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  7.47pm Thursday 21.Aug.2014 - by shahbaz khan
  7.24pm Tuesday 15.Jul.2014 - by tor
cool pic. ...reply
  10.28am Thursday 10.Jul.2014 - by vvnaga
Pretty ...reply
  12.33pm Tuesday 29.Apr.2014 - by T-A
awesome!!! ...reply

12.35pm Tuesday 29.Apr.2014 - by T-A
awesome!!! ...reply
  10.54am Saturday 19.Apr.2014 - by ang01
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  12.17am Sunday 2.Mar.2014 - by ian
Baldrick and Blackadder ...reply
  2.46pm Wednesday 2.Oct.2013 - by BayrischDude
I am wondering if Mattress manufacturers consider these situations when making their products... Would this be making the warranty void? ...reply
  12.38pm Wednesday 11.Sep.2013 - by TitaniumTim
That's a lot of tittays ...reply
  9.46am Monday 5.Aug.2013 - by perdido
Super sexy. The dude looks good as well. ...reply
  11.10am Wednesday 26.Jun.2013 - by Sivagi
Nice Nice NIce!!!!!! ...reply
  3.38pm Monday 28.Jan.2013 - by qsdfgh65
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9.45pm Sunday 2.Jun.2013 - by Moonboot
get yer coat! ...reply
  8.08pm Tuesday 12.Mar.2013 - by thefoschinis
berlin - ick liebe dich ... ...reply
  8.06pm Tuesday 12.Mar.2013 - by thefoschinis
best currywurst mit lemon becks ... ...reply
  8.03pm Tuesday 12.Mar.2013 - by thefoschinis
first sunshing after a dark and long winter.... ...reply
  2.26pm Tuesday 22.Jan.2013 - by Outsider27
Wow, that's a nice shot. ...reply
  6.27pm Saturday 19.Jan.2013 - by oneleggedhorse
Photo actually taken the 1st week of December 2012. Relatively snow-free here at the moment but blisteringly cold! Minus 13 ...reply
  12.11pm Friday 30.Nov.2012 - by drsislam
Very nice pic ...reply
  2.16pm Tuesday 20.Nov.2012 - by Hainer8
Berlin's TV Tower my main source of inspiration ...reply
  9.50am Wednesday 14.Nov.2012 - by SilentAngel
View from Weihenstephan Technische Universität. A perfect little spot to read a book and watch the planes land and take off! During the summer one can sit in the shade of the tree that was planted there around 1830! ...reply
  7.39am Monday 5.Nov.2012 - by TitaniumTim
hmmmmm, Lecker. ...reply
  8.32am Tuesday 30.Oct.2012 - by chuckycheese
funny, I didn't know they had fingernail polish back then... lol ...reply
  9.32pm Thursday 4.Oct.2012 - by Vessi
Just like a painting - gorgeous! :-) ...reply
  9.30pm Thursday 4.Oct.2012 - by Vessi
Such a pretty photograph, you two! :-) The Isar river and the greenery surrounding it looks absolutely stunning. ...reply
  6.21pm Saturday 3.Apr.2010 - by HondoMan
Now that's where I want to live. When folks back home ask, I can say I live in Fucking, Germany! ...reply

5.47pm Monday 24.Sep.2012 - by BayrischDude
The village (in Austria) is especially popular with British tourists; as a local tour guide explained: "The Germans all want to see Mozart's house in Salzburg; the Americans want to see where The Sound of Music was filmed; the Japanese want Hitler's birthplace in Braunau; but for the British, it's all about Fucking." ...reply
  8.41pm Wednesday 1.Aug.2012 - by blaupunkt77
I stumbled across some rugby pics..unbelievable! Thanks so much, I play womens rugby for the frisco Griffins in USA. I enjoyed the pictures. Eva ...reply
  8.03pm Wednesday 1.Aug.2012 - by blaupunkt77
hahah love the pics! My favorite is the passed out party poopers!! LOL!! Eva ...reply
  11.43am Tuesday 12.Jun.2012 - by totes magotes
this pic really shows how quickly the TT orch has grown. congrats to our TT leaders! ...reply
  9.29am Wednesday 30.May.2012 - by BayrischDude
Zigaretten und Bier... Frühstück ist fertig! ...reply
  1.45pm Tuesday 8.May.2012 - by Mapleleafdude
If I'd be sitting there I'd have eyes like that too. ...reply
  8.26am Wednesday 18.Apr.2012 - by maureenlemos
This cool mural on a local building in Bamburg shows a leg coming out of the wall ...reply
  9.09am Tuesday 19.Feb.2008 - by Nanzy
Sexyyyyyyyyy ...reply

1.24pm Wednesday 10.Jun.2009 - by SJ1
Personally, I think that particular thong looks hideous, but a hell of a lot better than free flowing crack. I have noticed an abundance of young girls who opt not to wear underwear and hip hugger jeans. I don't know about your guys thoughts but crack is not sexy. ...reply

6.49pm Tuesday 10.Apr.2012 - by lucky Jim
tell that to wintney lol ...reply
  9.26pm Thursday 9.Jul.2009 - by PezMom3
well my 3-month-old really liked that picture. ...reply

8.38pm Thursday 1.Jul.2010 - by HondoMan
then I'd say your 3 y.o. has great taste in attractive women! ...reply

2.22pm Thursday 14.Apr.2011 - by medic82
Indeed. ...reply

6.48pm Tuesday 10.Apr.2012 - by lucky Jim
very much so. ...reply
  3.58pm Sunday 7.Oct.2007 - by Geeko
oh my God ...reply

6.44pm Tuesday 10.Apr.2012 - by lucky Jim
Smash ...reply
  9.59pm Friday 6.Apr.2012 - by Karlischnarli
nice ...reply
  12.30pm Monday 26.Mar.2012 - by siskebap
Nothing is as hot as the love between a Bavarian and a Prussian ...reply
  8.11pm Sunday 18.Mar.2012 - by Irish_Dave
Who are these guys? ...reply

8.45am Monday 19.Mar.2012 - by Keydeck
Apparently it was a Guard of Honour from Cloverhill Prison. ...reply
  8.03am Thursday 8.Mar.2012 - by MadGolfer
Cross Country Skiing from the Door.... ...reply
  9.36pm Sunday 15.Jan.2012 - by RainKing
Our navigators ...reply
  3.36pm Monday 5.Dec.2011 - by yknott
mmmm plastic, my favorite ...reply
  9.25am Monday 7.Nov.2011 - by PaulaJ
Ooh. A spelling mistake. It's Rudi Perkins. ...reply