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Thursday 27.Nov.2014

StarStar (4)   Why are you unhappy today? by Gwaptiva
Unhappy to read just now that the very talented Philip Hughes passed away earlier today from a head injury sustained in a match two days ago. At 25, he was just about to hit his peak as a cricketer. So sad when I consider his family, friends. Also the hope that Sean Abbott, who bowled the delivery that would prove fatal, is surrounded by those who care for him and that he gets some help to cope with the events
StarStar (3)   Why are you unhappy today? by farmerandy
I hear you, Gwap. Hell of a shock Being here, it feels like the entire country has ground to a halt. It is our national game. He was a much loved larrikin lad from the bush. He was unorthodox and sometimes quite dysfunctional and easily figured out by bowlers. But, by christ, he could plunder runs in the cavalier fashion that australians respect beyond all else. As everyone has said, it was a matter of when, not if, he would be recalled to the test squad. 25 years old. 3 days before his birthday. I hear you, too, aquaminie One of the truly sad things about this entire tragedy is that, up until this year, Hughes and Abbott were team-mates. I played competitive sport at an amateur level for 15 years. Even after they move to a different club, these people are your brothers in arms. You stand… (another 29 words)
StarStar (3)   Salary in Opel by pog451
In the current Situation I would be thinking very very hard about joining Opel as a new employee and I would DEFINITELY not be making any long-term plans (5y+) about staying there. Everyone else has been smashing sales records, Opel has just this morning announced that it will be 2016 before they even plan to be back in the black. Sure they need talented people to bring the rudder round, but with the universal consolidation happening in the automotive industry, you have to ask yourself how long GM is going to watch them burning money before their own shareholders get twitchy. No reason not to go for a job now if you have a good offer, but remember as the new guy, youre first out the door too if things go down the pan. To answer your questions - Yes Opel is IGM tariff. 41k@13Mths is a decent… (another 96 words)

Wednesday 26.Nov.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStarStar (14)   Gaining full custody after sharing by calibear
SW1970, just ignore SpiderPig. I don't know him personally and have only peripheral knowledge of his troubles with his ex regarding his child from posts he has made on TT. But he most definitely has developed "issues" regarding related topics on the forum. He likes to jump all over people without getting all the info. Don't take it personally. He is right about going to the Jugendamt and start documenting the problems your daughter is experiencing. You want a paper trail to be able to make any changes in the future. And who knows, maybe mediation by the Jugendamt works and your ex lets you visit your family. Good luck.
StarStarStar (5)   Killer bouncers to be re-tried by Starshollow
Attached imageHere is a chance to tell "Haftbefehl" waht you think about his stupid violence-embrassing Vid that shows Öhmer H. - his FB site where he just wrote (rightly so, but he should better shut up) is condolences about the death of Tugce A. I just wrote there - join me! oh, yes, in case anyone wonders - my real name is Patrick...
StarStar (4)   Why is no one talking of Ferguson, Missouri? by MikeMelga
The problem in situations like these is that American police officers and soldiers are instructed that their life is worth as much or more than civilians, while in Europe they are considered professionals who must take risks because they are payed for that. I can't blame American police officers, they operate on a 3rd world crime level. But I can blame American politicians for in the past 40 years having pushed black population into poverty and crime, due to a mixture of racism and prison-industrial complex based on war on drugs. Prison-Industrial complex - Wikipedia
StarStar (4)   Why is no one talking of Ferguson, Missouri? by sosarx
"Young black male out in the street at night " isn't only a stereotype. It's a racist stereotype. Without that "black" in it nobody gets the picture, with the word "black" in it everybody knows what's meant. Wherever a society leaves it to the police to deal with the results of inequality, poverty and lack of perspective instead of actively pursuing to reduce the wealth- and education gap , hate on both sides, riots and extremism will never end.
StarStar (3)   Why is no one talking of Ferguson, Missouri? by katheliz
Attached imageMichael Brown was shot at 12:03 PM, in broad August daylight. I, too, assumed it was around midnight, but I was wrong. His body was removed from the scene around 10 PM that evening. Aren't we happy it isn't a problem anywhere in the world except Ferguson?
StarStar (4)   Beware of the ticks (Zecken) by Anorthosite
I've just been diagnosed with Lyme disease. I've been living in Munich but a few months ago I moved to the Harz in a village near Osterode. I've been doing a lot of work in the garden and never noticed a tick despite regularly checking for them. Two days ago the red rash began to develop on my calf, a dark red circle with a lighter red circle around it and flu-like symptoms started. I went to the doctor this morning and pretty much diagnosed it with a single glance. I think it might be quite common around here. I'm on antibiotics now and I'm expected to be rid of it within a few weeks. I may have been lucky though in that I knew about Lyme disease and immediately suspected it. Also, even if I didn't know, the rash for me is bloody painful and I would have gone to the… (another 4 words)
StarStar (3)   What's got you flummoxed today? by SpiderPig
4yrs ago I was in court fighting to get access to my wee one... I won... For the next 2yrs, I was battling the same woman "I dont think you can have Lilly this weekend as she is not very well"... Now, I get the phone calls.. "Hi Geoff... Lilly isnt very well, can you look after her?" Oh well...
StarStar (3)   Time expected for package from the U.S. by El Jeffo
It could take a while to clear customs. It's also the Christmas season, which means increased traffic. In my experience, older relatives often have trouble with German addresses (not putting the house number before the street, for example, or the ZIP code before the city). Plus the post office can be rather liberal in their interpretation of American 1s and 7s. Any of these factors can increase the delivery time. In the nearly 25 years I've been in Germany, I've had parcels make it in 4 days (from the west coast) and 6 weeks (from the east coast).
StarStar (3)   Friday beer garden by ian
Attached imageHi all you pyroclastic imbibers! We have our favourite corner of the Franziskaner in der Au (Haidhausen) on Friday 7pm (or earlier) As you go in the front door it is the far right corner with the high tables. I booked under no name. It's a short bus ride from the Pots of Evil, Rindermarkt, for those warming up at the Weihnachstmarkt. (Bus 62 Viktualienmarkt to Regerplatz) Cocktails on stream! Happy hour 5pm-7pm & 10pm-Midnight. Everyone is welcome. Newbies and everyone. Just show up. We try to make everyone feel welcome. (Whether they want it or not!) Ian 0172 768 3510 Address: Schornstrasse 2. Map: Google Map S-Bahn Rosenheimerplatz (then walk down Franziskaner str.) Or Bus 62/Tram 25 to Regerplatz Christmas Season Friday December 5th: Booking in progress... Friday… (another 41 words)
StarStar (3)   Change in landlord and contract by sarabyrd
Their whole behavior is incredible - almost a How Not To Perform A Transition. As stated in the linked post: Nothing changes. If the new company wants to evict you, tell them to evict away as your internship will be over before the case even hits the courts. Until then, pay the current rent and keep your most important documents in a safe place because these bozos sound like the kind that will change the lock on your door.

