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Saturday 26.Jul.2014

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Friday 25.Jul.2014

StarStar (4) won't accept passport as ID... by Small Town Boy
It's not about identification per se; they don't care what you look like or even what your name is. They just want to know that the person travelling is the person who made the booking, or that the person who made the booking did so on behalf of the person travelling. So if you submit a 16-digit number during the booking process and can provide this same number during the journey, then they know that the world is in order. The number on a credit card is unmistakable; on a Chinese or Korean passport I would imagine it's a little more complicated.
StarStar (4)   How deadly is smoking? by zwiebelfisch
If only life were that simple, here is some even more recent research with different conclusions:
StarStar (3)   How deadly is smoking? by katheliz
If the life expectancy is 30 years, half of the people die before age 30 and half afterwards. And most of those who die before 30 are children who die before the age of five. However, people forget smoking affects other systems of the body besides the lungs. In fact, Freud succumbed to throat cancer. Oddly, a lot of smokers end up with cancerous bowels. My aunt had to have part of her tongue removed, and my own father had emphysema when he died at 62, but he actually died of a ruptured aortic aneurysm - the circulatory system is famously affected by smoking. Europeans who took up smoking after their various New World conquests observed early that smoking was dangerous. Much later, the term "coffin nail" appeared in the 1880s. But nobody was listening, particularly Big Tobacc… (another 1 words)
StarStar (3)   Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery by Techsmex
If your bag is large enough, you can stick one of these 'head in a jar' pranks in it.. or modify the contents and shrink the jar & pic for a smaller fit. Be prepared for a major scene with polizei, terrified screams, and lots of drama. You can always say it's an 'art project' How to.. Get creative! check out Justin Bieber below
StarStar (3)   Strange and sick people in Berlin by vuputa
Totally agree about most of those people being harmless. Yet there are some murderous war mongering psychopaths who disguise their mental diseases that are even "elected" into office. You just have to look at what is happening to the poor people of Ukraine.
StarStar (3)   Legal action against my former company by Boots
There's a principal that a freelancer should have more than one client, and if they only have one client they work for full time, they are technically an Employee. In that case you might be able to claim the rights of an employee in a dispute. A lawyer can advise you for a couple of hundred €. However. The rights of the employee in Germany extend to little more than asking for your job back. You can sue accordingly, and hope the company settles out of court. The recommended compensation is two weeks' salary per year of employment and companies typically settle for twice that. So the most you have to gain (assuming you don't want the job) is four months' salary, less the cost of bringing the action. Plus the bad rep you might get if you work in a Small World.

Thursday 24.Jul.2014

StarStarStarStar (8)   The Vent by AlexTr
You left me two years after we got married because I got sick and you "couldn't deal" and now you are calling me because the love or your life, the one I warned you was a deceitful little bitch, is now throwing you out of the house for which you paid the down payment. You refused to sign off when I wanted to get married here causing a one year delay in my marriage. Now, you want me to engage my contacts in the city where you live to keep the deceitful little bitch from absconding with the house and all your worldly possessions. Here's your woo. I can't offer any advice besides hire a lawyer.
StarStarStar (6)   Fine for too many people in an apartment by project
Thanks for the suggestion. I did it, and they said there's no problem, and that I did good to tell them. We have to pay only the difference of the Nebenkosten for the time she lived with me. Thanks everyone for your replies.
StarStarStar (5)   Merkel blames Hamas for Gaza Strip violence by Hazza
Of course - the UN, non-profit aid organisations, independent observers, and the wider global community are all anti-semites and wrong. Whilst Netanyahu and his cronies, and the religious zealots of this world are correct. Makes perfect sense.
StarStar (3)   Merkel blames Hamas for Gaza Strip violence by Chocky
The Palestinian death toll has now reached 718, that number includes 165 children. But of course that's only because of Hamas and their 'human shields' If only the US Government wasn't so hogtied by certain factions of the Jewish American community and the Evangelical Christians and their permanent threat of withdrawal of support for whichever morally bankrupt administration is in power at the time, there might actually be some hope of Netanyahu and his fellow war criminals being brought to task.
StarStar (4)   Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery by yourkeau
I did it in Israel. In every single shop, at train and bus stations. But they are not looking for shoplifters, they are looking for bombs/weapons. Do you really think that it's ok to convert a country into a war zone just because there are a couple of thieves around?That you would tell the next generation which will be used to showing bags. They will tell that strip searching should not hurt if there is nothing to hide.
StarStar (3)   Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery by lapsus alumni
It gets worse: you're actually paying for these shoplifters: part of the price you pay at a store reflects the costs of shoplifting. Personally, I don't mind having my bags checked if that means catching more shoplifters. I always ask for receipts anyway, and just throw them in the bag with everything else. If I am ever checked, the receipts will provide ample proof that I've paid for whatever's in my bags.
StarStar (4)   How deadly is smoking? by Museofcomedy
We will all die from something, someday. Depending on what we read it will be sugar, breads, smoke, alcohol, lack of exercise etc. or perhaps a gunshot, or car accident. Some things we have more control over than others. I can tell you my mother smoked for years and quit at 50, and then died of lung cancer at 60. Not a pretty death. As a kid I often had bronchitis with colds- from second hand smoke they say. My stepson with no smoke from our home, but in his other home had smoke. He had a constant series of ear infections described by the doctor as being from smoke, and recommended he not be around it. The turbinates inside my nose swell when I get around cigarettes. On the other hand, some people can smoke, eat fat and sugar, and drink till death with no issue or disease. We should all… (another 32 words)
StarStar (3)   How deadly is smoking? by clickety6
The plural of anecdote is not data. That's why proper scientific studies use large populations and controls. Maybe the non-smokers worked at the same factory without adequate protection, maybe they were genetically disposed to lung cancer, maybe they smoked marijuana, maybe they had smoked but lied about it, maybe lots of other factors that need to be taken in to account in a proper study.
StarStar (3)   Midwife arrested for attempted murder by sarabyrd
According to various news sources, a midwife practicing at Klinikum Großhadern in Munich was arrested on four cases of attempted murder today. Allegedly, she had added anticoagulants to the i.v. medication of four pregnant mothers prior to their scheduled Caesarian operations, massively increasing the risk of their bleeding out during the operation and also endangering the yet unborn children*. All four women were high risk pregnancies, the midwife was either head midwife, responsible for the medication prior to and during the birth, or assisting midwife, possibly administering medication ordered by the head midwife, in all four operations. While increased bleeding is normal during and after a Caesarian and went unremarked by the attending doctors, an anaesthesist was alarmed and alerted… (another 121 words)
StarStar (3)   Friendly and affordable immigration consulting by engelchen
If you are that strapped for cash, you're probably not earning enough on a regular basis to qualify for an NE. If you don't have the required income for an NE, you can also just try applying for an AE.
StarStar (3)   What to avoid doing when using the Internet by the.frollein
A huge issue in Germany is torrenting/illegal downloading from the internet. Word of wisdom: Don't do it. There are entire lawyer's offices who live off sending out a massive wave of letters every once in a while demanding payment. For more info, see these threads: * Accused of torrenting copyrighted material * Downloading of torrents in Germany - is internet traffice strictly monitored * Downloading mp3 files illegally * Downloading a game - is this illegal in Germany? Then there are fake mails claiming to be from lawyers, that want to send you details of your crime in a ZIP file. As a general rule, as anywhere else in the world, don't open any attached files of any kind, unless you are 100% sure they are trustworthy. Don't be fooled by attached files allegedly sent by friends,… (another 100 words)
StarStar (3)   Drunken, Uninhibited Meetup for Beer (DUMB) by the.frollein
Those who choose supercool slutty nicks for themselves, never thinking they might have to announce their name aloud to a group of people... got trumped tonight. Lovely evening, great group of people - I had a wonderful time. Thanks Jaycool, for getting this off the ground... the Stutt has gart!

