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Monday 27.Apr.2015

StarStar (4)   I want to end my marriage! by Cyanrainbow
@Boomtown rat It was not meant as a sexist comment. My point being the father may not have the same response as a mother. This my be difficult to understand at time for the mother as she has a different reaction and does not understand his response but that does not mean he does not equally care and love child. As I said I do not know the parents, but it is not uncommon for men to take more time to bond with a baby. Some men have never even held a baby or had anything to do with a small child before they have there own. Some men take to it very easily and some take more time. I was just trying to reassure the woman that it may just be his anxiety in dealing with an upset child that causes his response, as I am sure he cares for his child. I thought the idea of posting was to help the woman… (another 56 words)

Sunday 26.Apr.2015

StarStarStar (5)   I want to end my marriage! by Erised
New moms are supersensitive anyway and with your history, you maybe even more prone to feel things deeply enough to cause your stress. Your husband is probably confused too, especially if he is a new dad, they, like new moms are expected to stumble around a bit. Friend had this same problem, that dad was not affectionate with their child. Turns out he was terrified he would break her. The only way you know is to ask, you may find that he is not sure of what he is doing and that he loves you both very much. Be kind to each other and forgiving. It will get easier.
StarStarStar (5)   Feel that police are racial profiling me... by LukeSkywalker
If you are a black man with long hair, wearing a Bob Marley- T-shirt and driving an Opel Ascona near the border with Luxembourg, the police will let you pass and think "Poor bastard", but they stop an old granny driving a Mercedes, because she might carry a load of cash . What kind of profiling is that?
StarStar (4)   The Vent by chaos_amoeba
Morning people..! Especially morning husbands! Smugly telling everyone how great it is to get up at 6 or 7 am and how sleeping later is wasting the beautiful morning... Insisting on going to bed at 9.30 pm... --> Implying us night owl types are lazy, wasting our lives by not getting up but then trying to make us waste the part of the day (approx 9.00 pm until midnight or 1.00 am, in my case) where we feel most awake, alive and productive, by going to bed! Moaning like hell if they have to miss a moment of sleep by staying up until 10.30pm or something... "oh my god, I have to get up at 6.00am, I need my sleep!" - but not giving a sh*t that since those of us wired differently usually can't sleep before 12.30 or so, waking us up at 6.00am is just the same… (another 125 words)
StarStar (3)   What's your current Ohrwurm? by SpiderPig
And I would walk 500 miles And i would walk 500 more, just to be the one who walks a 1000 miles................................................................. Bah de bah da.. bah de bah da. bah de dumb deddy dum deddy dum....
StarStar (3)   Jokes by fuzzytony
Church Bulletins ( typed up by church ladies.) The Fasting & Prayer Conference includes meals. The sermon this morning: 'Jesus Walks on Water.' The sermon tonight: 'Searching for Jesus.' Ladies, don't forget the rummage sale. It's a chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the house. Bring your husbands. Remember in prayer the many who are sick of our community. Smile at someone who is hard to love. Say 'Hell' to someone who doesn't care much about you. Don't let worry kill you off - let the Church help. Miss Charlene Mason sang 'I Will Not Pass This Way Again,' giving obvious pleasure to the congregation. For those of you who have children and don't know it, we have a nursery downstairs. Next Thursday… (another 329 words)
StarStar (3)   State funded international or bilingual schools by engelchen
Why should anything change? Berlin is already broke and is still funding many extras it can't afford and has no plan in place to attract the high skilled workers it needs while discouraging the low skilled workers it can't afford to house. Many public services are understaffed and positions are left vacant when a worker quits or retires. Newly hired public schools teachers are no longer beamtet, but rather are angestellt causing the best ones to leave the city for better opportunities. Appointments at the Bürgeramt are booked 2 months in advance and it takes about 2 or 3 months for an appointment at the Ausländerbehörde. Services have already been impacted due to lack of funds, yet no politician is willing to attempt to tackle the problem. Children are tested in both German… (another 117 words)

Saturday 25.Apr.2015

StarStarStarStarStarStar (12)   Why are you happy today? by fraufruit
I washed Christopher's t-shirt today. The one I have slept with under my pillow for over 4 years. The one that had 50 million of my tears in it. This is a real milestone for me on my road to healing. I am happy that I have gotten to this place. Besides, it was pretty stinky.
StarStar (3)   Why are you happy today? by Mr.G
Just signed the contracts for a couple of large assignments this year - means I can do the loft ( my office / territory ) and a large wooden terrace at the back.. Ceiling cat approves as she has a view over the whole village from up there .. now off to the unhappy thread for the downside.
StarStarStarStar (8)   I want to end my marriage! by coyote3000
I moved here 11 years ago and have been with my partner for 10, married for 5. In the early days of my life here in Germany, we lived in a smaller center. Although I learned German quickly enough, I had real difficulties adapting to the cultural differences. I became more and more homesick for my home country, isolated and ultimately miserable. I began to think: I met him here + he couldn't imagine moving to my home country + I stay for him = he is (at least partially) responsible for my unhappiness. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I was missing back home and what could have been. When I felt like I just couldn't do it anymore, I sat down with him in our kitchen and told him honestly how I felt. We both had a really big cry and he told me how important I was for him &… (another 206 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Feel that police are racial profiling me... by lapsus alumni
What you call "racial profiling" is simply the use of basic intelligence and common sense when selecting whom to check based on the police's experience of who's more likely to be a person of interest. It's usually not based on race, but on a combination of colour, gender, age, and overall appearance and demeanour. What's the alternative? Waste time and effort to check everyone's ID? Or water down the effectiveness of the checks by randomly choosing the people to check, including low-risk persons like 12-year-olds and old ladies?
StarStar (4)   Most prestigious university in Germany by mako1
As someone who teaches at TUM, I can assure you that attendance is critical to doing well. You are not required at TUM to attend the classes you register for and there is no homework for the majority of ME courses. So theoretically you could almost never be on campus. However, in my classes, I make sure those who attend the Übungen really understand and do well (on the exams and more importantly as engineers). Those that don't attend (or don't make an effort to talk to me if they really can't make it) don't do so well. I am not sure why you would want to attend an 'elite' or any university and not attend classes? What would be the point since you would have a small chance of obtaining a degree. Learning is still a lot about face time between a teacher and a student.… (another 91 words)
StarStar (3)   State funded international or bilingual schools by engelchen
Keep in mind that many parents want to send their kids to these schools and that they are massively oversubscribed; just because you apply does not mean that your child will get a spot. Furthermore, the quality of schools vary greatly in Berlin and it is difficult to find affordable housing in areas with good schools. Contrary to the hype, poor is not sexy and Berlin is not a good choice for low income newcomers. According to the OP's profile he is British. Unless either the OP or the children's mother also have either German or American citizenship, the kids would not qualify for admission.