Tuesday 25.Nov.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStar (11)   What made you laugh today? by the.frollein
Since we've been together, the GerMan has been exposed to all kinds of things he never knew existed before. Like #damnyouautocorrect, for example. And now, he's managed to produce his own version. His phone does verbal transcription, so he usually dictates his texts into his phone. Every once in a while, I'll get a text with "blabla Komma blabla Punkt" - but this time he really outdid himself... (He had a miserable cold when he sent me this.) GerMan: So, heute geht es wieder ein bisschen besser. Ich habe vorhin eine nackte Jungs Bad genommen und bin jetzt ins Bett. Translation: I'm feeling a bit better today. I just took a naked youths bath and am in bed now. Me: Nackte Jungs Bad? Translation: Naked youths bath? Me: Wie muss ich mir das vorstellen? Translation:… (another 44 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Why is no one talking of Ferguson, Missouri? by LostinLuneburg
When racism comes into play in this discussion, it is not of the "here is a black dude, I want to shoot him" type, but rather of a deep suspicion of blacks in general, and of young, black men in particular type. At the base of the racism accusations is the simple question, are police more likely to conclude that they are in danger or that a crime is being committed when faced with a black person instead of a white one. I don't think anyone doubts that the officer felt threatened and therefore fired, many question whether he would have felt as threatened had he been faced with a white man leading to an entirely different outcome.
StarStar (3)   Why is no one talking of Ferguson, Missouri? by Gwaptiva
The one unhelpful situation was that the jury was 12 people, 3 black, 9 white, with 9 being the number required for a decision. Not sure how these grand juries are put together, but having just one more non-white person on it might have helped argue your point more easily, tor.
StarStar (4)   Grocery stores in Germany by perdido
Well what I like about Sainsburys(sp?) is the option of dumping all your change in a bowl to pay. It counts it out and telly you what you owe. Brilliant. Lazy people around the world should unite and demand this from all stores. I would but cant be bothered. Up yours seattle!
StarStar (3)   Grocery stores in Germany by HEM
That maps to "Drinking Chocolate" in UK. You need three teaspoons of that per cup whilst only one of Cocoa - the difference is that Drinking Chocolate contains a vast amount of sugar. The result is far too sweat for my taste - I only add one spoon sugar to one spoon cocoa.
StarStar (4)   Purchased a renovated apartment by batchfile
Have I missed something? Like the passage of time? It's November 2014 so things promised for April/May 2015 are not late. Please, please tell me I have not lost a year somewhere.
StarStar (3)   Independent financial advice by Starshollow
HI Mox, Germany is - I am afraid to say (and I am a native German, so I have every right to do so) - decades behind the UK or Ireland or the US when it comes to regulating financial advice. Both insurance advice and investment/financial advice are barely regulated and the majority of advisors are still tied agents interested in optimizing their commission only. You can find some basic info (but mainly about insurance advisors - but for pension planning that would be important, too, anyway) here on our website: So, your friend needs to look at the following info (that every advisor must provide upon first contact): 1. Insurance: there must be a registration/oicense number under § 34 D GewO. you can check this online with the DIHK registry… (another 626 words)

Monday 24.Nov.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStar (11)   Planning timing and duration of Elternzeit by cranberriesfan
Gobhs, are you familiar with the basics of Elternzeit and ELterngeld? It seems from your questions that perhaps you are not clear on your rights or options. Elternzeit: you are legally entitled to 3 years off without losing your job. One of those years is paid at about 65% of your previous salary, that is Elterngeld. (You can also stretch Elterngeld over 2 years, but the payments would be halved). So basically, if you go back to work within the first year of your child's life, the money you earn by working will be balanced with Elterngeld and you will get less Elterngeld or even none at all. You might want to calculate and see if it's worth your time to go back to work within the first year after giving birth. If you decide to work part time (say, after the first year, when Elterngeld… (another 424 words)
StarStarStarStar (7)   Need advice on dating German guy by anne k
The average German man is "45, 1.79 metres (5'10") tall, is slightly overweight at 83.5 kilograms (184 lbs), and earns €3,702 ($5,923) a month gross." Last year, he "ate 42.9 kilograms (94.6 pounds) of fruit, consumed 540 glasses of alcoholic beverages, wore pajamas to bed, watched at least 1,200 hours of TV, drank champagne at birthday parties, received new music CDs for Christmas, drove to work and had sex with his wife 117 times." German men "have sex twice a week. Thirty-eight percent of Germans are satisfied with their sex lives. For 31 percent, a partner's novelty wears off after only a year, at which point they start looking for new thrills. Half of all men describe the first time they have sex with a new partner as anywhere from outstanding… (another 92 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Vodafone "Rentnertarif" contract by emkay
Sorry if this should be posted in one of the many other Vodafone threads though I just wanted to warn anyone else who thinks they may save some money. My elderly parents were persuaded by a Vodafone agent to switch their normal landline and mobile to a "Rentnertariff' supposedly saving them 25€ per month. Firstly, they were told that Vodafone would take over the existing contract. I thought this very unlikely and of course it's not true. Vodafone, for another fee, would take a number over but not a contract. They will also not cancel their mobile part of the contract as it's not needed as they are sticking to the fact a contract has been exchanged. Result being, my parents have to now pay double for 2 mobile contracts for another 18 months. If that wasn't bad enough,… (another 321 words)
StarStar (3)   Vodafone "Rentnertarif" contract by jigardil410
Hi Emkay, Sorry to hear about your bad experience. But also with my experience, Vodafone indeed nowadays is very bad in providing service as well as customer support. I have DSL contract with Vodafone and I am tired of with their poor internet service. These days, I am struggling hard to fix my internet or cancel my contract.
StarStarStar (5)   Seeking Information about new Business Set-up by prestononline
Did you take time to read the replies and the links provided in this very post that you started with a question. Looks like you are just asking the same question again after two months. The exact activity (tätigkiet) job description was used as examples for freelancing. Let me point out the answer to your question from this very post So I dont know what was the confusion there. Yes, based on your activity you can do freelancing and need not register a company or get a gewerbe registration. If you were confused between advantages and disadvantages of selecting between opening a company and doing as a freelancer, the advantages and disadvantages of starting the company was also explained. In fact, I had also suggested that since you are just starting out without an solid plan and… (another 342 words)
StarStar (4)   Victim of Racism and Xenophobic insults by tokeshu
kafka - document everything if this person continues to harass you on social media, and go ahead with legal aid if you think it will help you close that door. I've had a few incidents since arriving here, but living in the country it's probably not quite the same as living in a bigger place. I'll never forget a butcher telling me he didn't sell dogmeat, laughing uproariously and the rest of the customers in the store also having a good guffaw (I'm eurasian). It made me feel like I was 2 feet tall. I still wonder what their reaction would have been had I shouted Sieg Heil and saluted them all Hitler style. In my experience, addressing the issue directly only results in people saying "I was only joking - you didn't understand". I almost had a stroke a few years… (another 87 words)
StarStar (3)   Kirchensteuerstelle send questionnaire by jeba
I fully agree with presto here. However, in my view they shouldn´t be allowed to run secular institutions like hospitals with only 15% of their own money but have 100 % of a say.
