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The five most popular Munich city districts, in terms of desirability for living and/or basing a business, are:

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Administrative districts

Munich is split into 25 administrative city districts called "Stadtbezirke". The Stadtbezirke are run by a "Bezirksausschuss" or "BA". Their job is support and carry out any city activities at a distict level.

A "Stadtbezirk" should not be confused with a "Stadtteil". A "Stadtteil" is purely geographic and reflects Munichs growth to include to outlying villages. The "Stadtbezirk" Bogenhausen (the village of Bogenhausen became part of the City of Munich in 1892), for example, includes not only the "Stadtteil" Bogenhausen but also the "Stadtteile" Englschalking, Denning, Daglfing, Zamdorf, Oberföhring and Johanneskirchen.

The districts are:

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