrier or inexperience on the side of HR (rather than incompetence). You can PM me about more details if you like.if public health insurance is compulsorily… (another 475 words)
StarStarStarStarStar (9)   Letting people cut in line at the grocery store by nina_glyndwr
I often let people go ahead of me if I am the last person in the queue. Often, I am grateful for the extra time to lay out my shopping in the order that I am going to pack it. By the time the cashier has but the food through the till, I've packed my bags. That doesn't work if I am still putting the stuff on the conveyor belt when she starts putting my stuff through the till. Sometimes, I have even let three people ahead of me. I live around the corner from the supermarket and I am usually there at 7 (possibly as late as 7.30 a.m.). I reckon that anyone with a couple of items is on the way to work. As I work from home, start at 8 and have no commute, I am happy to let the others ahead so they get to work on time.
StarStarStar (6)   Letting people cut in line at the grocery store by tor
Yesterday at the Sky markt they opened a new line. The guy in front of me didn't realise it. I tapped him on the shoulder and told him we could move over to #1. The puzzled look on his face when he realised I was doing something nice was priceless. There was a funny sketch a few years ago from Anke Engelke. There was a line at the ATM and she walks up to the first guy and says something like: Hi, wir kennen uns noch nicht. Darf ich mich vorstellen? He says Ja Klar! so she moves in front of him and uses the ATM. i think it went something like that
StarStar (4)   Letting people cut in line at the grocery store by Moondancer
I let people go in front of me all the time if they just have a couple of items or if it looks like they are having problems standing, like seniors, those on crutches, heavily pregnant women or parents with fussy kids. They usually feel grateful, say thanks and flash a smile.
StarStar (4)   Letting people cut in line at the grocery store by Alfalfa
The difference seems to be one between letting people who are already in the queue go ahead of you - altering the order of the queue but not its overall length - and letting someone cut in, making the wait longer for people behind you. This, I would say, is a favour that only the last in the queue can grant.
StarStarStar (5)   Paying for meals on a Condor flight by Krieg
You can fly to the other side of the planet for 600 EUR but people still complain because they do not get gourmet food and drinks in the plane. You can fly 1000 km (i.e. Berlin-Paris) for 40 EUR and people complain because they do not get free food and drinks. When I fly Paris I pay more for the taxi ride to the airport than what I pay for the fly. Do I complain because the taxi driver did not give me a gourmet meal for free? Sometimes people are either spoiled or they have unrealistic expectations.
StarStarStar (5)   Punishment for physical assualt by mtbiking
You're not sure?? One thing is to ask how is the best way to proceed, i.e. do you have witnesses, the medical report, whether your sister should get legal help (she should!), etc. But OF COURSE she needs to report it. Police in Germany does not take violence against women kindly. There are also plenty of associations that provide quick advice and help. here, first google hits:
StarStar (4)   Punishment for physical assualt by engelchen
Your sister was beaten enough to need hospitalisation and you are wondering whether she should file a police report?!!? Please convince your sister to file the report ASAP and make sure that this guy can't find her to convince her otherwise. Where is she studying? The Studentenwerk probably also has resources especially for students in addition to the assistance offered by a Frauenhaus (women's shelter). How well does your sister speak German? Familienglobus gGmbH Internationales Frauenhaus Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. Studentenwerk Düsseldorf frauenberatungsstelle düsseldorf e.V.
StarStar (4)   Children's adjustment to German school by techgirl
My daughter started in the German school system when we moved here in 2008. She had no German up to that point, except for a tutor for a few weeks. She had just finished her 5th grade in the US, and since we arrived in June she was able to sit in the end of the 5th grade in a Gymnasium in Nürnberg as a "guest student" so she could get to know her classmates without worrying about grades. The summer between her 5th and 6th grade years she went to a 2-week German immersion summer camp to improve her German before her 6th grade. We were told at the Gymnasium that if she did well in the 6th grade, she could stay; otherwise she could either repeat 6th or drop down to the Realschule in the same school. After a bit of a rough start (her grades suffered because of language issues, but… (another 87 words)
StarStar (3)   Children's adjustment to German school by katheliz
My five children's experience in German schools began in 1971 and continued to the mid 80s. As far as I'm concerned - and as far as they're concerned - they had an excellent experience, from Kindergarten (2) to Mittlere Reife (1) and (1) Abitur. Yes, there were aggravations. The school system in Rosenheim wasn't equipped for English-speaking children in the 70s. There were different rules and different expectations, but this wasn't the US and Germans have a right to make the rules in their own country. My Abitur daughter got the best free education ever, and the others - including the two who in the 80s were just guest scholars when they visited their father - all feel lucky to have studied in Germany. One of my younger sons was in school from first through fourth grade… (another 16 words)
StarStar (4)   Downtown Ottawa and parliament in lockdown by El Jeffo
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" -- Franklin D. Roosevelt "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety" -- Benjamin Franklin "Zee Great Engineer is a fuckhead" -- silty1, quoted for truth by El Jeffo
StarStar (4)   The Vent by sarabyrd
@ the bus driver: Some simple math, ok? P = passenger D = door T = time P/D = T Decreasing D by 50% results in an increase of T by 100%, or P/(D/2)=2T. So when you pull up to a bus stop with 14 people waiting and only open one door you double the time that you spend at the bus stop that seven people per door would take to get on the bus were you to open the front door as well, making it impossible to be on schedule as was proven by the fact that you were already four minutes late, making the 14 people who boarded the bus as well as the 20 already on the bus miss their connecting U-Bahn. Stop being such a hot-house plant, wear a sweater and open both doors, idiot.

Wednesday 29.Oct.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStarStar (14)   Letting people cut in line at the grocery store by arunadasi
It's one of the nicest qualities of Germans, that they (If they have a full trolley) will look at you, see that you only have three items, and tell you to go before them. I have very seldom asked to be let in, but I have -- if they do have a full trolley and i only a couple of things. By the time they have finished unpacking I am finished. But I have been let in umpteen times.
StarStarStarStarStar (9)   Late pregnancy, delay in insurance coverage by Starshollow
regardless of when the actual insurance papers/confirmations come in, both you and the husband are legally insured with the public health insurnace from the first day onwards of when his employment starts. So, from Nov. 1st you both have insurance coverage, he as an employee and you as dependent family member. If the AOK is too inflexible, there are a myriad of other public health insurances available - and your husband has a right to chose which one he'll take. Normally when we have a new employee setting up public health insurance, we can get this confirmed within 48 hours or so from a public insurance company. But relax - your own coverage starts from Nov. 1st. so everything is ok. With regards to your other question - and in case it might be relevant for others in the forum: a… (another 29 words)
StarStarStarStarStar (9)   Looking for somebody to correct writing by ruapehu
As I already pointed out, topcat1, but you seem incapable of understanding, there are different standards required for chatting on forums and for job applications. If I chat on a forum, my prose should be comprehensible, but need not fulfil any further requirements. If I apply for a job, I should deliver some evidence to support my claim that I am capable of doing the work. Writing incorrect English in an application for a job where the applicant is required to have native speaker level English provides evidence to the contrary. It's surely not that hard to understand the difference, is it?
