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Extra teaching hours in Dresden - Very scared!
I have a couple of concerns here too, is it a language school that has offered you these hours? Do you know the people running and school and do they know you? The reason I ask is because I would be very wary of a school offering those kinds of hours to someone they don't already know. I've been teaching here for…
6 posts, 14:58 today
Expats on the Neckarwiese - At Heidelberg / Outside
14 posts, 14:33 today
Where to buy a wedding dress in Baden-Württemberg
594 posts, 14:33 today
Shclub - English Club Dresden Neustadt
21 posts, 19:16 yesterday
Newbee in Mannheim - Events, meetings, new friends
10 posts, 15:45 yesterday
Shops in the area that do starter dreadlocks
4 posts, 13:30 yesterday
Employment opportunities in Koblenz
10 posts, 12:30 yesterday
Squash players in Cologne
62 posts, 11:12 yesterday
Life in Augsburg - advice for newcomers
9 posts, 18.Apr.2014
Cheap train travel advice needed for work
8 posts, 18.Apr.2014
One day in Stuttgart - What would you suggest?
6 posts, 18.Apr.2014
New to Essen looking to meet friends
20 posts, 18.Apr.2014
Parking Ticket in Cologne
Posted image Or, in your case, Ontario. I once contested a parking ticket as it stated that I was parked across from house no. 22a in Suchandsuch Street. Problem is, Suchandsuch Street does not have a house no. 22a, just a 2/2a. The superior officer responded that although an error was made by the reporting officer he could point…
19 posts, 18.Apr.2014
Working and living in Nuremberg
Hi and I'm curious, is there any particular reason you're looking to move here from the USA? I've been here since July and I came here with my family so at least one aspect of moving here has been easy... getting a residence permit. As for everything else, it's been more bureaucracy than I could have ever…
4 posts, 18.Apr.2014
Bike rental in Cologne - Where to rent bikes
13 posts, 17.Apr.2014
Sorbian Witch Burning
612 posts, 17.Apr.2014
Friday Evening Meetups in Kiel
11 posts, 17.Apr.2014
Moving to Göttingen
Hello Jena, Göttingen is a small university town. It's got a high floating student population. If you are going to stay here only for 2 years, then i think renting a furnished apartment will be a better choice cost wise. But then you have the downsides of having to live with furnitures of not your choice. I would…
16 posts, 17.Apr.2014
Drunken, Uninhibited Meetup for Beer (DUMB)
Let's see if we can get something going here. Biddy Early's is right near the center of the city on the Sophienstrasse. Well that's where it is located but it's near the corner of Marienstrasse, and that seems to be their official address http://www.biddyearlys.c... Please sign up. I'll show up either…
31 posts, 17.Apr.2014
Move to Cologne - Got a job offer
23 posts, 17.Apr.2014
Flensburg here, anyone?
Posted image Hey, just wondering if there is anybody on here who is familiar with Flensburg. Going to be here for awhile, would be very nice to get some insider information about this lovely city. First thing that comes to mind is, is there anywhere here to watch American football? Many others, but, basically trying to find someone…
1488 posts, 16.Apr.2014
After-work meetup in Landsberg am Lech
Posted image Sorry I couldn't go hunting yesterday on foot. But I have just gone hunting online and this is what you find if you go to the Schall und Rauch website: However, there is an active website for the Focus Musiclounge at the same address: http://www.focus-musiclo... Opening times: Freitag 19.00 – 01.00 Uhr Samstag…
26 posts, 16.Apr.2014
Oberhausen and question (s) about train travel
5 posts, 16.Apr.2014
Job opportunties for English speakers in Kiel
17 posts, 16.Apr.2014
Int'l student living in Mannheim for 2mo in summer
Transport pass is 64.20 per month for Mannheim (without LU). When you register your residence (at K7) ask for a coupon for the "Entdecker-Ticket&q... (one-time offer for new residents). That one would cover you for 55.10 for the first month and would be valid in the entire Rhine-Neckar tariff area so you could take…
5 posts, 16.Apr.2014
Few Drinks English talking
23 posts, 16.Apr.2014
English people in Kempten or the surrounding area
19 posts, 16.Apr.2014
Noah (movie) Düsseldorf/Cologne and surrounding
12 posts, 16.Apr.2014
Best place to live, Düsseldorf v Cologne
You’re not in Bavaria anymore! You'll find the Rhineland to be more “German-lite" than Bavaria. So that means a bit more lenient about some things, including littering, but also you'll fine the people much more friendly and approachable. You do not want to commute to Düsseldorf from Köln everyday…
6 posts, 16.Apr.2014
New to Bad Kreuznach and looking for friends
7 posts, 15.Apr.2014
Eating Adventure Treffpunkt In NuremberG (EATING)
5 posts, 15.Apr.2014
Pubs that show Liverpool games
15 posts, 15.Apr.2014
Making friends in Karlsruhe!
5 posts, 15.Apr.2014
Meetups in Stuttgart - At Stuttgart
12 posts, 15.Apr.2014
St George's School Cologne
4 posts, 15.Apr.2014
Saarbrücken - procedures, life, packing, etc.
22 posts, 14.Apr.2014
Meet Up in Cologne
29 posts, 14.Apr.2014
English speaking expat group in Tübingen?
10 posts, 13.Apr.2014
Massage recommendations in Freiburg
65 posts, 12.Apr.2014
Rock climbing in Düsseldorf
5 posts, 12.Apr.2014
Looking for new nice friends
5 posts, 11.Apr.2014
Car Driving Test in Düsseldorf Germany
14 posts, 11.Apr.2014
Bonn Afternoon group - Now closed
9 posts, 11.Apr.2014
Paying a KVB fine - How and where to pay it?
57 posts, 11.Apr.2014
Jobcenter refusing leave of absence
if you are receiving any form of benefits from the German state without ever contributing, it is natural that they have control on you. in fact, anyone to whom you are financially dependent, can control your life to an extent, even if it is your own parents. Only if you are truly financially independent, you can take your…
11 posts, 11.Apr.2014
Am I the only lesbian in Düsseldorf NRW?
Well, just a reminder, this weekend there is the Schaafenstrasse Street Festival in the "Bermuda Dreieck" of Cologne, catering for both gay guys and lesbians, its not that far from DUS to CGN, and trains run all night on the weekend.. Of course the highlight is next weekend where the huge CSD festival/parade…
13 posts, 10.Apr.2014
Question for car purchase
6 posts, 10.Apr.2014
Fruehlingfest Tables Question
5 posts, 09.Apr.2014
Yoga studios in Cologne
29 posts, 09.Apr.2014
Calling all Au Pairs - At Düsseldorf
4 posts, 09.Apr.2014
Post ANZAC Day - beaut Aussie BYO Barbie & Picnic
Posted image G'Tag peoples! It's getting to be that time of the year, and as our host country has (again!) not managed to organise a friertag for ANZAC Day 2014, we'll be gathering on Saturday, 26th April, kicking off around noon. This year the BYO event will be in Düsseldorf's Rhein-Park. (We'll be at…
15 posts, 09.Apr.2014
Seeking dog-walking service in Dusseldorf
5 posts, 08.Apr.2014
Looking for English Speaking Students in Muenster!
6 posts, 07.Apr.2014
Good place to buy bike in Heidelberg
5 posts, 03.Apr.2014
Coming over for Dortmund - Real Madrid match
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