StarStar (3)   Grocery stores in Germany by anne k
It's funny, as I go to Rewe to get the "expensive" goods. Usually go to Netto and spend at least 20% less as they don't have "luxury" items like curry sauce etc. (Though I might not scrimp so much if Netto wasn't literally round the back of my house!)
StarStar (3)   Grocery stores in Germany by fraufruit
My Rewe is brilliant. They allow me to walk by the fruit and veg to do the bulk of my shopping and then walk 20 seconds right back over there to pick up my soft stuff at the end. The shelf stockers also come in handy when I need to ask where to find a certain item.
StarStar (3)   How to cancel a BahnCard by RainyDays
I would first order a free overview of your credit data according to § 34 Federal Data Protection Law: Schufa. Click on UK icon for the English version of the form; on the form don't tick the "Alternative option" box, as this will cost you 24,95 €. With that info from Schufa you will be able to see who exactly made the negative entry, whether it is Deutsche Bahn or a debt-collecting agency (Deutsche Bahn usually passes on their open claims to a collecting agency soon after not getting any reactions upon a payment reminder). If there is a collecting agency listed, you would have to deal exclusively with them, it is not Deutsche Bahn's business any more. In any case, note that the regular periods after which (negative) entries are deleted are 3 years for settled claims… (another 15 words)
StarStar (3)   So Ordered: US Amnesty by Obama by pog451
"Interests" is mot the same as "prejudices". The latter ultimately probably wins more votes, but just because a group of people harbours a certain set of prejudices doesn't mean they reflect their true interests. To whit: "Theyre taking away our Jobs!!1!!11". Well are they actually taking away a job you would otherwise do? The evidence globally says no. See: German Spargel harvesters, British sandwich assemblers, Medical staff throughout Europe. Aah, that good old conservative belief in the market. This would only work if people really were a homogenous mass of "labour" and not individuals with (possibly utterly unrealistic) visions of how they want to live their lives. There has been a lot of talk about that sandwich factory hiring… (another 134 words)

Sunday 23.Nov.2014

StarStarStar (6)   Crazy Hermes Guy & Troop of Police by Mapleleafdude
In general these poor souls that work for Hermes/DPD etc get a shitty wage with long hours. Their truck is packed full and the job is to empty the truck then go back for more at the distribution center because that's where the pile is they're actually working off. Until that isn't done they are not finished for the day. That's why these guys (sometimes girls) are really annoyed if they have to climb multiple flights of stairs and possibly find a locked door. If you've climbed stairs a few dozen times a day I'm sure you'd be annoyed to say the least. I pity these guys and try to make it as easy as possible because I see the same dude at 8am in the truck in the neighbourhood and I see him at 8pm. Give him a tip next time and say your sorry and explain because… (another 86 words)
StarStar (3)   Crazy Hermes Guy & Troop of Police by bramble
Attached imageI order my dog food online as well for the same reason. I don't want to carry it myself all the way from the supermarket. But I haul the heavy bags (that I sign for on the ground floor) down one flight of stairs into the cellar with a sack barrow. There I keep the dog food in plastic trash bins with tight fitting lids similar to this one: The dog food stays dry, doesn't go mouldy, for a long time. From there I take weekly rations in a smaller plastic container that fits into the cupboard in my kitchen.
StarStarStar (5)   Planning timing and duration of Elternzeit by Feierabend
Is this your first baby? If so,besides trying to be fair to your employer and your baby, don't forget being fair to yourself! You'll be sleep-deprived, often overcome with emotion and lucky if you have a few brain cells still firing for the first few months!
StarStar (4)   An incredible job offer is being made by angelbeast
It is a well known scam. Do not do it. you deposit the draft in your account, transfer him the money (amount - 10%) and then the draft turn out to be invalid and the bank will reverse the credit in your account.
StarStar (3)   Moving to Germany from Canada by franklan
Hi, Bring as much as you can take with you in the suitcase, put the rest in boxes and make a list of the content, store it at a relative's place. The next time you're in Canada, pick the next batch. Or phone the relatives and ask them to send box #X to you (that's where the detailed list of the content comes handy). Or tell them to toss box #X because you figured out you don't need it anymore. Cheers Franklan
StarStar (3)   Moving to Germany from Canada by Mellyco
I'm one of the ones who buys clothes every time I go home. If you are someone who has one or two stores where you always know that you can find something that fits - bring lots with you. If you can buy clothes anywhere that fit, don't worry about it so much. Franklan's suggestion is also a good one - shipping boxes of clothes can be cheaper than buying one new pair of jeans here! At Reitmans in Canada I can buy a couple pairs of jeans, a few shirts, and a blazer, for the cost of one similar blazer and a blouse here! My husband gets his jeans from the US shipped up to Canada for me to bring back to Germany - with delivery to Canada it is still cheaper than buying here, and they fit! The same thing with decent warm sweaters - I get stuff from LLBean shipped up to Canada,… (another 57 words)

Saturday 22.Nov.2014

StarStarStarStar (7)   Need advice on dating German guy by poohsan
just be sure that if he does present you with a dating contract you have a lawyer look it over and ensure you understand it before signing. of course I'm assuming that you have already applied for and received your permit for dating within Germany.
StarStar (3)   Need advice on dating German guy by jeba
Simply don´t beat around the bush. Simply give him some ebcouragement. E. g. make some remarks like "what a pity I have to leave - but I´m looking forward to seeing you again upon my return" or something like that. Or next time you give him a good-bye hug just hold him a bit tighter and longer than usual etc. and for good measure make some remark like you heard Germans don´t give hugs but you hope he doesn´t mind and you like being so close to him. If he is into you he won´t fail to get the hint.
StarStarStar (5)   Integrating offenders who have served their time by Anorthosite
It's really up to him isn't it? If he came out a model of repentance, holding his hands up and admitting what he did wrong and making significant efforts to fight attitudes that promote rape then he could be seen as a positive role model. He's done the exact opposite though, so him, let him rot.
StarStar (4)   Kickstarter wants us to translate for free (?) by Maui
Last year I supported a Kickstarter project and somewhere I must have indicated I was in Germany. I got this e-mail from them this week: ------------------- Help us translate Kickstarter! We’re always working to make Kickstarter more widely accessible, and for that reason, we’re leading an effort to translate our website into German and other languages. No one knows Kickstarter better than our community, so we’re putting out a call to see if you’d be interested in helping us with this project. A few details about what your participation would entail: The project will begin in early 2015. We hope to have folks getting started sometime in January. In addition to translating content, you’ll also be able to provide feedback on other peoples’ translations. You can contribute… (another 136 words)
StarStar (4)   German housing and mould by sosarx
Leaving the windows open while absent during the day is the wrong thing to do. Cold walls and then mould will be the result. Keep them close. When back home turn the heat on and after an hour open the windows, or open the balcony door if you have one, , for about 3- 5 minutes. Best twice the the evening. That will push warm humid air out and cold but dry air in. That's the cheapest and simplest way to keep humidity low. And the device- use it to avoid too high levels, let's say max. 70 %. That way costs be hardly felt.