Friday 24.Apr.2015

StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar (27)   I want to end my marriage! by Billabong
All I can say is WOW! Thank you so much everyone for your kind words, advice and honesty. I really didn't except this much feedback. All of you have made good points which I have taken on board. After I wrote my post yesterday, I already felt better just to finally let it out. I know that I need to talk to him about how I'm feeling. Normally, I mention things to him here and then as they come up, so a few things he already knows. I called my mother in law last night, as she is always begging me every week to babysit our daughter. So i've finally caved in. She will look after her for a few hours for me tomorrow, which will be good. It will give my husband and I the privacy that we need to talk things over. I hope that there is a way that we can rekindle our love. Marriage… (another 105 words)
StarStarStarStarStarStar (11)   I want to end my marriage! by MadAxeMurderer
Your mother in law is begging to be allowed to babysit, and you finally relented so you could have a few hours with your husband. Unless your MIL is an abusive woman she shouldn't have to beg. She should offer and have her offer gratefully accepted. In fact she should be turning down your babysitting demands. Why have you up to now refused to allow your MIL to babysit? Are you so wrapped up in the child you can't bear for it to be away for 4 hours? Is your child super sensitive (see my previous post) and only you can properly care for it? Does your husband stay away from the child because whenever he goes near it he does something wrong and needs a stream of valuable advice from you about how awful his care is?
StarStarStarStarStar (9)   I want to end my marriage! by LMAshton
Your husband is not a psychic. If you don't tell him how you feel or think, he cannot possibly know either, and if he doesn't know, how could he possibly adjust his actions or know that he needs to tell you his thoughts or feelings? Step 1: talk to him. Not yell, not accuse, not nag. Talk. Tell him how you feel. Tell him what you would like. Ask him how he feels. Start talking. Until you do that, you have no idea what is or is not possible in your marriage.
StarStarStarStarStar (9)   I want to end my marriage! by Cyanrainbow
Hi Billabong, I am glad you are feeling better from talking about it. As others said talking about how you are feeling is good way to start fixing the problems. Reading what you said I feel that you have a relatively stable relationship with your husband (no abuse, bad treatment) but have somehow lost the connection with him. You talk about falling out of love. Yet you say he is a good guy other then the issues with your mother and child. I feel that your marriage is not beyond repair and all is not lost. Marriages are never easy and have high and low points. Plus as said you have to think of your child too. I am not a believer of staying together just for the children if marriage is beyond repair but as said I think this may not be the case with you. Talking from experience of having children… (another 609 words)
StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar (17)   Stopped in car in possession of cannabis by BadDoggie
While I'm not surprised at your interest in -- and attitude toward -- pot possession, MadAxeMurderer, I am rather shocked at your response in this case, because it's not about the politics of weed and the stupid laws surrounding it. This fucknuzzle was driving under the influence. It doesn't matter whether the incapacitating substance was alcohol or THC -- both of them leave a driver less capable of handling a vehicle and any situation which may arise while driving. I have no sympathy for him and you shouldn't show any, either. We agree that marijuana laws are patently stupidly and wrong for so many reasons and I'm pretty sure that you also agree with me that people under the influence should not be driving. We can discuss it over a Kneitinger. Ahem... woof.
StarStarStarStarStar (10)   Stopped in car in possession of cannabis by BadDoggie
Funny, that. Good weed that you aren't ingesting tends to be wrapped up enough that it doesn't leave your car with that fresh scent of Probable Cause. As for your legal opinions, I'll just note that you're seeking information concerning a legal matter from a bunch of strangers whose qualifications are not easily demonstrable (nor even, in some cases, existent). If the legal motor vehicle operation limit is a level which you will remain at for three days after your last use, then that's the allowed level. That someone only got shitfaced yesterday doesn't automatically change the fact that he could still be drunk today. He is DUI if he ever drives with a BAC over 0.05% (0.5‰). It takes time for your liver to metabolize whatever you ingested and until your body… (another 303 words)
StarStarStarStarStar (9)   Stopped in car in possession of cannabis by jeba
Having known somebody who got killed in a car accident caused by someone driving under the influence of drugs (after her husband had died already, therefore leaving her daughter without any parent) I sincerely wish it was possible to kick you out of the country.
StarStarStarStar (7)   Stopped in car in possession of cannabis by SpiderPig
Jeffo.. So using that mindset, its ok for me to go to the pub... get pissed and then drive home... just as long as I dont have a beer in my hand!.... Just look at the Ofest... Coppers are pulling folks up the next day for being still over the limit! Fuckity fuckity #33;! I just had to green Bad Woofington!
StarStarStar (6)   Why are you happy today? by Tap
I'm in the process of buying the apartment I've been living in for the past 3 years. I can't believe this opportunity has presented itself, but it has and I'm grabbing it with both hands.
StarStar (4)   Feel that police are racial profiling me... by Erdmann
Let's take the example of the BVG ticket talliers at the stations. Do you ask them why they wouldn't check the ticket of the woman who just passed by and why only yours? I think to a certain extent we need to accept their "random checking". And so far, all they did was just ask for your ID. Did they detain you unlawfully? Did they do some hard interrogation to cause you anxiety and tension? Did they physically harm you?
StarStar (3)   Feel that police are racial profiling me... by HeidelbergHadley
Do you think that it is possible that the police recognize you from your many trips and are suspecting that you are up to something, not due to the color of your skin, but simply because you make very frequent trips across the border? (just throwing another possibility out there).
StarStar (3)   Income required to live comfortably in Munich by jeba
Seems a bachelor apartment will be good enough then - you can stove your finance under your matress - that will save a lot of rent in Munich . You might want to check the job market at the website of the Bavarian Chamber of Pharmacists here. The Chamber will also be able to tell you about regulatory requirements and point you into the right direction to have your qualification recognized.

