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Lufthansa airport bus

The Lufthansa Airport Bus is a series of bus routes linking Germany's major airports with neighbouring towns and cities. Buses operate from Frankfurt Airport to Mannheim, Heidelberg and Strasbourg. From Munich Airport, buses operate to central Munich, Regensburg, Ingolstadt and to Salzburg and the Tyrol in Austria.

Munich Airport to Central Munich

Buses travel between Munich Airport and Hauptbahnhof every twenty minutes. A single ticket costs €10 (€16 return) and the journey time is around 40 minutes. By contrast, the S-Bahn lines S1 and S8 depart every ten minutes and cost €8.80 single. Journey time is also 40 minutes. The S-Bahn offers group tickets (Tageskarte Gesamtnetz), costing €16 for up to five people.

Tickets are purchased on the bus. To find the bus at the airport simply follow the "bus" signs. For passengers living in north Munich, the airport bus additionally stops at Nordfriedhof, where there is a convenient connection to the U-Bahn line U6. From here, the journey time to the airport is only 25 minutes.

Munich Airport to Ingolstadt and Regensburg

Buses depart to Ingolstadt every 90 minutes, with journey time just over an hour. The journey costs €16.50 single or €27 return, with discounts for families. The bus also stops in Pfaffenhofen, with tickets around 40% cheaper. Season tickets are also available. The bus to Regensburg costs €29 single, but will collect you from your hotel or home. Reservations can be made via the website (see below). One can alternatively use a Bayern ticket to take the train from Regensburg to Freising and Bus 635 from there to the airport.

Munich Airport to Salzburg and the Tyrol

Shuttle services are available from Munich Airport to Salzburg and to various towns in the Tyrol, including the major ski resorts. See the relevant websites (see below) for details.

Frankfurt Airport to Mannheim and Heidelberg

Buses depart for Mannheim every two hours and take 60 minutes. Buses depart for Heidelberg approximately hourly; journey time is 75 minutes. The price for both routes is €20 single or €36 return, with a €2/€4 discount if you have a valid Lufthansa ticket. In both cases, however, the train is substantially quicker and more frequent at comparable prices - 30 minutes journey time to Mannheim and 50 to Heidelberg.

Frankfurt Airport to Strasbourg

Six departures a day link Strasbourg to Frankfurt Airport. Journey time is a little under three hours and the ticket price is €55 single or €84 return.

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