StarStar (3)   Church Tax - donations, corrections by prestononline
I know there are lot of posts about church tax, but I am here to update in case someone would like to know what to do in case there was an mistake. If you were made a member of a particular church when you are not supposed to be. I did fill the form PandaMunich has pointed out above in order to correct the ElStAm, but unfortunately the Finanzamt did not accept it and I was told to go to the KVR and change it there as it was all automatic data now. So, two months ago I finally ended up going to KVR when I had to change my address. Along with that I told the beamter that it was an error that I was in EV (Evangelical church which collects tax). As I had noted earlier, I am a protestant, but not EV. The church membership I have back home is considered as a similar to a Freikirche in Germany… (another 217 words)
StarStar (3)   So Ordered: US Amnesty by Obama by rhody
The drama for the republicans and Fox News believers is that a president not from their party and of their color made a decision that they couldn't make because of divisions in their own party. The only thing they are all united in is giving the most powerful black guy in the world a hard time.
StarStar (3)   Problems with AirBnB host, threat of legal action by calibear
What's her cancelation policy? If I remeber right the host can pick one from seveal options. Most that I have rented from had a fairly short notice cancelation policy. If you honored whatever her policy is then I would just ignore her. If you didn't, pay her accordingly (3 days notice or whatever). It's only fair. If you didn't like the place, you should have said something when moving in. It seems shady (even if true) to do so now.So honor your agreement sccording to the policy that you signed up for (if you haven't already) and otherwise tell her to cool it. She probably isn't even allowed to sublet
StarStar (3)   Moving to Germany from Canada by the.frollein
Since most US and Canada natives I know save all, or as much as possible, of their clothes shopping for their trips back home, and come back to Germany with tales of how much cheaper it is to buy clothes there than here in Germany... you should probably not plan to do extensive clothes shopping here. Or at least not until you've acclimated and know where you want to shop - rather than *having* to shop because you have no clothes. There are stores like C&A where you can buy basic stuff of mostly decent quality for a reasonable price, but I don't know that I would want my entire wardrobe to be C&A.
StarStar (3)   Winter Tires Dilemma by 2B_orNot2B
How about because the OP and her spouse are, unlike the Auto Center, not a (supposedly) professional tyre/tire sales organisation. The time investment, costs of re-selling, and additional stress factors are bound to be disproportionate to them compared to the Auto Center's potential extra costs (probably no more than 1x shipping fee). I agree wholeheartedly with your second point and IMO, from both a customer-satisfaction and business reputation point of view, the solution is simple; the dealer should return the incorrect size tyres/tires and re-order the correct size. I don't see much is ever to be gained by playing the blame game and, based on the evidence available - (no written proof of size discussed), it is indeed quite possible the fault could lie on either side of the transaction.… (another 174 words)
StarStar (3)   Arbeitslosengeld question: How to claim my money by robinson100
Good on you Dudette! We all know that you have had your own problems with work, etc, so it is really good to see you in a position to help somebody else now! Maybe it should be in the happy thread, but I am happy for you!

Friday 21.Nov.2014

StarStarStarStar (7)   Arbeitslosengeld question: How to claim my money by SarahBerlin
Thanks Engelchen, That's exactly what I was looking for! I have done all the other forms. Your help is really appreciated. And for those of you criticising my lack of German, its because i work 55-60 hour weeks and I'm deaf so I haven't picked it up as best I can! Thanks for being concerned though
StarStarStar (5)   Arbeitslosengeld question: How to claim my money by optimista
Low on empathy? Do you have no experience of being fobbed off brusquely by rude Beamte in a foreign language? The lady listened as best she could. She did not however understand and yes, humbly failed to press the matter. I would put this down to a lack of personal confidence rather than not being bothered. You need a very sharp pair of elbows and an equally sharp tongue to get what you need in those joints.
StarStar (3)   Arbeitslosengeld question: How to claim my money by the.frollein
Just as a matter of interest: You've been paying into social security for 2.5 years, so must have been in Germany for at least that long - and you don't speak enough German to ask questions until you get answers you can understand? Okay, sh!t happens and dealing with Arbeitsagentur bureaucrats is stressful, and German skills go out the window. But you're also not savvy enough to take along someone who *can* speak enough German to help you understand? Not good. I've applied for - and received - ALGI twice in my time in Germany. Zyre is right, and you need to go back to the Arbeitsagentur pronto and get the stack of forms that need to be filled out (including, IIRC, one that your employer will need to fill out), fill them out and submit them. These should have been given… (another 164 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Dog barking when I'm not home by Rocha
Apologies for not sending out updates over and I thank you everyone who posted some kind of solution to my problem. I still need to revise each of your answers. Nonetheless, I tried to take my dog to a colleague of mine who offered her help and also has a dog. She said that her dog usually does not like other dogs, but mine was warmly accepted and they got along fine. Anyway, the idea was to leave him there for the night to see how he was behaving with the other dog and if having a "friend" would ease the situation with the barking. I left my colleague's home after he adapted with his new environment and an hour later I got a call. My dog was quite freaked out and was barking and trying to escape from the hands of my colleague. She was afraid he might bite. I got back and as… (another 401 words)
StarStarStar (6)   So Ordered: US Amnesty by Obama by kaffeemitmilch
So Zee Great Engineer clearly watches the 'right' channels by proclaiming something that hasn't actually happened, and then backtracking below that. Whether or not this leads to full citizenship is not clear, but if it does, it would be in line with what has happened in the past. The bullshit line that people ought to get in line legally like the rest of us is obviously propaganda, since the poor have NO chance of getting into the country through legal channels. Setting aside the argument that inequality driven by current economic policy and practice (by the US, Mexico, Europe, etc.) is in large part responsible for global migration (legal and otherwise), and that it is our responsibility as a collective to make sure that nobody is exploited and goes hungry, having a porous/open… (another 74 words)
StarStarStar (5)   So Ordered: US Amnesty by Obama by mako1
similar to what saint Reagan did in 1986? I am torn on the issue as someone who thinks that there are lots of people we should help and let in as long as they follow the rules. But since those who are against letting people in under any conditions are generally a bunch of idiots, I am for being more lenient rather than agreeing with a bunch of idiots. And that my friends, is modern politics in America. (crap, I just saw who started the thread...) Trollfeed.
StarStar (3)   So Ordered: US Amnesty by Obama by yourkeau
Well, I've learned that there is no such thing as Niederlassungserlaubnis in 5 years in the USA (unlike Canada, where it's 3 years). Getting Green Card is extremely difficult for highly qualified persons and yes, it's sometimes easier if you were undocumented migrant in the past. But you have to be lucky. So, Republicans don't want cheap/free higher education in the USA; They don't want to make country attractive to those who already got higher education in their home countries; Then why are you complaining, Republicans? Deal now with unqualified migration. Everyone who is not Republican is a leftie, didn't you know? Just like in Russia if you don't like Putin you are fascist.