StarStarStarStar (7)   Looking for somebody to correct writing by engelchen
The forum is not restricted to only native English speakers. Although many members cannot write proper English, it would be rather petty to point out all their mistakes. On the other hand, I think anyone wanting to teach or proofread the language is fair game.
StarStarStarStarStar (9)   Marrying a German - advice for an American by rmaetzing
You're welcome, but let me say that if the guy is not really into you, you probably should focus more on bringing up your daughter or fighting for what her rights are from him legally. I had not read your other posts. I believe the problem others had, based on what is quoted here, is it sounds like you have no current relationship with this person and he doesn't want one. If that is the case, all of my advice is irrelevant, as he would have to decide to do all of that with you. I highly doubt any self-respecting German man would give up a stable life in Germany to go back to the US to live on an allowance. German men, if you can stereotype, when they are educated and self-respecting, have ambitions and, well, egos. As hard as it was for me to adjust to not working, I think it would… (another 451 words)
StarStarStarStar (7)   Marrying a German - advice for an American by mtbiking
I'm glad to hear that he's a great father. Why? Most German Men I know of want to work too, even the ones whose wives earn loads of money. To be honest, you'd put me seriously off with this talk.This is also not the kind of pillow talk that makes a man think of going stable.
StarStarStar (6)   Marrying a German - advice for an American by rmaetzing
Why would there be a rule that your German husband can't live with you, assuming he's not a felon? It might take a bit of paperwork and time, but as long as you do the paperwork he should be able to join you in the US with your child. Now, if he were Middle Eastern or from some other country without as much trust from INS, you might have a rough time of it, but if you have a good income (above poverty level, basically), you can bring him over. If he doesn't have a job, you do have to show you have enough income to support him. You will be responsible for his financial decisions for three years. You'll probably have to go to a couple of interviews together to prove you are truly married, which should be only a technicality, really. I would check with immigration as to the exact… (another 516 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Marrying a German - advice for an American by mtbiking
OK, it's like this: there is absolutely no rule that prevents an adult man (or woman) from Germany or the EU to marry an American on his/her own free will, move to the US and after fulfilling the requirements set in US law become an American citizen. He/she is also free to stay at home while you work. Thankfully, neither Germany nor the US share North Korea's concept of freedom. Now, whether he knows and is glad you're coming, or is planning a trip somewhere in January just to avoid you, is something only you can know. Has he ever visited his daughter? Is he paying for her upbringing? I truly hope so, as she deserves all the best affection and care from both parents.
StarStarStar (6)   Hauptmieter/Landlord demanding payment in cash by skippykangaroo
Today I got the final decision from the court, and they decided that he has to pay the deposit/kaution back, and the overpayments, plus all legal and court costs plus interest. It took a lot of time, but the lawyer did everything and it was worth having insurance for it. Because its under 600 euros there is no possibility of him appealing it, so I can destroy all the emails and documents from him, and forget about it.
StarStarStar (5)   Nut allergy and the consequences by dessa_dangerous
way to make sure nobody ever feels like baking a cake for their kid to share at kita ever again. Not only would you have to list all the ingredients you use, but all the ingredients in your ingredients. Yeah right. Smarter would be to pass out a list of the kids' allergies to the parents and ask them to take care while baking. Still, I wouldn't like to gamble my child's life against the odds that every other parent can read fine print. My own not-unintelligent, not-illiterate MIL, cooking for my then-vegetarian BIL and his girlfriend, made several lovely "meatless" dishes containing powdered chicken stock. She honestly had no idea what the problem was with that.
StarStarStar (5)   Best German cities for a single California girl by LostinLuneburg
My 3 cents: 1) 2 weeks is nowhere near long enough to "absorb the culture" of anywhere, so decide which tourist attractions/museums interest you and start from there. The best you can do in 2 weeks is to get the external vibe of a few neighborhoods. 2) You seem most interested in picking up guys anyways, so the location doesn't matter. During a two week jaunt you can't be very interested in anything serious, so nationality is irrelevant and I'm guessing the easiest place to meet men would be to chat up them in the hotel bar wearing as little as possible. 3) I've done a lot of solo travel. This statement "But sometimes traveling alone can be strangely lonesome. It would be nice to have people to talk to" doesn't click with 2 week visits to large cities… (another 17 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Where to buy Legal-sized paper in Germany by arunadasi
So this is what happened: Sent a pdf of the doc to the copyshop, drove there, picked it up (5€!), drove to the station, parked, took the train to Brussels, arrived at about 6 pm, walked out of the station, bought a toothbrush and toothpaste, walked down the road looking for a hotel, checked into a Best Western. The next day, after checking a map and printing out a walking guide from Google Maps, I walked for an hour through Brussels, then took a tram for two stops. The stop was fortunately just outside the building that houses the Guyana General Consulate. I went up and knocked on the door and a lady let me in; I explained what I had come for and she told me to take a seat, which I did. Note carefuly: I had actually not introduced myself. I was just someone who had walked in off the… (another 232 words)

Tuesday 28.Oct.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStarStar (13)   Looking for somebody to correct writing by ruapehu
waterintheice - it may have been a forum post, but essentially your post is a job application and therefore will be judged differently from other posts (just as the spelling and grammar errors of those looking for work as translators or English teachers will be pointed out, but those made by people posting in discussion topics will not). Learning the difference between discussions and job applications may be your first step in finding work for which you are qualified.
StarStarStar (5)   Looking for somebody to correct writing by El Jeffo
Attached imagePardon my intrusion into your attempt to bump your Munich-insufficient income, but someone who claims to be capable of professional proofreading shouldn't make that many mistakes in a 200-word post. Pointing out your inability to do so is a sign of helpfulness to the OP, not an indication of Toytown's alleged toxicity - which you seem to have measured in your grand 8-day history of membership of this site. Perhaps your unique talents would be better suited to surveying contaminated industrial sites instead. The fact that you don't know the difference between its and it's should be disqualification enough.
StarStarStarStar (7)   Scheiße geparkt sticker! by AlexTr
Just before I moved to Germany, I was a manager for a big box store for a few years (it was a step up from being shot at in HUD apartments). We all took turns doing the overnight shift so nobody had to "live" in that shift. Every time I had my overnight shift, I would go out in the parking lot at dawn to make sure it was clean and wrangle carts with the guys and have a smoke. It's a nice time of the day. Anyway, I noticed that one woman was always parking her Mercedes SUV (those are just awful looking boxes) in the handicapped spot at 5 AM! She could just have easily parked 10 meters to the left. Nobody was there. In my state it is a $500 fine to park in that spot without proper permits. So, I called the police. She got a ticket. Every five weeks, she did this. Every… (another 106 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Scheiße geparkt sticker! by Alfalfa
Speaking of handicapped spots, I remember a somewhat passive-aggressive but nonetheless to-the-point sign in a supermarket car park somewhere: "Hier parkt ein behinderter oder ein rücksichtsloser Autofahrer".
