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Kilians Irish Pub - Munich

Kilian's Irish Pub opened sometime around 2001. It is probably one of the most spacious, well decorated and comfortable of Munich's Irish pub scene. Sharing a cellar with Ned Kelly's Australian Bar, Kilian's is hidden in a corner of Frauenplatz that you normally wouldn't bother passing, and it's decked out with the usual Guinness memorabilia and a faux library, but unusually for this town there is plenty of space between the large tables and a long, roomy bar, so it doesn't feel at all cramped.

Kilians Irish pub Munich

It's worth a visit for a couple of reasons, the main one being there are no televisions in the bar at all, which means that you can have a comfortable beer and a chat without the constant pressure to participate in the minutiae of rugby or football small talk.

Another very good reason is the menu, which features a classic, full-fat, size-of-a-planet Irish breakfast. It's a step up from Shamrock, which is owned and run by the same team, but they have unfortunately continued the tradition of live Irish music, which you will either love at first hearing or loathe forever. Personally, I loathe it, but I'd still drop in for Saturday lunch when it's pretty empty, quiet and relaxed.

Review © 2001 Christopher Larmour & Damien Fournier, Groovy Munich

Kilians Irish Pub
Frauenplatz 11, City Center
U/S-Bahn Marienplatz
Tel. 089 24219899

Opening times:
Monday - Thursday: 3.30pm - 1.00am
Friday - Sunday: 11.00am - 1.00am

Sample from the food menu:
Irish Breakfast, Irish Lamb Stew, Fish and Chips, Classic Hamburger, Bacon Cheese Burger, Chicken Burger, American Basket - all around €8.50.

Website: Kilians Irish Pub
Kilian's is often mis-spelt Killian's Munich

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


Definately the BEST and biggest Irish pub in Munich, this bar was full every time I was in it. The customers are mixed, mostly Munich people (85%), and the other 15% made up of other nationalities..the public is totally mixed in age as well..the bar staff were very friendly and the service was excellent. The have an excellent range of different Beers from (The usual suspects) Guinness to Kilkenny, to Strongbow Cider and Augustiner(best lager beer in Munich). The Guinness was served nice and cold(and poured properly except when the bar was really busy). They have Live Music every night mostly rock covers!!,and not always Irish Folk which is only about 3-5 times a month! I can only thoroughly recommend kilians pub for a night out when in munich!! Cheers or should i say slainte? -Pete Reilly, NY-USA

Posted by: "Peter Reilly" at 7:06 am on 3.Dec.2003

"It's worth a visit for a couple of reasons, the main one being there are no televisions in the bar at all" I'm sure there is at least 1 TV in there. Above the door as you walk in after going down the stairs.

Posted by: "Finbarr Saunders" at 10:33 am on 19.Dec.2003

we where there in kilians the first night we arrived in munich and had a great night! 30 irish letterkenny students the place didnt know what had hit it. good drink. thanks

Posted by: "letterkenny group" at 11:57 am on 4.Feb.2004

I go to Kilian's quite often (about 4 times/month). The crowd is mostly English speakers and Germans in their 30's and up, often in largish groups, friendly. My only complaint with Kilian's is that the food costs way too much (although it's often pretty good) and sometimes the live acts turn their speakers up too loud. They have live music every evening, but I don't think most people go there for the specific entertainers most of the time. You should definitely try going again!

Posted by: "cinzia" at 8:12 am on 14.Feb.2004

I was there with Opa on Saturday evening. The food was good as was the music and the atmosphere. A lovely wee blond Scottish lassie served us and made us feel very welcome. We even managed a conversation as the live music wasn't deafening, definitely worth another visit.

Posted by: "Granny" at 8:13 am on 14.Feb.2004

Been there a few times, Awful service

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 10:25 am on 19.Mar.2004

Awful service you say? In what way? Service has always been prompt and friendly when I've been. Mind you, I do to to Kilians a lot and I know all the staff. So I guess that helps. Admittedly I have noticed the bar staff being a little bit rude when a German leans over the bar and asks, in German, for a beer. The staff tend to be friendlier if you say, "I'll 'ave a pint of Kilkenny please mate", rather than, "Ich krieg ein Helles".

Posted by: "A Nonnie Mouse" at 10:33 am on 19.Mar.2004

Kilians is one of the best Irish pubs in Munich. The do have the best burgers that I have ever had in Munich and for that matter in Germany. However, those hamburgs cost more than 8 Euro. Service has always been great, and the music has been good too. I cannot afford to go regularly, but I will go back every now and then, and would suggest it to friends as well.