StarStarStar (5)   Pleeeze help me by LostinLuneburg
I think this was exactly Rick's point - to remind us how lucky we are that this scenario is so far removed from our reality here in Germany, that the type of kindergarten security measures that were in the original post on the original thread seems so ridiculous to us. There are tons of utterly tasteless posts on TT, but I don't think this was meant to be one of them. Just for the record - In no way do I mean to imply that OP on the post to which Rick is referring is anything other than a complete and total nutjob.
StarStar (4)   Kirchensteuerstelle send questionnaire by bramble
It looks as if lapsus alumni has been correct all along because that open letter is quite illuminating and explains the difference between Glaubensgemeinschaft Katholische Kirche Deutschland (Faith Community Catholic Church Germany) and Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts Katholische Kirche Deutschland (Public corporation Catholic Church Germany) which legally is looked upon as one entity. The letter goes on to explain that when you register at the Einwohnermeldeamt the clueless Beamte asks you what your confession is and puts a tick in the appropriate box, which if you are Catholic automatically makes you a member of the Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts Katholische Kirche Deutschland (Public corporation Catholic Church Germany) with all its obligations including paying church tax.… (another 279 words)
StarStar (3)   Kirchensteuerstelle send questionnaire by sosarx
You quote the letter to the NRW Justizministerium. That letter doesn't contain the answer but only the point of view of the writer. Wishful thinking and law are 2 different things. The Staatskanzlei answered that letter on behalf of the Justizminiserium stating: 1.There is no such thing as a "Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts Katholische Kirche Deutschland" 2. Wherever a Catholic of whatever Nationality moves in Germany she/he becomes a member of the "Ortsgemeinde" and the Ortsgemeinde is part of the Bistum, Diocese. A catholic can move wherever he or she wants. The whole earth, even the deepest heathen rainforest , is a diocese and has a bishop. In other words: Once a a catholic- ever a catholic. No matter where you live on earth. And hence you can't become… (another 113 words)
StarStar (4)   Crazy Hermes Guy & Troop of Police by PLS
It is a crime to threaten people in Germany, punishable with up to one year in prison. Strafgesetzbuch 241 (in English) It might be hard to prove this if no one else witnessed it though, maybe ask any of the neighbours if they heard/saw anything. You should have it registered anyway even if there are no witnesses because he is clearly unstable and might do something like this again to you or other people. If you haven't already, contact Hermes, this guy shouldn't be in that business if that is how he reacts.
StarStar (4)   Crazy Hermes Guy & Troop of Police by boondoggle
I would have called the police too. You didn't know where it would end or how many people the police would send. I can see how it may have started with his frustration at not getting the signature, spending his time, etc., (really over-the-top reaction to frustration, though), but I don't understand him getting a second person for another round. I would write up an account, file a police report with it, and send the same account to Hermes with the police report number.
StarStar (3)   Salaries in Berlin by razzmatazz
<900 eur net - survival mode 900-1100 - kebab a day and room in a shared flat 1100-1200 - kebab&beer and room in a shared flat 1200-1400 - ok and a room in a shared flat 1500-1600 - kabab&beer a day and a tiny own flat 1800-1900 ok and a small own flat >2000 whatever upgrade mode you prefer from there onward no idea about that salary though
StarStar (3)   Dashboard (car) video camera by Small Town Boy
"Privacy intrusion" is a state of mind. Simply by looking at you I am invading your privacy, but I assume you haven't blacked out the windows of your car or walk around wearing sunglasses and a fake beard. Like many Germans you tut disapprovingly at Britain being a "CCTV country" but accept as normal being obliged to possess state ID and having to register your address with the authorities whenever you move, two things that would be considered by most Brits and Americans as an intrusion of personal freedom.

Thursday 20.Nov.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar (16)   Pleeeze help me by RickMunich
I walked by a German church the other day and I almost fainted in surprise and horror! There was not a single security camera in place to monitor the congregation! The priest was not armed with an automatic weapon! Neither the altar boys nor the deacon was wearing a bulletproof vest and nobody was wearing a pistol!! How in the world are is it possible for anybody to pray and worship with any sense of security? It would be possible for any crazy person to just walk in off the street and start slaughtering people or, even worse, maybe steal from the collection basket! Anybody! Maybe even a muslim! I know that in the US, there would be an armed response team in place, as well as ubiquitous security cameras with infrared sensors to monitor everyone, for their own… (another 40 words)
StarStarStarStarStarStarStar (13)   Lack of security at Kindergarten/Kinderkrippe by sarabyrd
Sure, if you can shell out the tuition. Hahahahahahahahahaha *snort* whooohoohoohoo *cough, choke* yodelyodelyodel *slaps knee* Time and again I have told my story of going to German Gymnasium and getting fantastic education for free, enabling me to land a demanding, highly-paid and satisfying job that requires the Renaissance Woman. Including applied Latin.
StarStar (4)   Lack of security at Kindergarten/Kinderkrippe by katheliz
Those of us who learned we'd been harboring a sex offender, a pedophile, in the house know just how well these guys conceal their activities. Coercion and threats to the child, using the otherwise empty house or taking the child for a ride alone, these are some of their tricks. Any single parent out there with a small child needs to be careful of who comes into the house and who has access to the child in the custodial parent's house. You can't be too careful. Children in kindergartens and horts are probably safer, as the personnel are vetted pretty carefully. I'm not casting aspersions at bontasan. I'm sure he's a good guy. His godchildren are lucky to have his love. Sadly, pedophiles all appear to be good guys. Otherwise we wouldn't trust our children to them.… (another 18 words)
StarStarStarStarStar (10)   Victim of Racism and Xenophobic insults by nina_glyndwr
Block the person on the Twitter account - or best still.. don't use it. And see if you can block the user from sending messages to your phone. Or if you can't just delete them without reading them. I had insults thrown at me at school for two years because I had a German mother. I've had nasty, snide comments said to me by one employer who claimed he was 'just joking'. And I've had to stop posting on one newspaper website because of their xenophobic remarks towards Germans (my mum is German) (and no, the newspaper was not the Daily Mail). What you have to do is think "What a stupid bastard" "What a moron" - and think yourself better than they are. Always remember the quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: 'No one can make you feel inferior without… (another 149 words)
StarStar (4)   Problems with late salary payment by sarabyrd
Then why don't you do so instead of coming back again and again, demanding that absolute strangers working on other fields solve your complicated legal problem? I have been in the legal field for over 30 years and wouldn't touch your case with a bargepole. You need professional help, go out and get it.
