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Thursday 23.Oct.2014

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Wednesday 22.Oct.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStarStar (14)   Why are you unhappy today? by batchfile
Aside from a few short visits back to Germany I've been in the UK for most of 2014 sharing parent wrangling duty with my brothers. Left England on Sunday. By Monday both parents have managed to fall over. By Tuesday mum has had a stroke and is hospitalised.
StarStar (4)   Why are you unhappy today? by modernbird
Stiches removed Monday; wound opened up yesterday. Seeing doctor today. Had to reschedule a trip to visit my dad so that I can see the doctor today. Had to pay to change plane ticket. Have a terrible headache. Might have a bad scar on my neck - and avoiding that was the point have having the procedure. Sigh. So no, knowing that scar revision surgery is an option does not make me feel better.
StarStarStarStar (8)   Removed post counts and explanations by NoBullJim
Hmm DK. It took you nearly three weeks to reply with a genius comment like that? Your post and mine should both be removed. Mine, because I replied to your moronic mind set, and yours, because.........pick a reason. Here's my take. SP has no filter whatsoever. He will say what he feels and sometimes he makes the wrong decision. We all know that, and I'm fairly certain he is aware of it himself. Look, I don't approve of everything he posts, just like the forum doesn't approve of everything I post. But if you look back through this forum, you will find many posts where SpiderPig has volunteered to help many, many people. I really think he has a big heart and is misunderstood at times. Sure, he's brash and sometimes thinks on a different scale than normal humans, but let's… (another 4 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Neighbours trespassing in my backyard by BJB
Put a lock on the gate and be done with it. I had a classic nachbarkrieg with my neighbor. The place we bought had been a rental property for 10 years. I put a hedge up and the neighbor had a real problem with it. She and her children had become accustomed to using my backyard as an extension of hers. Too bad- I bought it so she can You cannot reason with such people. put a lock on the gate and tell the guy to shove it. Just to add- I would not wait for anything. You neighbor is a particular sort of German creature who will not be convinced with talking, reasoning, or bargaining, neither from you nor the landlord. This type of asshole responds to right and wrong, and believes he is right until the the government/law/police tell him otherwise. Start immediately with a padlock, and simultaneously… (another 52 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Why are you happy today? by RickMunich
Very happy today, because I have passed my Probezeit and will officially stay! I also was accepted on my first chargeable project today. Very excited, but a bit apprehensive, I will be responsible for 200 people (gulp). I've had up to 20 people working for me before, but 200 is a whole different level.
StarStar (4)   Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors by Keleth
This is true in the UK and probably over here as well. I'm incredibly polite,always hold doors open and always say please and thank you (another thing it seems that Germans lack)but when someone is impolite to me then I will let them know in an impolite way.That you seem to think him using his horn was more impolite than the people just hanging around in front of his parking space without seemingly a care about inconveniencing anyone is a strange attitude.
StarStar (4)   Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors by anne k
My children are German (and British), so it's a little different, but even if they weren't I think I'd still be a little uncomfortable about reminding them that they are foreigners in the country they grew up in, or suggesting that the culture they were growing up in is inherently bad. When something of this kind does pass my lips, à la "why is German music so whiny", I feel a little guilty; it's not something I'd boast about. Or are you not planning on staying in Germany? I guess that would be different.
StarStar (4)   Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors by bramble
I'm British/German bicultural who is familiar with British and German habits, and am somewhat amused by the politeness/rudeness problems cited here in these threads. If a German encounters perceived rudeness, he/she will simply mutter quietly or loudly "Arschloch" or something similar and go on their way, forgetting the incident almost immediately. In comparison English native speakers take the situation extremely seriously, fighting the impulsion to punch that person in the face, then go on TT to vent about it, yet still allow it to simmer indefinitely.
StarStar (3)   Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors by Moondancer
Wow, I never knew I had to deserve politeness for someone to be polite to me. As to them "thinking about why you were impolite, maybe I should change" have you yourself ever done so? This isn't how people usually think. In fact, they aren't going to think at all about it. Since it is ingrained behavior, they aren't going to give a 2nd thought to what they just said or did. Personally, I enjoy being polite, kind & friendly, especially when someone else is rude. It is called rising above their behavior, rather than sinking to their lower level. Besides, it is free and it makes me feel good when I do something for someone else, like open doors, give them a seat, offer to help with their stroller or bag. You get back what you give.
StarStar (4)   More hard times and bad news for Apple Inc. by alex98uk
Brands/models have fans/persistent customers. Tomorrow, bears in woods. But really, I work in software/IT, have never owned a Apple product and everything you say DK is hilarious. Every company has followers, every company has issues, every company has its own benefits. Dell didn't have a shop where they could replace my faulty hard disk on the spot, for free, like they did with my ex's Mac! I had to ship it off and lose it for days!
StarStar (3)   More hard times and bad news for Apple Inc. by Small Town Boy
That's slightly harsh; in the smartphone market for example Apple has lagged behind the likes of Samsung and HTC of late. Phones like HTC One or Galaxy Note give the iPhone a good run for its money despite being several hundred euros cheaper. The fact that they also cater to the cheaper end of the market doesn't detract from the top-end products.
StarStar (3)   More hard times and bad news for Apple Inc. by Johnny English
Switching to Apple products has saved me soooooo much time and aggro over the years it's just awesome. I would gladly pay twice the price on everything to avoid switching back to the incompatible PC hell of my past. I started with a 386SX PC some 27 years ago and lived with Microsoft only stuff for about 20 years. So I have been that side of the fence much longer than this side. Switching has been such a breath of fresh air. Switching to Apple has simply made me money. As a % of business costs in a year it is tiny. For example you can buy a crap laptop for €500 or a swinging Apple laptop for €3.000 - but the latter will probably last 3 years or more, and so it will "cost" you around €70 a month more over the 3 years..........and that is the BEST €70 you will have ever… (another 4 words)
StarStar (4)   What made you laugh today? by sarabyrd
Scene: Lunchtime in our break-room Personae: Five female assistants (Caucasian) and one male lawyer (Asian) Four of the assistants are eating take-away from the Thai across the street - soup, rice, spring rolls, you name it. The Asian guy is eating take-away from the butcher across the street - goulash with potatoes.
StarStar (3)   The Vent by sarabyrd
It's the same thing every time. You forge on ahead, doing your own thing regardless of all of the information available at your fingertips if you only took the time to actually look at it, and when the hits the fan, as it invariably does, you come prancing to me demanding to know what went wrong. Only one thing went wrong: You.

Tuesday 21.Oct.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar (19)   Neighbours trespassing in my backyard by michael9699
Firstly thanks to everyone for their comments - I really appreciate the advise. We tried the garden party approach. But after the second rebuff we were told "we really don't like the English" and similar which kinda shut down the conversation. There is no right of way, ancient or modern. Have spoken to our landlord who owns both properties. Turns out that our house (a new build) was completed and tenanted about two months after they moved in. And while our house was being built, the neighbour had the habit of using both yards as their own. We ignored the first few occasions, but they have gotten bolder and bolder. We've said "can you just ask beforehand?" and "not while we have guests around" and now "just stop, no more". And of course… (another 68 words)
StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar (18)   Neighbours trespassing in my backyard by Allershausen
This is the answer. When I moved to my end terrace house, I noticed my neighbour climbing over my fences to get to his garage so that he could get his lawnmower and then bring it back to cut his strip of grass in his back garden. The only other way he could do this was to carry his lawn mower through his house. So I had a chat with him and we agreed to remove one of the fences and put up a new one with a gate, we've been friends ever since.