Wednesday 23.Jul.2014

StarStarStar (6)   City to Airport drop for 40 Euros by 2B_orNot2B
Welcome to Toytown Roger Whilst it is good that you recognise the validity of the concerns raised by other posters about the passenger liability cover and trading licenses of the service you're offering I must admit to feeling less than reassured by such a terse phrase as, “Luckily I have it.” Your user name strongly suggests that you are an authorised taxi operator in the city of Munich which, if that were true, would beg the question as to why you would choose to offer a service below the effective rate which is, according to all credible (independent, academic, economic institute, trade association, trade union, state or city council) studies, needed to cover the basic nett cost of provision of same. Most TTers are savvy enough to realise that TT, like any other public forum… (another 249 words)
StarStarStar (5)   City to Airport drop for 40 Euros by munichtaxi
Thanks guys for the in depth knowledge you have provided. Lets me just simplify things. I will be driving to airport every evening starting tomorrow. If anyone wants to hitch a ride and split the gas cost, let me know.
StarStarStar (6)   Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery by jono
I object to feeling a criminal when I am shopping. If the shop does this in a obtrusive way , I choose not to shop there anymore. They can loose money in other ways too - by not considering the customers experience. Give me credit, if I was going to steal things I wouldn't target the sold at Lidl or Aldi.
StarStar (3)   Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery by robinson100
Actually, stores in Germany are responsible for recycling the packaging of products they sell - if you look around in any supermarket you will find a place for it. (this rule does not only apply to supermarkets though!)
StarStarStar (5)   Looking for English/spanish speaking investigator by Conquistador
A phone call might be a bit of a shock- if I were you I would try a letter first. Write it in English or Spanish and then have it translated into German by someone in the US and send both versions.
StarStarStar (5)   Fine for too many people in an apartment by Hazza
I would imagine that they asked for Nebenkosten calculation. The company looking after the flats don't really give a about possible benefit fraud - they're probably just interested in dividing up heating, garbage costs, etc in a fair way per resident. It sounds like they haven't even asked for her name. It is also in the interests of all other residents that you're honest about this, as it divides these costs with another person - thus reducing the costs for everyone else. So I would suggest that you tell the company that you made a mistake and that there are actually 2 people living there. Otherwise, one of the other residents is bound to notice and complain, and then you'll actually be in trouble.
StarStarStar (5)   Legal action against my former company by El Jeffo
Thanks. It's people like you who are making life difficult for actual freelancers and consultants. If you call yourself a freelancer or a consultant, you're just that. If you want to have a regular job, look for a regular job. You can find a lawyer and sue, but I hope they laugh you out of court. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.
StarStarStar (5)   Legal action against my former company by Smaug
I was in a similar situation to the OP's many years ago. After about 3 years working as a freelancer for a large company we parted ways in not so very good terms (they asked me to leave). I went to a lawyer who told me that I might have a case to claim that I was an employee all along and I could, in theory, make them take me back. However, I chose to turn the other cheek, forget about it and look for other clients. My rationale was that if I had become litigious with them and had been taken on as an employee I would in all likelihood ended up in a position where I would've been bullied on the job. They wouldn't have been happy with me being there. Who wants that? Additionally, rumor would've spread that I'd taken a client to court. It's always a small world in whatever… (another 169 words)
StarStar (4)   Legal action against my former company by El Jeffo
You think paying taxes makes you special (EDIT: you erased that part)? Sorry, but your attitude is not generating a great deal of sympathy from my perspective. If a work agency was involved, as you say, then you're up feces creek without a propulsion device, despite their alleged promises. In that case, you were not even a consultant, but instead a temporary worker (a Leiharbeitskraft in the vernacular). If the company decided they didn't want to engage your services any longer, that's that. Any claims to unemployment compensation would have to be filed against the agency that supplied you. Sorry your "divorce" wasn't more amicable, but one rarely benefits from burning one's bridges.
StarStar (3)   Legal action against my former company by ruapehu
I don't think you have fully understood what you will be in for even if you are able to successfully sue the company. What you would stand to get would not be any kind of cash payout, but rather a permanent position in your current or an equivalent job...considering the feelings you have for the company or the people you work for/with, I can't see how this would further your career. Also, as a consultant, you likely earn a lot more than the company will pay for that position as an internal (I have on occasion been offered my contract position as a permanent employee, and the drop in money would always have been extreme), so if they are forced to give you permanent position, you will earn a lot less than you have been doing as a freelancer, and you will also be up for backpayment of… (another 53 words)
StarStar (4)   A policeless society by Chocky
There are good cops and bad cops, and, sorry Esham, but your one bad experience doesn't prove anything. The key is the quality of the training, if you give a bunch of shaven apes who joined the force because they saw it as a physically demanding and interesting job handcuffs, a pistol, and a can of CS gas then send them out on to the streets of New York or the rougher parts of Manchester telling them to deal with criminals without giving them appropriate training, then there will be incidences of excessive force and brutality. That training should also be coupled with psychometric evaluation before they are even commissioned to weed out as best as possible the psychopaths and bullies.
StarStar (3)   A policeless society by mlovett
You are WRONG. Clearly you and Esham have never had your lives saved by the police [unfortunately, for us ]. I can claim this, more than once. And DAMN do they look better than either of you in a uniform! You are both [Republican, but weirdly so] idiots. There, I said it.
StarStar (4)   Smoking in public spaces by clickety6
Hopefully you're not starting before 7 am and you're finishing by 10 pm and avoiding any lunchtime sessions - mustn't violate those quiet hours! Get yourself some wireless headphones and you can turn your computer back up. Presumably, unlike the smokers in question, you're not standing on the balcony to do this and your emissions aren't ending up in the neighbour's flat? Unless you're grunting like Navratilova during your bouts of onanism, they probably can't hear you next door,. But if you're worried, record yourself one day, set it on play back and then get yourself invited in by the neighbours and see what you can hear. It's a win-win. If you can't hear anything - great! if you can - and you're there with your neighbours - just… (another 30 words)
StarStar (3)   My new fur babies arrived and ouch by SineadK
They went from being shy to now following me all over the house, climbing my leg and throwing themselves down to have their bellies rubbed. I woke up to the two kittens sniffing my face haha
StarStar (3)   The Vent by sarabyrd
Listen, bitch in the Deutsche Telekom call center, when you tell me to go to start page, I do. When you then tell me to click the link for passwords and I tell you that there is no link for passwords you fornicating listen to me. You do not say, "Then you're not on the start page" and screwing hang up. Too copulating bad that the call was being recorded. Look forward to hearing from your supervisors after they get my complaint email. Because, bitch in the Deutsche Telekom call center, the link for passwords is not on the start bloody page, it's under My highly-colored Data. Learn your job. No, learn some manners first, then learn your job. Bitch.
StarStar (3)   Car sale to local dealer gone wrong by robotictwist
To all, I owe you a big apology! I'm very sorry that I couldn't reply in time. But, anyhow, the good news, which I forgot to share, was that it all worked out well. As per many of yours' suggestion, I ignored the dealer guy and somehow, he managed to stop any further communication. It's been almost over 4 months now. Until the last weekend, I didn't get any message or threat from him and recently have also moved out to Leipzig permanently due to work. So, in summary, I can happily report that all is well! Thank you again!