Posted by: "David" at 11:29 am on 4.May.2004

wouldn't say the service is awful - but not great, we've had the same miserable looking waitress last couple of times. my main gripe is that there is live music every night: i've been there a few times early in the week and we always have to bail before 9pm, as you cannot hear anything else. Strangley we're not the only ones that do that, you think they'd cop on....

Posted by: "robby1" at 2:11 pm on 17.Nov.2004

All the Irish pubs in Munich are expensive, but when you compare Kilians to other German locals it is very pricey. I used to drink there a lot more often, but have gone off the place a bit. I agree about the live music being annoying every night - but for me the lack of german speaking service is really odd. I mean how hard is it to find staff who speak even a little German? I met a group from work there once, who were over from Poland and only spoke Polish and German, not only did the waitress not speak a word of German, but the other waitress who came over to see what was going on didn't either. By the time I arrive, one of the waitresses even said to me, “God imagine not speaking any English” - this from a person living in Munich and not speaking a word of German. Can you imagine doing that in an English-speaking country? Having said that, the chips are excellent!

Posted by: "Will" at 7:40 am on 18.Nov.2004

This has got to be the smokiest pub in munich, and that's saying something. Was there recently, there had been some match on all afternoon (which negates the main review about there not being an televisions there, because there are, and always have been), the place was heaving with drunk blokes, the floor was filthy and full of broken glass, and it wasn't even 8pm! The beer prices are well above anywhere else I've been to and if you go there looking for friendly Irish staff, forget it

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 2:20 pm on 22.Nov.2004

A word of warning to people going to kilians - the place is very dodgy for having bags, wallets, coats etc stolen. I know a few different people who've had things nicked in there, and not your average drunkenly leaving your coat/bag/whatever lying around half the night. Just pay extra attention, as this is so uncommon in Munich (compared to other cities) it's easy to get complacent.

Posted by: "janet" at 3:41 pm on 25.Nov.2004

They serve the worst pint of draft Augustiner imaginable.

Posted by: "Roland" at 7:06 am on 26.Apr.2005

Appalling service when I was there earlier this evening, sat out on the terrace. Took about 20 minutes to get served because the staff were just hanging around one of the tables talking to their mates. Even the bar manager was there. All of them just blatantly ignoring the customers. A german couple next to me actually got up and left, leaving payment on the table. Including a tip, strangely.

Posted by: "Not Impressed" at 9:32 pm on 29.Apr.2005

yea well i think kilians has gr8 food n thats it the service is crap.

Posted by: "mickeymouse" at 3:21 pm on 18.May.2005

i agree with the draft augustiner beer,which is why i ask for bottles of augustiner kept in the fridge.tastes much better

Posted by: "andrew towers" at 6:08 pm on 24.May.2005

Maybe I've been away from Dublin too long to remember, but I wasn't quite impressed with the pint of Guiness served @ Kilians. It was colder than ideal, the taste was a bit off and more bitter than I recall it being. Tap lines may not be meticulously clean as recommended or the colder temperature was enough to throw off the taste. I've definitely had better pints in the States, so I couldn't attribute it to Guinness not traveling well from the source.

Posted by: "56oval" at 3:31 am on 18.Sep.2005

i dunno what y'all are talking about, but i love it there. its a great place where you know everyone, and you can finally speak english. the staff is only rude if you dont know them, or if you do something stupid. if you run in every friday night like i do, they tend to be nicer.

Posted by: "alex" at 6:53 pm on 17.Oct.2005

I found this pub about a year ago and since I come to Munich on business at least 2/3 times a month, I think it's really good and pop there all the time. The only trouble I have with the place, is that it always gets SO packed out on a Friday/Saturday night that you can't move or get to the bar. Having said that, even though I don't live in Munich, the bar staff have got to know me, so I walk in, get my pint handed to me and if I need a refil just have to look in their direction. Haven't tried the food in there, but it looks good. My theory being that when in Germany, why avoid the great German grub about for Fish and Chips. If you're ever down there on a Friday or Saturday and I'm in Munich (often) come and say hello - an excellent place for the craic!!!!

Posted by: "Adam" at 3:53 pm on 5.Nov.2005

I`ve fist been there on the last Weekend of the Oktoberfest - `twas awfully crowded - but as long as a waitress was able passing by, she was nice - don't remember if we spoke english or german to her: It really shouldn`t be a problem for anyone, though. I really like the place for its atmosphere.