Thursday 23.Apr.2015

StarStarStarStarStarStarStar (14)   I want to end my marriage! by kiplette
Absolutely what katheliz and jeremy among others have said. He may not be the key to this at all, your relationship may just be the only thing you feel you can take control of and change (end). The thing with your parents - a month is a long time. My family were also far away, but I never expected my husband to put up with visits of that length, it must have been torture if they don't get on. I would have poisoned my in laws if they had ever stayed more than 3 nights. Imagining you and your lives would be different - sometimes we have to adjust expectations to match reality. Some people find babies really tedious, but are awesome with older kids. Some people just don't show affection as we think they should, some people do not know how to deal with an unhappy person, feel that they… (another 136 words)
StarStarStarStarStarStarStar (14)   I want to end my marriage! by Johnny English
This sounds fixable to me. "My husband is a very nice guy, he always does everything for me. I honestly couldn't ask for anything more." - he doesn't sound like a douchebag. Sure he doesn't get on with the M-I-L and was too outspoken - it happens - but having in-laws stay for a MONTH is just asking for trouble. Frankly having ANYONE staying in my house for a month sounds like aggro and stress. I am sure with some councilling and effort you can fix the marriage, but Germany will never be Australia. What's the issue here? Germany or Australia? p.s. Small kids are frankly just boring and stressy lots of the time. They kill your social life, your sex life, your free time, your sleep, your peace, your weekends, your cashflow, your's a big strain… (another 3 words)
StarStarStarStarStarStarStar (13)   I want to end my marriage! by fraufruit
Marriage counseling would be my advice. BTW, he's not being nice to you when he disrespects your mother or ignores your daughter's needs. It is well known that marriages/partnerships change a lot when a child is born and not always for the better. I do sympathize with your situation very much and hope you get some good advice.
StarStarStarStarStarStar (12)   I want to end my marriage! by Billabong
Ok, I'm going to try and make this as short as I can. So... I fell in love with a German guy that I met in Australia. I moved to Germany. I've lived her now for 7 years. Been married for 3. Have 1 child together with him, a daughter. The problem... I'm not happy any more and I think that I don't love my husband. Ever since the birth of our daughter, for some reason, I just fell out of love with him. The way he was with our daughter from the beginning, just made me feel so disappointed. I had imagined him and our lives to be different. He was withdraw. Never went to pick her up. Never kissed her goodbye when he went to work. Doesn't really seem interested in her. & even now, if she is upset or difficult, he wants nothing to do with her, and gets really frustrated.… (another 724 words)
StarStarStarStarStarStar (11)   Why are you happy today? by Irish_Aine
Went out into the countryside with the boyfriend on an ould rusty bike I pulled outta one of the sheds. We had a lovely time and got to enjoy the last of the good spring weather we are having in Ireland. Went out to an estuary and took pictures, we spent about 15 minutes just sat watching the lambs having fun bouncing around and headbutting each other. I got to pet a pair of super cute baby calves. Ive also got a nice tan from spending the last few days outdoors so much. Weather is turning miserable again tomorrow and we both have work all weekend, but Ive had a lovely day and a lovely week...So, Im happy Its always difficult to be so depressed and miserable when the sun is actually shining for once
StarStar (3)   Malware alert currently showing on TT by ginga
Once the information is hacked/bought it cannot really be hacked/bought back So the issue might have been resolved, but your information is out there so you cannot tell unless you change your email address to another unique email address and see if you start getting spam there
StarStar (3)   Problem with Zollamt by franklan
Why do you think the Chinese seller has the obligation to refund the shipping costs if you cannot be @rsed to pick up the delivery? They did their job, didn't they? If the value (you have to prove by showing the invoice/ordering info/Printout of Paypal) is less than 22€, you do not have to pay any customs and no taxes at all. Just pick it up. Let me point out that you have to pay the storage fee nevertheless, and - if the product is illegal - pay the costs of destroying it. Details here:
StarStar (3)   What made you laugh today? by john g.
It was actually yesterday! I can´t remember which UK paper I was reading on line but there was an interchange between a Canadian (I think) and a Brit re prices of milk (again I think! ). The Brit was saying the Canadian should butt out of the argument because he ( the Canadian ) had no idea of prices of commodities in the UK. Anyway, according to the Brit, milk cost 1 pound a bottle. The Canadian ridiculed this, at which point the Brit replied: " are you calling my au pair a liar? " Don´t let the facts get in the way of a good story!
StarStar (3)   Explicit workplace harrassment by scoffer
Should cool heads prevail on both sides, I think your friend will be shortly terminating her contract of employment by mutual consent, with a very generous Abfindung. The termination contract will include the usual clause (probably with extra beef) about not saying publicly anything in future that may harm the reputation of the employer. The value of "generous" depends on the seniority of the staff member who sent it.

