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Drunken, Uninhibited Meetup for Beer (DUMB)
Let's see if we can get something going here. Biddy Early's is right near the center of the city on the Sophienstrasse. Well that's where it is located but it's near the corner of Marienstrasse, and that seems to be their official address http://www.biddyearlys.c... Please sign up. I'll show up either…
7 posts, 20:19 yesterday
Looking for a motivated workout partner
1596 posts, 19:12 yesterday
After-work meetup in Landsberg am Lech
Posted image Sorry I couldn't go hunting yesterday on foot. But I have just gone hunting online and this is what you find if you go to the Schall und Rauch website: However, there is an active website for the Focus Musiclounge at the same address: http://www.focus-musiclo... Opening times: Freitag 19.00 – 01.00 Uhr Samstag…
35 posts, 16:06 yesterday
English speaking expat group in Tübingen?
19 posts, 10:07 yesterday
Folienkartoffeln - Baked potatoes
26 posts, 23.Oct.2014
Where to buy raw milk - As in non-pasteurized
Organic food stores usually sell unhomogenised milk, and should be able to help you find raw milk ("Vorzugsmilch"... Or ask these people. No offence or anything, but if you don't know the answer to a question then there is an option known as "not posting".…
5 posts, 23.Oct.2014
Self-Service Dog Wash in Heidelberg
10 posts, 23.Oct.2014
Looking for friends in Stuttgart!
18 posts, 23.Oct.2014
Book club in Karlsruhe (starting in 2008)
6 posts, 23.Oct.2014
English speaking doctor Leipzig for antidepressant
I don't know any doctors, good or otherwise, English-speaking or otherwise, in Leipzig, so can't help you there I'm afraid. Two things strike me however which are/may also be relevant: What do you mean/expect by taking a copy of your current meds and that being sufficient?…
18 posts, 23.Oct.2014
Drinks this week in Bonn
6 posts, 23.Oct.2014
Group Fitness Classes in Düsseldorf
6 posts, 23.Oct.2014
Anyone planning on leaving Karlsruhe in early 2015
8 posts, 23.Oct.2014
550 Flour in Bonn - Where can I find it?
59 posts, 23.Oct.2014
Bookclub in Bremen - Date and location TBD
15 posts, 23.Oct.2014
Relocation to Nuremberg from Switzerland
7 posts, 23.Oct.2014
Scenic route from Heidelberg to Lindau
Posted image Oh it was great! We followed the route that you suggested, for which many thanks from me and my family. The views from Schwarzwaldhochstraße were amazing and it was such a pleasure driving through the little villages near Donaueschingen. Weather was nice too. We took a more than…
6 posts, 22.Oct.2014
Hello - (soon to be) Moving to Karlsruhe
31 posts, 22.Oct.2014
Employment as an engineer in Southern Germany
1. Turn on computer. 2. Open search engine. 3. Type in "IHK" and your city, or nearest bigger city. 4. Click on "search". 5. Select IHK address in desired city. 6. Look for contact address and phone number. 7. Use telephone to ring them up and ask your question. It's…
70 posts, 22.Oct.2014
Cologne city districts and neighborhoods
4 posts, 22.Oct.2014
Theatre/Musical in English?
12 posts, 22.Oct.2014
2014/2015 Girl Scout troops forming in Heidelberg
5 posts, 22.Oct.2014
Eating Adventure Treffpunkt In NuremberG (EATING)
4 posts, 21.Oct.2014
English speakers in Kaufbeuren or surrounds!
