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Brothels in Munich

Munich is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and it can offer you almost anything. In every town there must be a place where you can meet the most beautiful women, have the best night of your life and can be the men you want to be. Such a place also exists in Munich: The exclusive brothel:

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Unlike most large cities Munich doesn't really have a single and well known red light district. Often the first area of town to greet visitors when they arrive in Munich are the streets around the main train station (the Hauptbahnhof). At first glance it may appear that this is the red light district. Arrive after dark and you'll see red neon lights and posters of topless models everywhere. However, these places are mostly just video cabins and sex shops. They don't offer the real thing. Where you need to go is a street called Stahlgruberring in the North East of the city. The easiest way to get there is either Taxi or via u-bahn (U2 direction Messestadt Ost) to "Am Moosfeld" and walk circa 10 minutes.

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The Leierkasten:

Instead the "ladies of the night" are to be found in a number of small areas dotted across town. Whatever you do, don't go snooping round backstreets for prostitutes. Germany has legal brothels! The most famous of these is the Leierkasten. This is a large house with a huge mural of a busty woman on the outside and glowing read hearts all over the windows. It's located on the Frankfurter Ring just north of Schwabing. As is the case with brothels throughout Germany, the Leierkasten make much of their profit on the drinks alone. A 100ml glass of week beer will cost you something like $15. A gin and tonic around $25. And if you'd like "to go upstairs", that'll be another $100 for the basics. Don't take these prices as gospel! We're not experts on this matter although we can offer a few tips.

Hansastrasse (in the Westend area of town) is an interesting addition to a tour of Munich. Take a drive down there on a warm night after dark and do some window-shopping. There you will see a range from the frighteningly huge types to the stunningly gorgeous, all perched on some of the finest new cars that Bavarian cash can buy. There's also a building beside the Kart Palast track on Hansastrasse which has a sign outside saying "Models 1., 2., 3. Stock". Now I've no idea what kind of business they run, but I'd guess that it'd most likely fit in with 50 Cent's latest hit. Some other "good-to-knows" are:

Privat 43 - on the Euro Industrie Park (very close to the Leierkasten). They have a board in the porchway with photos of the girls. You take your pick and you ring the respective buzzer. No waiting around in overpriced bars. Recommended! Circa 60 for s&f.

1001 Nights - nice looking ladies but expensive. We think it is about ?60 to get in then approx $500 to do the deed. Plus you have to buy the ladies champagne at $200 a bottle...

In the very center of town, close to the Hofbrauhaus, are two or three small places. Madam Cabaret looks like it might be a brothel, but it might also just be a table dancing bar. One in this area which definitely offers the goods is Club Eden. Due to it's extremely central location, however, you're probably going to pay an absolute fortune. I would suspect their target market is the Japanese and American businessmen who have had one too many jugs of beer at the Hofbrauhaus. In general, there are lots of brothels around. Best way to find them is to either ask a taxi driver or drive around on Hansastrasse, Frankfurter Ring, or Landsbergerstrasse after dark and look for the pink fluorescent lights. Check out Bodenseestr.360 too.
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