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Fertig - Cologne

Fertig is a popular German/French restaurant located in Cologne-Südstadt.

Bonner Straße 26
50677 Cologne
Tel.: 0221 8017340

Review by: "Anonymous" on 14.Apr.2007   (edit this review)


They serve horse meat and just about every other kind of meat.... but very nicely done.

Posted by: teresahhill at 5:09 pm on 5.Mar.2013

This closed a while ago and I'm surprised it was open for as long as it was. I would walk past here 4-5 times a week at varying times of the day/evening and it was always empty and this was the case for several months. There is now a cafe here, which seems fairly popular with home made cakes and snacks. I've never been in so can't speak for the quality.

Posted by: "Südstadt Guy" at 12:32 pm on 14.Mar.2013
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