StarStar (4)   Grocery stores in Germany by tokeshu
I quite enjoy going to supermarkets no matter what country I'm in. I'm always keen to see what kinds of foods people 'need' as staples and how they eat. My local Edeka is one of those high end speccy ones so it's a visually pleasant place to spend time. Better than the supermarkets we had in Oz. I do get confused at the lack of pricing though - especially in fruit and veg (or the lack of numbers if you have to weigh things yourself). A few weeks ago I asked a worker what number I should put into the scale for some fennel I was buying (no price, no pictures on the scales, no numbers next to the veges), and she just shrugged and said "I don't know" before wandering off. Oh yeah - the local Rewe has, in the last 12 months, started allowing "cash out"… (another 131 words)
StarStar (4)   Private health insurance for the self-employed by Starshollow
there is a huge difference between insurance agents (wo work for an insurance company) and insurance broker. Sadly enough, many people do not know the difference and only find out later to their loss that they would have been so much better off with independent advice from a broker. Read more about the difference here: A broker would have informed you about your chance to enter public health insurance - or face legal liability now. BUT: as self-employed person you would still have had to pay around 300 EUR p.m. ever since in public health insurance. . Since you are an EU- citizen, legally speaking this particular insurance with only 5-years duration was not created for you. This is an insurance only suitable for people with a VISA - though… (another 553 words)
StarStar (4)   Minimum employee salary for eligibility for the TK by Starshollow
It is amazing how many people who work in this field do not know this. Yes, ever since August 2013 the "Obligatorische Ansclussversicherung" means exactly that: if you become a compulsory member of public health insurance and then the reason for compulsory membersip stops (i.e. the employment is terminated), you will now automatically continue as voluntary member. Before Augst 2013 you would have needed to be for 12+ months (!) in public health insurance but now a months (or strictly speaking a few days) are sufficientthis is possible - but make sure you'll get that in writingYes, but if they ever find out that you did not disclose your correct income - for instance by auditing someone who pays you for your work and puts the invoices in his accounting - they will come down… (another 70 words)
StarStar (4)   What made you laugh today? by clickety6
Attached imageTofu is pretty healthy but also pretty bland. I bought a book "Cooking with Tofu" to give me some ideas to make it better. It was written by a Japanese lady so I thought it would be full of tasty, Japanese dishes to give the tofu an oriental zing. Instead, it contained recipes like this: I guess it's the fact you have to chop and add the "minced parsley" that makes it cooking. The whole book is full of similar "recipes" - Tofu and cereal, tofu and cheese on toast ("chop up cheese and tofu, put on bread, grill") , tofu chopped into pistachio pudding mix, tofu and egg (make a hollow on top of your tofu, crack and egg into it, bake until egg is cooked"), and so on...
StarStar (3)   Registerd in Germany, bereavement in UK. by Russet
The problem is, if you do not deregister in Germany, the Krankenkasse will come looking for the monthly payments you should have been paying here in Germany. So you should deregister as soon as possible and also contact the Krankenkasse to try to negotiate your way out of having to pay anything. I'm not an expert, but I'm sure there are very competent TTers who can give you more detailed advice about this. Good luck!
StarStar (3)   Maintaining a house abroad by rhody
Because of the tax treaty, if you rent the house out, that income is taxed in the US. Then that income is included in your income in Germany in determining your tax rate which doesn't raise the amount you are taxed on in Germany but changes the rate in which you are taxed. On the other hand, I was able to deduct the costs of traveling to the US each year to "check up" on my investment. The annoyances are more with the US mentality of renters - it's a lot different than the German one and in my case I was renting to college students which meant having to take at least part of the deposit for some kind of damage. Girls being the worst. It wasn't until I got German exchange students did my place get properly taken care of.
StarStar (3)   Maintaining a house abroad by PES
I have three houses on the coast of Maine (freshly inherited between myself and three sisters). They are for sale, if anyone wants seafront property and cheap lobster PM me.
StarStar (3)   2014 TT American fantasy football league by Hazza
Stocking imported beers in a bar is always difficult. Not only are supplies often irregular, but hardly anyone would be prepared to pay upwards of €10 for a bottled beer. I plan to have a locally brewed IPA on tap though.
StarStar (3)   Good place to find Christmas decorations? by Alexnf
Attached imageYou can browse some brochures by typing f.ex Weihnachtsdeko here : and find from various shops. Check this one as well :
StarStar (3)   Kirchensteuerstelle send questionnaire by lapsus alumni
Yes It is impossible to "falsely" declare yourself konfessionslos. The fact that you were baptized e.g. Catholic, does not legally force you to declare yourself Catholic. For foreigners who come to Germany, the state has no record of their church membership, so they ask. At that time, the foreigner has every right to choose to declare that he is "konfessionslos" even if he was baptized Catholic in his country. He will not be lying by saying so, and no foreign church record can be held against him. For details, see here. Below I am quoting a small section of that page, which explains the difference between the Catholic Church as the Church perceives it, and the German Catholic Church as the German State perceives it. As a foreign Catholic is a member of the former, but… (another 21 words)

Wednesday 19.Nov.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStarStar (14)   Why are you unhappy today? by bubli
It was a horror night with my Mum, who's here to stay along with Dad for a few days to help me to take care of my sick 1y old (hubby's out on the conference). It's 11 pm, LO has fever, stuffed nose and can't sleep. Mum insists she will sleep in my bed with me and LO. She doesn't ask if it's okay with me (it's not, but my opinion - or anybody else's, if different from hers - usually doesn't matter to her). She thinks we absolutely have to clean his nose, so we do. LO is mildly irritated. She wants to cuddle LO, so he stops clinging to me and I can finally sleep. LO is annoyed and clings to me even more. She thinks LO's temperature is rising and we absolutely have to give him a suppository NOW. She then changes her mind that it's not the fever that… (another 382 words)
StarStarStarStarStarStar (12)   Extraordinary termination of lease by mr_pricky
Thanks for the advice sarabyrd. I did what you said, then handed the letter to the landlord, he immediately released me from the contract and handed over my deposit in cash. Very relieved to be out of the place, thank you so much for the help.
StarStarStarStar (8)   Dashboard (car) video camera by becks41
I should probably weigh in here as I have some first hand experience in this matter. I bought a dash came because of the way german drivers behave on the roads here, also during my commute to work everyday I drive on a country road with a somewhat sharp blind curve and more times than not when traffic is coming the other way, they're in half of my already too small lane. The other day I was involved in a car accident in Munich while I had the dash cam running. It captured the asshole cutting me off without signaling and slamming on his brakes, then as I went to pass him on the left he merged into me, again without signaling. Barely a scratch on his car, but my car is totaled because of the damage to my suspension and steering. He was pretty annoyed that I had a camera and threatened to… (another 337 words)
StarStarStarStar (8)   Unfallkasse contacted me after rendering First Aid by juliette19
Thank you everyone for your kind words - I understand now why I have to do this...I guess I just found their letters very confronting and confusing, especially as the hospital had told me that I would be responsible for any follow up tests I'd have to have done (but I think perhaps this was incorrect?). And also that we were receiving the letters almost 4 months after the event also had me worried that something had gone wrong. I will answer their questions in English as my written German is not very good, and my boyfriend will provide a translated version for them as well, so hopefully I won't have anything further to answer in the future. The whole situation was very stressful...and the way the hospital reacted to me was very unnerving - most of the people I dealt with - administrators,… (another 88 words)
StarStar (3)   Unfallkasse contacted me after rendering First Aid by RedMidge
Well done, Juliette. Being a good Samaritan could have made all the difference. Sadly the man died, but take comfort in knowing you helped. Even just doing compression, and clearing the airway can make a difference. As a student nurse, we were told by an instructor- " Go ahead and try. The patient will die if you don't try- so you cannot make it worse". This will haunt you for a while- but be glad you did step up.