Wednesday 22.Apr.2015

StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar (19)   Explicit workplace harrassment by franklan
Hold the horses, please.Faking an email isn't rocket science. Trust me. The mail is so utterly bizarre that I would double check the origin. The first step IMO is to tell your IT blokes that you've received an email where you're unsure if it is genuine and ask them to check the source. They can (if they don't feel the urge to watch porn instead) track it down. Once they (the IT blokes) have confirmed that the mail is genuine, ignite the fire cracker.
StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar (17)   Explicit workplace harrassment by El Jeffo
As I see it, there are two issues here: one is the clear harassment of an employee on a legitimate sick leave and the other is the discrimination. Both issues should be taken up with HR immediately - in the form of complaints. If your friend is in the union, I'd also suggest she talk to her union representative. Last but not least, an initial consultation with an attorney specialized in labor law might be a good idea. I would recommend against using the reply-all method, at least initially, because that might expose your friend to (justified) charges of misconduct, among other things, for disclosing confidential e-mail information.
StarStarStar (6)   Explicit workplace harrassment by zwiebelfisch
Yup, El Jeffo is correct. This should definately be forwarded to HR and should NOT be sent to anyone else. Banks such as the one this presumably is have extremely clear rules on this kind of behaviour and will both effective at handling it and be extremely unimpressed with anything seen as pouring petrol on the fire. Talking to unions and/or lawyers is an option but they are likely to ask what HR has done about it so far so I would suggest talking to HR then waiting at least a few days before escalating. Im not a lawyer, but I have seen enough things like this in my time.
StarStar (3)   Explicit workplace harrassment by zwiebelfisch
Because large banks invest heavily in teaching people not to do this (not for altruism but because it causes them problems and opens them up to being sued) and are known for a zero tollerance of "career limiting decisions" like sending that mail. Thats isnt to say that banks dont hire assholes, but they are usually smart enough to at least avoid putting it in writing.
StarStarStar (5)   German naturalization for children of non-Germans by krakp
Hi clickety, we went through this process some months ago with our 5 y.o. daughter. The general rules can be read (only in German) under: Familienangehörige von Ausländern mit Einbürgerungsanspruch (family members of foreigners that have a right for naturalization) Der Anspruch auf Einbürgerung entsteht, wenn die folgenden Voraussetzungen vorliegen (the requirements for naturalization) My personal experience is that it is indeed much simpler to apply as a family - you save some fees and only need to apply once. Additionally the kids will not need to meet all the requirements above - e.g. for the German level we only got asked to provide a letter from the Kindergarten confirming that my daughter's German is on a standard level for a 5 y.o. - there was no test, she wasn't even… (another 38 words)
StarStarStar (5)   What happens if a car is not unfallfrei? by rob2011
I do believe that only you can answer this for yourself. I could tell you what I'd do - and that is to just drop it. But you sound like you want someone to tell you it is ok, because you can pick up a few bucks. Unfallfrei to me means that it was not in an impact or collision situation. Want to make this guy guilty over a well repaired dent? Go ahead.
StarStar (3)   Key copying without the required security document by jeba
Send your landlord this link. It clearly says you have a right to demand more keys and that you can sue him if he doesn´t comply and reduce the rent until you get them. Also check whether your liability insurance covers you in case of lost keys. Not sure whether all of them do.
StarStar (3)   Nikon Camera D3100 for sale in excellent condition by Blue_Tears
If someone is not interested in buying I also dont want to serve my time in explaining and doing negotiations thats why I dont need to answer. This critics of words just go on and in the end have no results.
StarStar (3)   Malware alert currently showing on TT by frigitar
No unlock keys (yet) for this new variant. Not sure which one mine is.. PClocker or Torrentlock. Trust me I have spent over 12 hours cleaning and disinfecting and trying to retrieve me data. Wont get data back but computer is clean for now. Some people on the internet have paid for the key already so maybe there will be a leak soon. But nothing since last December when this variant started to surface. Also Malware does not need you to run executables anymore. Its all done through backdoors using other malware that goes undetected in websites such as this one, probably through ads. I dont know, I certainly have not downloaded or run any new programs in the last few weeks.
StarStar (3)   Imaging diagnostics covered in health insurance? by RedMidge
I am not sure why OP is shocked that they may not be covered for some things-the restrictions posted seem clear. As a travel insurance, maybe they will exclude existing conditions? As insurance experts have often noted, these cheaper travel/type insurance do come at a price. As an Oncology RN in Canada, I had to give advice on travel restrictions for patients for their insurance. Often UK citizens assumed they were still covered by NHS in the UK, even though they had been resident in Canada for years. Not so, NHS is residence based,- they would receive emergency care in the UK as Non-residents, but if a pre-existing condition required treatment, diagnostic testing etc., they would be charged as a non- resident. Any travel insurance they took out might well exclude coverage if history of cancer,… (another 8 words)