Tuesday 22.Jul.2014

StarStarStarStar (8)   Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery by robinson100
As many of you know, one of my jobs is in a 'cough' well-known discounter. When being trained on the till, I was taught that I can only ask for bags/other items in a shopping trolley to be lifted up in order to make sure that nothing has been forgotten in the trolley; I should never ask to look in bags, as it is illegal. Out of interest, I have just looked it up, and you do not have to allow anybody to look in your bag if you do not want to. On the other hand, if somebody has been seen putting something in their bag, and not taking it out at the till, the boss may ask to look in the bag/rucksack/whatever, and may also call the police to do so if the suspected person… (another 6 words)
StarStar (4)   Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery by mbamps
I guess that the only thing THEY could do would be call the police, confirm you are not a thief and probably ban you from the store to avoid this happening in the future. As it seems you go there a lot maybe it is not the best idea. : P
StarStar (4)   Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery by Small Town Boy
I have always found German stores' preoccupation with shoplifting to be completely out of proportion to the actual size of the problem. There are plenty of places to hide items other than in the main pocket of a rucksack, so as well as being annoying and offensive such searches are also a complete waste of time. Store detectives and CCTV is the correct way to tackle the problem (in as far as there actually is a problem), not treating your customers like criminals.
StarStar (4)   Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery by CincyInDE
You must be American, poohsan. We are a very car-centric people, aren't we? The backpack is where the groceries go because I don't have (or need) a car. For further clarity, the backpack is already open when I get to the cashier, and she (it's always been a she) makes a big deal out of asking to look in, have me move stuff if she can't see the bottom. What's usually at the bottom, you ask? Grocery receipts, of all things. Last week there happened to be a bag of fennel seed from an Asian market in my backpack and the cashier just about flipped. I said the chances are slim that you sell this exact product with Asian markings all over the package and a price tag that says 1€. Good thing she didn't see the week-old package of Fisherman's Friend...
StarStarStar (6)   A policeless society by RickMunich
So, you have absolutely no problem with people, and groups of people, walking around armed to the teeth, going into restaurants, playgrounds, shopping malls, but when you see a police officer, you feel "uneasy and scared." Given that the vast majority of crimes are committed by non-police (though there are, of course, corrupt and criminal members of law enforcement, just like the rest of society), and that the police are there to protect you from criminals and to maintain order, doesn't this strike you as just a little bit irrational?
StarStarStar (5)   A policeless society by Krieg
Only a naive person who has lived a very sheltered life would think a policeless sociaty is viable. I think you have to go out of your comfort zone and check what horrible things human beings can do, sometimes even without a reason.
StarStar (4)   A policeless society by AlexTr
I have been saved by a police officer. So, does my anecdotal evidence of the beneficial effect of a police force balance out your anecdotal evidence? I want to lay something FLAT out here: the police officer accused of using the choke hold was sued for civil rights violations twice under the Bloomberg administration. This never prompted his suspension nor even any but the most cursory of investigations. Why? Bloomberg's police commissioner was above reproach and ran his own show. In the first six months of the tenure of the police commissioner hired by DiBlasio the use of choke holds was banned. Ray Kelly turned his police force into a paramilitary group under Bloomberg's watchful eye and with Bloomberg's tacit approval. Kelly obfuscated at every turn when a claim of civil rights… (another 25 words)
StarStar (3)   A policeless society by NoBullJim
So who do you recommend to control the total reckless morons of the world? I doubt the girl or boy scouts and the same in the rest of the world are equipped to do this. You asked a question without bringing a solution and expect this forum to feed you the answers. I suggest you google whatever you have questions pertaining to "your thread" and bring some potential recommendations. Oder?
StarStarStar (6)   Smoking in public spaces by Hazza
Now you're just being silly. But seriously, where do you draw the line? Obviously going into someone's residence crosses a line - or attacking them or their property. But is it OK for a family to cook curry most nights, or what about someone who wears a strong smelling aftershave that you don't particularly care for? What about if you live near a brewery and get those smells? Or is it reasonable to complain about all that too? Honestly, there's a trade off of living in the city - It means that you're closer to interesting stuff, but the downside is that you have to accept that there are other people, who may have habits that you don't like. Whinging on this site at every possible opportunity makes Chocky look like a massive cry baby - particularly, because it's… (another 75 words)
StarStar (4)   Smoking in public spaces by Hazza
I only smoke when I'm out for a beer, and given that I don't go out that much anymore, I'm pretty sure it's not going to kill me. If you want to be a cock about other people living their lives with only a minor inconvenience to you, then you have no recourse when others do the same to you. If you ever come on here and whinge about neighbours not liking your cooking, or hypersensitive neighbours who complain every time you take a step in your own flat, then I'm going to laugh at you. As for whinging, here's just a small sample: ...And there are many, many more. Yeah we know that your neighbours smoke on their balcony or in the stairwell or out on the road, and it pisses you off - you've told us on pretty much every thread you can. Give it a rest, nobody… (another 59 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Merkel blames Hamas for Gaza Strip violence by Chocky
Were the four children kicking a ball about on a beach who were blown to bits by an Israeli shell being used as human shields? Or how about the man I saw on Channel 4 news last night who was searching for his family with municipality workers who was shot by a sniper, and then, as he lay groaning in agony on the floor was shot once again and killed? Was he hiding? You can keep repeating the 'human shield' mantra to ease your conscience as many times as you like, this is the only lie that Israel can possibly use to justify its depravity. In al-Shujayeh 80% of those killed were either under 18, women or the elderly, I believe the youngest was 5 months old. 80 PERCENT, and you come on here justifying it with lies about SHIELDS. What unspeakable degenerate knows that an area is packed… (another 55 words)
StarStar (4)   My new fur babies arrived and ouch by seanders
It's not uncommon to have a reaction to new kittens, even if you've spent your life around cats. I had the same issue, so went requested some industrial-strength antihistamines from the doctor, and needed them for a month or two until it settled down. Now I can share a pillow (should I so desire) with no ill effects. It can last for a few months because, not unlike most human children and adolescents, kittens are useless at personal hygiene. Once they figure out how to groom themselves instead of having their mother do it for them, there's a lot less dander flying about.
StarStar (3)   Hawkwind was the greatest band of its time by hooperski
I went to see Hawkwind in 1973 on the strength of Silver Machine. As a teenager I didn't know quite what to expect. The band came on the stage in semi darkness and after a few minutes the audience applauded. I honestly thought that they were still tuning their instruments. Was deaf all of the next day, will never forget that gig.

