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Little India - Frankfurt

Little India offers, sadly, not the vast range of Indian food I'm used to in England but, nevertheless, some interesting choices. They also have daily recommendations and specials.

I tried the Chicken Tikka Massalla but it just isn't like "back home." However, the sweeter dishes (Chicken Tikka Nawabi, Butter Chicken, Mango Chicken, Lamb Bhuna) are pretty good. You won't find big fat Naan bread though, and no Peshwari Naan in sight, but they're OK. Onion Bhajee and Chicken Pakora are just as good as any I've tasted in Europe and the prices aren't bad, either, with a two-course coming in around 14€.

[I did try the Chicken Hydrabadi once (which was the TagesEmpfehlung) and didn't like it. YMMV]

The best thing about this place, though, is the staff - friendly, welcoming and good English speakers. I go there every week so they can't be all that bad.

Glauburgstraße 34
60318 Frankfurt
Tel.: 069 42694725

Open Sunday-Friday 11:00-14:30 and every day from 17:30-23:00.
Local delivery free for orders above 10€

Review by: ITGuy on 17.Oct.2008   (edit this review)


I have been to this awesome restaurant when I visited Frankfurt, I liked ambience of this restaurant and the people serving were very freindly.It has almost all kinds of Indian dishes(spicy..hmm).

Posted by: "tom" at 5:42 pm on 21.Mar.2010

Little India restaurant located at Glauburgstrasse 34,Frankfurt is a typical Indian restaurant.Chicken curry with basmati rice was mouth lickering though.Since I love to eat spicy food, I specially ordered them to make the curry more spicy.

Posted by: "alex" at 6:02 pm on 21.Mar.2010

little india restaurant in Glauburg strasse 34, frankfurt I believe had made some variations in indian cusine coz first time I have tasted the food with out being spicy. Owner of the restaurant was kind enough with me and told if I order food online they provide service for free.

Posted by: "michael" at 8:24 pm on 29.Mar.2010

My husband and I eat at Little India almost every other week. We really enjoy the Chicken biryani, chicken curry, and chicken tikka masala. The owner is very nice, and even offered to pack my leftovers for us to take home one night. Laid back and relaxing.

Posted by: "Donna" at 11:18 am on 21.Apr.2010

This place serves the BEST Indian food in Frankfurt.It has recently moved to a bigger location in the same street (Glauburgstrasse 6)and caters to bigger croud and parties at a reasonable price.The food has been consistantly great with a variety of choices.I go there with my husband Rohit and son and we have always had a grt time.It has a child-friendly enviornment with welcoming staff.Its a "MUST GO" restaurant.Chicken tikka masala,chilly chicken are my personal fav.

Posted by: "Gopa" at 2:08 pm on 16.May.2011

I beg to differ. I had the buffet a couple of Fridays ago and the three main dishes tasted very similar. Strange taste in the mouth the following day, possibly caused by food additive overkill. That said, I'll be trying again, but this time from the main menu.

Posted by: mezzingtonsmythe at 8:30 pm on 19.May.2011

I've been to Little India several times. It has good food, good prices and efficient, friendly service. I definitely recommend it.

Posted by: Smaug at 10:34 am on 5.Nov.2013
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