StarStarStar (6)   The Vent by LostinLuneburg
I just got home from an 800 km train ride and will need to wake up tomorrow to be at the Auslaenderbehoerde at 8, without really knowing if they will be open. They couldn't be bothered to put up website, and according to a variety of other official websites the offices may be open tomorrow 8-12, 8-13 or 13-18 depending on whom you ask. Their stationary states opening hours that are clearly the telephone hours, not the hours when you can come in. They may or they may not be open on Fridays, and I have class tomorrow from 10-12 and can't go on Thursday because I need to teach. ARRRRGGGGHHHHH, screw the 21st century, how about joining the end of the 20th???? To update: They were closed. The nice lady at the info point in the Buergeramt gave me a list with yet another version of the opening… (another 15 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Why are you unhappy today? by batchfile
Hugs to all those who need them. After a scant week back here with H I'm heading back to the UK tomorrow. Mum (90) still hospitalised after her stroke, dad (91) trying his best to cope and not doing very well. He took a tumble yesterday. Feel a bit like my head is going to explode. Keep starting things and not finishing them. Just fretful.
StarStar (4)   Why are you unhappy today? by Rankersbo
I burst into tears in the park yesterday. My son and I were on our own. As we always are during the day. I just can't help feeling that we're the only ones who feel like this about this place.
StarStarStar (5)   Frenchman in Germany not feeling comfortable. by waterintheice
I found that while Germans (in a big generalization) are not the most warm people, a few words in their language goes a long way. Just learn the basics the rest will come in due time if you want to make an effort. Some key, pre-made, sentences work wonders. Learn how to ask questions to get around and establish contact. Wissen sie.....? Directions, information, opening hours, how to ask how much things cost. Next step is to learn a few more everyday thing, that while you could do in English are much more polite in the native language. Order your coffee, beer, food. Step by step you will get by. My German is terrible, yet, I took the time to learn say 40 everyday sentences, and how to pronounce them without sounding as touristy as usual, and now I have a few Bavarian friends in Munich where… (another 200 words)
StarStar (4)   Frenchman in Germany not feeling comfortable. by Freux
Thank you so much for your replies. As I wrote in my previous post, I have since then been feeling better. I am throwing (when needed) myself into 'speaking' within my means, obviously. It's being funnier than before, especially when I mix English, French and (my amazing) German up. Often the other person and I end up laughing because of me trying to speak... And talking of... dirty (OK, I learnt it's funny, the proper word. Ahahah!) looks, I wanted to ask you... Is it the norm for Germans to stare at people for some obscure reason? I have noticed, they do that quite a lot. And I have been wondering, why does/do he/she/they stare at me? What's wrong?
StarStarStar (5)   Advice needed for Elternzeit dispute by SnnyDsp
Hi kids! So, here’s the recap: Spoke with the Atty on Monday and he informed me that a termination, by either party, is to be in written form and once provided, is effective immediately and for 30 days (so if I were terminated today, I would effectively be employed until the 30th of Nov). He also informed me that she is responsible for either paying me from the time my Elternzeit expired through to the termination date (a severance of some sort) or allow me to work for that duration (so, 2 months) until to end of the agreed upon termination date. He said that my boss is walking ‘a wooden path’-not sure what that means (sometimes I think I’ve got a hold on the language and then someone throws something like THAT into the mix!) but I just I assume it’s figure of speech to… (another 404 words)
StarStarStar (5)   End of year pension plan selling by john g.
I´m feeling a bit stroppy tonight!!! My bug tonight? The German lawmakers have passed a law reducing the guaranteed interest rates on private German classical pension plans (whether so-called Rentenversicherung or the equally obnoxious Kapitallebensversicherung ) from 1.75% to 1.25% from January 2015..because interest rates are low and insurance companies are finding it difficult to earn enough money to pay off people whose pension plans are coming to payout time. What does all this mean? Well, insurance salespeople love telling most of the German population ( who generally believe them ) that classical Rentenversicherung and Kapitallebensversicherung products are " safe " and " THE old age provision product ". These are life insurance products which people… (another 293 words)
StarStar (3)   Nut allergy and the consequences by Uncle Nick
Some people may consider this a trifling matter but it is not to be taken lightly! My mothers exboyfriends son suffered under this condition. His mother once kissed him on the cheek after having eaten butter upon which his throat swelled up immediately almost making him suffocate. If he hadn't had his EpiPen* with him he most probably would have died. On another occasion in a restaurant he needed to go to the toilet and asked me to accompany him. He wanted to hold my hand, but I had just had a salad with pine kernals so I refused and explained why. His father was eternallly grateful. This subject has been negged on another thread, critics of this subject should study it closer before applying critique. *

Monday 27.Oct.2014

StarStarStar (5)   Scheiße geparkt sticker! by rhody
The problem in Germany is that handicapped parking in private lots owned by supermarkets etc are provided as a courtesy and not required by law. Because they are not legal handicapped parking like on a city street, the measly 35 euro fine cannot be levied against the asshats who parks there. In fact, the store owner would have to tow the car at their own expense and most likely they would be unable to recover the costs from the car owner. A real scandal but not surprising considering the German government's general attitude towards folks with disabilities.
StarStar (3)   Scheiße geparkt sticker! by quasipseudopizzaoid
Attached imageWell of course someone is going to be annoyed if they find such a sign on their car, even if deserved. Perhaps you can still make your point but take the sting out of it by attaching one of those mini gummy bear packs.
StarStar (3)   Where to buy Legal-sized paper in Germany by PeterN
This place? Kontakt AHA!Print Adam & Alexander Hofert GbR Luisenstr.14a 69782 Plankstadt Telefon: 06202 85 79 414 Telefax: 06202 85 79 413
StarStar (3)   Downtown Ottawa and parliament in lockdown by Mapleleafdude
You forgot to quote the same page atSo nothing is of yet proven but feel free to jump to your prefabricated and practical agenda serving, simple conclusions. I wish I could live in a simple world such as yours. Coming to a conclusion once all the facts are laid out isn't so bad sometimes you know.
StarStar (3)   How to know if you've got food poisoning? by lisa13
yeah that's not completely true. I had food poisoning from improperly handled rice for lunch (check out bacillus cereus) - I was vomiting suddenly and violently within 2-3 hours of eating, but I was feeling fine by midnight the same day. Extremely mild case of diarrhea the next day and that was that. This is very consistent with the "emetic" form of poisoning. I don't think this explains thomash2's situation but the point is that there are many types of food poisonings and they can have different symptoms/durations associated with infection.