Tuesday 21.Apr.2015

StarStarStarStarStar (9)   Hundreds of migrants from Africa killed by Hutcho
Why should they have to? Maybe we should just kick you out when the economic situation is better in Portugal again? Why should you be allowed to stay, but not them? For an immigrant themselves to have such an opinion is truly disgusting and the height of hypocrisy. You need to take a good look at yourself.
StarStarStarStar (8)   Hundreds of migrants from Africa killed by RajeshG
Firstly Yes these are humane issues. but if you read the nationality of the migrants in the recent drowned boat, many of them are Bangladeshis. so which war is going on there? If there is a war, the best place for the refugees is the neighbouring countries with which they have some connection. And many countries are doing this eg turkey for syrians, jordan for palestine and india/pakistan for Afghanis.These neighbouring countries need to be supported financially. But there are also cultural issues. As someone said, somalians should be allowed here en bloc. But without even talking about religion, the arab and african and asians are culturally different. I have a small example (i dont know if i have shared it before ) - we had a visiting appointment from new tenants to view our apartment… (another 118 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Hundreds of migrants from Africa killed by Hutcho
Most people seem to have the wrong idea about who these refugees are. A lot of them are not economic refugees, rather they are fleeing war zones (that we've helped create in a lot of cases), and they are educated people who had decent lives before they had to start worrying about being blown up. Here is a good story run by ZDF recently about a Syrian refugee who is an Electrical Engineer who left his family in Egypt with the hope that he'll be allowed to work in Germany and eventually be reunited with them. So these people do have some money, and they aren't all uneducated simpletons looking for a hand out as many people seem to think. But I guess we should just take MikeMelega's advice and get a translator to figure out he's from war-torn Syria, and then turn him around… (another 13 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Hundreds of migrants from Africa killed by SpiderPig
I havent read it all, but if each immigrant paid lets say 7000 euro to be smuggled in, would it not make sence for the EU to sell Immigrant waiver Visa for 7 grand? That way the various governments have something that they could pay back to the immigrants over the next 12 months!
StarStarStar (5)   Family moving to Cologne with 2 kids by the.frollein
If you are here for the long haul, and want your kids to go on to Gymnasium, then you should be looking to put them into German schools and not international schools. At their young age, they will have little problem adapting and learning German.
StarStarStar (5)   What happens if a car is not unfallfrei? by angelbeast
and that the OP recently had an accident himself. It might be that as he had an accident, he wants to get rid of the car and make a fast buck at the cost of the previous owner.
StarStarStar (5)   Malware alert currently showing on TT by Editor Bob
Attached imageSome visitors to TT are currently seeing a malware alert like below: This has been triggered by the following post from 2007 which contained a link to "Planet Smilies": It seems that Planet Smilies is infected, and because we linked to it, we got flagged up as well. I've edited the post to remove the link, and have requested that Google reevaluate us. They should fix the warning within a few hours.
StarStar (4)   Why are you happy today? by LeonG
I am happy today because my cats are happy. One of them was sick last week, had me worried. He spent a couple of days at the vets and they gave him a free sample bag of their expensive cat food and he was happy. Until the sample bag ran empty on Sunday. Then he refused to eat. No matter what he was offered, nothing. So I gave up today, went to the vet and got his freaking food and it was freaking expensive but now he's happy and my other cat is sneaking that food as well and so he too is happy and therefore so am I.
StarStar (4)   Getting a mortgage in Germany by SpiderPig
This isnt a mortgage.. Its a bit like having a buildinsociety account that you pay into for lots of years.. then they rob and rape you for a regular fixed rate each year.. Although the rate is quite low and fixed... you are still getting raped!
StarStar (3)   Renovating blind on fence by franklan
You mean "communal property" as in "sunbeds 'round the pool in a hotel", right? So your parents extended a fence so that it is permanently on "communal property". Isn't that like going on vacation and putting a Canadian flag on a sunbed on the first day, and expecting all the neighbours other hotel guests to STFU and p*ss off for the time being?

