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Moving to Heilbronn
As you did notice, the expat group in heilbronn announces the meetups through the facebook group. However, due to the amount of spam and fake profiles, it is set up as a closed comunity. These meetup
1 posts, 22:37 yesterday
Commuter looking for room/small apartment in Bonn
Hi all,i am commuting weekly between home in netherlands and work in bonn. Typically i spend tuesday and wednesday evenings in Bonn; i am looking for a small place to stay during these days, preferab
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Moving to the Emden/Leer area
Hello, just stumbled across this thread and was pleasantly surprsed to see that there are actually are expats living in Ostfriesland (or were at the time this thread was created)! Are any of you stil
1720 posts, 19:02 yesterday
After-work meetup in Landsberg am Lech 28.May.2015
Yes Thursday looks like being wet - what do you expect - it's a public holiday!I'll try to get this time, having missed the last couple of meetings. Of course we can't call this an "after work meetup
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Any Recommendations for Movers?
Hello! My boyfriend and I are moving in together just across the Konstanz border in Kreuzlingen. ?He will need help with moving from his apartment on July 1, 2015. ?He currently lives near St. Galle
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Want to learn German
Hi kiwi_aupair!?We can recommend you a German language course. Experience?has?shown that this is most intensive and effective way to learn a language, especially when you learn it in the respective c
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Advice on dealing with the kindergarten strike
?Now? I know this isn't much help to the OP, but I can't let such inaccuraciesgo without responding. An ErzieherIn normally has a 4-5 year Ausbildung depending on Bundesland. What education previous
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Book Club Stuttgart-Sillenbuch
Hi Sophsayings & Leyamoose,?We already have a bookclub in Stuttgart for English speakers. It's on facebook, the group is called "Stuttgart Expat Book Club".?We meet up once a month in Stadtmitte
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New to Bad D?rkheim area
Hi,?I'm a 22 year old male from England who is?moving to the Bad Durkheim area at the start of July, and am wondering whether anyone in their 20's would like to go for a drink.?Rory
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Good furniture shops in or around Heidelberg
Whoa @ their prices. There's companies in Heidelberg that'll rent out a van for a full day and 100+ km drive for the price they're quoting for their Ikea (10 km) pickup example on their website.?
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Deutsch B1 Experiences
@aqua27The language exams that are accepted by the German government are?issued either by the Goethe Institut or TELC. ?Goethe exams (as far as I know) can only be sat at the local Goethe Institut, w
19 posts, 15:15 25.May.2015
German language schools in the Bremen area
Hello everybody!Regarding your concerns of a German language course - we can help you.?Timpany is an agency which establishes the connection between a language school and the client. We offer a wide
32 posts, 13:46 25.May.2015
Indian Families in Wolfsburg
Hello?I am Nilesh.?I am planning to join the new project in Dr?xlmaier GmbH Weyhausen.?My project will start from 1.04.2015.?So I am searching for the accommodation suitable for two person in Wolfsbu
11 posts, 13:28 25.May.2015
Advice on starting a bed & breakfast in Germany
Thanks engelchen, all info gratefully received.?Busy number crunching, and all input appreciated - already in touch with starshollow, waiting to hear back, but so far really helpful.?
19 posts, 12:35 25.May.2015
Family moving to Cologne with 2 kids
I think if you are just planning to stay for one year, probably an English-speaking school is better for the older one. For the younger one, you probably have more choices. If money is not a concern,
2 posts, 09:51 25.May.2015
Independent real estate agent in Nuremberg?
Find a place to rent first. Then, once you're committed to the region, you can think about buying for the longterm. Buying a property straight away and deciding a year later that this isn't the right
1 posts, 21:31 24.May.2015
Looking to make friends in Senftenberg, Brandenburg
HiI am a student from India in senftenberg for 2 moths for my summer internship.I am would like to meet new people and make friends during my stay. Since I am new I don't know anyone here and my germ
1 posts, 21:06 24.May.2015
Encounter: Experiencing Jesus through music & message in Heidelber
Looking to connect w/ God? Desiring to worship in community? Join us for our monthly?English Worship Event, where we connect with and celebrate Jesus! When??Saturday, May 30th @ 20.00 (8pm) substr('
1 posts, 19:16 24.May.2015
Need recommendation for English-speaking electrician in the Zell area.
Hi! I have just bought a holiday home in the Zell area, I would like to have the electrics checked out. Anyone know of an English speaking electrician, builder etc in the area?Thanks so much!
2 posts, 18:42 24.May.2015
Getting rid of aerosol spray cans (waste) in Stuttgart - where/how?
Hello everybody,I need to get rid of a few aerosol spray cans, that?can be treated as separated waste.?I wanted to ask if any of you knows?about places in Stuttgart (I live in Vaihingen) where this k
1 posts, 17:19 24.May.2015
Looking for female gym buddy for McFit in Bonn
Any English speaking mom's, women out there want to meet up at the Gym Mc.Fit in Bonn? Gym Membership costs ?19,90 per month.I usually go to the McFit on Bornheimer Str, but I am willing to go to the
2 posts, 16:49 24.May.2015
Looking for an English ONLY speaking Club in Cologne.