StarStarStar (6)   Neighbours trespassing in my backyard by LeonG
Ask your landlord if there is a "right of way" through your yard. It is possible. I once owned a condo in a house that had such a clause in the deed. However in that case, it was the neighbours one and only access route to their house. I assume your neighbours have another way to access their house although they may have to walk through the house to get to the yard then. If they do have a "right of way", I don't think there is anything you can do about it. However, if the landlord says there is no such thing, tell your neighbours that you do not approve of your yard being used as a shortcut and padlock the gates. Without padlocking the gates, I do not see how you are planning to keep them out if they insist. Although you could rig up a sprinkler system with a movement… (another 27 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Neighbours trespassing in my backyard by robinson100
I think the basic problem here is that the legal situation is not clear - yes, people can pass through the garden if there is a "right of way" clause in a contract somewhere, but until the landlord has confirmed what the situation actually is, there is absolutely nothing the OP can do about it. Clarify the situation and then see what options are available to you - if indeed, there is a right of way, then you can basically do nothing about it, but it might still be a good idea to "make peace" with the neighbours and clarify who and when is likely to be passing, so as to be able to eliminate these people from a possible list of thieves wanting to break-in.
StarStarStarStarStarStar (12)   We are recruiting British expats by john g.
Dear James I don´t know whether you are just extremely misinformed or naive but do you have absolutely any idea what kind of licences, professional registration , liability insurances, qualifications etc are required to be ALLOWED to offer financial advice in Germany? Do you have ANY idea at all? Many of us regulars readers on Toytown will be very happy to hear your views and background. Best wishes John Gunn Disclaimer: professional independent insurance broker and official advertiser on Toytown (who is not even allowed to contact referrals - they have to contact me ) Hope my link is legal Dear James: fines of between 50,000-300,000 euros for illegal cold calling, ok? Feedback requested from you!
StarStarStarStarStarStar (11)   We are recruiting British expats by El Jeffo
Let me guess: you want people who are inexperienced enough to not know that cold calling is illegal in Germany, and you will conveniently overlook this fact as part of the "various training". Once they have undergone this "various training", said inexperienced people will then be asked to cold-call expats in Germany to offer them offshore investment funds that allegedly provide huge tax advantages. Coincidentally, these investment funds have huge up-front fees that essentially eat up all the returns, and probably some of the capital, for at least the first five years? And the alleged tax advantages don't really exist, right? Is that about it? Do I get the job?
StarStarStarStarStar (10)   Help me Please 3 pennies till 31 Oct. by galloping clogs
I don't want to be rude, but after your last ranting post about some dodgy cleaner, I actually felt really sorry for you and PM'ed you to offer to clean your flat for free. You didn't even bother to reply to thank me for the offer, so I'm afraid I'm out of goodwill. Perhaps ask your friends that live far away to wire transfer some funds over or call the sozialamt. Maybe ask your neighbours if they can lend you some food? Seems easier and cheaper than selling your furniture.
StarStarStarStar (8)   Strange or inappropriate presents by dessa_dangerous
Interesting... makes you wonder how "obviously embarrassed" "everyone" would have been if he had not been Nigerian and she not so much younger and whiter. Cause like, that is basically the point, right? Confused as to what either of their nationalities nor his fashion sense has to do with a suspected case of domestic violence. Rare that I get all fluffy and PC like this but, what relevance does his outward appearance have to the story ([strike]black[/strike] people who wear gold are naturally more likely to be abusive? or what)? Or hers? She is painted as a meek, ignorant and innocent village girl, pure as the driven snow and being taken advantage of. "18 years younger" says too little but attempts to steer the reader towards the teller's belief that she is… (another 433 words)
StarStar (4)   Strange or inappropriate presents by clickety6
I asked my girlfriend, "What do you want for your birthday?". She said, "Oh, something unusual and expensive that I don't really need." So I signed her up for chemotherapy. -- Emo Phillips
StarStarStarStar (7)   The Vent by T.O. to go
Dear boss I understand you are having problems with your 16 yr old, I get it I was a teenager once and have raised one and have the battle scars to show. You do the schedule and yet for the past month you continue to text me last minute to change schedule with you. There are only 2 shifts 930-530 and 1-9, since it's just us two as everyone else has jumped ship. I don't mind changing shifts with you. When I work your late shift I expect you to work mine, not just me working you late and turn around and still do my late shift. I have been very accommodating to you, as it's a work week, I do do much socialising during the week unless it is business related at a presentation or such. Yet September you tried to me over by having me work every 2 Saturdays to your one,without even asking… (another 230 words)
StarStarStarStar (7)   Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors by mannes
Monday morning at the entry to our office building. Characters involved: me, a German bloke (of course, who else) and a girl. In order to open the door you have to use a sort of chip... thing. Since the girl was in front of us the guys, she went ahead, opened the door and then waited for us. We were just two steps behind anyway. Being a nice and polite guy (as my mother taught me to be with girls) I looked in the girl's eyes and, with a very polite "bitte" and a hand gesture that invited her to go first, I offered myself to hold the door for her. The outcome? The german bloke went first! Whereas me and the girl shook our heads in disapproval + a facepalm. Aaargh!!!
StarStarStar (5)   Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors by gypsyMarianne
After 4 years I find a lot of things they do rude including bumping in to people and not holding doors. I still hold doors, make direct eye contact and smile….I often get a thank-you out of it. I also do not find it necessary to walk in to a room (like a doctors office) and say hello to everyone so I am sure they think I am rude for that. I also introduce myself with my first name only. Some things I will adapt to and others I wish to remain the same. Try asking them to hold the doors, hopefully they will be willing to help then.
StarStarStar (5)   Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors by qcanttila
People don't generally hold doors in Munich. I do it, but it rarely gets done for me. My eight year old, who has now lived in Germany for most of his life, doesn't usually hold doors. I call him on it and say, "We are not German!"
StarStarStar (6)   Why are you happy today? by godz_magnum_opus
Close to 3 years of research -- the 2nd year of which had been very frustrating -- finally reaching towards conclusion now. Got back-to-back acceptance letters for two publications so they should be in print by early next month. Also discovered recently that one of the works was covered by MIT Technology Review !
StarStarStar (6)   What's got you flummoxed today? by Mellyco
Not really a flummox, more of an update to a previous flummox post. For all of those who had expressed worry at my post last month about weird hip pain, I've now been checked over by the appropriate doctors, and it was just a pulled muscle in my back, with radiating pain, that showed up coincidentally at the same time as my cold - so, just a flummox. As for the more concerning possibilities, they were eliminated today by the Frauenarzt, everything is tip-top right as rain. Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to help me get my butt in gear to get everything checked out.

Monday 20.Oct.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStar (11)   What made you smile today? by andeyeroo
Took an 85 year old lady to the toilet today (work in an old peoples home), she stood, facing the toilet, I asked if she wanted to turn around or pee standing up...she grinned, and said "one is never too old to try something new" ... laughed my head off!...
StarStarStarStarStar (9)   The Vent by pappnase
I've worked for my current employer for 14 years and had 19 different managers. Only twice in that time my end-of-year review has been done by the person who set my objectives at the start of the year, and again this year I will have a new manager just weeks before my review is due. This person has never worked with me, doesn't speak the same language as me (Or any of the people I nominated to give performance feedback) and worse still has no idea what my job is. Is it too much to ask that the person who does my end of year review at least understand what the objectives were?