Monday 21.Jul.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStar (11)   The Vent by Chat Noir
Don't you f*cking tell me this is "typical foreigner attitude"! Don't you f*cking dare! I've had my fair share of horrible experience here in Germany. From doctors and Burgeramt clerks asking me to leave the country right in my face, to every other Dick and Harry who assumes I do not understand German. There are many aspects of life I enjoy in Germany, I make an effort with everything! So, take your rose tinted glasses off and start to realize that not everything is peaches and rainbow farting unicorns for foreigners!
StarStarStarStarStar (10)   Should I make my feelings clear to my teacher? by Chocky
There's no such thing as the Friend Zone, it's a term that was devised by males who confused their horniness and what to non horny people would look like a perfectly normal, platonic relationship with a female acquaintance with the idea of the possibility of the beginning of a 'relationship' that would lead to a few months of sex and possibly marriage with children. Most functioning, adult males are able to understand this.
StarStarStarStarStar (10)   Should I make my feelings clear to my teacher? by Metall
This is the kind of BS that leads desperate young men to the conclusion the only way they will get laid (and not land in the Friendship Zone) is to: 1. get drunk, 2. pull out their wang to make their intentions clear. They then are surprised the Target Female is less than ecstatic. Oh well. Have a nice day.
StarStarStarStar (8)   Should I make my feelings clear to my teacher? by Chocky
Sorry, I know you only see that as some kind of joke, but this is the kind of that hormonally imbalanced teenage males lap up on forums like /r/theredpill It's this kind of nonsense that discourages engaging young men in a discussion about their attitudes towards women, and instead teaches them that they are entitled to sex because of the way that female acquaintances 'lead them on'.
StarStarStar (5)   Problems with late salary payment by 2B_orNot2B
Welcome to Toytown Bon_UK Your post seems to have been merged to the wrong topic as your situation doesn't appear to have much to do with Immediate resignation without any notice period. If the admin(s or mods) spot this discrepancy they may again move your post to the more apt [color="#666666"]Problems with late salary payment [/color] Be that as it may I think it's high time you and your colleagues applied for the assistance of the Frankfurt Arbeitsgericht. For more information please see (the excellent PandaMunich's) post #3 in [color="#666666"]How to get a court payment order (Mahnbescheid) - You don't need a lawyer.[/color] Good luck 2B
StarStarStar (5)   Frustrated with lack of rental reponses. by the.frollein
What is your budget? Berlin and Germany don't really do "scary areas" - what are your criteria for a "scary area"? Most landlords will not bother responding to mails, because they have enough response without it. And most landlords will insist on meeting you personally before deciding whether to rent to you. Not to mention that renting something sight unseen is a recipe for disaster. You may not have a choice. Go for a temporary solution, look for a sublet here on TT, or search for a Ferienwohnung (holiday let) or AirBnB or similar. This will give you a furnished place for the short-term, and allow you to look intensively once you get to Berlin. If you haven't yet, please read this TT Wiki page on renting accommodation in Germany. It gives information on… (another 140 words)
StarStar (4)   Residence & work permits by angelbeast
You cannot think something and say that the other people who have provided responses are all wrong. It is different if you were just stating your opinion about the visa issue, but calling-out other posters were providing misinformation is just bad taste.
StarStar (3)   Residence & work permits by 2B_orNot2B
threat? Welcome to Toytown rfig80 I see you've been very active in the forums already today but I think you'd make a better impression as a n00b if, before making blanket statements on such critical matters, you were to take a little more time to acquaint yourself with the complexities of the Aufenthaltsgesetz and to take note, in particular, the fact that each person's residence visa/work permit is issued according to their individual circumstances. Without knowing which paragraph/s of the AufenthG were mentioned on the OP's visa nobody can be sure what s/he is/is not permitted to do wrt other employment or place of temporary/permanent abode. However, as 'our expert' engelchen has often pointed out to the over-eagerly willing, (but often misinformed), jeba, providing… (another 22 words)
StarStar (3)   Smoking in public spaces by Chocky
I know that breathing second hand smoke occasionally isn't likely to cause health problems, but in our case, unless we have all the windows of our apartment closed we have, pretty much around the clock, the smell of other peoples tobacco smoke lingering in our home, and the smell alone, as we are lying in bed and about to go to sleep is enough justification for complaint. But thanks anyway for the advice about avoiding tanning salons.
StarStar (3)   Merkel blames Hamas for Gaza Strip violence by Conquistador
What would have been your solution to the Jewish refugee crisis after the Holocaust? Would you have accepted a Jewish state being carved out of German territory in the 1940s (note that Germany lost land to Poland and the Soviet Union after WWII)? Or would you have forced Holocaust surviors back to living with the people that had persecuted them and tried to eliminate them? The Israelis have made peace offers. The Palestinians have not, not even counter-offers, which is certainly evidence of bad faith, along with their other activities aimed at delegtimizing and destroying Israel (ones which are echoed by the Western enemies of Israel), including violence directed as Israeli civilians within Israel's internationally-recognized borders. The Palestinians also rejected their own state in… (another 140 words)
StarStar (3)   Permit issued in Germany, new job in Austria by the.frollein
And it's also discussed in OP's other thread (guess he got impatient at the lack of response here): Resident and work permits. Doesn't look like he's taken any of the advice on board though. Typically frustrating thread, where you have to pry the facts out of the OP first bit by bit, and you still aren't sure you actually have a clear picture - and then when an answer is given, it's ignored.
StarStar (3)   Language school not refunding deposit by sarabyrd
Taking a bilingual witness with you, take that letter to their headquarters, in person, and hand them a copy along with a letter demanding refund by, e.g. 31 July 2014. If you do not receive the refund apply for a court order (Mahnbescheid) and also consider criminal charges (Unterschlagung - misappropriation of funds).
StarStar (3)   Payment dispute with DB Call a Bike by Sigster
Hi, looking through their website it seems in München you don't have to return the bike at service stations but in Berlin you have to!? Their AGBs mention a variable service charge for incorrect/failed returns §7 Rückgabebedingungen --> 3. ... Looking at the complete price list 8. Systemabhängige Serviceentgelte Call a Bike is a bit vague, as one would expect they seem to be able to claim the full amount if they care to 8.6. Verlassen des Rades ohne ordnungsgemäße Verschließung (variables Serviceentgelt) -… (another 341 words)
StarStar (3)   European Health Insurance Card as valid insurance? by YorkshireLad6
The best people to answer this question (which I am sure is a common one) are the University administration. I am sure, however they need valid confirmation of German health insurance which as a bona fide student you will only get from a local Krankenkasse on presentation of your completed S1 form from Spain.