Monday 20.Apr.2015

StarStarStar (6)   Slander/libel laws in Germany by jeba
Well, once I bought a garden tool via ebay and since it was of very poor quality I gave the company who sold it to me a poor rating. They threatened to sue me for € 25000.- damage compensation for tarnishing their reputation unless I correct that rating. I told them they were free to sue me and never heard from them since then - and that was about 2 years ago. Where do you see xenophobia in his post?
StarStar (3)   Slander/libel laws in Germany by El Jeffo
Essentially, you are allowed to describe the true facts and circumstances of the transaction: you were sent a defective product, they didn't get in touch with you for x number of days, they refused to issue a refund, etc. You are not allowed to call them dishonest, scammers, slow, mentally deficient, urge them to pull their heads out of their asses, etc. That is libel and can get you sued - as yourkeau pointed out, this is hardly unique to Germany. Alleging that it is might indeed be construed as a bit xenophobic (or at least germanophobic).
StarStarStar (6)   Citizen complaint for something we didn't do by Keleth
I think every dog owner agrees wholeheartedly with that sentiment.However that is not the sentiment that Acton makes. It does not make the owner a responsible owner if he decides that the dog is allowed to run free where it specifically states that dogs should always be on a leash. That makes you an irresponsible owner and all that could end up happening is you end up losing your dog with it being put in a home or put down. This quote to me shows total irresponsibility... He's referring to signs in a forest stating dogs need to be on a leash. Also you let your dog run free in a forest where it is specifically forbidden then it could at the worst end up getting shot by some over zealous jäger (plenty of examples of this kind of thing happening). Would parents here be happy taking their… (another 123 words)
StarStarStar (6)   First World Problems by Moondancer
Went to Penny Markt and they were all out of canned pizza tomatoes. I had to buy whole tomatoes in a can and smash them up myself. Hopefully, more will be ordered this week so I don't have to do this again.
StarStarStar (6)   Gesellschafter-Geschaeftsfuehrer tax/KK issue by PandaMunich
Who do you think your company will want half of your health insurance contributions from? You! If I were you I would forget about the past. If you don't then will change both your and the company's past tax returns, which will not only mean extra fees that will have to be paid to your Steuerberaterin (which she may be willing to forego seeing that it was her mistake), but also extra tax and late interest (6% per year). My advice: just agree with you business partner to forget about the past and that's it. The public health insurance rate is the same for employees and other people, so TK couldn't care less who paid those contributions --> there's nothing that you need to show to TK. You seem to labour under the misapprehension that self-employed pay different tax… (another 348 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Separated parent moving with child by Erised
Yep, that is what my husband's ex tried and succeeded once. She told my husband that junior needed 250€ for his class trip and to give it to her so she can pay the school. Turns out, she had applied for some indigent kid something and the trip was free for him. She pocketed the 250€. The way she got caught was the next year, when she tried the scam again, hubby by chance, called the school to ask what the deadline was or something and they told him that he was already paid, just like last year. So, she was never again given money straight for anything. Needed clothes? We took him shopping. Needed bus money? We bought him a student pass, etc... We paid everything direct or thru official channels to make damn sure that all the monies got where it needed to be, for junior's benefit,… (another 7 words)
StarStar (4)   Death penalty in Utah by CincyInDE
Ohio Men Free After 40 Years How would these guys have been un-executed? And since when is capital punishment about revenge? Isn't it about preventing future harm to society?
StarStar (4)   Summons to a local court; advice please! by TimS996
Well I spoke to the court and as you were all kind enough to suggest, it wasn't a problem. I have to send a fax to them saying "ich nehme den einspruch zuruck" which presumably means I withdraw any objection and simply pay the fine.
StarStar (3)   Summons to a local court; advice please! by AncientBrit
Has the UK repealed all the many unusual fines for things on the statute book there, then? I'd have thought people should be just as careful in all things in the UK as they have to be in Germany...
StarStar (4)   What irritated you today? by quasipseudopizzaoid
Attached imageFound this chunk of mostly-eaten, stinky-ass cheese in my postbox when I arrived home after a long day at work. My postbox stinks to high hell now. Hoping it was a random act of douchebaggery, and not the beginning of a harassment campaign.
StarStar (4)   What happens if a car is not unfallfrei? by franklan
So, the car used to have a dent in a door and it was repaired very well: The dent isn't there anymore! It's a former dent. The Past. A cosmetical issue on a door has been fixed professionally. So what? I mean, if you would have found out that this car once had a massive rear-end collision and the frame has been "dewarped" unprofessionally, I would understand your urge to kick the seller's butt. But not for a fixed dent that one cannot notice (You didn't notice within 18 month of ownership, right?).
StarStar (3)   Using video/voice recordings as evidence by T.O. to go
Apart from the confession in front of the cops and witness, did you get the film back of the info she photographed while in your room. You should, if you haven't, demanded that in front of the cops as you say she has your pin number and other sensitive info.
StarStar (3)   Forced to take German lessons for Arbeitlosengeld by El Jeffo
No one is "legally entitled to benefits" for sitting around on their asses. Anyone collecting unemployment benefits is required to prove, on request, that they are actively seeking work and to attend any additional training courses that the Arbeitsagentur deems necessary to improve their chances of getting a job.
StarStar (3)   Furnished 1 room sublet for 2 month by MadAxeMurderer
I'm a bit confused. The apartment is only available until 28 June but you'd like people to buy your furniture? What will they do with it in 2 months? If the new tenant can take over the lease you should state so explicitly. If that is not an option your proposal makes little sense?
StarStar (3)   Nikon Camera D3100 for sale in excellent condition by Blue_Tears
Thanx for your inquiry and reasearch on the price but you know what if I have putted 350 € and also wrote fixed still users have offered me some more or less 200 € thats why I put may be a little bit higher so that I can negotiate at the market price.
StarStar (3)   State funded international or bilingual schools by the.frollein
Before you start dreaming about relocating anywhere in Germany, you need to spend some time working out how you're going to find a job wherever it is you end up. Since you're open to moving anywhere, I assume you don't have a job lined up - depending on your skills and qualifications, finding a job can be a challenge, or a nightmare. Deciding to relocate yourself and your family without a job lined up is grossly irresponsible. EDIT: And btw, Berlin is the economic black hole of Germany - but yes, there are several bilingual public schools there.