StarStarStar (6)   The Vent by aqua_minie
Oh God you ridiculous bitch! I finally managed to distance myself from you and your moochiness. I've been rejecting invites to parties which I'd have otherwise enjoyed if only you weren't gonna be around. But now you invite yourself over to my study group meetings because those girls happen to be your compatriots, and then you have the galls to sit there and nit pick on each and everything I have to say. I must have seriously touched a nerve with you that you're trying so hard to bring me down. leave me alone you cheeky cunt!!
StarStarStar (5)   The Vent by bookmanjb
I just canceled my digital subscription to the International New York Times because I just don't have time to keep up with it. The person I spoke to offered me a discount if I continued. I declined. When the process was over, I requested some form of confirmation. The gentleman said "You have my verbal confirmation." To which I replied "And when I continue to be charged and someone from your company says that I never canceled my subscription, how do I prove it?" "I'm sorry, sir." Very polite. "But we don't send email confirmations or any other kind of confirmation. Just check your account after the next billing cycle." When I signed up and paid for the subscription, I immediately received a confirmation via email. I wonder what infinitesimal… (another 14 words)
StarStarStarStar (7)   Why are you unhappy today? by LizzyH
Apologies in advance but this is a long one! Not sure this should go in the Vent or Unhappy thread as I am feeling both! My OH’s brother is having marital difficulties so we agreed he could stay with us in the short term. So he stayed with us the last month sleeping in my home office(!). He wasn’t with us every night but generally would not let us know he wasn’t going to stay until my OH texted him late in the evening to see where he was. We got various excuses – staying at a friend, going back to his wife for the night etc etc. He bought no food or toiletaries and just used and ate everything we had in our flat. If I cooked a meal he ate it but I never got any "thanks" and he would just leave the dish next to the sink! He was supposed to make sure he was… (another 433 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Why are you unhappy today? by fraufruit
What's the worst thing that could happen if your OH grew a pair and said NO? Or even yourself? He is taking advantage and both of you are encouraging him to do so. We teach people how to treat us.
StarStarStar (6)   Why are you unhappy today? by chaos_amoeba
Good luck, Lizzy. If your OH is anything like my husband, he'll take "It's your decision" at face value and then take the path of least resistance, which, if his brother is desperate, will be to let him come back. So whatever you do, make it very clear just how strongly you feel, so that your OH knows what he's messing with. And if the ungrateful brother does come back to stay, make it Absolutely clear what your rules are and don't compromise. You'll enter your home office at 9 am? If he hasn't vacated it, just walk in, lights on, get down to work even if that means treading on him. Don't cook for him. Etc. You don't deserve to be walked over in your own home by someone to whom you are doing a favour. But, as I say: good luck! I know I couldn't… (another 249 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Why are you unhappy today? by Metall
It sure sounds like arthritis to me! There are indications from the alternative medicine front that arthritis (aside from being possibly hereditary and an autoimmune disease) somehow also might be triggered by gluten. Just wanted to mention that - did hubby have contact? From the classical medical side, yes, arthritis is quite serious. It needs to be treated with anti inflammatory medication as there is a real danger of damaged and useless joints, aside from the chronic pain. I need to say something here. I understand hubby is PO'ed with the doctor's reaction, but to be honest, he's a bit of a wimp and a tool if he lets that stop him from taking care of his health! The choice is simple: - Do nothing, and be guaranteed the new career will not work out, have a lot of pain… (another 68 words)
StarStarStar (6)   What's got you flummoxed today? by bobbylines
I'm flummoxed because 30 years ago today i came to Germany,that's three fiths of my life so far and despite what workmates say i'm still English and always will be!
StarStar (4)   Children of families of dual nationality by Krieg
I am a South American married to an Asian with 2 kids 6 y/o and 4 y/o. I can tell you it is hard not having any family here to support you, we both work and it has not been easy. But we are proud of what we have achieved until now. Both kids learnt English from the mother and the big one managed to enter an English-German European School. They learnt Spanish from me and while it has been the weakest language because of it lowest input both kids speak reasonable decent Spanish and understand basically everything. Keeping relationships with the family is possible but it needs work and $$$. They are both very close to my mother because she visits us every year and they talk via Skype a couple of times a week. They have almost no relationship with anyone else from my side. With… (another 78 words)
StarStar (4)   Children of families of dual nationality by Tap
I'm similar to Jeremy, I brought up 3 kids here with no family around. My husband left about 6/7 years ago, so the last years were alone, but my children are in their twenties now and I couldn't be more proud of them. Despite having problems with schools and such, they've actually done really well here. You will have problems along the way, but that's the same no matter where you are, there is no perfect situation. If you stay involved and make the effort both with your children and with the relatives back home, there's no reason your children should miss out on anything.
StarStar (4)   US citizen opening a German business account by prestononline
I cannot fathom why the Americans here complain about being discriminated. You have to provide certain information to the banks because the banks have been mandated by your country, and it is the perks of having the coveted passport I guess. Discrimination is only when certain race or religion or nationality or gender is discriminated against other race or religion or nationality or gender. If a colored skin person or Americans or for that matter even a Caucasian male could not open a bank account just because of the nationality or color of their skin (or lack of (p.s pun intended), then it is a discrimination. But if certain people were not accepted as client because it causes the business to do certain actions (causing added expenses) in addition to what they would have to do otherwise,… (another 471 words)

Sunday 19.Oct.2014

StarStarStarStar (7)   Why are you unhappy today? by tor
whispering is one of the worst things you can do to your voice. you put more stress and strain on your vocal folds than even when singing. If you are losing are have lost your voice...please...just shut up...and I mean that in the nicest possible way oh...and...I am unhappy because....I of coffee.
StarStar (3)   Why are you unhappy today? by HEM
Yesterday was the last day of our 2014 flying season. Went out on a high note - one of our 17-yr old Flugschüler flew his first solos (we do three to make sure the first one wasn't just good luck). 60 launches on the day was probably our record for the year - helped by there being no thermals (flights were short) and our neighbouring club didn't appear so we had the airfield to ourselves. In the evening "Abgrillen". Today was "Bautag" - approx 40 members turned out to prepare the gliders for next week's Jahresnachprüfung, wash the tow cars & 2 trailers, polish one trailer, remove junk etc etc. We restart flying operations towards the end of March 2015. In the meantime its maintenance work & theoretical lessons for the Flugschüler. Plus everythings… (another 6 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Why are you happy today? by kiplette
So happy because I had an email earlier from my Nepalese tutee who informs me he achieved 85% in his 11+ test for both Kent (the cunningly named 'Kent test') and for the grammar school nearest him. What a great feeling.
StarStarStar (5)   US citizen opening a German business account by Village Idiot
Since this "discrimination" is actively instigated by their very own government which tries to extend its regulations to banks in foreign countries for the simple fact that they're doing business with U.S. citizens, Americans should not expect much in the way of symppathy here.