Sunday 20.Jul.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar (18)   Why are you unhappy today? by Moondancer
Just re-read my post from 23 June about my ex having cancer. It won already. He passed away on the 19th. He had just turned 54. My daughter is inconsolable. All of the shoulda, coulda, woulda keep tumbling out of her, sobbing all day and night. Nothing I say comforts her and all I can do is hold her and stroke her hair, try to soothe her tears away for the 100th time these past 24 hours. Time heals painful, heart-wrenching grief, but man is it tough to watch.
StarStarStarStar (7)   Smoking in public spaces by MrAdamBee
I'm anti smoking but it is legal so I keep my mouth shut. It's offensive to me but so are a lot of things. You gotta pick your battles. What really frustrates me is watching people throw their butts on the ground. It's a terrible habit especially when public ashtrays might be near by. And if not plan accordingly. Littering is not ok. Hazza that's a valid argument from a health standpoint, but I smell the cigarette smoke coming from the street up on the third floor & have never smelled the fumes of a car driving by. Some smoke, some drink, some overeat......whatever
StarStar (3)   Smoking in public spaces by Chocky
I don't even get the choice of staying indoors to avoid the stench because our neighbours are apparently chain smokers who smoke on their balcony directly under our bedroom whenever we're about to get in to bed which means we can't go to sleep with the window open. Of course they have a right to smoke in their own home, so we can't say anything about it, but what about our right to not have someone else's cancer fumes wafting in to our home? (apologies if that opinion makes me a 'militant')
StarStarStar (5)   Get yourself a tattoo by sarabyrd
Project tattoo started yesterday, the date of the accident is outlined in an arc above the scar, romantic font (Chopin) to fit the rose that will join it later on. Not the most pleasant sensation, being pinpricked for almost half an hour, not to mention the vibrations setting my damaged ulnaris nerve on edge . Then the whole area got hot, there was bleeding. Now the sensation in my upper arm is similar to having had a tetanus shot. I promised Green Virgo to not post pictures until the complete tattoo is done, i.e. the color filled in. I can say, however, that she is very professional, takes a lot of time to discuss your requests, then makes a stencil to be transferred to your skin, if you don't like the result it can be erased with rubbing alcohol and she re-does the stencil. The tattoo… (another 37 words)
StarStar (4)   Cheap health insurance for poor young freelancer by engelchen
Just keep in mind that your NE is only a permanent permit as long as you are actually living here. Being out of the country for long periods of time and cancelling your German (or BaFin-approved foreign) health insurance on the grounds that you are not resident in Germany will probably void your NE.
StarStar (4)   Burger Porn in HH by goodbye.blackberry.way
Inspired by a recent article in Prinz and pur about Hamburgs latest crop of burger eateries I decided to embark on a survey of my own. In the past I've been disappointment with the taste and texture of hamburgers in this city, finding them to resemble the old fashioned Frikadelle which has the texture of dense, dry sausage meat. This is what you will find in places like The Bird and Jim Block. Whilst I'm no expert in meat, the coarse, slightly crumbly texture that you will find in the best examples seemed up to now to be absent in Hamburg. From what I understand, the meat in the very finest hamburgers, is often a blend of different cuts, thus giving the exactly desired amount of fat, flavour and 'bite'. So, here are the results of my deliberations. First of all there are three… (another 443 words)
StarStar (3)   Responding to "Haben Sie Feuer" by MadAxeMurderer
There are many reasons for having a lighter. Some lighters have a little torch built in. You could be romantic and like to light candles. Or just be a wannabe arsonist. So the information is that you don't have a lighter. The reason is superfluous, and can be taken by a smoker with low self esteem, and a chip on their shoulder to be criticism of their disgusting habit. Or an expression of superiority on your part. Would you answer: I don't have candles, or I don't play with fire as justification for not having a light?
StarStar (3)   Responding to "Haben Sie Feuer" by nina_glyndwr
I've used the "Tut mir leid, aber ich rauche nicht" phrase and have never had any sarcastic comment or anything in return. Maybe it's the way you tell 'em.
StarStar (3)   Negative HIV test at doctor's office by the.frollein
It would be helpful if you stopped swerving off topic into the vagaries of private health insurance. OP is on public insurance! @ CaseyLana: Even if at some point in the future you decide to change public insurers, there are NO health questions involved under ( current ) German rules. You *cannot* be rejected, even if you had a serious illness!
StarStar (3)   What's going on in Ukraine? by Oblomov
Spare us your conspiracy theories, gaberlunzi. Just because you don't trust statements by the US doesn't mean that you should put any trust in that KGB goon who resides in the Kremlin. The "rebels" shot down several planes in the days prior to MH-17. They boasted about downing an Antonov right after MH-17 was shot down. Russia has unleashed this scum on Ukraine, aided and abetted them. The responsibility for this massacre rests with Russia. They have to come up with something a damn sight better than "nothing is known for certain" or that responsibility rests with the state over which the plane was shot down.. The MH-17 massacre has hit the Netherlands like 9/11 has hit the US. It's time to take a much harder line in dealing with Russia.
StarStar (3)   Driving rules in Switzerland by camlough
Bit late for a Friday thread. Yes, european database exchanges are common and everywhere. People were pushing you because you have German reg plates?? Paranoid much?? You went through a red light, so pay. Simple. It's nobody's fault but your own