Posted by: "Joe" at 12:30 pm on 11.Nov.2005

Go a few times everytime I'm in town. Great bar, good staff, reasonable priced beer. Enjoyed the diddly-dum band's finale of "Don't look back in anger" recently - what a classic Irish standard the Galagher bros wrote there! Room to stand and have a pint and chat without getting nudged, fag burned, having Guiness spilt on. A Pleasure. Just remember to keep the noise down on the way out..

Posted by: "Angus McCoatup" at 11:44 am on 31.Dec.2005

Killian's food IS very expensive for what it is. I'd also like to echo what others say about the service...not all the staff speak German which is a bit odd (I know it's an Irish Pub but we are in Germany...I wouldn't go to a Greek restaurant in Munich and expect to be able to speak Greek to be able to place my order!!!) which was a bit problematic when I took a few non-English speaking mates with me last time. I also heard about the pickpocketing there which is a shame. service is a bit hit and miss at best. I do like the live music though!

Posted by: "Turnip" at 11:39 am on 20.Jan.2006

Service: It depends on the person. The frequently changing new people are generally friendly; the people that have been working there for 5+ years are generally not. Beer: Always tastes a bit off, no matter if it’s a Helles from the tap or Guinness, or the beer is too cold from the bottle. But, nothing to complain to heavily about. Live Music: Generally not that good, and way too loud. Once the band comes on, just forget about talking to your mates for the next 45 minutes. Wireless Internet: Free to customers; you'll find several people surfing early in the evening. But, their setup is a bit complicated. You need a code for ~18 minutes of surf time. They're happy to give it to you, if they happen to have any, and most of the time the codes don't work. Go to the Hard Rock Cafe if you're interested in surfing over a beer. Crowd: You'll meet all the foreigners and friendly people at the bar, the Germans stick to themselves at the tables to the sides. 15% foreign. Theft: Happens all the time. But, if you're just careful, then you won't have a problem. Just don't leave your stuff laying around when you run off to the bathroom. Overall, decent enough and centrally located.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 8:50 am on 16.Feb.2006

go here quite a bit but like it better during the week its a tiny bit too crowded friday saturday but still enjoyable

Posted by: "nut" at 2:55 am on 6.Mar.2006

greetings from peaceful n'ireland not!!! great place! super service! excellant toilet paper! paul for the next pope keep up the good work. ps if you meet a owl fella called noel telling the girls he's 21 don't take any notice of him he's really 56

Posted by: "A.H." at 7:45 pm on 9.Apr.2006

I think kilians is a shit hole the staff are very rude and only serve you if your a friend. The draught beer gives you the shits. I had 2 bags stolen while I was sitting near the bar and there was only 2 customers in the place. "mostly staff" in there at the time. The food is good but your lucky if you can get your order in. Every week there is a new staff member. Any way I wouldn't recommend this place to my worse enemy.

Posted by: "P.C." at 6:31 pm on 25.Oct.2006

I agree, the service isn't the best but I really like the atmosphere. btw, try the Marinated Shrimp Salad, its about €12 and it's certainly worth it. yumm It's worth going there

Posted by: "Gala" at 8:03 pm on 16.Nov.2006

i wish the people leaving the comments would say which country they come from so one can decide how much to trust their opinion!!!!!!!!!!! Ashley, Scotland

Posted by: "Ashley McWilliam" at 8:49 pm on 12.Dec.2006

I went in there once and could speak neither English nor German. Still got a drink and food. I nkow this to be true bacause I have the receipt at home. So There!

Posted by: "garibaldi" at 11:27 am on 30.Dec.2006

Hi Ashley, I'm Irish By the way !!! I wrote the big bad comment. I was on holiday then when I had my Kilians experience.

Posted by: "P.C." at 11:22 pm on 2.Feb.2007

I have to agree the service depends on the person. For years I have been delighted with the service, but I haven't been back since about one month ago when I received my all time worst service in Germany (and we all know that must be bad!) After the usual German service: No smiles, 1 person receieving their dinner after everyone else is finished, no apologies blah blah blah, we decided to pay seperately and not tip that much. She seemed a bit slow so I thought I would help her out and pointed out that she had doubled charged us for one meal and missed one out. I had no idea the monetary value but I assumed she would want to keep her books right. Next thing she flipped out that it was only 40 cents difference and that tips weren't included in the price. She started yelling at me that I didn't give her a tip (which I thought I did but whatever) and she threw the 40 cents at me. In retrospect, I wish I had told her that tips only come with good service but I was stunned...literally and have been reluctant to go back there ever since. I know I will be back there, because it would be a shame to let one cheap disgruntled waitress ruin everything... BTW she has been there for years, german and goes by the name of Esther I believe... Nicola, Scotland.