StarStar (3)   Vacation when receiving Arbeitlosengeld by ruapehu
Arbeitslosengeld is paid to you to help support you during the time you are looking for another job. If you are not in the country, you are not able to actively look for another job - therefore the Arbeitsamt restricts the amount of leave allowed to 3 weeks p.a. If you don't advise them beforehand, you run the risk of them asking you to come in to the Arbeitsamt for an appointment, or sending you job suggestions which you must act on - and then you will get caught and have the Arbeitslosengeld taken away altogether, retroactively. Unless you are very unemployable, there is a high risk you will get caught out if you don't let them know. Years ago, a friend of mine risked going out of town for a long weekend only, and asked me to check her post for her. Sure enough, she got invited… (another 23 words)
StarStar (3)   Just bought a Samsung Smart TV by Krieg
If you want to buy a Smart TV and actually use it as a Smart TV then I think Samsung is the only good choice, specially if you are a foreigner. Samsung TVs are the only ones with permanent ongoing TV apps development and the only ones you can easily change the base country (i.e. Convert the TV into a UK TV and use the UK apps combined with a Smart DNS provider). I do not like Samsung so much but it is how it is. P.S., To the person complaining about USB hard drive problems: You should start by checking how much power the USB port provides and how much power the hard drive you are using requires. Because it seems like you have 500mA ports and a hard drive that needs more than that. So saying the TV sucks because of this is like complaining that you can't drive your Twingo 300 km/h.

Saturday 18.Oct.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStar (12)   Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors by MBell
Actually, I've been all over Germany (except for the deep south) and I thought this was just a normal way of German life. That's not to say that there aren't some Germans that will do this, but overall, it seems like holding the door for someone else is more the exception than the rule. Similarly, it annoys the crap out of me when I hold the door for someone and they don't bother to say thank you: but that runs about 50/50. I think Germans in public tend to be in their own little world. I mean, when you go to the house of a German friend they will go out of their way to accommodate you: let you smoke (even if they don't), make various cakes so you have a variety, etc. But in public or with strangers they don't seem to care. One HUUUUUUGE pet peeve of mine (in addition… (another 185 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors by neoyorkina
Living here about 8 years, I've realized that I am generally on my own with doors. Among city dwellers in the US, it is customary to hold the door is someone is coming in/out immediately behind you, or to be wary if someone with difficulties (rolling suitcase, baby carriage, disabled) needs to get in before or after you. Also, there are often electronic door openers for disabled people. Berlin/Berliners seem otherwise. Today I'm compelled to say something after years of observing this (for me) odd and well, rude, behavior: I just had a foot injury and am on crutches for the moment, and was a bit flabbergasted when for example, coming out from my treatment yesterday, the receptionist at the Gesundsheitszentrum watched me try to pull open a heavy door while holding the crutches in… (another 73 words)
StarStarStarStarStarStar (11)   The Vent by Nishain
So in August I book a birthday party climbing with you for a Sunday mid October. We agree on that I won´t book a birthday table prepared by you including pizza and softdrinks and juice since this is 35 Euro per kid (and we are coming with 12!) but instead the climbing course only and since its the only birthday party that day can come in an hour early, get a table, and do the decoration, bring my own cake and only the juice/softdrinks and the two guys doing the climbing with the kids will be provided by you. So we go ahead do invite everyone, agree where to meet an hour before the actual climbing. And now I call you Friday night for a small question and you tell me that there wont be any free table that Sunday because its the day of the festival and place will be crawling with people.… (another 164 words)
StarStarStarStarStar (10)   Liebste grüße subtleties by Metall
I understand the subtleties of German (even if it sounds like a paradox ) very well. "Liebe Grüsse" is friendly and informal. "Liebste Grüsse" already sounds unusual and a bit over the top, and (because it's unusual) is a clear message of affection. You could even pick up on this when you see her again, tell you were happy how nice her message was. It's not a pickup line, but things are going forwards.
StarStar (3)   Liebste grüße subtleties by American_Chemist
Okay, cool. Yeah, maybe that is why he didn't explain it... that it doesn't necessarily mean anything. He just made a joke, 'oh, liebste grüße now'.. I will press my luck because that's how I roll. Thanks!
StarStarStarStar (8)   Planned holiday cancelled by manager by LeonG
Attached imageYou being scheduled probably means that your boss forgot he gave you vacation. If something like that would have happened to me, I would have told another manager that there is a mistake, that I have vacation next week approved by boss x and have already bought the flights. Since you didn't do that however, you'll have to think of damage control. Now, is it possible that you could say that you didn't see the new shift plan, simply because you didn't take a look because you knew you were on vacation anyway? This was a common excuse at one place where I worked where they'd hang shift plans on the wall, sometimes a new one more than once a day, sometimes scheduling people on a Friday afternoon to work the weekend without actually talking to them. Nothing bad ever happened… (another 157 words)
StarStarStarStar (8)   Understanding conflicting information on Ebola by SmittyBoy
I, for one, am stocking up on HazMat suits, laboratory grade disinfectant, and beer. I have no idea what I'll use the first 2 for, but I'm sure the beer will come in handy.
StarStar (4)   Understanding conflicting information on Ebola by Metall
While it is nice you collected and posted links on how influenza is transmitted, what point are you trying to make? That Ebola also is transmitted by droplets (coughing)? Well yes, but what's the point of your saying so? A public health warning? Wanna scare us with something? And btw, be sure not confuse influenza - a comparatively rare and very serious disease - with the way more contagious but harmless common cold. That's a completely different disease, even if people like to call it "the 'flu". It isn't. So if you are trying to tell us Ebola is gonna spread like wildfire in Europe because its mechanism of transmission is comparable to influenza, well, no.
StarStarStarStar (7)   Why are you unhappy today? by bramble
gaberlunzi, the dog John spoke of was probably a mongrol, a street dog. John is spending time in Greece at the moment and he rescues street dogs and cats there on a regular basis. Many street dogs are tortured and mutulated in countries like Greece, Spain, Romania and elswhere. I have seen photos of dogs with their ears cut off, dogs with their snouts bound with cable ties so they die of hunger and thirst, dogs beaten up and thrown on heaps of trash with their bones broken and left to die, dogs with acid thrown on them, dogs set alight with fire, dogs hanging from their necks in trees and many more horrific things. It's heartbreaking. I can understand the anger of animal protection volunteers like John. I feel the same way. There's no end to the sadness. Animal protection laws are… (another 66 words)
StarStar (4)   Why are you unhappy today? by john g.
Thank you, dear bramble, for that post. Your description is spot on ( unfortunately ). There´s the tourist Greece/Crete, the " kalimera, how are you? ", the spontaneous and frequent gestures of hospitality, genuine acts of kindness and´s all there. That part is great and I appreciate it and, by the way, feel very safe here - safer than I would on the streets of any town in England or Germany. 10 out of 10, Crete! But the attitudes here towards animals are hard to take. You don´t have to even be an animal lover to wince. MANY people here will gladly sit outside in their gardens, stuff their faces with food the whole evening, invite a total stranger to sit down, have a drink, eat this and that and totally IGNORE a starving cat just feet away in the street… (another 204 words)
StarStar (4)   Why are you unhappy today? by robinson100
I am unhappy today because I have lost my voice! It was fine most of the day at work, but after about 10 minutes working on the till, I was down to a light whisper - and stupidly, the customers whisper back if you whisper to them! At least I have tomorrow off to give my voice a break!
