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Looking to create friendships in (around) Marburg
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Giving birth in Heidelberg
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New in Wurzburg - Want to meet up?
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Bookclub in Bremen - Date and location TBD
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Recommendations for intensive German course
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The Bonn English Singers
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English speaking therapists /shrink in Bonn/Cologne
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Please be very careful renting a furnished house
Hello, I have created this forum so that we can help others to avoid bad renters in germany. I have had a very bad experience with the furnished house that i took from the owner. As I was new i did not know that i had to take pictures of the whole house. In the begining when i took the house it was furnished. However you…
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Meet new people in Heidelberg
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Can I go to any Ausländerbehörde?
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Music Jam Night my house
Posted image ~~~<>~~~<>~... Musical people I want to hold a living room jam end of November in my living room. do u have a guitar, piano, bongo, flute, voice, washboard, und und und and feel like jamming? i like blues, rock, folk, punk, alternative, world music, rap and can sing & play flute a bit. This is my 2nd post…
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Easter Bazar at the Animal Rescue Centre
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Driving license validity for tourists
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Renting in Nuremburg - Old Town Nuremburg
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Moving to Bremen
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English-speaking marriage counselors in Heidelberg
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English-speaking marriage counselors in Mannheim
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I've an Umweltplakette question
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Commission-free renting in Düsseldorf
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New in Wuppertal (or new to this forum)
Posted image Hello i just move to Germany from united kingdom to stay here in German for permanent and i need a job to do,but my German speaking is not very good but i understand some few words.Currently i am now living in Wuppertal.So i need to know if any one here can help me to get work to do here in Wuppertal.But i now learning…
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Urban Planning Internship Search in Saxony
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Need to register, but no permanent address
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New mum in Northeim/Göttingen - meetup?
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How to change schools in 6th class
A change of school in Unterstufe should not be a problem- provided you can find a place in a Gymnasium or Gesamtschule in your catchment area. If you are not sure, ask the local Schulamt for help. Once your daughter is registered, you can deregister her from the other school. But this is generally only possible without…
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Food shopping in Marburg
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Weekly Meetup for Indecisive Heidelberg-ers
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Our electricity connected to next door apartment
Hi all, I and my boyfriend live in a small apartment which is one of about four apartments in the building. Totally by chance we were delayed paying the electricity bill on time and yesterday evening our electricity was cut off. It transpired that when it was turned off, so too was the neighbour next door's boiler…
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Eyebrow threading in Baden-Württemberg
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Moving to the Emden/Leer area
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SuperMums In Stuttgart Meetup
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Shclub - English Club Dresden Neustadt
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Street Food Festival in Duisburg
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Recommendation for international movers
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New to Landsberg
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Schooling options for US 15-yr old in Stuttgart
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Moving to Baden-Baden with a baby
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Encouragement regarding a move to NRW - Find a job
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Best Ostsee Ticket destinations
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After-work meetup in Landsberg am Lech
Posted image Sorry I couldn't go hunting yesterday on foot. But I have just gone hunting online and this is what you find if you go to the Schall und Rauch website: However, there is an active website for the Focus Musiclounge at the same address: http://www.focus-musiclo... Opening times: Freitag 19.00 – 01.00 Uhr Samstag…
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Looking to make English-speaking friends in Jena
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Advice on Gemeinschaftsschule system
It's good to hear a German teacher be honest about the issues rather than to insist that the system is superior because of the kids who do fit the mold can and do succeed in the system. Kudos to you friederike. I wish I had more advice for the OP. It's not an easy situation to be in. Regarding the Walldorf school:…
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Schools in Stuttgart?
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Mums with babies/young children in Schwetzingen
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Wedding ingredients needed in Aug in Überlingen
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English people in Kempten or the surrounding area
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"Playdates" for 9 year old boy in Stuttgart
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Drunken Uninhibited Meetup for Beer (DUMB)
Good Morning guys, Thanks for last night, damn it was fun, double damn that I'm not going to be able to attend much more Hopefully as promised I can come again for the October meetup. I would like to thank you all for the card, the gift (it fits perfectly btw!) the recital, but mostly for the company the fun…
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How are the seasons in Düsseldorf?
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Friday or Saturday Evening Meetups in Kiel
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Cleaning company for smoky house
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Need advice about tooth crown material
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Thursday Night Drinks Cologne
Posted image More specific details Lost? Call me: 01570 3329604 7pm - Glühwein am Heumarkt/Altermarkt At the Glühwein/Feuerzangenbow... stand "Berner Stübli", on Heumarkt, next to the Ferris Wheel (Riesenrad) Walk up through the Heumarkt christmas market, turn right after the ice skating (there's a sign for Spielzeugnisse).…
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Where to buy an American boxspring
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Travel and tourism tips for Bavaria
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Looking for house for over two years
No offense, but I'm not surprised that landlords and agents won't give you the time of day once they get a look at your financial situation. Remember that there's many more people that *want* housing than there is housing available - so of course if you're a landlord (unless you're extraordinarily altruistic),…
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Kilians Irish Pub (Würzburg) - Not sure where you might have been that night, but Kilian's Pub in…
El Inca (Cologne) - Without a doubt my favorite South American restaurant in Cologne. Small,…
Jameson Distillery Pub (Cologne) - The pub is packed for anything football / rugby related (especially rugby)…
Cafe Flo (Mannheim) - I have been to this cafe and it really is a highlight of visiting…
Luc Lac (Stuttgart) - I've tried at least two other Vietnamese restaurants in Stuttgart - Bamboo…
Tim's BBQ (Stuttgart) - Since the U12 now goes through to Hallschlag, this place is reachable on…
Sangam Nuremberg (Nuremberg) - Agree with all the bad reviews here. I've been there 3-4 times (since it…
O'Shea's Irish Pub (Nuremberg) - I really love the food there! As to the "always full" thing stated…
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