5 posts, 21.Oct.2014
Tax Accountant Fees - Bookkeeping set up
66 posts, 21.Oct.2014
Moving to Düsseldorf and my situation is unique
Then hop on a plane & visit it for at least a long weekend! In you list you did not mention the language. They speak German here (comes as a surprise to some people) - do you rattle the lingo? Oh yes - and make sure you study the TT Wiki on insurances, in particular Health…
24 posts, 21.Oct.2014
Bodensee curry night
Everywhere I end up (Friedrichshafen-Fischba... there has to be a curry night and here is no exception. The inaugural Bodensee curry night will be at the Goa Heidengasse 2a, 88677 Markdorf, Tel: 07544 949 90 80. Other curry houses to be visited are in Friedrichafen, and there are…
7 posts, 21.Oct.2014
New in Göttingen - Looking for friends
46 posts, 21.Oct.2014
Working as an ESL teacher at Inlingua Freiburg
Apparently the description of the situation in Freiburg bears a remarkable resemblance to that which allegedly led to the demise of Inlingua in Karlsruhe. Once occupying large, representative premises in the centre of Karlsruhe staffed by a good team of loyal teachers, I'm told…
625 posts, 21.Oct.2014
Shclub - English Club Dresden Neustadt
4 posts, 20.Oct.2014
Differences between VBL and Rentenversicherung
5 posts, 20.Oct.2014
I'm moving to Paderborn!
Random notes from a Brit near Paderborn: I'm old enough to be your father and my clubbing days are over. I live out in the sticks and rarely get into Paderborn itself but you'll be linked in to the student population via your boyfriend and you speak the language so you'll…
673 posts, 20.Oct.2014
Friday Evening Meetups in Kiel
7 posts, 20.Oct.2014
Looking for language tandem partner in Münster
7 posts, 20.Oct.2014
Research stay in Cologne, suggestions for WG
45 posts, 20.Oct.2014
Various advice for newcomers to Braunschweig
5 posts, 18.Oct.2014
Cabbage Festival 2014
9 posts, 17.Oct.2014
Strikes in Stuttgart & nation-wide: 18-20 Oct 2014
12 posts, 17.Oct.2014
Gluten-Free Groceries Nuremberg
5 posts, 17.Oct.2014
Meet up in Koblenz - Anyone in or near Koblenz?
21 posts, 16.Oct.2014
Life in the town of Erfurt
4 posts, 16.Oct.2014
Recommendations for German lessons in Bremen
7 posts, 15.Oct.2014
Proposed new meet-up in Wolfsburg
4 posts, 15.Oct.2014
British family moving to Kaiserswerth in summer
28 posts, 15.Oct.2014
NRW public transit strikes (Cologne, Essen, etc.)
12 posts, 15.Oct.2014
Living in Chemnitz with 48K + 1 month bonus
A decent 2 bedroom flat in Chemnitz in a good area (Kaßberg or similar) is probably around 500-550 euro mark warm (including bills), you can get cheaper than that, but you will likely be making some trade-offs. One thing to bear in mind is that German flats are generally advertised…
25 posts, 14.Oct.2014
Making New Friends in Hannover - New to Germany
12 posts, 14.Oct.2014
English speaking Mums & Babies in Bremen
7 posts, 14.Oct.2014
Need good OBGYN doctor in Amberg or Nuremberg
13 posts, 14.Oct.2014
Nuremberg English speaking playgroup for toddlers
4 posts, 14.Oct.2014
How to find a hotel job (south Germany/Switz)
182 posts, 14.Oct.2014
New in Leipzig (or new to this forum)
10 posts, 14.Oct.2014
English people working in Trier
31 posts, 13.Oct.2014
Life in Landshut
Posted image It's been a while since I last dropped by Landshut. When I was there a while back I used to have a coffee at a small café on Zweibrückenstraße called Piccolo Café Bar. The young lady running the place (can't remember her name now) was very friendly. I don't know if…
4 posts, 13.Oct.2014
Work and advice for an Australian new to Trier
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Cafe Flo (Mannheim) - I have been to this cafe and it really is a highlight of visiting…
Luc Lac (Stuttgart) - I've tried at least two other Vietnamese restaurants in Stuttgart - Bamboo…
Tim's BBQ (Stuttgart) - Since the U12 now goes through to Hallschlag, this place is reachable on…
Sangam Nuremberg (Nuremberg) - Agree with all the bad reviews here. I've been there 3-4 times (since it…
O'Shea's Irish Pub (Nuremberg) - I really love the food there! As to the "always full" thing stated…
Mexico Lindo (Mainz) - We ate here last night. I'm not that familiar with Mexican food so I have…
Indian Corner (Nuremberg) - FYI - This restaurant seems to have shut down ever since. Keep landing on…
Schräglage Meals & More (Stuttgart) - Much to my regret, I have to revise my original review. Been back a few…
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