StarStar (3)   Starting an Online Travel Agency by prestononline
I am with medic82 on this one. He asked a question if he is required to get a Reisegewerbeschein anmenldung done. His website is providing services oriented towards the travel sector so this is a valid question. He eventually found his answer from IHK (thanks for updating us). He has not asked us to critique his idea. He provided us enough information for us to answer the question he asked. If I was in his shoes, I would not want to provide any more information than he did to general public if I was only looking to have a particular question answered. We don't know if he has signed a non-disclosure, looking for funding or other legal requirement (filing a patent etc.) which forbids him from disclosing any further. Actually, disclosing your idea to general public before you have started… (another 69 words)
StarStar (3)   Frenchman in Germany not feeling comfortable. by chaos_amoeba
Freux, Your opening post described feelings very familiar to me. I spent 2 years in Berlin living with my English husband, speaking English at work! I took a short German course before going and knew it wasn't enough, but still wasn't prepared for how hard it would be. I took another course on arrival, which also wasn't enough The way it makes you feel can be horrible. You have to try to develop the ability to squash those feelings down, prevent them from dominating your life. They are valid, but for as long as you are in Germany, they are not helpful. I'd imagine myself putting them in a box. Once in a while I'd let them out and have a little orgy of misery. Then back in the box with them! And paint on that smile, and keep on smiling. Practise looking helpless… (another 144 words)

Sunday 26.Oct.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStarStar (14)   Scheiße geparkt sticker! by Derek
I saw exactly this yesterday except the car was about 15 degrees off being straight (to make it a bit worse) and was a Golf Plus. If I'd been the type that bought those stickers/notices and had been the type that was cheeky enough to deploy said notice to the windscreen of the offender, I'd have been mortified at what happened a couple of minutes later. As I was sat there waiting for my Gerwoman to come back from the Metzger, staring at this badly parked car opposite me, the dude rolls up in his wheelchair and began his process of transferring himself from the chair into the car. I looked over to where the disabled parking spaces were, they were both full. So he had no choice but to park in two spaces, because he couldn't have gotten out with chair in one of the narrow single spaces.… (another 36 words)
StarStarStarStar (8)   Scheiße geparkt sticker! by El Scorcho
On a different note, I was so surprised by the amount of dog all over the sidewalks in Germany. I pissed me off that an otherwise law abiding folk would let their dogs everywhere and not clean it up. Anyway, I bought several hundred toothpicks with German flags on them on Amazon and started sticking them in every Hundehaufen I saw. It didn't change anything but made for some interesting conversations.
StarStar (4)   Scheiße geparkt sticker! by AlexTr
Good thought. I do know a story regarding a bad parking job over the Christmas holidays and the neighbors who showered the car (snow covered) with bird seed. Upon returning from vacation, the car's owner found that the hood and top of the car were so covered with bird shirt that the clear coat was damaged. I'm not sayin', just sayin'.
StarStarStarStarStar (10)   Frenchman in Germany not feeling comfortable. by Freux
You can't understand how better I feel reading your replies. You have cheered me up! And you made me laugh out loud with the French number system photo! I am trying to follow your tips. I have started writing all the obscure words down and translating some helpful sentences into German. And soon will I look for a language school where I can start learning the German grammar. Also, I have found out, the supermarket where I have been buying food at sells also children's books! And I was like "OMG, I found what peuple on Toytown have suggested me!". So I am going to buy some of these books, so that I can look words up and try to figure the German word order out. I really want to thank you all. Keep writing your experiences, I really appreciate it.
StarStar (3)   Frenchman in Germany not feeling comfortable. by nina_glyndwr
Exactly. As I often like to say: anyone who thinks German is hard hasn't tried learning French. (Another phrase of mine is "Spanish is the easy version of French".) Freux - I know you want to learn German, but sometimes it is nice to surround yourself with the culture of your home language. This has been my experience. Did you know that there is an INstitut Francais on Bilker Strasse near the market in the Altstadt? They often hold cultural events and there is a library (with DVDs). I use the English library for a similar purpose.
StarStarStar (6)   Relocating to Germany during early Pregnancy by liebling
Assuming you are insured for pregnancy and birth medical expenses, the only thing to consider is whether you feel you can cope with pregnancy "on your own"; i.e. without the support of your family nearby. For me it was not an issue -- I am one of those "pregnancy is not an illness" types who kept on keeping on throughout, and when I was on bedrest I coped with that, too. I enjoyed having my mother and other relatives in contact by Skype but did not feel I needed them to hold my hand or anything like that. Others are different, and feel that pregnancy is a family experience and need someone other than their husband to make them a cuppa and sympathize in person about mood swings and what-have-you. If you wish to you will be able to build a network of other pregnant women here… (another 94 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Moving to Berlin and my situation/question is unique by batchfile
I think your friend is being touchingly optimistic. You're from a fellow EU country which gives you the free right to reside in Germany - but you are expected to either work or have enough funds to support yourself. Until you have contributed, via taxation, to the social security system you are not entitled to benefits. Do you have health insurance?
StarStar (4)   Moving to Berlin and my situation/question is unique by john g.
Hi Graememac! I wish you well in your search for a job and a change for the positive in your life. It is really a heavy issue in Germany with health insurance - there is NO NHS as in Scotland or in the rest of the UK. In fact, you have to apply for it AND pay! In your case, you could theoretically apply for German public health insurance as a jobseeker and so-called voluntary member of public insurance for between 150-160 euros a month. Another downside: if you have registered your address already, you need to apply for public health insurance within max. 3 months - otherwise they have no obligation to take you. How do you apply for public insurance? You can contact directly a public insurance company in Germany eg Techniker, DAK, AOK etc - offices everywhere in Berlin. You need… (another 115 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Acceptable grades for admission to TUM by BadDoggie
I'm sorry I can't help you with the Uni requirements in your situation, but I can tell you that practically, you're in big trouble with with the problem mathematics. Engineering lives and dies by math and physics. You would be best retaking the courses -- there, here, somewhere else, but somewhere -- and then continuing. The informatics isn't so important but seriously, how can you even consider a career in civil engineering without ALGEBRA?! Structural engineering is nothing but vectors, forces and moments, and in 3D. I understand wanting to finish uni quickly and get to the good stuff but you need the ability first. I think you'd be best off taking the additional time now to strengthen your mathematics and physics skills. I don't know how Polish unis work but… (another 95 words)
StarStar (3)   Remember to change your clocks back one hour by robinson100
For those of you just waking up and feeling a bit lost and disoriented, it's possibly because the clocks changed last night. Have a fun Sunday, and enjoy that extra hour!
StarStar (3)   Post Operation Support and Cleaning - Bogenhausen by donakebab
Well this ad has been reposted and I find it very hard to believe that after all this time he is still posting the same ad considering he wanted help from 20th October until 20th November. I personally replied and he eventually got back to me with many questions that I kindly replied to and he has since ignored me., No wonder he is still looking if his ignorance is anything to go by..... If someone posts an ad for help and someone takes the time to privately reply (as I have done) then I think it is only good manners to complete the communication until such a time there is no further need. I am very doubtful if this is a true request and would be very careful, I do not feel like everything adds up.
StarStar (3)   Home--and other--remedies for warts by Anatolie
Sorry to hear about your problem OP! I had really never heard about this before. At first, I read the thread title as 'Home--and other--remedies for farts..that just won't go away'. I have no idea how I am sorry for this OP!