Posted by: naughtyniki at 9:32 am on 29.Jul.2007

I've been there yesterday - it was full which I liked. The place is quite nice, I'd say typical Irish Pub you can find anywhere else on this planet. The beer was good, the food was also OK (though ezpensive). The service is friendly but slow. There was live music which was way too laud. To sum up - nothing really special, but with a group of good friends you can spend a nice evening there.

Posted by: carandiru at 8:17 am on 24.Oct.2007

I've heard that the casual waiting staff are paid a really low hourly rate hence they depend on their tips to boost their low earnings, which may also expain why they may be grumpy with customers from time to time. the waiting staff also have to give some of their tips to the 'glass-collectors' who bring ordered food to the tables too.

Posted by: "Mel" at 8:43 am on 24.Oct.2007

really like Killians and always have good craic there. unfortunately, my leather jacket was gone when i went to look for it on leaving sat night. there are signs all over the place saying that professional thieves are at work. might be good for them to set up a cloakroom on the way in the door to give the punters the option of putting their stuff safely out of the professional thieves way....

Posted by: fat girl at 7:14 pm on 29.Oct.2007

I had a similar experience to fat girl. My coat was robbed by some scrote whilst I was in Kilians. It wasn't the expence that I was miffed about but having to go out into the chilly Munich evening without the coat. At least I had a few pints of Guinness inside me.

Posted by: frattoniser at 3:09 pm on 31.Oct.2007

My husband and I have been to Munich twice and Kilian's was always our last stop before heading back to the hotel. The staff was always exceptionally friendly and made us feel right at home. Does anyone know if Paddy, Yvonne, or Geoffrey are still working there? Stephanie-Tulsa OK

Posted by: "Stephanie" at 11:17 pm on 16.Jan.2008

great bar, great city, great beer

Posted by: "danny mc taggart" at 12:35 pm on 1.Jul.2008

Great Pub great Craic, we had a blast there at the weekend, staff very friendly! Food portions were huge too, and not pricey compared to other places wed been to in the center of Town. Hope to be back in Munich soon and will definately drop in for a pint of that local beer they sell!...Jimmy from Dublin

Posted by: "Jimmy" at 11:33 am on 22.Jan.2009

Thouroughly discusted at the waitresses attidude when asked if she could give me a tax receipt.. Also some excuse was give as to why there was no receipt for the Drinks...

Posted by: SpiderPig at 9:10 pm on 7.Feb.2009

I am generally of the opinion that if one has nothing positive to say, then better to say nothing at all... after having eaten a cheeseburger at killians, I had the worst indigestion of my life and can't help but to warn off anyone contemplating such a similar absurdity. *maybe* if you spell flavor with a 'u' then this place has good hamburgers, but then again if you do, then your digestive system is probably used to eating BSE beef. [[BEWARE]] this is *NOT* the best hamburger in munich (mc mueller!!), nor is it the best hamburger in germany (Azul, berlin!!). best not to take the chance. 24 hours later and I'm still struggling to take control over my bowels. [[BEWARE!!]]

Posted by: beagleboy at 7:10 pm on 7.Sep.2009

The burgers, my god, the burgers. Amazing stuff. Back home we have a place called Niffers that did 4 dollar burger night, and they were the best burgers you'd ever eat. Well, Kilians has topped them. The first burger I ate at Kilians, I finished even though I was so full, because it was that good. Couldn't move for about 45 minutes but hey, it was worth it. Had burgers a few more times there and they never made me sick.

Posted by: katekatekoala at 11:08 pm on 7.Sep.2009

The only thing Irish about it is the name. No craic, no real regular clientele. If it wasn't for its location it would be empty, tourist trap one night only, nobody would be bothered going back.

Posted by: Darren7 at 9:14 am on 31.Jan.2010

darren7 is absolutely right!!!!

Posted by: "potty" at 9:26 pm on 31.Jan.2010

OMG..! The food here are all excellent..I have been here often times since I live close to this place...! The burger,grilled spare ribs and more..phew!love it much...! But,the only thing i am concern is the restroom..:-(sorry but when first time i used there restroom,it wasn't clean:-( huhuhuhu

Posted by: "Yet" at 10:22 pm on 20.Aug.2010

food great, pub crap!

Posted by: "shirley" at 12:51 pm on 21.Aug.2010

staff even crapper

Posted by: "potty" at 12:53 pm on 21.Aug.2010

Really crappy pub. Staff are even crappier. No atmosphere or craic. Totally agree with darren7.