Saturday 19.Jul.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStar (11)   Should I make my feelings clear to my teacher? by Mellyco
Nope, nope, nope. From what you describe, she is being friendly and nice, but that is all. Besides, many schools and/or teachers themselves have policies that teachers and students should not become involved in romantic relationships. It is really unprofessional. As SineadK says above, it is all too common (and bloody annoying) for men to mistake friendliness from a woman for romantic interest. I'm glad that you are second guessing yourself before pursuing your teacher. Don't do it, she isn't giving you any romantic signs, and learn from this. Women can be friendly without meaning they're available or interested.
StarStarStarStarStar (10)   Should I make my feelings clear to my teacher? by MadAxeMurderer
You asked her to watch the soccer as a date although you knew she has no interest in soccer. That was either like genius because if she said yes it would have confirmed she was really into you, going on a date with you to do something she didn't care about. Or like really dumb. I can't make up my mind
StarStarStarStar (8)   Should I make my feelings clear to my teacher? by lingua_et_cetera
She's almost certainly being nice to you in order to draw you out and get you to practise your German more in class, since this is part of the job of a good language teacher. Sorry, International Student, but I don't think it means anything more than that. You could, of course, still try. A clear 'not interested' from her might make it easier for you to draw a line under the experience and move on. On the other hand, afterwards, you would probably need to find another teacher.
StarStar (3)   Should I make my feelings clear to my teacher? by Conquistador
Just my $.02, but I don't think she is interested in you like that. If she were, she would have either found an indirect way of getting you to meet up with her outside of class, or, less likely, have arranged a meetup directly. Older women usually aren't shy about taking the initiative, but they usually won't do it directly if they are unsure if you are willing to play.
StarStarStarStar (8)   Smoking in public spaces by Chocky
Were you just beamed down from planet Zod? Smoking is a national sport in Germany, you literally cannot leave the house without catching a whiff of someone's cancer fumes.
StarStar (3)   Smoking in public spaces by sarabyrd
No. Smoking in public in the open is legal everywhere. It depends on where you are but since you didn't add a location to your profile no one can give you a customized response. And animal haters consider themselves superior to animal lovers. That's the way life is.
StarStarStarStar (7)   Are backyard chickens legal in Munich? by PandaMunich
Yes, it's possible if you have your own garden - but you'll have to jump through a few hoops. You have to announce them at the Munich Veterinäramt, they have to register them. You also have to keep a book on what medicine (e.g. de-worming powder like Flubenvet) you gave them when and another book listing where you got them, how you transported them and if you sell/give away any, where they got to and by what transport. These books can be audited by the Veterinäramt whenever they choose. You also have to register them at Bayerische Tierseuchenkasse, but that's free of cost for just a few chickens. The charge is 0.025€ per chicken per year, but afaik they only collect from 2.50€ upwards, so you could keep 99 chickens and still not have to pay. There you have to report every… (another 165 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Merkel blames Hamas for Gaza Strip violence by Oblomov
It is just beautiful how Israel bases its legitimacy on an entity (not even an independent state) that ceased to exist in the 2nd century AD, yet Palestinians who complain about the events that happened not even 70 years ago are being told to get over it, as it was so long ago. Where else was a state given to a minority of mostly recent and illegal immigrants against the wishes of the local majority population? There was no reason for the Arabs to agree to such a scheme by the old colonial powers. The Balfour Declaration: a promise by the representative of the world's largest Empire to a London banker about land that he didn't even control, inhabited by people he didn't represent, to serve as a national home for people who didn't live there. Israel is conducting all negotiations… (another 30 words)
StarStar (3)   Merkel blames Hamas for Gaza Strip violence by bramble
I agree. I've been following developments since the 2nd Intifada in 2000. I finally gave up when Netanyahu was once again elected in 2009. In reality the fanatical, radical settlers, most of them Kahane followers, rule Israel. And they are not one iota better than Hamas.
StarStar (4)   Children locked in hot cars by RickMunich
Every year it happens, kids and pets die in locked cars. It's terrible, especially because it's so avoidable. This page has statistics from the US and near the bottom a calculator for how quickly the heat rises in a locked car. After a young boy died in Georgia earlier this year, this man made a video that's gone viral to spread the message--
StarStar (3)   Finding ANY jobs in Berlin by colinmanning
The main point actually is not as you say, it is you got your got your work permit on the back of your spouse. This is a totally different situation to the OP, and totally not relevant. He needs to get a work permit on the basis that he has some special skill or financial resources that make him attractive to the German authorities, totally off his own back. It seems you have been able to work in Germany as a freelancer, because your spouse has a work permit. I assume the fact you can use your Canadian health insurance is also special case due to your spouse position. Now as I understand it, in Canada there is a universal health system, with insurance payed somehow tied into your employment etc. Of course in the USA, many people consider universal health cover the greatest evil in the modern… (another 144 words)