Saturday 25.Oct.2014

StarStarStarStar (8)   Bastard or bitch of the day by john g.
Follow up vent: the scumbag petrol station owner claims he doesn´t know the dogs but admitted he´d put them in his car last week, drove away and abandoned them in a parched canyon....and they´ve come back. Strange that, eh? He DOES know turns out his wife has left him and they were more or less her a bit of sweet revenge? Next step, arsehole..Crete-style: poison them? Luckily, you don´t know that others have been following the dogs´ fortunes and taking notes. Shame we are all foreigners that are following this. I vent the fact it´s a waste of time talking to any potential figures of authority...forget it here..forget it. The dogs will be rescued and I hope you scumbag choke on your own bile.
StarStarStarStar (7)   Relocating to Germany during early Pregnancy by john g.
Here´s a first suggestion, Sanj9864: please make sure you are correctly and fully health insured , including for pregnancy, through your husband´s insurance. Really, please, double and triple check and insist your husband finds out exactly if he´s properly insured and informs you. Second point: have you actually spoken to your husband about this? I do not wish to intrude but it seems a bit strange that you are not posting as a couple.... What about your husband´s company? He and you are relocating...are they being helpful re information about life in Germany? I wish you good luck and happiness with your pregnancy and future baby!
StarStar (4)   Constant noise from neighbour's heater by PeterN
There is another possible cause... When a radiator takes in hot water the radiator and the pipes expand. When the radiator valve closes the water cools again and the radiator and pipes contract again. The expansion and contraction tends to be jerky as the metal sticks then moves then sticks then moves again making a tuk tuk noise like you describe. The heating system in our house does this but we don't share any walls with neighbours so we are the only people who hear it and it tends to disappear into the background if we aren't concentrating on it. The solution is to fit plastic spacers between radiators and their brackets and to put something like fibreglass insulation around the heating pipes when they are installed so they can expand an contract smoothly without sticking. Fixing… (another 211 words)
StarStar (4)   Why are you happy today? by HEM
Today was the first tournament (dressage) with the horse which daughter (now 22) has been training for 3+ years. The (she + horse) got a 7.2 mark (its said that anything above 6.5 is good) and came joint 7th out of 45. The horse had his revenge in that he refused to go into the trailer afterwards & had to be ridden home - luckily not too far away but still taking over an hour.
StarStar (3)   Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors by quasipseudopizzaoid
So yesterday I was going into a McDonald's. I opened the door and took a step forward, but then saw that there were 2 women with a little kid who were on the other side of the door about to walk out. If it were an inward-swinging door, I would have continued in and held it open from the inside for them. But it was an outward-swinging door, so I reversed and held it open wide for them. (They did not acknowledge me as they filed out, but that's not really a big deal for me.) I was waiting for the last lady to clear the door before I started in, but before she fully cleared it, 3 people came up from behind me and pushed their way in. They didn't acknowledging me, either. Then came the rudeness double whammy. I go into the McDonald's and find 2 lines. I got into one and was parallel… (another 209 words)
StarStar (3)   TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite by SpiderPig
I would like to appologise to all my IPTV Clients. Last week was a disaster due to server/data center problems. A 5GBP refund will be made to all my clients in the next week or so!. Regards

Friday 24.Oct.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar (16)   Frenchman in Germany not feeling comfortable. by Allershausen
You could try dropping the "dreadful language" attitude. Mind reading is a skill best left to professional entertainers. You're not the first person to come to Germany without being able to understand or speak any of the language. Some people never force themselves to learn and therefore have a terrible time here. Some people make the effort and end up loving it here. Some people make the effort and still hate it. There are no easy answers.
StarStarStarStarStarStar (12)   Frenchman in Germany not feeling comfortable. by airwave
Well, I think it's time for some breaking news: 1. France is not the center of universe. 2. French is not the most spoken language in the world, nor one that everyone should be able to speak. 3. When moving to a foreign country, expect having to learn at least some of the local language, to find your way around. 4. #3 is even more important when moving into a big country, which has a social/cultural/economical life of its own and doesn't need to "import" those from the English-/French-speaking world. 5. Join a German course.
StarStarStarStarStar (10)   Frenchman in Germany not feeling comfortable. by Chocky
You've only been here two weeks, how can you be so quick to give up? You have co-workers who speak your language, can't you at least get some support from them? Registering for a course at the Volkshochschule is just about the best advice anyone can give you at is stage. You'll meet new people while learning the language. Be bold!
StarStarStarStarStar (10)   Frenchman in Germany not feeling comfortable. by Freux
Mon Dieu! Ahahah! So many replies! I apologise for not replying each one of you back, but there are so many replies that I am just going to write a big one. At the moment, I do not regret the choice of moving here. I rather like the city I am living in (Düsseldorf) and the job I got, so, oui, currently it's not my will to come back to France. Before moving to Germany, I have been thinking a lot over the language shock, also because I knew I did speak almost no German and I could have relied on English and my French only, but I did not think it could have been so 'shocking' indeed. Hoping to get over it eventually. I want to thank all of you who gave me a helpful advice. I feel better, after having readen some of your replies. I am going to get informed about learning… (another 43 words)
StarStarStarStarStar (9)   Advice needed for Elternzeit dispute by White Rose of Yorkshire
You boss has a very big problem you have none. Your position with the company was put on ice during the Elternzeit it was not and cannot be terminated because your boss does not want to have you back. The problem is, the law states that the company must offer you a postion like the one you had before the Elternzeit. This usually means a full-time job which some parents no longer want. In your case,I would tell the boss you would like to work according to the conditions you had before the Elternzeit began and have a legal right to do so. Say you have someone who can take care of the child and you are looking forward to returning to work.Even if this is just a bluff, you boss will begin to sweat and have a lot of sleepless nights. Your boss must come back to you with an offer concerning your… (another 188 words)
StarStar (4)   Advice needed for Elternzeit dispute by sarabyrd
Did you do work, acting on the company's instructions? Did you receive financial compensation? Did the company pay health and social security dues? If the answer to all the above is "Yes" then you have a contract, albeit verbal. Since it is not in writing the standard regulations apply, such as termination four weeks before either 15th of the month or the last day of the month. However, returning from Elternzeit can be tricky if you switch from full-time to part-time, especially if a part-time position was not existent before you returned. Your employer is not obligated to create a part-time position for you. Your boss does not seem to be a very clever person since she already has conceded that this can be done. I bet that you don't have a witness for that, though. Get… (another 37 words)
StarStar (4)   Advice needed for Elternzeit dispute by SnnyDsp
Thank you so much! I often question my sanity but I'm feeling a bit more grounded thanks to your responses. I meet with her next week to try and settle this. The Aldbhrde and my insurance company were helpful as well. The insurance company needs a formal letter of termination, initiated by whoever chooses to terminate the work-relationship, before any changes can be made. So, until that happens she’s being billed. Through a few friendly connections, I'll be in touch with an Atty on Monday. @ sarabyrd-my boyfriend spoke with her briefly and she informed him of the same conditions she'd explained to me (part-time available but not worth it...?), so thankfully, I guess, I do have a witness. @ WRY-Thanks for the link! I haven't given her any impression that I can't… (another 179 words)
StarStarStarStar (7)   The Vent by Chat Noir
Pfalzwerke. Friday evening, five minutes before 19:00. "I want to check your meter" "Maybe make an appointment first, it is Friday night!" "I come when I want!" "Nope" "I will report this and you will get a fine"
StarStarStarStar (7)   Bastard or bitch of the day by john g.
