Cinebank is a Germany-wide chain of automated DVD hire shops. The stores are open 24 hours but before using them you need to register.


Each store is open at different times of the day for registration, so you need to check with the website to confirm those. For example the Munich Schwabing store is open Mon-Sat 16-22hrs. Registration requires recording of your finger print. Your print is used to identify you each time you hire a DVD.

Most of the movies are in both the original language and German - this means that while US/UK films are in English, Thai/Chinese/Japanese films are often only German and Thai/Chinese/Japanese - and normally without English. The menu screens will show 'Sprache: Deu/Eng/Fra and so on.

Berlin branches

Frankfurt branches

Hamburg branches

Munich branches

Cinebank now have over 50 branches across Munich, they include:

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