StarStarStar (5)   Certificate that I am NOT receiving the Kindergeld by PandaMunich
Just an idea: but why aren't you getting Kindergeld? Case 1 If you are eligible for Kindergeld and just haven't bothered applying for it, then apply for it with this form and one form Anlage Kind per child, you can do so for up to 4 years retroactively. In a tax return, the tax department doesn't go by "received/did not receive" Kindergeld, but by "is eligible for/not eligible for" Kindergeld. So just not having asked for it will not make the Finanzamt change its processes: they will still assume that if you're eligible for, you received it. Case 2 If you're not eligible for Kindergeld because of your visa situation, contact your Familienkasse and explain the situation, e.g. in a letter like this: ************************************************** An… (another 204 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Frustration with grading system in 4th class by bontasan
I do not get the obsession with Gymnasium and the good grades some parents today have. A 3 is ok a 2 is really good, do not worry about grades between 1 and 3, even a 4 in a subject is not a problem, if there are enough subjects with better grades. A Realschule is not bad, you have the same possibilities as in an Gymnasium, just at a slower pace. The same with Gesamtschule. Just choose a good school for your kid, ask around, visit some schools..... An example: I was in Hauptschule until i made there my "Realschulabschluss mit Qualifikation für die Oberstufe". Then I switched to Gesamtschule for 3 years and left it with a good Abitur. 50% of my grade made the Realschulabschluss, the majority with qualification. 3 of us choose to make the Abitur (all of us passed the exam) , a few… (another 226 words)
StarStar (4)   Were you bullied in school? by razorsandroses
I really want to say to kids like that "What the does that have to do with you? Okay, so she listens Polka music, wears glasses that covers half her face, and likes to walk around with an Abraham Lincoln stovepipe hat with a cane. What does it have to do with you?" I dealt with the same crap--I remember a half sister whom I was visiting many hours away (and hadn't seen in years) gave me some pink ring as we were leaving and told me to think of her whenever I see it. I thought it was really touching and sweet of her, and even though it was a bit girly, I wore it anyway just for her. I probably would have reconsidered wearing it to school had I known it would lead endless teasing and accusations of being gay, being tripped in the hallways, finding my pencils and school supplies… (another 204 words)
StarStar (3)   Berlin has become a magnet for young Jews by dessa_dangerous
I can't speak for Lear (obviously) but a lot of Germans take it as a given that anyone coming to Germany to live also has a reason for doing so. Before every third human in Berlin was a hipster-artist-foreigner, people would look at you like you were crazy for coming to Germany to live "just cause." "You're from where? Why ON EARTH would you want to live here?" And then make some half-jokey comment about how most people around these parts would kill to live where you come from, be it because of the weather, the wide open spaces, the social liberty and "unbegrenzte Möglichkeiten" or whatever else. Now they seem to accept that people from also-okay places come to Germany, especially Berlin, for a host of reasons. But a reason they still have. So, if someone… (another 78 words)
StarStar (3)   Decent beginner Linux based OS by bontasan
I depends highly on the hardware if you run into problems. If the hardware manufacturer delivers good drivers for linux or at least gives the linux community everything that enables them to write drivers, then you will have no problem at all. But if the hardware manufacturer delivers no drivers for linux or whatever, there will be problems. The best choice is first choosing the OS, then search for compatible hardware. Old PC are mostly fine with linux, to get everything running on the newest gaming machine, you have often to invest more time. The other concern is, using windows software on linux is in some cases possible but problematic, you should try out alternatives and ask yourself if you are content with them. A great plus for modern linux systems is the way you install software, with… (another 129 words)

Friday 17.Oct.2014

StarStarStarStarStar (9)   Planned holiday cancelled by manager by pappnase
This is not hard. You agreed a vacation with your manager already so you don't need any help from your doctor unless you are sick. If you are really sick then cancel the vacation and use your travel insurance to get a refund. Go another time. If you are not sick then go on holiday as agreed with your manager and enjoy it, deal with the manager when you get back. Do not under any circumstances pretend to be sick so that you can go on holiday. Next time when you agree vacation with your manager get something written, even if it's only passive approval via email. For example after you discuss it with him and he agrees dates, send him an email saying something like "As we discussed, thanks for confirming my vacation on XXX. If I don't hear form you then I'm going to go-ahead… (another 17 words)
StarStarStarStar (7)   Planned holiday cancelled by manager by sarabyrd
Once vacation has been granted both parties are bound to the agreement. Your employer cannot cancel your vacation time unilaterally. The big exception: If a huge emergency occurs (e.g. you are a doctor and there is an Ebola epidemic) you can be obligated to not take vacation or even return early. Since you have three confirmations of your vacation, although not in writing, your employer cannot claim that you are AWOL. If you do cancel your employer must cover any financial damages. Try to get the revocation in writing. Do not let them say that the vacation was not approved – it was. Do you have witnesses? Did you mention to a co-worker, “Finally the bozo has approved my vacation, now I can book the flight”? Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. Please have all legal advice you receive here… (another 5 words)
StarStarStarStar (7)   Lack of politeness by Germans by coolness.personified
Well. Back in the day the euro rail pass was far cheaper than buying tickets. These days hiring a ferrari is cheaper than travelling on deutsche bahn. Ok she didnt accuse me of cheating but refused to acknowledge the rules when i had a copy for her to read. I dont see what your problem is.
StarStarStar (6)   What made you laugh today? by clickety6
Attached imageSupposedly a giant, inflatable Christmas Tree!
StarStarStar (6)   Were you bullied in school? by bubli
Hey, Gwaptiva, are you my male alter ego? It's as if I'd written parts of your post myself - I was skinny, nerdy, unattractive girl with glasses and tooth braces, doubly stigmatized, once for being a nerd, second time for being a nerdy girl - girls are into gossip, make-up, fashion and boy bands, not into math, technology and sports. Girls don't even try to achieve academically, because, as everyone knows, boys just hate smart girls. In my case, it hardly ever got physical, it was more about evil gossip, snickering behind my back, ostrakism ("we are not your friends anymore, in fact, nobody is"), ridicule, 'funny' nicknames, damaging my belongings ... It used to be the worst before the sport class, in a locker room. I hated sports at school (I ended up playing… (another 249 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Frustration with grading system in 4th class by ZA1234
The Dikate are always marked very very strictly; Rechtschreiben is given a lot of weight. In our school (Grundschule) for Abschreiben 1 Fehler is one Note down, in Diktate its around 10% is a 6 and they work back. So your mark is about right (just under 10% wrong), depending on whether the "learned" words were weighted more, or it was rated more difficult. And in our experience, the Gymnasium Diktate are even more difficult than the Grundschule. I just told our kids they must up their game, spelling in NB. But I am unsympathetic - German spelling is way easier than English spelling, once you have learned the rules there is no reason to get any words wrong, only careless errors. I keep telling them they could rather… (another 107 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Frustration with grading system in 4th class by bramble
[/quote]If he's been going to Kindergarten since age 3 and has been going to a German school since age 6 one can assume that your son speaks and comprehends German on the same level as any native German speaker his age. I assume he's bilingual to boot. If he makes mistakes in his dictation tests, it's not because he's "not a native speaker". He IS a native speaker and he has probably absorbed the language and the culture far more comprehensively than you as his expat parent might be able to appreciate. This doesn't mean that he is capable of excelling in German lessons at school. Lots of German kids also need Nachhilfe in German because German lessons involve far, far more than just dictation (German spelling is much easier to learn than Englisch spelling, by… (another 47 words)
StarStarStar (5)   I'm moving to Paderborn! by PeterN