You closed your petrol station down the other week..where one dog was chained day and night at the front and another behind the station. You may have retired or gone broke. Your dogs are running around on a main road and they´re yours, aren´t they? You abandoned them to their fate, right? Mother and child living in absolute danger every minute. No bastard slows down here for dogs anyway, you know that , right? Daily run over dogs/cats, you know that? Right? Busy stuffing your face tonight, eh, despite that? They ran in front of our car today, right? Begging for food...half-starving. They are living on wasteland now next to a main road and you abandoned them. YOU!
StarStarStar (6)   UK visa experience by Sesh
Basically you will need to apply for a business visitor visa. This will be issued as short term visa for 6 months or long duration for 2 years or 5 years. In every case you can stay only to a maximum of 180 days every time. It will be issued as a multiple visit visa. For the application itself, you will need a letter from the organization or concerned person in the UK asking you to visit him or her. The reason has to be mentioned in the letter. Also who will be taking care of the expenses for your travel, your stay and other expenses in the UK. Also a guarantee letter is required. The purpose of travel has to be clearly mentioned. Another important requirement is the exact date of your first travel. The visa will be issued from this day. Therefore the date of your travel should match the… (another 66 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Neighbours trespassing in my backyard by Krieg
Hey man, I've been shagging my neighbor's wife for long time, when you move into his house I will shag your wife then, in case you do not like it you will have to be diplomatic about it.
StarStar (4)   Looking for an Australian lawyer by 2B_orNot2B
Attached imageI just ran a search for practicing lawyers qualified in Australian law (and claiming to speak English) using the Extended Search (for Lawyers in Germany) : DAV - German Lawyers Society tool and, as you can see from the meager results below, the nearest one to Munich is in Rosenheim.* Here's a screenshot of the extended search with tips on how to use the filters/parameters. ^click pic to expand view^ I chose Australien at (7) and Englisch at (5) then tried entering 80331 Muenchen (2) but, even with the Umkreis (3) extended to the max 40Km, there were no results! Only by nixing (2) & (3) and extending it to Deutschland at (4) did I find the following 6 candidates (pinned as a Merkzettel). Since I'm not registered on their database I can't give you a link to that result… (another 59 words)

Thursday 23.Oct.2014

StarStarStarStarStar (10)   Why are you unhappy today? by Irish_Aine
I have an appointment tomorrow with an alcohol councellor. It was my decision to make. But Im very scared and nervous about it. I really want to pour out a glass of wine and watch some tv to numb it out. meh. I also need to cry
StarStarStarStarStar (9)   The Vent by SpiderPig
So.... December last year you called me.. all full of joy that you had just landed the best job ever!! No help from anyone else! Perfect hours.. so that you can get back in plenty of time to collect Lilly frim KiGa.... You manage to get through probezeit... Perfect... Then just 3 months later this has turned to the Job from hell!! You find another job.. Tell them you can start in 6 weeks... and sign the contract! You then tell the current boss and hand in your notice.... He tell you 3 months Notice,.. as in the contract! Then you call me and tell me that I need to look after Lilly 3 afternoons a week as the new job requires you to work late! So.. as this is the vent.... Why the did you not think to ask me first?? You stupid bitch! ( there, I've… (another 28 words)
StarStarStarStar (8)   Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors by dessa_dangerous
sometimes people hold the door, sometimes they don't, usually I notice this when going through the door at the mall or something, where the person before me would rather slide like Indiana Jones through the closing crack than push open the door and risk the gap being wide enough to let the next person through. I am a fairly hardcore germaphobe so push open the door with the only part my body I'm sure will have no reason to have contact with my mouth or eyes--my elbow. I slide the door open as I walk past and by the time I am through it it is at a 90° angle to the frame and ready for the next person to either hold it or walk through it. I do not wait to be thanked and would probably also look at a person who did as if they had three heads. We're here in the big city: civilized,… (another 503 words)
StarStar (3)   Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors by anne k
No, it's less direct and you cam use this argument to make yoursdelf look slightly better, and make it sound as if the other person is the baddie. I'm intimately familiar with that pattern from my last relationship.
StarStarStarStar (7)   Life without alcohol by Irish_Aine
Has anyone been to an alchohol councelor?? I havent been doing too great with my booze and my therapist is fantastic. I love him to bits and we get on great and can tease each other. But he doesnt think that he can help me sort through this and recommended me to get in touch with an alcohold and drugs rehab thing. which i think doesnt even use insurance. Ive got an appointment tomorrow with a woman who speaks english. Im very nervous and a little scared. My man is gonna leave work and drive me over, if i feel better ill let him just go to work and ill walk home. I think Im a little spoiled from how great and friendly I am with my therapist (who is a man, which i had a problem with at the beggining). And im very nervous at telling all these intimate things- THO To be honest. i think first… (another 23 words)
StarStar (3)   English speaking doctor Leipzig for antidepressant by ruapehu
I don't know any doctors, good or otherwise, English-speaking or otherwise, in Leipzig, so can't help you there I'm afraid. Two things strike me however which are/may also be relevant: What do you mean/expect by taking a copy of your current meds and that being sufficient? It is unlikely that a doctor will just take a letter from someone and give you that exact medication without consultation/diagnosis in some form. That may work if you are just travelling and need a repeat prescription, but once resident, doctors in general tend to dislike being "dictated to", they want to form their own opinion (they do, after all, bear some responsibility for what they prescribe) and individual doctors have their own preferred ways of treating things. You may be fine, but just don't… (another 222 words)
StarStar (3)   Neighbours trespassing in my backyard by onemark
I can see this developing into a typical German neighbourhood war. Go and see your local tenants' association (you ARE a member, aren't you?) and get their advice. Depending on what they say, you will probably need to go and see a lawyer. (Did you say you have legal insurance?) And whatever you do, don't have anything to do with this neighbour without a witness. Good luck.
StarStar (3)   Why are you happy today? by jeba
My 18yo son sneaked into my bed in the middle of the night and put his hand into mine before falling asleep. He hadn´t done that since puberty hit him. Maybe I haven´t done everything wrong raising my kids?

Wednesday 22.Oct.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStarStar (14)   Why are you unhappy today? by batchfile
Aside from a few short visits back to Germany I've been in the UK for most of 2014 sharing parent wrangling duty with my brothers. Left England on Sunday. By Monday both parents have managed to fall over. By Tuesday mum has had a stroke and is hospitalised.