Sunday 19.Apr.2015

StarStarStarStarStar (10)   Citizen complaint for something we didn't do by El Jeffo
Oh FFS. There was a citizen complaint and the authorities notified her of it, without verifying any of the facts. They quoted the law, as well as any penalties associated with violations, as they are required to do in such cases. There was no threat of fine or prosecution from the initial alleged offense, nor will any be imposed without an official investigation or specific proof. All you OMG GERMANY CAN FINE YOU 1000s of EUROS BASED ON A RANDOM COMPLAINT people can unclutch your pearls posthaste.
StarStar (4)   Citizen complaint for something we didn't do by onemark
I see a far more disturbing issue at stake here, namely the fact that the city authorities were prepared to write a warning letter on the basis of what seems to be an unsubstantiated complaint. In a country that prides itself on being based on the rule of law, an official warning appears to have been issued without the matter being investigated first. The city authorities should have visited boondoggle's residence and asked if there was any truth to the allegation before firing off this official letter. I agree that there is probably some minor discrimination being practised here. I would write the letter - including the point about discrimination - and see what happens. And, yes, do get legal insurance. Should things go pear-shaped, is moving away an option? Whatever happens,… (another 2 words)
StarStarStarStar (7)   Using video/voice recordings as evidence by FunnyLookingForeigner
She doesn't need to do it again. she already HAS everything she needs to duplicate/steal your lives. You need to press charges at once. Show your landlord the tape and ask him to have HER removed from the property. If you have legal insurance tell your lawyer you want to nail her to the wall. Have you seen "The Talented Mr. Ripley"?
StarStar (4)   Using video/voice recordings as evidence by robinson100
If you plan to fight for compensation from this person, it would be wise to start making a case that will back-up your claims that you and your husband are suffering mentally from her actions. I would suggest you both go and see a doctor and get things put on paper - otherwise it will just be your word against hers at the end of the day.
StarStar (4)   Tip of the day by fuzzytony
Step 1: Name your iPhone "Titanic". Step 2: Plug it into your computer. Step 3: When iTunes says "Titanic is syncing", press Cancel. Step 4: Feel like a hero.
StarStar (3)   Resurface brake rotors in Germany? by SpiderPig
Why should they think about doing it when a front set costs about 60 euro incl pads! the pair Some peugeot rear brakes come complete, pads,Disks and wheel bearing about 80€ each side..
StarStar (3)   Resurface brake rotors in Germany? by sosarx
For somemone who can do the job himself finding the parts at very reasonable prices in the internet is simple. If you need a mechanic (and most people do) it all depends on your garage. Don't go to the brand garage, don't go to places like ATU or PitStop. Find a smaller independent garage and ask for quote for the job with free market parts. And now, as you know a bit the price range for the parts, you shouldn't get fooled and ripped off.
StarStar (3)   Jokes by fuzzytony
An old man is met by his attorney, and is told he is going to be audited. He rides to the IRS office with his attorney, and when he gets there, he begins to talk with the IRS agent. "I bet $2,000 I can bite my own eye!" The IRS agent agrees to the bet, believing it an impossible task. The old man laughs, pulls out his glass eye, and bites it. The IRS agent is dumbfounded. The old man bets $3,000 he can bite his other eye. The IRS agent knows there's no way possible to do this, so he once more agrees. The old man cackles, pulls out his dentures, and bites his eye. Then the old man finally wagers, "I bet $20,000 I can stand on the far side of your desk, pee over the desk, and get it into your wastebasket without missing a single drop." The agent… (another 75 words)
StarStar (3)   Consequences of becoming a house dad by dmbartender
Well I have gotten into quite some trouble now it seems. We got in an argument because she asked me how many more years she should plan on staying home from work. I told her that I think it only fair that she go back to work full time in 1-2 years to support her chosen geographical location, and I can stay at home with the kids. We had joked about this before, because she really does love her job, but as soon as I seriously mentioned this as an option, she bawked and her response was divorce. I mean, we always have this issue, that she never would consider moving away, or even give me perspective of moving back to North America someday. She also will not move to Scandanavia or anywhere else I find interesting, reason being that she assumes I will be unhappy no matter where I am. This lack… (another 69 words)