Random notes from a Brit near Paderborn: I'm old enough to be your father and my clubbing days are over. I live out in the sticks and rarely get into Paderborn itself but you'll be linked in to the student population via your boyfriend and you speak the language so you'll make friends and find fun. The Autumn Libori fun fair is just about to start so you'll arrive right in the middle of that. Then comes the Christmas market. This area celebrates Karneval so after Christmas and New Year there's a crazy weekend early in the year (14th Feb in 2015). As you may know there is still a British military presence in Paderborn so you will hear English voices from time to time. There are British wives and families about and military personnel have married locals so there are some… (another 263 words)
StarStar (4)   Fijian wishing to move to Germany by engelchen
First, why would a hotel sponsor a work permit for a foreigner who can't even speak German!?!?!??! You'll need B2/C1 German to obtain an apprenticeship (and the chances of obtaining a work permit for a betriebliche Berufsausbildung are very, very low). If you can find a schulische Ausbildung and can afford the fees, you should be able to obtain a study permit (you'd still need German first). Since you are not a citizen of a privileged country, without formal qualifications you cannot obtain a work permit for Germany. Even if your formal qualifications are equivalent to a German apprenticeship, you are still required to pass the Vorrangprüfung. Unless you can find a schulische Ausbildung and are willing to learn German, you don't have any chance of obtaining… (another 8 words)

Thursday 16.Oct.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStar (11)   Moving to Berlin and my situation/question is unique by zwiebelfisch
Gerry, please spend the 6 months or so gewtting your german to the highest standard possible before you come here. Almost all bars and cafes will expect at least basic german (so you can take orders etc), event the adverts here on Toytown expect for example and If you come here with no german you an enrol at a VHS and get up to speed in a few months, but you should expect to be unemployed for somewhere between 3 and 6 months and then probably end up on around 450 per month (gross). Things might work out better, but in my experience that is about average. Unless you are extraordinarily lucky, or have a generous girlfriend or some other special circumstances then coming… (another 86 words)
StarStarStarStarStar (9)   Were you bullied in school? by Gwaptiva
Probably repeating myself, but I was bullied badly almost from the day I walked into primary school. Smartass, dork, glasses, but tallest boy in class, and with no skills in reacting. I'd either cry, or fly into a rage (red mist descending) and flail (usually just hurting myself and greatly amusing those around me). At one point it became so bad I dragged a lead pipe into school each day to keep others away from me. And of course, that's when I learnt that if you stand up for yourself, you get punished. Nobody asked why I felt I needed the pipe, people (teachers, my folks) told me to ignore it and it would go away. But I couldn't and it didn't. I was so happy that after primary school I was allowed to go to the non-denominational Gymnasium, as opposed to the majority of the… (another 252 words)
StarStar (3)   Were you bullied in school? by tor
For me it was more taunting and ridiclule and behind-my-snickering and chortles. When I was but a wee old 16 your old 9th grader, albeit 6 feet tall and growing, my voice had not really changed and I still had the most glorious soprano voice. I was chosen to sing the solo at the Christmas concert (yes, we still called it a Christmas concert back then, dammit) and the song was One Voice, by Barry Manilow. I rocked it. But kids being kids, they chose to make fun of me. It hurt for a while. Not so much because they were making fun of me, but because they were making fun of my art. Eventully it stopped and I learned how to hide my despair; every once in while, some guy would walk past me and let out a warbling falsetto cry, reminiscent of the old ladies in my momma's church choir. it really… (another 61 words)
StarStarStarStar (7)   Frustration with grading system in 4th class by Zomina
To go back in history: once upon a time it was the norm to go to "Volksschule", class 1-8. Some very bright pupils or children of wealthy and/or educated parents went after 4 years to "Gymnasium", part of the children of the middle class went after the 4 years to the "Realschule". When I went to school in the 80s it was the norm still, only that "Volksschule" was divided in "Grundschule" and "Hauptschule". The system was (and is) however flexible - after gaining "Mittlere Reife" in "Hauptschule" or "Realschule" there is the possibility to get "Abitur" through various ways. I have friends who went to "Hauptschule", did an "Ausbildung" and have now very good jobs, some of them… (another 319 words)
StarStarStarStar (7)   Frustration with grading system in 4th class by plantwhisperer
@sarabyrd, you might very well be right about Gymnasium not being for anyone, but it doesn't change the fact that the system in Germany all but determines a child's future at a ridiculously early age. Yes, people can move between schools later on, but everyone I've spoken to who has either experienced that or is involved in the school system has agreed that everything is against them at that point, the later they switch the harder it is.
StarStarStarStar (7)   Frustration with grading system in 4th class by LostInEurope01
A similar discussion took place a few months ago. The OP was looking for information bolstering the hypothesis that the German system was more advanced than the US system. I personally could not endorse that and wrote the below: Sarabyrd's view and experience with Gymnasium are respectable. Completing Gymnasium does indeed provide an excellent education. Yet, my opinion of the system would be much less tainted if the sieving just wouldn't take place, or at least at such a early stage in a child's life. But it does and it that is sad and painful to see, like I tried to illustrate in the above. In the end though, trying to fight it pointless (Don Quixote lässt grüßen). You either make the best of it or work around it - i.e. Montisorri, Walldorf.
StarStarStar (5)   Frustration with grading system in 4th class by mkwiede
Reading this thread and other threads related to education in Germany freaks me out about the future schooling years for my child in Germany. I get that University is free here but I am not sure if the stress of the school years before University is worth it.
StarStarStar (5)   Paying a U/S-Bahn fine after relocating home by Small Town Boy
I can understand if people just don't pay the fine and forget about it. What I can't understand is when they spend so long deliberating over whether to pay that they end up signing up to a forum to get advice about it. If you have to ask it's obviously playing on your conscience, so the logical solution is just to pay. It's only €40 FFS, either pay it or forget about it. No need to involve half of Germany in it.
StarStarStar (5)   Worst jokes ever by BattalionBoy
First woman on the Moon: "Houston, we have a problem." What? "Never mind" What's the problem? "Nothing" Please tell us? "You know what the problem is."
StarStar (4)   Marriage and getting married in Germany by pog451
Theres this ancient electrical device called a T E L E P H O N E which you can use to audibly communicate with other people. Call 'em and ask, but don't necessarily expect much more of a useful answer than "its in the pile and the pile is x days high".
StarStar (4)   Jokes by NoBullJim
Why People Hate to attend High-School Reunions Jan, Sue and Mary haven't seen each other since high school. They rediscover each other via a reunion website and arrange to meet for lunch in a wine bar. Jan arrives first, wearing a beige Versace. She orders a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Sue arrives shortly afterward, in gray Chanel. After the required ritualized kisses she joins Jan in a glass of wine. Then Mary walks in, wearing a faded old tee-shirt, blue jeans and boots. She too shares the wine. Jan explains that after leaving high school and graduating from Princeton in Classics, she met and married Timothy, with whom she has a beautiful daughter. Timothy is a partner in one of New York's leading law firms. They live in a 4000 sq ft co-op on Fifth Avenue, where Susanna,… (another 177 words)
StarStar (3)   Cost of taking extended sick leaves by rhody
Maybe it is a good use of company resources. You mention in one sentence that he doesn't follow sound engineering principles. This is a risk to the company's product, it's reputation, quality and revenue. And depending on the product, could actually endanger lives. Separate the person from the problem and the higher ups might see you as doing the right thing for the company. Otherwise, it looks like a personal squabble and of course they will support the asshat.
StarStar (3)   Bedbugs infestation by zwiebelfisch
Bedbugs are notoriously difficult to deal with, and with the greatest of respect you clearly dont know how to deal with it alone. So you need a specialist and frankly trying to do your own thing before they arrive is unlikely to help. Read this and talk to the landlord. This is the top priority, call and message until they get their act together. Dont worry about annoying the landlord, talk to the mietverein and see what they say. All this worry and not knowing what to do is a distraction. You need a professional and you need them now, end of story.