Posted by: "Anon" at 11:13 am on 22.Aug.2010

Good food, good drink and great atmosphere. I have spent many a happy evening here. You get back what you put out...expect to have a great time and you will!

Posted by: "Happy Camper" at 12:04 pm on 25.Aug.2010

oktoberfest 2009 we rocked many a night away here and met like minded people dancing the night away. does any one know where else to go in this city? i walked the streets for hours with no luck. being a tourist its hard come 1am and your still rearing to go. Yes it is a snakepit, but it was the most fun i had in munich over a week. Irish breakfast is excellent, excellent, excellent. when all on offer everywhere is bread and mozzeralla this hits the spot. I got ill from the kebabs at central station, never kilian's. staff are far more observant than anyone gives them credit for and security is tight. come too drunk and they will not let you in, dangerous to be a drunk bloke having a go at security there. I met some great folk and the bands were excellent. if you like to party wityhout techno and 18year olds standing prostate in corners give it a go, i'll go back this year for a visit because it was the only place happening i could find at midnight.(solo girl traveller and i felt very safe here)

Posted by: "marnie" at 11:18 pm on 10.Sep.2010

Visited Kilians Twice this weekend!! The food is great!! Went on Sat night and you couldn't swing a cat!!so we went to the upstairs bar where Morris was serving. Talk about a nights craic!! We met the owner who stood us a free drink, from one Jackeen to another! And Morris (the Cork man) kept us goin all night! Went back for food on the Sunday,and left feeling stuffed! If ever in Munich this is one pub to look up! While there look up next door Ned Kelly's, just as much craic!!

Posted by: "Orlaigh" at 9:49 pm on 28.Nov.2010

Sorry to Morris, The three Irish lasses didn't get to call back. We were in next door but didnt stay too long as were wrecked and goin home for a sleep!!

Posted by: "Orlaigh" at 9:52 pm on 28.Nov.2010

It's IRISH tm (c) great. The black stuff is flowin' The craic is moighty, the little fellas are a playin' and a singin'. The bhoys are on the fiddles, the black stuff is moighty. The craic! Best black stuff in Europe - the world.

Posted by: Alice1980 at 1:20 am on 1.Dec.2010

Had the bacon and cheese burger last night. It was really big and really tasty and they were not stingy with the toppings. Probably better than the M.C. Mueller Dean Martin burger, which was my previous favourite burger in Munich. The crowd, the atmosphere, the service and the band were all good too. Had a great time.

Posted by: Kyle1860 at 10:11 am on 10.Feb.2011

Went to the monthly ceilidh on Monday night and had a great time. Great drinks and great dancing, and a really great atmosphere in the place. Expect to get sweaty and shouted at by the quirky dance instructor, but spend most of the time laughing and cheering. May even burn off the calories from the Guinness!

Posted by: "Sarah" at 12:27 pm on 6.Jul.2011

I've been going there regularly to watch GAA and rugby over the last few months. The service is ok, but I'm not impressed with the food and the Augustiner tastes suspiciously like Heiniken at times.

Posted by: MikeComerford at 10:40 am on 19.Sep.2011

Great atmosphere and venue, but sadly, deliberately short changed... until I reminded the barman of what I was owed

Posted by: pw2309 at 12:29 pm on 28.Feb.2013

i am sure there is a TV i went last year and watch a football match and really enjoyed my time.

Posted by: "chris saltmarsh" at 12:26 pm on 5.Mar.2013

I was there this week for the footie 'tween Real & Man. United. It's confusing - Killians was full with the tv's, and Ned Kelly's had the match on, with no sound, and a live band. Needless to say, Killians was cheek by jowl, so I took my pint from Killians over to Ned Kelly's… Nice pub, much more lively than the one in Haidhausen...

Posted by: CanuckOverboard! at 11:38 am on 8.Mar.2013

to watch footie try Mollys..kilians and Kenndeys are tourist bars

Posted by: the_eagle at 11:12 am on 12.Mar.2013

Haven't been there for a long time but always found it a bit too loud and crowded. Might be better if you're in a group, not really the place for a quiet pint after work.

Posted by: "carnation" at 6:00 pm on 6.Oct.2013

Not a bad place but the last times I´ve only made it down the stairs and then up again - the only way to get in there has been by crowdsurfing. And why are so many irish pubs down in cellars here in Bavaria?

Posted by: brotzeit at 12:56 pm on 5.Dec.2013
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