Good day!?I have been in Cologne since early 2013 but until now, I was never interested in finding a club to join and getting out of the house. My studies kept me busy enough!?Anyhow...I am not looki
2 posts, 16:05 24.May.2015
Rules and regulations of renting contract
Whether your landlady considers it normal and wants to run her house as if it were a convent is irrelevant. You may have guests overnight and even for a couple of days as far as they are guests and y
14 posts, 15:18 24.May.2015
Coffee get togethers for expat ladies in Karlsruhe
Oh hi! Would love to meet up for coffee! Are you only meeting during the week or would Saturdays do as well?I am originally from Finland and moved to the Karlsruhe area 1,5 years ago from the States
103 posts, 14:24 24.May.2015
Bookclub in Bremen
Hi Wysiwyg.? We didn't meet up on Sunday - we haven't agreed a date yet - and I don't even have the book.? I am otherwise occupied this weekend (Sunday 24th) so was thinking of suggesting Sunday 31st
1 posts, 14:21 24.May.2015
Ladies Living in or around Straubing or Bogen
Dear Ladies,I am Czech mum to be, who moved recently to Straubing?from United Kingdom. If there is anybody?English speaking?and would like to pop out for cup of coffee, let me know.?Looking forward t
46 posts, 13:45 24.May.2015
English speakers in Friedrichshafen/nearby
Hi there guy`sI live in Konstanz with my wife and are two young children she`s German and i`m English,i wouldn`t mind meeting similar families and making some new friends too!We`re both 30 and moved
4 posts, 10:50 24.May.2015
Sublet my room to a "zwischenmieter" at higher rent?
Dear?@gotcha,?I can understand your situation. I assume you stay as a student in Germany. ?If you sublet your room , in most of the cases, there is no change in contract terms expect with a name chan
1 posts, 09:41 24.May.2015
Seeking car trailer or tow dolly one way rental from Stuttgart to UK
Is it possible to rent a car trailer or two-wheel tow dolly one way from stuttgart to the UK? I may be moving to the Alconbury area and have a classic car I need to tow there. In the States, i would
3 posts, 03:29 24.May.2015
Living in Leonberg. Where to apply for Blue Card (Stuggart or Leonberg
@gotcha? : The city where you registered .., is the city where you should deal with your EU Blue card. I guess, it should take 15 days (approximately) to get your "Arbeitserlaubnis" ?(work permit) .
3 posts, 02:29 24.May.2015
Studying medicine in Hesse
Hey man, thanks for the reply Apparently?that friend of mine got into pharmacy and not medicine, I don't know what she is planning on doing later but she had told me that she wanted to study medicine
3 posts, 18:26 23.May.2015
This sunday I will visit Dusseldorf, any recommendations?
Like most cities, an On/Off double decker bus tour is a great way to see the city and you can get off/ on throughout the day. I think there is the last day of jazz festival this weekend? Check the to
1 posts, 14:03 23.May.2015
Free wardrobe and writing desk
Before leaving D?sseldorf, I would like to give my wardrobe and writing desk away.? The wardrobe is quite big (2*2m), the desk is also heavy, so if you can take it, you can take it for free.Please re
5 posts, 12:32 23.May.2015
Bikram Yoga in stuttgart
Just had this non-current thread come up while googling hot yoga in Stuttgart and thought I would respond for future TT searchers. ?There is one bikram yoga Studio in Stuttgart West near Schwabstrass
3 posts, 10:55 23.May.2015
Wanted: Line Dancing Taught by American
Hi all,Anybody know of an American line dancing class for a German pal of mine in the Stuttgart area?? She's aware of the German classes around town, but wants to find an Ami class.Thanks all,Alana
7 posts, 08:14 23.May.2015
Cost of Living in D?sseldorf on overall basis
Hello Sandeep, Glad to see your message, ?we are in the same boat. I have 12 years of experience and I have similar offer?from same company a month ago.?However there are many questions in my mind an
25 posts, 23:31 22.May.2015
Choir at St. Catherine's Stuttgart
We're planning to sing this coming Sunday 24 May at 11:15 am at St. Catherine's Anglican Church in Stuttgart.We'll sing 'Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire' to the plainchant tune Veni Creator durin
6 posts, 18:12 22.May.2015
Building a new house in Petersberg
We found some land.? If you are looking for land, don't look in the paper, go to the city house (Rathouse) and talk to the person there who in charge of the land.?? The land in the paper is the left
11 posts, 13:58 22.May.2015
Schooling for a 6-year-old in Mannheim
From my experience I can recommend a Montessori school because as part of their system older kids have to explain things to younger ones (repeating things for themselves along the way) and because th
1 posts, 11:08 22.May.2015
New in Homburg? Want to make friendship?
Hello everyone?I just moved in Homburg, two months ago with my husband from Slovenia. I'm 22 yrs old and my husband is 23.?So..it is very hard because I don't speak a word german but I am trying, I n

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