StarStar (3)   What made you smile today? by tor
A little different than laughing or being made happy. just things that make you smile... incredible vocal control makes me smile :-)

Wednesday 15.Oct.2014

StarStarStarStarStar (10)   Frustration with grading system in 4th class by batchfile
Are the realschule really so vilified? Of our German friends 2 sets have happily let their kids head down that route reasoning that the gentler pace would suit their personalities - one finished and went off to an apprenticeship and the other finished and carried on to a Gymnasium and Abitur and is now heading to uni. I see more angst (locally) in expat parents who seem convinced that if their children don't make Gymnasium then they (and I am never quite sure whether they mean themselves or their children) have failed. Amusingly the 2 daughters of my most laid-back, mostly English, friends seemed to amble easily into Gymnasium on fairly mixed report cards and are bumbling along happily, around a 3, seemingly unstressed. The younger has just found a career goal that require, I think, a… (another 19 words)
StarStarStarStar (8)   Frustration with grading system in 4th class by sarabyrd
Yarra, your criticism of the school system may apply to Saarland. My experience with the school system in Bavaria in the 1970s and early 1980s was very different, the education that I got in the German system was excellent - ranging from modern (German, English, French) and ancient (Latin) languages over history coupled with geography starting with the Stone Age, covering medieval Europe through WW I, spending a lot of time on the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich and ending up with German home-grown terrorism in the 1970s, biology, chemistry and physics, geometry, calculus, and theory and history of music just to name some of the subjects - and offered several options after graduating. Teachers and pupils picking on one person because s/he's different? Been there, suffered that - an… (another 156 words)
StarStar (4)   Frustration with grading system in 4th class by LostInEurope01
I also have much to criticize about the school system here. The three tier system in my opinion enforces a stigma that is nothing more than a class/caste system. And I had a few "interesting" discussions about the grading and English grammar with my children's teachers as well. All of my frustration and discussing were, however, fruitless and the energy for it ill-spent. I can only support chris999's take. The system does get an education in the children (sort of). The rest (well-being, horizon, self-esteem, etc) is up to the parents it seems. <sigh>
StarStar (4)   Frustration with grading system in 4th class by kiplette
The thing about dictation is that it is number of errors, irrespective of the number of correct words. Kid#2, with the processing disorder, started on about twice as many mistakes as there were words in the Diktat (it is indeed possible to make multiple mistakes in one word!) and gradually got better, with an unholy amount of effort from himself and his team of teacher, big sister and me. Kid#1 pointed out that after weeks of effort her brother could never get more than a 6 because he still made more than x mistakes. The teacher took the point well, agreed it was depressing, and arranged with the headmaster to stop grading him entirely on Diktaten. Your kid does sound fine, with dictation it is about indecent amounts of practice including from books for that purpose, so that he gets used… (another 195 words)
StarStarStarStar (8)   Why are you unhappy today? by bramble
Update on my mother. Her doctor took a blood sample on Monday. Got the results today, nothing to worry about. Blood pressure normal. Blood thinners are out of the question, though, as the results showed that her blood clots slowly. Don't know the medical term. So it's not a blood clot that caused her stroke. Doctor said no medication necessary. The doctor knew her history and was already aware about her reluctance to go into hospital and was sympathetic regarding our own concerns. She's doing well where she is now, although her short term memory loss status remains the same. She doesn't seem to be able to store memory for longer than a few minutes. She's not very talkative, making an assesment difficult at the moment. When things have settled down, we want to see how far… (another 26 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Nobel Peace Prize 2014 by Kaumz
Going off on a tangent here, I'm Indian, and I hadn't heard about Kailash Satyarthi until he got the award. It's great that the Nobel Committee has recognised somebody who has worked tirelessly for a social cause and remained unknown in his own country. But it's a shame that media devotes pages to celebrity gossip and ignores people who have done so much for the society. The media seems to have lost its purpose and become a business organisation looking to make more money. Just for the record, I think Malala definitely deserved the award.
StarStarStar (6)   Cost of taking extended sick leaves by LostInEurope01
My rough translation ... F43.9 DE: Reaktion auf schwere Belastung, nicht näher bezeichnet EN: Reaction to severe stress, no further specification Z56.x DE: Probleme mit Bezug auf Berufstätigkeit oder Arbeitslosigkeit EN: Symptomatic issues related to employment or unemployment The two together say to me that you are being diagnosed as having (P)TSD due to work related issues. The time off will be helpful indeed to help you come back down and find your inner pole. I have been through similar times in the past and would also suggest you ask for a referral to a therapist. Learning how your own psyche works and getting some tools for dealing with stress situations is a very good thing in my opinion. You do have control of how you react to that other person's BS. Learning to do that is… (another 5 words)
StarStar (3)   What's got you flummoxed today? by HH_Sailor
Sign in a Hotel in Sao Paulo stating the obvious and reminding that it is in fact the law that you check first.... And I thought Germany was over zealous with rules 'n regs.
StarStar (3)   Where and how to obtain a Meldebescheinigung by mbamps
KVR in Poccistrasse, I got one the other day for a passport. Takes 1 to 2 hours in the line, 1 minute to ask what you need, 10 minutes to pay and another 1 minute to get it. ETA: Cost is 5 euro
StarStar (3)   Residency Permit for EU citizen by HEM
If you are a British Citizen you neither NEED a residence permit nor can you GET one - as they don't exist for us types. As an EU citizen you have the right of abode - as long as you can support yourself. What you have to do is register where you live with the local Burgeramt etc.
StarStar (3)   Stolen debit card by BadDoggie
You don't need to know your numbers, just bring your ID into a branch office. PostBank will be very friendly and helpful and make you pay at least €15 for a new card as you wait weeks for it to arive. You'll also have to wait for PINs to come by post. If you need money, you get to go into a branch with ID and wait again. If you need an Überweisungen, you're going to wish you didn't have a PostBank account. n.b.: I have PostBank accounts and am dealing with having a card which they want me to pay to reactivate and no working phone number to receive mTANs. I am planning to dump PB in favour of one of the other CashGroup banks (for ATM convenience). woof.
StarStar (3)   Best fertility clinic in Heidelberg region? by liebling
I know someone who works at the Uni Heidelberg's fertility clinic and she says they are particularly good. (She was previously in private practice elsewhere and is well-connected in the field, so I'd tend to believe her.) Perhaps that's one of the places you've already been? In the very least you could call them and ask whom they recommend when it comes to Azoospermia and/or whatever else is going on in your case. Just because a clinic has good success rates with one kind of treatment and/or patient doesn't mean they're going to be the best option for you. Also, bear in mind that some treatments require frequent (sometimes daily) visits, so you may run into logistical difficulties if you choose a clinic too far away from where you live (unless you can take a couple of… (another 27 words)

Tuesday 14.Oct.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar (17)   The Vent by chaos_amoeba
I don't care if your parents paid for the holiday because they wanted us all to have a lovely time, I told them fairly clearly that I would rather they didn't. I hate being put under obligations I can't repay and I'm an introvert who finds your whole family a Bit Much - so spending every waking minute of a whole week with them - not a great idea. And I'm suffering quite a severe dip in the cycle of living with depression and this was never going to be anything but a Huge trial for me. So, you know what, if you saw me crying over there, I'm sorry about that - the crying is, you know, the reason I went over there and I didn't ask for your sympathy or for any change of your plans or do anything with the intention of trying to impact you in any way. In fact, I spent… (another 304 words)
StarStarStar (6)   The Vent by sarabyrd
@ the lady in accounting: I sent you an invoice with a payment request. The last thing that I expect is an email response asking "Do you want me to do anything with this invoice?" Short of shoving it where the sun doesn't shine even in Good Ol' Texas, how about PAYING it?
StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar (15)   Lack of politeness by Germans by Bookslut
German male squishes in front of me, as I am standing in line for the movie. I ask him if he needs to get by, as the line/que is on the stairs, and the bathrooms are on the other side. He gives me an anal look, and just stands in front of close that I have to step back if I don't want to inhale his neck hairs. So I tell him how lovely it is of him to cut in front of me, but hey, if he "has it that nötig" whatever. His neckbeard bristles. He then yells at me, saying how should he know if I am standing in line, since I am, at least 30 cms away from the people in front of me. If I wanted to be in line, the space should be NO MORE THAN 10cm!!! Umm. The line is on the stairs. Why ELSE would I just be standing there? I told him about a thing called personal space,… (another 51 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Bullying in Public by BadDoggie
"Tatsächlich? Na dann, komm mal rüber und sei mein Freund..." As a former 8-year-old familiar with the receiving end, thank you. The problem with intervention in Germany is multifaceted, as cops explained to me the couple of times I did what seemed to be clear cases of the needful. You're not just breaking social norms but risking all sorts of criminal charges -- starting with assault -- and it gets worse if a juvenile is involved. Only once a blow has been landed can you jump in. A crime actually committed, §127 protection is active and you can legally hold the guilty for the cops to arrive without fear of being arrested yourself for kidnapping or other unlawful restraint of movement charges. woof.
StarStarStar (6)   US high school student, want to study in Germany by Lensman
You should read this article. Latin has assloads of cases that cause morphological changes in words. So it is going to be pretty much unlike any modern language you have studies (unless you hit a slavic one). I learned Czech, which is one of the more complicated Slavic tongues in terms of declination, and it was a bitch, and it doesn'T even begin to approach the complexity of latin. By morphological changes I mean that a single word can take several different forms, Prague for example can be Praha, Prahu, Praze Prazkovy/ve, etc. Even personal names change. Nouns have 14 possible forms. This ain't Spanish. This is even before we get to word order, which I never learned. After years of doing Czech, it took about three words for people to realize I was an English speaker. And I have a… (another 152 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Refusing to pay TV license fees (Rundfunkbeitrag) by MadAxeMurderer
A bar owner has the right to eject all patrons who have not paid GEZ, or who have bad Schufa ratings. That doesn't mean he will. Likewise banks and car leasing companies are not going to cancel profitable contracts just because entitled to. I'm thinking of forming the MadAxe political party who's main platforms will be: [list=1] legalise nudity & drugs everywhere. overthrow the vile GEZ. overthrow the vile Ladenschlussgesetz declare Editor_Bob a saint (or anti Christ if he prefers) only Pastafarianism receives church tax. environmental stuff [/list] How's that for passive resistance to his last post?
StarStar (4)   Bought house, found mold afterward by LostInEurope01
Thank you for your response and info scoffer. And thanks again to all for their thoughts and advice. The seller opened communications again yesterday evening and will provide the key to the garage as agreed upon, however their move out date remains the 28th or later. The seller/lady said she was upset because her new place isn't coming along as she wanted and therefore threw a hissy fit. I personally did not talk to the lady, but the realtor, who I believe (hope) I can trust relayed that to me. The lady is indeed an abrasive one such that I have been very careful not to provoke. I can see her throwing a fit. Due to my employer not being happy with me wanting to take a half day off with others out of the office, I had to cancel the lawyer appointment. After all that I have learned from… (another 216 words)
StarStar (4)   Cost of taking extended sick leaves by Boots
First of all, if your symptoms are as bad as you say, see your GP and ask him to sign you off for a couple of weeks. You don't have to tell anyone why. Take care to leave professional handover notes for your team members. The time off will give you time to take stock. The company can't fire you without due process. That usually involves something like a Performance Improvement Plan, where your work is rigourously documented to show that you are either incompetent or slacking, or else a series of formal warnings, which also have to be documented by more than one person. If neither of those things have happened you're not being fired any time soon. Your boss is just being an asshole. German employment law doesn't really have provision for unfair or constructive dismissal which… (another 63 words)
StarStar (4)   Cost of taking extended sick leaves by White Rose of Yorkshire
Document everything and if possible get someone to witness what is going on. The people from the workers council who gave you such “advice” should hang their heads in shame. Mobbing can cause a lot of personal and financial damage in a company, see links below. Mobbing – auch ein volkswirtschaftliches Problem Die Studie bestätigt überdies, was die, die sich mit dem Phänomen Mobbing seit Jahren auseinandersetzen, schon lange vertreten: „Mobbing ist kein betrieblicher Einzelfall, Mobbing ist ein volkswirtschaftliches Problem.“ Ein teures noch dazu: Geschätzte 15,3 Milliarden Euro Schaden entstehen für deutsche Betriebe und öffentliche Verwaltungen. Denn, wo gemobbt wird, wird weniger gearbeitet. Die Opfer können sich nicht mehr konzentrieren, die Fehlerquote steigt. Auch die… (another 274 words)
StarStar (3)   My colleague is pushing my buttons with jokes by rob2011
One sentence that speaks volumes. Someone may have handed off their problem at the other branch for the same reason you are having trounble with him. You really should make some sort of inquriries to HR. Maybe he can get transferred again.
StarStar (3)   The "thank you" thread by marie-claire
Thank you, Fuzzy Tony, for giving me your entire collection of Breaking Bad DVDs. You are such a generous lovely person. I hope you come back to Toytown soon, because I'm sure I'm not the only one who misses your posts, especially on the movie threads.
StarStar (3)   New TV license fee, €17.98 a month from 01/2013 by Cool_Hand_Luke
I have been reading these threads for a while now and find the arrogant tactics being used by this crowd absolutely outrageous. My wife also got the latest letter threatening to turn the issue over to the Stadtkasse if we don't pay by October 15th. At this time the total amount that they are demanding is €393.58. This amount is likely to increase significantly over time and is certain to become quite a burden for many households who either don't have a TV/radio or simply continue to ignore the letters to the point that bailiffs become involved which seems to be taking place now in droves. I know it's easy to dismiss those who shirk at this system by simply saying "Welcome to Germany - Them's the rulz you gots to pay!!!" but what I see as a problem here… (another 159 words)
StarStar (3)   New TV license fee, €17.98 a month from 01/2013 by BadDoggie
You apparently don't know how this whole thing works, starting with the complete lack of regulation or restriction, resulting in the GEZ recipients' unfair competition and ever-increasing scope. Do you even know how many TV and radio channels ARD/ZDF/3 are up to now? If you are TAKING people's money for it, you need to justify it, and I see no justification for the TV and radio, let alone clipping people for being online. Do feel free to enlighten me. woof.
StarStar (3)   Water Meter Swap? by BadDoggie
For your protection, based on the meter's original certification. At production measzuring devices like scales and meters are certified to last a specific period of time, after which they're either no longer legal for trade usage or they no longer have the legal benefit of the doubt. Relevant law: §12 HeizKV I expect the sticker is the one showing a pass for the annual or periodic inspection. Periodic inspections of measuring equipment are often required, especially for food scales and gasoline/petrol pumps. This is in addition to the overall length of service certification This is where they can right off. Except what they did isn't require you to be home; they just set up a default appointment. They're for not notifying you at least a week in advance but that's their… (another 130 words)