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IKEA is a privately held Swedish international low cost home furnishings retailer. The company distributes its goods through its retail outlets, which sell contemporary furniture; IKEA follows the unconventional but often-copied principle that most of its furniture and accessories are made with the idea that the purchasers assemble the goods themselves. The chain has 235 stores in 32 countries; most of them in Europe, the rest in the United States, Canada, Asia and Australia. This article aims to provide the essential info about IKEA stores in Germany.

Payment Methods

Ikea will accept cash (natch), EC Card, the "Ikea Family Card" (storecard) and - despite most of the till jockeys denying this - UK Maestro cards. THEY DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS OF ANY FLAVOUR. If you are paying by cash, to save embarrassment and having to re-queue, make sure you don't stand in the Cards Only ("Nur Karten") lines (which tend to be at the extreme left hand side of the checkout lanes).

Berlin stores

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Munich stores

Ikea have two stores in Munich. Both of them are awkwardly located some way out of town. There is the Eching branch (in the north) and Brunnthal (in the south). Of the two stores, Brunnthal is easier to reach by public transport from central Munich. Both stores get very busy on a Saturday. They open on four Sundays per year. They open on other Sundays sometimes also, but only for browsing - no actual buying or consulting with the staff allowed.

Eching (Munich north)

  • Heisenbergstraße 14, 85386 Eching (bei München)
  • Open Mon-Fri: 9.30am - 8pm, Sat: 9am - 8pm
  • S-Bahn S1 to Eching, then 15-minute walk or bus 694, 697, 690 (irregular) to Ohmstraße. No buses at weekends.
  • Map to IKEA Eching

Brunnthal (Munich south)

Hamburg stores

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Frankfurt stores

There are three Ikea stores close to Frankfurt:
  • To the East: Hanau
  • To the West: Wiesbaden (Wallau)
  • North: Nieder-Eschbach (Bonames)

Delivery options

There are several delivery options for customers who do not have suitable transport available. For store customers, IKEA will deliver items to your door from your nearest store. For purchases of €200 or less, the charge is €29. Purchases totalling between €200 and €400 cost €49 to deliver; anything greater costs €79. Alternatively, you can hire a van ("Transporter") from the store and drive your goods home yourself. The charge is €18 per hour, plus fuel.

You can also use IKEA's online shop to order your goods without leaving home. The delivery charge for furniture ordered online is €49, and €79 for fax, telephone or postal orders. If you are buying smaller items, IKEA will post you your goods in one or more packages at €9 per package. Each package can weigh up to 30 kg; maximum size is 168x60 cm. (All prices as of October 2007).

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