StarStar (4)   Why are you unhappy today? by modernbird
Stiches removed Monday; wound opened up yesterday. Seeing doctor today. Had to reschedule a trip to visit my dad so that I can see the doctor today. Had to pay to change plane ticket. Have a terrible headache. Might have a bad scar on my neck - and avoiding that was the point have having the procedure. Sigh. So no, knowing that scar revision surgery is an option does not make me feel better.
StarStarStarStarStar (10)   Removed post counts and explanations by NoBullJim
Hmm DK. It took you nearly three weeks to reply with a genius comment like that? Your post and mine should both be removed. Mine, because I replied to your moronic mind set, and yours, because.........pick a reason. Here's my take. SP has no filter whatsoever. He will say what he feels and sometimes he makes the wrong decision. We all know that, and I'm fairly certain he is aware of it himself. Look, I don't approve of everything he posts, just like the forum doesn't approve of everything I post. But if you look back through this forum, you will find many posts where SpiderPig has volunteered to help many, many people. I really think he has a big heart and is misunderstood at times. Sure, he's brash and sometimes thinks on a different scale than normal humans, but let's… (another 4 words)
StarStarStarStarStar (10)   Neighbours trespassing in my backyard by BJB
Put a lock on the gate and be done with it. I had a classic nachbarkrieg with my neighbor. The place we bought had been a rental property for 10 years. I put a hedge up and the neighbor had a real problem with it. She and her children had become accustomed to using my backyard as an extension of hers. Too bad- I bought it so she can You cannot reason with such people. put a lock on the gate and tell the guy to shove it. Just to add- I would not wait for anything. You neighbor is a particular sort of German creature who will not be convinced with talking, reasoning, or bargaining, neither from you nor the landlord. This type of asshole responds to right and wrong, and believes he is right until the the government/law/police tell him otherwise. Start immediately with a padlock, and simultaneously… (another 52 words)
StarStarStarStar (8)   The Vent by the.frollein
Been trying to get my Kaution back for about six months now, and getting increasingly irked and annoyed. Part of the problem was my landlord, but the bigger problem was the bank, or rather the Bundesfinanzagentur, which is where the Kautionskonto was deposited. * Rang the bank hotline because I was unsure which form I needed to submit. * Sent my landlord the filled-out form that he needed to sign, and asked him to send it on to the bank. * Four weeks later, no money, no news, so I rang up their hotline. "Oh, your landlord needs to do the Post-Ident, we wrote to him and requested he do this, but he hasn't responded." * Landlord on holiday, when he gets back I contact him asking him to do the Post-Ident, which takes more weeks. * Another four weeks, still no money,… (another 203 words)
StarStarStarStar (7)   Why are you happy today? by RickMunich
Very happy today, because I have passed my Probezeit and will officially stay! I also was accepted on my first chargeable project today. Very excited, but a bit apprehensive, I will be responsible for 200 people (gulp). I've had up to 20 people working for me before, but 200 is a whole different level.
StarStarStar (5)   Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors by Keleth
This is true in the UK and probably over here as well. I'm incredibly polite,always hold doors open and always say please and thank you (another thing it seems that Germans lack)but when someone is impolite to me then I will let them know in an impolite way.That you seem to think him using his horn was more impolite than the people just hanging around in front of his parking space without seemingly a care about inconveniencing anyone is a strange attitude.
StarStarStar (5)   Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors by Moondancer
Wow, I never knew I had to deserve politeness for someone to be polite to me. As to them "thinking about why you were impolite, maybe I should change" have you yourself ever done so? This isn't how people usually think. In fact, they aren't going to think at all about it. Since it is ingrained behavior, they aren't going to give a 2nd thought to what they just said or did. Personally, I enjoy being polite, kind & friendly, especially when someone else is rude. It is called rising above their behavior, rather than sinking to their lower level. Besides, it is free and it makes me feel good when I do something for someone else, like open doors, give them a seat, offer to help with their stroller or bag. You get back what you give.
StarStarStar (5)   Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors by bramble
I'm British/German bicultural who is familiar with British and German habits, and am somewhat amused by the politeness/rudeness problems cited here in these threads. If a German encounters perceived rudeness, he/she will simply mutter quietly or loudly "Arschloch" or something similar and go on their way, forgetting the incident almost immediately. In comparison English native speakers take the situation extremely seriously, fighting the impulsion to punch that person in the face, then go on TT to vent about it, yet still allow it to simmer indefinitely.
StarStar (4)   Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors by anne k
My children are German (and British), so it's a little different, but even if they weren't I think I'd still be a little uncomfortable about reminding them that they are foreigners in the country they grew up in, or suggesting that the culture they were growing up in is inherently bad. When something of this kind does pass my lips, à la "why is German music so whiny", I feel a little guilty; it's not something I'd boast about. Or are you not planning on staying in Germany? I guess that would be different.
StarStar (4)   More hard times and bad news for Apple Inc. by alex98uk
Brands/models have fans/persistent customers. Tomorrow, bears in woods. But really, I work in software/IT, have never owned a Apple product and everything you say DK is hilarious. Every company has followers, every company has issues, every company has its own benefits. Dell didn't have a shop where they could replace my faulty hard disk on the spot, for free, like they did with my ex's Mac! I had to ship it off and lose it for days!
StarStar (4)   More hard times and bad news for Apple Inc. by Johnny English
Switching to Apple products has saved me soooooo much time and aggro over the years it's just awesome. I would gladly pay twice the price on everything to avoid switching back to the incompatible PC hell of my past. I started with a 386SX PC some 27 years ago and lived with Microsoft only stuff for about 20 years. So I have been that side of the fence much longer than this side. Switching has been such a breath of fresh air. Switching to Apple has simply made me money. As a % of business costs in a year it is tiny. For example you can buy a crap laptop for €500 or a swinging Apple laptop for €3.000 - but the latter will probably last 3 years or more, and so it will "cost" you around €70 a month more over the 3 years..........and that is the BEST €70 you will have ever… (another 4 words)
StarStar (4)   What made you laugh today? by sarabyrd
Scene: Lunchtime in our break-room Personae: Five female assistants (Caucasian) and one male lawyer (Asian) Four of the assistants are eating take-away from the Thai across the street - soup, rice, spring rolls, you name it. The Asian guy is eating take-away from the butcher across the street - goulash with potatoes.

Tuesday 21.Oct.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar (23)   Neighbours trespassing in my backyard by michael9699
Firstly thanks to everyone for their comments - I really appreciate the advise. We tried the garden party approach. But after the second rebuff we were told "we really don't like the English" and similar which kinda shut down the conversation. There is no right of way, ancient or modern. Have spoken to our landlord who owns both properties. Turns out that our house (a new build) was completed and tenanted about two months after they moved in. And while our house was being built, the neighbour had the habit of using both yards as their own. We ignored the first few occasions, but they have gotten bolder and bolder. We've said "can you just ask beforehand?" and "not while we have guests around" and now "just stop, no more". And of course… (another 68 words)
StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar (19)   Neighbours trespassing in my backyard by Allershausen
This is the answer. When I moved to my end terrace house, I noticed my neighbour climbing over my fences to get to his garage so that he could get his lawnmower and then bring it back to cut his strip of grass in his back garden. The only other way he could do this was to carry his lawn mower through his house. So I had a chat with him and we agreed to remove one of the fences and put up a new one with a gate, we've been friends ever since.