Friday 18.Jul.2014

StarStarStarStarStarStar (11)   Children locked in hot cars by Mauddib
So just come back from the shop on my bike, where myself and another woman ended up banging on the window of a car. Mainly because a child (9-10ish) was locked inside at 33oC and was falling about the place in the back seat half out of it. Sweat sticking his hair to his head, crying a bit, but not really "with it". He made a few attempts at our behest to open a door and window but failed. A few guys from the car park went running into the shop and eventually came back with what looked like the kids grand dad. I made a few pictures of the car, the child and the reg in this time. When the grand dad let the kid out, who then stumbled into the shop after his grandad with us shouting after him to get the child some water.... I took a few pics of this too. My phone gave out however and… (another 63 words)
StarStarStarStarStarStar (11)   Should I make my feelings clear to my teacher? by SineadK
Speaking from a female perspective I have gone through similar things in my youth. You are nice to a guy because you like him as a friend etc and then boom he is in love. Why can men not understand that we like to make friends too and it is not always something to do with dating etc.
StarStarStarStar (7)   Should I make my feelings clear to my teacher? by ginga
You could have had the most amazing relationship, sex that most people only dream off, bought a house together, started a family, seen the world, you could have had everything if it weren't for stealing those pencils and ending up in prison having the most amazing sex with Fritz and Hans
StarStarStar (5)   Should I make my feelings clear to my teacher? by International Student
Greetings, I am a university student at the age of 21. During this summer, I am taking some German language classes (in a foreign language) in a private course. My teacher is a woman, and for reasons that I cannot comprehend and understand, she is "too" nice to me. She looks at me with a smile, and for example, she makes compliments like "you have nice hobbies" when I was talking with some other students. Due to her extreme nice attitude, I have started to have a crush on her. I am not blaming her. It is my crush. Only remarking upon her somewhat extraordinary niceness to me. What do you think? Even tough I may be embarrassed and stung at the end, should I tell her that I had a crush on her? Or should I simple ask her why she is too nice to me? By the way, I do not know… (another 356 words)
StarStarStarStarStar (9)   Finding ANY jobs in Berlin by StephS
I might very well agree that your lifestyle is modest. I don't know what your situation is, where you live, etc. But there is a 0% chance that I would agree that you are living like a pauper. Living like a pauper means things like: not knowing where your next meal is coming from; not having a roof over your head; being unable to afford even the most basic health and hygiene services; walking long distances because you can't afford other transport; and so forth. Whatever your beliefs might be about the current U.S. economic situation and its causes, hyperbole of this sort doesn't help your argumentation. And it's offensive.
StarStarStarStar (8)   Merkel blames Hamas for Gaza Strip violence by Hutcho
This is completely irrelevant. There were people living on this land up until modern day Israel kicked them out. They identify themselves as being Palestinian and now want their land back and want to have a state. Utter nonsense. Jews and a whole load of other people occupied the area, and it has been controlled by many people over the years - the Romans, the Ottomans, the British, the list goes on. The majority of these were not Jewish. You're telling me that an immigrant Russian or German Jew, whose last ancestor probably left the land Israel now occupies 2000 years ago, has a stronger claim to the land than an Arab that has been farming the land for the last 5 generations? Your position on the matter is so ridiculous I don't even know where to start.
StarStarStar (5)   Merkel blames Hamas for Gaza Strip violence by Hutcho
The vast majority of Israelis trace their ancestry to the mass immigration that started this whole mess during the 20th century, and not to Jews that have lived on the land for thousands of years (without their own state by the way). The fact is that it was these newly emigrated Jews that pushed for and ultimately succeeded in creating the modern state of Israel. In doing so, they displaced hundreds of thousands of people. Those hundreds of thousands of people should be compensated rather than being bombed, shot at and confined to a life without hope.
StarStarStar (5)   Merkel blames Hamas for Gaza Strip violence by Eupathic Impulse
Attached imageI struggle to contain myself on this issue, but the idea that Israel would make peace if Palestianians would just accept a border is such a sweet and morally comforting tale for a country of settler colonials and ludicrously self-centered. There is one huge piece of evidence that hardly anyone pays attention to but puts the lie to this idea that it's all about the mean Palestianians who don't want the Jews to have a home (on land that belonged to Palestinians). That evidence is settlement construction. Military occupation is one thing: it can have an alibi. Building condominiums for people committed to the ideology that their new neighbours must either accept being a subject people or be expelled is another. If shooting fish in a barrel is what it takes to preserve Israel, then maybe… (another 19 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Merkel blames Hamas for Gaza Strip violence by Eupathic Impulse
No. The Israelis need only do one thing to prove their good faith. Remove not just some piddling, expensive, difficult to defend settlements, but ALL settlers past the 1967 border. Actually, the bar is even lower than that. Stop settlement activity completely. Complete, permanent end to further construction. As long as they keep building settlements, they will have no credibility with anyone who doesn't just assume that Arabs fight because they are savages.
StarStarStarStar (8)   Buying a rented apartment by testcase
I might be stepping out of line here, but buying with the intention of kicking out sitting tenants also just doesn't seem like a very nice thing to do. On a basic, decent-human-being level. I appreciate that you want somewhere to live within your budget, but I know I wouldn't sleep well at night if I'd found my house at some innocent party's expense. I think it's reassuring that the law makes this difficult. It is someone's home, after all, even though they 'only rent'... But maybe I'm just soft!
StarStarStarStar (7)   Is this an apology? by yourkeau
This letter is just a corporate bullshit. Translation from corporate to normal language: We did nothing to solve your problem. We will solve your problem later, maybe, I'm not sure. In the meantime we are writing you this letter to make you think that we are working hard to solve your problem. Please click here to tell us how disappointed are you, we don't give a flying anyway, but you will feel better.
StarStarStar (5)   Americans wanting to move to Germany by germanyherewecome
Hello Loomar, to tell you the story from someone that moved from the US to Germany 3 years ago, all I can say is: It's a long and difficult road AFTER you have the Visa/residence established. Even though one of us speaks/reads/writes fluent German, winding yourself through all the paperwork and related things are very hard when you don't know what you are reading and/or signing. My advice is to really learn German before you arrive here. Go to a class, speak German at home etc. and do that until you arrive. Then you have to go to a course here anyways. We did prepare the best we could starting approx. 18 months before we did leave, but of course not everything went as planned. I would say you have to give yourself up to 5 years for preparation and getting everything the way that… (another 290 words)
StarStarStar (5)   Malaysia Airlines lose two planes in 2014 by Hazza
What's the black box going to tell us? It won't tell us who fired the missile. I can tell you now what will be on it. It'll be the flight crew having a normal inane conversation in the cockpit, then an almighty explosion, and that will be it.
StarStar (4)   Should little old ladies tote guns? by sarabyrd
You say that like using the law is a bad thing. I wonder how much emotion is involved when people enforce anti-abortion, anti-birth control and anti-gay laws. But I digress ... Gouging your eyes out with a spoon hurts more.
StarStar (4)   TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite by murphaph
The thing is... Nobody should get special dispensation to flog a product on here or if they do for some reason (maybe the pay for advertising rights?) then a disclaimer should at least appear in their signature (like Starshollow, John Gunne etc). If SP's customers want to recommend his service they should be free to do so as I am free to recommend Zattoo. but Zattoo themselves don't come on here recommending their own product and if they did, they would face a swift ban for shilling.