StarStarStarStar (7)   Lack of security at Kindergarten/Kinderkrippe by ruapehu
You're right. However more so are (and statistics back me up here) family members. They should simply not be allowed to be with their children unless a neutral thrid party of the opposite sex is present too.
StarStar (3)   Lack of security at Kindergarten/Kinderkrippe by bontasan
baby-monitor hehe yes it is called grandmother, living in the flat under mine. She would sense anything. She hears grass grow and that in her age. I do even Kinderarbeit with them , letting the bigger ones that are now in elementary school play Bob der Baumeister, while I am doing maintenance work on this 120 year old house.
StarStarStar (6)   Finding the "right" charity for my kids by Rossoneri
to bring this to a close, we gave her the choice between three charities, all of which I have had some sort of contact with in the past. 1. Specific WWF campaign for whales (yeah, big charity I know, but there are an alarming amount of ones for sea creatures that are not transparent in the slightest). 2. Make a Wish foundation. 3. Ronald McDonald Houses, specifically the nearest one in Buch. She chose to split it evenly in three because she thought they all were good, so I did the deed a few weeks back. We have just received a nice handwritten note from McDonalds about our donation, which was thoughtful of them. Thanks again everyone!
StarStarStar (5)   Keeping neighbours from using my washing machine by bluebell16
Hey guys, Sorry for the delay, but thank you all for the feedback and the laughs! A Steckersafe is exactly what I was looking for My partner is a big fan of the red dye, but knowing me, I'd put a load in right after coming home, properly jet-lagged and having completely forgotten about it. But then again, maybe it's just that he'd secretly like some pink shirts and doesn't want to go out and buy them himself? Unfortunately we won't be moving any time soon. Such seems to be life when price is your only real deciding factor in renting accommodation
StarStar (4)   Recommendations for a cheap tablet device by krakp
This is wrong (although it used to be true with the very first version of Windows RT). Nowadays most of the Windows Tablets use an Intel processor (x86) and are compatible with any older Windows programs. Amazon offers quite a few of Windows Tablets and most of them use the Windows 8.1 OS (which is NOT the RT version, but a 'normal' Windows) search for Windows 8-10 inch tablets You can also find some more in the Microsoft Store: Windows 8.1 Tablets in the Microsoft Store. There are still some devices using the ARM processor and the Windows RT 8.1 OS, but they are quite a minority now. If you are interested in the differences between Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 refer to the links below: Top questions to Windows 8.1 Windows RT 8.1 FAQ So to sum up: with most of the… (another 82 words)
StarStar (4)   The Vent by BobUK
Now I'm even more annoyed with bloody Deutsche Post - the 'paket' they made me go and collect is plenty small enough to fit in a mailbox, slightly bigger than a DVD case - Useless morons!!
StarStar (3)   The Vent by sarabyrd
Ok, so there's three of us swimming laps this morning in the designated lap area, one lane each way. I am going north, Mr. Hairy Man is going south and Mr. Beard is plowing along freestyle, faster than either of us. Why, Mr. Beard, do you consider it appropriate to pass me exactly when I am level with Mr. Hairy Man? Why can you not wait just two meters? Then again, you are the same Mr. Beard who suddenly veered off course diagonally at the end of a lap in order to hit the wall next to the steps on the shallow end and push off. Somehow managing to overlook me, just preparing to push off myself. I mean really, I must look like a seal in my sleek black bathing suit, if not positively orca-like what with my pale limbs. Maybe I should thank you for making me feel almost insubstantial. Anyway,… (another 37 words)
StarStar (4)   Subtenancy agreement for a friend by pog451
I don't know what is so difficult here. She studies in Bamberg, they expect her to live in Bamberg. An internship in Berlin would probably not be a problem if she lived in Bamberg. Ingolstadt is not Bamberg. Theres no reason on earth why they should be any happier about her living in Ingolstadt than in Berlin. They wont care who you are unless you are married and have to live in Ingolstadt. a sublet agreement isn't going to impress anyone If the internship is irrelevant to her course, or rather the internship in Berlin is irrelevant, and its causing her problems, why is she bothering? Personally, I would have thought the visa would be priority. Friday on my mind.
StarStar (3)   Subtenancy agreement for a friend by zwiebelfisch
It seems to me that she has chosen to live with a friend/you in Berlin and perform work which is not compatible with her visa. Attempting to subvert this by lying to Bamburg about where she lives is unlikely to be a smart move. I have every sympathy and have had a few friends with similar problems, but at the end of the day she has a study visa and I dont see why her (perfectly reasonable) desire to work in Berlin should be accomodated.

Tuesday 18.Nov.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStarStar (13)   Allowing kids to bring push scooters on the bus. by Jaysmoove
Thank you for the tip. I wouldn't feel comfortable making a formal complaint. When it comes down to it, this is not my country and I do feel I owe the Germans much gratitude for letting me stay here. Who am I to tell them that their children shouldn't be allowed to bring their scooters on the bus? I guess I was just being a grouch. If I could take this whole thread back now, I would.
StarStarStarStarStarStarStar (13)   Claim for third-party medical costs received by sarabyrd
Give it to your Haftpflichtversicherung (personal liability insurance, and I surely do hope that you have it) along with a detailed narrative of what really happened who will then request information from the doctors who treated her. If she refuses to release them from confidentiality the insurance will smell a rat. Also, get witnesses' statements: The staff at the ice-cream parlor, the paramedics, anyone who was in the least involved in the incident. They should be able to confirm that she did not complain about any injury herself at the time and was competently assisting you as the sole damaged person. Once you have built up a case against her hand the docket over to the police and file a claim for attempted fraud. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. Please have all legal advice you receive… (another 6 words)
StarStarStarStar (7)   Claim for third-party medical costs received by camlough
If she was that close to you that she had to "brake hard".......might that not be something to pick up upon? I presume that even as a cyclist there is such a thing as mininum distance
StarStarStar (6)   Claim for third-party medical costs received by sosarx
I wouldn't send that form back.(no legaLrequirement to do so) Nor would I admit that I have no Haftpflichtversicherung. I would rather write them that you refuse to accept responsiblity. And , as I said before, ask for detail on which they base their claims so can pass this on to a lawyer. Why? Having a Haftpflichtversicherung means that they possibly have to deal with the lawyers of that insurance. Having no such insurance- let's not hesitate and sue this guy. He won't have Rechtschutzversichung, either.Not much resistance to expect.
StarStar (4)   Claim for third-party medical costs received by dessa_dangerous
isn't the vehicle operator in the rear position of a rear-ending pretty much always found to be at fault? Wouldn't she have to work pretty hard to prove you forced her from her bicycle?