Saturday 18.Apr.2015

StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar (44)   First relocation after acceptance as a refugee by Fahid
I am not sure, why you would say that sir, but I have been working here, supporting myself and paying taxes since as soon as I was allowed to work. Even in my first year in Germany, when I was not at all allowed to take paid work, I volunteered for Community Services (€1 per hour). Other than that, I have been offering my services (volunteered, free of charge) to many who have linguistic problems in there matters with District authorities/ offices and am therefore always appreciated by our city administration. I know I am a foreigner here and I am more than trying to play my part in fullest for the better of Germany. I have studied IT and have work experience in Accounts, but in my initial year in Germany (no work permission), I was given only one choice for volunteer community work, to… (another 137 words)
StarStarStarStarStarStar (11)   First relocation after acceptance as a refugee by Dat Jaby
I am a volunteer for the Fluechtlingshilfe. Recently I had some Syrian guys in the same situation; they managed to move on without major problems. So here are some tips: - do not move into a flat where you are at the moment, as you will get the 'get you in pack' only once and the jobcentre only pays removals under certain circumstances. - pick a town you want to move to and go to the jobcentre there. You won't be able to register until you have the Anmeldebescheinigung for that town, but they may give you some advice about the job situation. They'll also tell you the cap rate of rent they will pay, that differs from town to town. - find a flat; if you have difficulties, find the local Fluechtlingshilfe and ask for help. - since you are obliged to take part in the integration… (another 36 words)
StarStarStar (6)   First relocation after acceptance as a refugee by Fahid
I actually have tried inquiring from my local job-center, but the attending person didn't seemed at all interested in letting me go , I however have now a Termin on 22 April again, I intend to raise my question again with hope of finding some helping answer from job-center. Right now, I am on benefits but I don't wanna stay like that. I want to be a progressive part of society and subject relocation only broadens my possibility for it. But at the same time, I do not want to lose the initial necessary support that I can get.
StarStarStar (5)   First relocation after acceptance as a refugee by Fahid
I think what you are referring to are those who are applicants for refuge, but in my case, I have now been accepted as one, I have the rights of movement and work as I want. In many ways, my current status in Germany is same as a German Citizen with a few exceptions of course. So permission to work isn't an issue, I just want to move..
StarStarStarStarStar (9)   Why are you happy today? by Mellyco
I'm at a small conference this weekend for work - all but one of the talks has been in German, and I'm doing pretty good at keeping up with things! I'm understanding about 80%, which isn't too bad, especially when each talk is followed by long questions & discussions with the audience. I think it helps that I'm in the north, rather than closer to where I live in deeper Schwabia! LOL I have been speaking with people in German (potential clients, collaborators, etc.), and even spoke up in one of the discussions and explained some things that I am more familiar with! I have been absolutely dreading this weekend for literally months, and it is going much better than expected. Unfortunately I got a really bad headache and had to bow out of the evening activity… (another 104 words)
StarStarStarStarStar (9)   Toytown website improvements/suggestions by john g.
At a great risk of repetition of what others may have written on this thread ( and I haven´t read it ), there´s the danger of alientating loyal posters who enjoy reading and writing on here: why? Because of the posting average limits. The rules are there to prevent overposting..fair enough, but what does that mean? My example ( I can´t speak for others )...I was just over 2% for the weekly limit most of the past 24 hours, posted once..and was over it again. Had written maybe 7-8 posts..forget. That is too much? Sometimes, there´s a hot issue or at least an important thread where people have strong feelings or want to offer an opinion which may or may not help. You can overhit the posting rule because many others are no longer bothering to write because of the posting limit rule..NOT… (another 64 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Jokes by Acton
Jim decided to tie the knot with his long time girlfriend. One evening, after the honeymoon, he was cleaning his golf shoes. His wife was standing there watching him. After a long period of silence she finally speaks. John, I've been thinking, now that we are married I think it's time you quit golfing. Maybe you should sell your golf clubs." Jim gets this horrified look on his face. She says, "Darling, what's wrong?" ”For a minute there, you were sounding like my ex-wife.” "Ex wife!" she screams, "I didn't know you were married before!" ”I wasn't!“
StarStar (4)   Consequences of becoming a house dad by northtraveller
i would like to add that for most people here, it seems that ending up to stay home has been due to unfortunate circumstances of being in a foreign country. The OPs situation of quiting an existing job to stay at home because his wife wont move away from bayern is different, and it is bound to be viewed unfavourably, by mostly everyone, his wife included. my advice, stick to your job, it is the best thing you have. Once you dont have it, your independence is gone, and you are totally dependent on your wife... if now you cannot do the things you want as employed, imagine what is going to be like, when she will set the rules 100% (now she does only 50%).
StarStar (4)   New TV license fee, €17.98 a month from 01/2013 by sneaker
They will figure out you moved when you register with the Meldeamt of your new address. Since they also know your current address this might put you in a bad position because: - duty to pay starts when you move into an apartment - duty to pay for said apartment ends when you move out but not before you inform the Beitragsservice of doing so So if you move without informing the Beitragsservice you might not only start receiving letters for the new apartment but the Beitragsservice might also continue to demand payments for the old one. This has been explained in this thread before - go a few pages back or do a search. You said you're "currently staying somewhere temporarily". If you are living together with friends in their apartment you should be aware that only one fee per… (another 109 words)
StarStar (3)   Space rocket launches and ISS docking news by poohsan
How, exactly, have you come to that conclusion? They're trying to do something extremely complicated, extraordinarily difficult that has never been done before, and people expect that they should have nailed it in just two attempts? It took Edison years to make a light bulb work, it took NASA several explosions and years just to launch a rocket - imagine if they had given up after two attempts "too hard, impossible, will never work". Did Orville and Wilbur give up after their second failure? Lord knows many people back then were calling them idiots and said their idea would never work. Sorry, I'm not really trying to single you out and beat you up, but I'm just amazed at how many people on the web have this same opinion; is it because they're part of the younger,… (another 48 words)
StarStar (3)   Accused of torrenting copyrighted material by fuzzytony
As with other members who've been caught in a similar predicament to you, progologo, you're best to speak to a lawyer. They should be able to prepare a Modifizierte Unterlassungserklärung (Modified Cease & Desist) for you regarding this situation. It will be considerably less than the €1,400 Waldforf Frommer are demanding and you maybe able to discuss a payment plan with the lawyer of your choice. I did a quick search for Internet lawyers in Saarbrücken and came up with these ones that have English in their profile: Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Cordula Hildebrandt Dury Rechtsanwälte And some more listed here: Anwälte in Saarbrücken - Internetrecht In the meantime, have a browse through this thread which contains more tips and other info.
StarStar (3)   Worst jokes ever by Acton
Talking about prawn cocktails, (or not) Far away in the tropical waters of the Coral Sea, two prawns were swimming around. > One was called Justin and the other Christian. > The prawns were constantly being harassed and threatened by sharks that inhabited the area. > Finally, one day, Justin said to Christian, "I'm fed up with being a prawn. I wish I were a shark,and then I wouldn't have any worries about being eaten" >A large mysterious cod appeared and said, "Your wish is granted" Lo and behold Justin turned into a shark. Horrified, Christian immediately swam away, afraid of being eaten by his old mate. Time passed and Justin found life as a shark boring and lonely. All his old mates simply swam away whenever he came close to… (another 255 words)
StarStar (3)   How to get rid of crows? by sosarx
Crows fear the (eurasian) eagle owl. (Or any other owl species, Falcons etc) Some cities have reported good result in their attempts to get rid of crows in certain locations by installing fake eagle owls , about 50 cm in height. No joke. Google "Krähen verscheuchen".