Thursday 17.Jul.2014

StarStarStarStarStar (10)   Should little old ladies tote guns? by katheliz
I don't understand your concern. It's obvious that I myself am not in the market. And people "like me" are also not in the market. We voluntarily abjure gun ownership. It's the people who WANT guns that you want to be fearful of. There are a lot of nutcases out there and no way to control their purchases.
StarStarStarStarStar (10)   Should little old ladies tote guns? by RickMunich
No, but when you see a large group of people, armed to the teeth, walking the streets and ordering the Grand Slam breakfast at Denny's, and think that's normal, THEN you're insane. Maybe that happens in Mogadishu, but despite the unique commonalitites (death penalty, not signing the mine ban treaty) that America shares with a select, special collection of countries in the world, that is not one of the things that we should consider to make America "great."
StarStarStarStarStar (9)   Can anyone read this by the.frollein
According to the GerMan, who loves these kind of puzzles, this is called Deutsche Currentschrift - in use from end of the 18th century to approx. 1960/1970. Sütterlin was a variation on Deutsche Currentschrift, which was in use from approx. 1920. The text says: Ascher Löw Oberlandrabbiner (this seems to be the signature for the entry above this one) Nor 11 (Numero) Am 29. April 1833 nachts 11:00 Uhr wurde geb. (geboren) ein Knabe Emil William, Vater ... Huber Kaufmann dahier, Mutter Jannette geb. (geboren) Hohenemser. Zeugen Marx und Löw Schweizer Karlsruhe den 30. April Ascher Löw Oberlandrabbiner This is followed by the next entry, i.e. Nor 12. EDIT: Intrigued by this, the GerMan went down the Wiki wormhole and tells me there's a Wiki entry for Oberlandrabbiner Ascher Löw… (another 10 words)
StarStarStar (6)   Removed post counts and explanations by Krieg
I think you should post it in the South African expat site and hopefully they will have there the South African jeba posting answers without knowing what he is talking about. P.S., You are a German posting questions about South Africa in a website meant for English speaking expats living in Germany. And you wonder why your thread was deleted ... twice.
StarStarStar (5)   Finding ANY jobs in Berlin by ruapehu
You haven't said enough about what your qualifications and skills are in order to make a good guess about your prospects of finding work easily. However, I would say the following: the work market in germany IS sound, however in Berlin it is far less sound than in other parts of the country. That said, there is by no means work for anyone who wants it. Germany is a country where qualifications count for a lot (almost more than experience) and recruitments processes are time-consuming, so you certainly aren't likely to just walk into a good job. IT is one field where there is a lot of work. However, you are limited if - you don't have the qualifications to meet your skills - you don't have fluent German (although certainly there are more IT jobs which don't require German… (another 333 words)
StarStarStar (5)   The Vent by Chocky
I have had it with standing in a queue at my local supermarket and having my nasal sense assaulted by what smells like a corpse that's been lying in the sun for 10 weeks - the next idiot that rolls up to do his shopping and expects others to tolerate his stench is going to get a verbal notice from me along the lines of a suggestion that he use a bar of soap and some warm water at least once a week.
StarStarStar (5)   TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite by Eejit
I would contribute to the wiki if and when I have time. You sure about that? I have not saw anywhere on this thread where SP has justified the high price for the box by stating that it comes with a warranty. If the service stops there will be many customers all complaining at once, it is evident on here that he does not have the people skills to provide that level off customer service/support. Surely you have worked out that they know each other personally and there is evidently more to their hate, that said a professional person would not bring it onto this thread, especially when trying to sell a product/service. Completely off topic and has nothing to do with IPTV whatever YL6 does for a living is irrelevant, this is a standard practice that exists in many service/contractor businesses.… (another 134 words)
StarStar (4)   TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite by murphaph
I have only seen the quote from SP that users only stand to lose a max of 25 quid (ie a month's sub). Are you implying that he will refund the purchase price of the box, should the stream become unavailable? That would be a major financial risk and I'm not sure he'd appreciate you offering that on here! I don't dispute that he offers a customer oriented service (from what I've read on here) but he is not in control of the stream any more than he was in control of the Astra foot print that got changed and left everyone without any reception. He didn't refund the cost of the systems he installed that no longer receive UK TV and nor should he. It's a caveat emptor offering. By the way, great point about the scalability of Zattoo + Chromecast. Each additional… (another 32 words)
StarStar (4)   Travelling by train from Innsbruck to Berlin by 2B_orNot2B
He probably called a colleague on the train, (operating a laptop connected to the database accessible to all border control authorities of the member states of the Schengen treaty), in order to establish that your name was not on any expired visa list. Quite possibly the fact that you may have been the only passenger in sight visibly identifiable as 'unlikely to be German' was sufficient motivation for him to have made that call. That doesn't mean he was acting in a prejudicial manner though as you shouldn't discount the possibility that he was concurrently 'playing to the gallery'. In other words, by doing so, he was also demonstrating to the train's other occupants that, contrary to populist public opinion, there are functioning controls in place to discourage… (another 125 words)
StarStar (4)   Paying to use the toilet in a restaurant by Krieg
The worst are PUBS that want to charge for using the toilet. Are you serious? I am already paying you like 4 bucks per beer and now you want 50c for the toilet, which after the second beer means at least a visit to toilet per beer. Hello Irish Pub in Europa Center in Berlin Ku'damm.
StarStar (4)   Paying to use the toilet in a restaurant by Small Town Boy
Well, specifically you spend 70 cents and get a voucher for 50 cents that you can use to buy products that cost one euro more than anywhere else. I prefer the British system of free, clean toilets in motorway service stations.