StarStarStarStarStar (10)   The Vent by dessa_dangerous
really, Fedex, you incompetent First, my package lands correctly in Berlin, but winds up twelve hours later in Cologne, delivered to the wrong address. Now you're telling me it's back in Berlin, but my name wasn't to be found on the house. HELLO YOU DISHONEST ? Why call me AFTER the delivery person is gone? Why not call while you're standing IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE like any two-bit pizza deliverer manages to do? Is it because you are LYING you liars? I'm not proud of it but I get packages delivered to my apartment door several times a month, this is however the first time that I've ever heard that the NAME COULDN'T BE FOUND on the front of the house. shitheads. What is the point of a courtesy call if you are just going to lie your face off? AND THANKS FOR WASTING… (another 25 words)
StarStarStarStarStar (10)   Lack of security at Kindergarten/Kinderkrippe by trallallero
When I went to Thüringen, from Italy, I got fired after 6 months because the company didn't need me anymore but they found me another company where I could work. As I had already a job interview in Amsterdam, before accepting the job from this company I went to Holland for 3 days. I could not find the street so I stopped in Amsterdam at the gas station to ask info and when I had to speak though an interphone and look through a bulletproof glass covered by a metal cage, I thought: what#33;?! am I supposed to leave a country where banks and jewelers don't have cameras and leave the doors open in summer for the hot weather, to come here and feeling safe because there are interphones, cages and bulletproof glasses? No way, I called the company, apologized, made the tourist for 2 days… (another 88 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Lack of security at Kindergarten/Kinderkrippe by coolness.personified
Jesus. Some Americans just wont be happy until everyone has a gun on them to prevent people being shot with guns. How fkn sad is society when an adult male is scared to help a kid out coz some crazy nutter will scream paedo. Thats the one part about this country thats got its together, no one is paranoid about the imminent threat of an old man taking photos of a half naked 5 year old at the beach, because chances are it's his bloody grand child. Youre not even allowed to take photos on the beach in australia anymore because probably 4 people in a 30 year period were taking secret photos of girls titties. Well at least australia doesnt have guns.
StarStarStarStar (7)   Grocery stores in Germany by silty1
So... you're incapable of removing the bananas from the bottom of the trolley when it comes time to put in the 4-litre jug of distilled water? Just plop it right down on top, eh? I'm sure that's the store's fault.
StarStar (4)   Grocery stores in Germany by Jaysmoove
Actually the store that my top post involved was an Edeka(sp?). Today I actually asked a manager at my local Edeka(sp?) why do they stock the shelves while the store is open and what's the reason for the irregular placement of certain items. The answer was that they shelve most of their item as soon as they are delivered because they don't have anywhere else to keep them. And so some items are simply placed where ever there is room for them inside the store.
StarStar (4)   Grocery stores in Germany by coolness.personified
Of course they have to restack when the shop is open. The shop would probably run out of 20% of its items in a given day if it wasnt restacked. Especially if something is like 1% discounted, as my chinese counterpart in shanghai always say "they sell as fast as a hot cake".
StarStarStarStar (7)   Problems with late salary payment by ruapehu
Check your contract. As long as you are within your rights to expect payment (no clause to the effect that they don't have to pay you if only xxx amount of time passes, or other such), re-write the letter: "My invoice #xxx dated xxxx for work as XX from XX.14 to XX.14 (full amount XXX€) at company X is still outstanding as of today. Please pay the amount plus late payment fees of (about 2%...?); see new invoice XXX attached, by XX.XX.14 to my account XXXXX. Should the amount remain unpaid by the date mentioned, I will initiate legal proceedings." Cut the childish attacks, cut the snide remarks, cut the context - none of which is necessary or will make your case any easier. Don't dictate to them where the court will be; often companies have in their general T&C… (another 17 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Raising Kids as Vegetarians in DE by loz_adele
"It is silly how some people go vegetarian for health reasons and then it becomes a religion and would prefer to eat fries with ketchup instead of a more healthy option with a tiny bit of non-vegan/vegetarian ingredient because they do not want to damage their 'veg rep' and/or to break the record of x years with no meat." - I seriously doubt that that's the reason they choose to eat the fries. I think it's more likely that they'd rather eat one unhealthy meal than eat meat that has possibly come from factory farming/an unethical source and they don't want to participate in that.
StarStarStar (5)   Did I cross cultural lines? by dessa_dangerous
"Respecting diversity"--the subtle but marked undertone of disdain has been noted--has all to do with a hug. It really doesn't matter why a person doesn't want to be hugged. Whether it's cultural or you have BO or they do or they just don't dig on that kind of contact with near-strangers or they like hugs but not from you or whatthefuckeverelse. Nobody needs to explain why they don't feel like pressing their body against another person. I am a hugslut and will hug just about anybody who wants to, provided I don't find their hug somehow creepy or gross, HOWEVER, I fully respect people's right to their personal boundaries and that is precisely what it's all about. Hugging is a fairly intimate act and nobody, man, woman, child, friend, relative, colleague,… (another 21 words)
StarStar (4)   Did I cross cultural lines? by dessa_dangerous
it's pretty simple. Did they seem offended? If the first one seemed offended, why would you hug the second one? If it's only the second one that seemed put out, why lump them together? Have they de-friended you on facebook? Did they suddenly stop re-tweeting you? Where is all the Kopfkino coming from? There is really not much to it. Either: they seemed offended by your hug --> they were probably offended --> god knows on what grounds, irrelevant anyway --> they have still probably heard of non-sexual hugging and won't file charges --> don't hug them again or they didn't seem offended by your hug --> hug away, Francis --> sometimes we just gotta start threads for the hell of it
StarStar (4)   I need quotes from companies to wire our house by PeterN
I wouldn't expect a German electrician to agree to that plan: As you may know Germans don't normally use ring mains on 2.5 sqmm cable and a big breaker. Normally there are multiple individual circuits on 1.5 sqmm cable. That means the electrician is required to calculate the expected load on each circuit so it isn't overloaded. Some circuits (e.g. dishwasher) get individual 2.5 sqmm cables because they consume more energy. Some rooms might be on the same circuit some not. Some rooms (e.g Kitchen) may have multiple separate circuits. In addition the routing of cables is important. Because they use 1.5 sqmm cable there's an emphasis on cable heating. If cables run through a well insulated area (e.g. attics) they might have to be 2.5 sqmm. German houses also have three mains… (another 146 words)
StarStar (4)   Crashed rental car and drove away by Sir Percy B
As usual on a public open forum we only have one side of the story. The first problem I see here is the op cannot confirm or deny if the other driver/passengers' were fit and walking, he fled the scene. Just because airbags were not deployed in his car and as he recollects, it was just a bump, does not give reason to assume the driver/passengers' of the vehicle he hit were not injured. Nobody will be able to predict or say what the outcome can or will be, yes it could be prison, a fine, a driving ban or even compensation or all four but until the police have finished their initial investigations and charged the op no one can say. Unfortunately it is more than likely that given the circumstances and time of day the police will be asking other questions. Without a doubt there is… (another 106 words)