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hans im glück - burgergrill - Munich

I visited this place yesterday, they were just open, but not fully yet. We each had cheeseburgers, and they were damn tasty. The menu is a short list, but I prefer that; I figure that restaurants that do everything, don't do anything great. Warning: They do not have beer on tap: they have a variety of beck's and franzi weiss. The service was very friendly and the ambiance was nice.

Nymphenburger Strasse 69
80335 Munich

Tel.: +49 89 642 999 82
Web: Hans im Glück
U-Bahn: U1 Maillingerstrase

Monday to Friday, 10am to midnight
Saturday, 2pm to 1am
Sunday, 4pm to midnight


Review by: AnthonyDoesEurope on 30.Jul.2010   (edit this review)


We went there as well with a semi-largish group and not one of us found the burger tasty at all. They are frozen burgers. The buns (or so I was told by every other person (I cant eat them due to allergy)) were excellent but the chips were average frozen, deep fried ones. I think the only way this place would survive more than 6-9 months is to start using fresh beef. If they made the burgers fresh, I think the word would get out (especially in the expat community) and they would get a lot of business. The location is going to have to survive on word of mouth as is not a location most go and would never be visited by tourist. The service was decent. Not great, but also not the typical bad German service, so that was good. The only thing I found "great" about this place was that they had a few tasty toppings (bbq sauce, chipotle tabasco, french's mustard, dried onions, pickles etc...) Overall, just extremely disappointed that they used frozen burgers. Was really expecting a "burger joint" to have real burgers.

Posted by: eurobabs at 9:15 am on 7.Aug.2010

I "unliked" them on Facebook because of the frozen patties. That'll show em'.

Posted by: CincyInDE at 1:57 pm on 11.Aug.2010

Our second visit wasn't so good as the first. They haven't figured it out yet. I'm curious to know where to find burgers that aren't frozen (I know *sometimes* Puck's has fresh beef burgers), anywhere else???

Posted by: AnthonyDoesEurope at 10:09 am on 12.Aug.2010

Their frozen, fast-food patties were a let down. They could also use some toppings beyond the spreadable kind, like real sliced avocado, caramelized onions and crispy bacon. I don't get it. Processed food cost so much more for your business than buying fresh. It seems they spent more time deliberating over their decorations than the menu. I think "Feuerberg Restaurant" makes fresh patties for their burgers.. but their burgers are twice the price of the ones at "hans im glück".

Posted by: hezamarie at 4:51 pm on 12.Aug.2010

Went for lunch this week. Big, fresh, juicy burgers. Perfect for a quick lunch or a bite before or after a movie at the English Cinema. Really good fries, too. Simple, fresh ingredients presented and served well at a good price.

Posted by: kmhb at 3:52 pm on 21.Oct.2010

Hans im Glück is a really really nice place.. has a nice atmosphere, nice service and really good burgers! A little shy on the salad part, but I was there for the burgers! We really enjoyed it, so I recommend it!

Posted by: adrian.a.i.ionescu at 9:12 pm on 27.Dec.2010

Are the burgers BIO (organic)?

Posted by: Explorer at 9:49 am on 31.Jan.2011

I've been a few times. It's a nice place, comfortable in scope. But I agree that there is something missing with the burgers. Also, I had the Caesar salad: the dressing was more vinegary than Caesary, I thought. They need to do some fine-tuning. I'm not enough of a burger afficianado to know if the issue is frozen patties. But they have a shot at making a go of it: There seems to be reasonable amount of business so far. There's time for them to turn their burgers around. They need to do it.

Posted by: Neal J. King at 1:16 pm on 22.Feb.2011

Was excited to try this place out as I am a huge burger fan. Utterly disappointed!!! As a place specializing in burgers, you would expect fresh-made patties but these tasted dense, rubbery, and definitely frozen. Nasty!!! The fries and cole-slaw were decent, though. I will search further for Munich's best burger (PM me if you have any good tips).

Posted by: Red at 8:26 am on 23.Feb.2011

Eurobabs - August 2010 - "Overall, just extremely disappointed that they used frozen burgers. Was really expecting a "burger joint" to have real burgers." Red - Feb 20111 - "As a place specializing in burgers, you would expect fresh-made patties but these tasted dense, rubbery, and definitely frozen." Shame you didn't read the reviews before getting all excited.

Posted by: Keydeck at 9:03 am on 23.Feb.2011

Honestly, I would not describe these burgers as juicy or fresh. They tasted to me like they were from frozen patties. On a scale of 1-10, I would give them a 6 considering we are in Munich. If we were going by US standards, more like a 4.

Posted by: "Buck" at 4:21 pm on 8.Apr.2011

Went there twice to make very sure we didn't just get a bad burger the first time around. Really was not good. The burgers are absolutely tasteless. Decor is excellent though.

Posted by: "mvr" at 2:31 pm on 7.Mar.2013

This place has gotten better. I ate there when the first opened and then a year or so after that. Was not impressed. Was there last week and had a lovely burger. Not a fan of the fat cut fries. wish they would offer thin ones as well, but the burger was really good.

Posted by: jodessa at 10:16 am on 31.Aug.2014
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