StarStarStar (6)   Neighbours trespassing in my backyard by LeonG
Ask your landlord if there is a "right of way" through your yard. It is possible. I once owned a condo in a house that had such a clause in the deed. However in that case, it was the neighbours one and only access route to their house. I assume your neighbours have another way to access their house although they may have to walk through the house to get to the yard then. If they do have a "right of way", I don't think there is anything you can do about it. However, if the landlord says there is no such thing, tell your neighbours that you do not approve of your yard being used as a shortcut and padlock the gates. Without padlocking the gates, I do not see how you are planning to keep them out if they insist. Although you could rig up a sprinkler system with a movement… (another 27 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Neighbours trespassing in my backyard by robinson100
I think the basic problem here is that the legal situation is not clear - yes, people can pass through the garden if there is a "right of way" clause in a contract somewhere, but until the landlord has confirmed what the situation actually is, there is absolutely nothing the OP can do about it. Clarify the situation and then see what options are available to you - if indeed, there is a right of way, then you can basically do nothing about it, but it might still be a good idea to "make peace" with the neighbours and clarify who and when is likely to be passing, so as to be able to eliminate these people from a possible list of thieves wanting to break-in.
StarStarStarStarStarStar (11)   Help me Please 3 pennies till 31 Oct. by galloping clogs
I don't want to be rude, but after your last ranting post about some dodgy cleaner, I actually felt really sorry for you and PM'ed you to offer to clean your flat for free. You didn't even bother to reply to thank me for the offer, so I'm afraid I'm out of goodwill. Perhaps ask your friends that live far away to wire transfer some funds over or call the sozialamt. Maybe ask your neighbours if they can lend you some food? Seems easier and cheaper than selling your furniture.
StarStarStarStarStarStar (11)   The Vent by SpiderPig
Ok... If you are going to go down on me in the night....please do it properly.. Not one of these slow and not so pleasurable ones.... Please do it nice and fast... When you are finished going down on me, please dont expect me to just lay there!!! I will piss off to the Sofa! get used to it... I now have the worst back ache ever all because of you! I hate inflateable matresses!
StarStarStarStar (7)   The Vent by T.O. to go
Dear boss I understand you are having problems with your 16 yr old, I get it I was a teenager once and have raised one and have the battle scars to show. You do the schedule and yet for the past month you continue to text me last minute to change schedule with you. There are only 2 shifts 930-530 and 1-9, since it's just us two as everyone else has jumped ship. I don't mind changing shifts with you. When I work your late shift I expect you to work mine, not just me working you late and turn around and still do my late shift. I have been very accommodating to you, as it's a work week, I do do much socialising during the week unless it is business related at a presentation or such. Yet September you tried to me over by having me work every 2 Saturdays to your one,without even asking… (another 230 words)
StarStarStarStar (8)   Strange or inappropriate presents by dessa_dangerous
Interesting... makes you wonder how "obviously embarrassed" "everyone" would have been if he had not been Nigerian and she not so much younger and whiter. Cause like, that is basically the point, right? Confused as to what either of their nationalities nor his fashion sense has to do with a suspected case of domestic violence. Rare that I get all fluffy and PC like this but, what relevance does his outward appearance have to the story ([strike]black[/strike] people who wear gold are naturally more likely to be abusive? or what)? Or hers? She is painted as a meek, ignorant and innocent village girl, pure as the driven snow and being taken advantage of. "18 years younger" says too little but attempts to steer the reader towards the teller's belief that she is… (another 433 words)
StarStar (4)   Strange or inappropriate presents by clickety6
I asked my girlfriend, "What do you want for your birthday?". She said, "Oh, something unusual and expensive that I don't really need." So I signed her up for chemotherapy. -- Emo Phillips
StarStarStarStar (8)   What's got you flummoxed today? by Mellyco
Not really a flummox, more of an update to a previous flummox post. For all of those who had expressed worry at my post last month about weird hip pain, I've now been checked over by the appropriate doctors, and it was just a pulled muscle in my back, with radiating pain, that showed up coincidentally at the same time as my cold - so, just a flummox. As for the more concerning possibilities, they were eliminated today by the Frauenarzt, everything is tip-top right as rain. Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to help me get my butt in gear to get everything checked out.
StarStarStarStar (7)   Why are you happy today? by godz_magnum_opus
Close to 3 years of research -- the 2nd year of which had been very frustrating -- finally reaching towards conclusion now. Got back-to-back acceptance letters for two publications so they should be in print by early next month. Also discovered recently that one of the works was covered by MIT Technology Review !
StarStarStarStar (7)   Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors by mannes
Monday morning at the entry to our office building. Characters involved: me, a German bloke (of course, who else) and a girl. In order to open the door you have to use a sort of chip... thing. Since the girl was in front of us the guys, she went ahead, opened the door and then waited for us. We were just two steps behind anyway. Being a nice and polite guy (as my mother taught me to be with girls) I looked in the girl's eyes and, with a very polite "bitte" and a hand gesture that invited her to go first, I offered myself to hold the door for her. The outcome? The german bloke went first! Whereas me and the girl shook our heads in disapproval + a facepalm. Aaargh!!!
StarStarStar (6)   Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors by gypsyMarianne
After 4 years I find a lot of things they do rude including bumping in to people and not holding doors. I still hold doors, make direct eye contact and smile….I often get a thank-you out of it. I also do not find it necessary to walk in to a room (like a doctors office) and say hello to everyone so I am sure they think I am rude for that. I also introduce myself with my first name only. Some things I will adapt to and others I wish to remain the same. Try asking them to hold the doors, hopefully they will be willing to help then.
StarStar (4)   Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors by qcanttila
People don't generally hold doors in Munich. I do it, but it rarely gets done for me. My eight year old, who has now lived in Germany for most of his life, doesn't usually hold doors. I call him on it and say, "We are not German!"
StarStar (4)   Warning - Scam mail to Ltd companies in Germany by Starshollow
Attached imageHi y'all! Many people, Expats and Germans alike, have used the company form of a UK Ltd. for business actitivies in Germany (especially before the mini-GmbH "UG" came into being). We have just received some mail from company house that at first glance did not seem too crazy or bogus to be true. But we checked and the attachment came up as a Trojan virus alert in our safety software/firewall and then we found this info on the company house website, too: The email we received is exactly like the first example in their security info and I thought I'll put out the alert for everyone. Don't open the attachment!!! Cheerio
StarStar (4)   Adoption - How does it work? by hjulm
I have had experience adopting here in Germany. I'm an American, my husband is German. My husband and I were just about to start the process for an international adoption when we got the chance to take in twin boys as foster children when they were 3 months old. We were finally able to officially adopt them 5 years later. Feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions regarding the Jugendamt. We live in the Allgäu so we dealt with the Landratsamt in Sonthofen.