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2 posts, 01:59 hrs
There is an English-speaking playgroup at the Freizeithaus at Lusienpark every Tuesday from 4-6 p.m. The woman who runs it also hosts an English-speaking reading at the childrens library -…
9 posts, 11:44 yesterday
Just in case you're interested. I've been running an English speaking Social Club for quite a few years now. For further information please send an email to webmaster@social-clu...
2 posts, 09:26 yesterday
I'm looking to restart my German classes again after beginning my job last year. I want to do an intensive course, however, I work until about 4pm and wouldn't be able to attend most of the intensive…
2 posts, 12 February
Hi Tanja, you might want to visit the English Speakers' Circle in düsseldorf. esc-duesse... meet every month for a lecture and afterwards they usually go to a pub or restaurant for a chat and and/or…
22 posts, 12 February
Hi Dumb-Dumbs, I was hoping to make it and bring along some company... ...but alas I'm most likely to be in Stuttgart at a later date; unfortunately, it won't be next week. I'm planning to…
1 posts, 11 February
Hey guys. Moving back soon and looking for a group to drink, jam out to good music and play some Magic with. I'm 24 and from North Carolina. I play standard, modern and EDH. I listen to a wide…
1 posts, 11 February
Hello! I am looking for language classes or 1 on 1 lessons in the Nuremburg/Lauf areas. I have taken a class before and could carry on basic conversations before I moved away but have forgotten a lot…
36 posts, 11 February
Hello! I was wondering if y'all still have a good turn out to your meetings. My wife and I are moving back to that area next week and it would be great to meet some English speaking friends.
2,072 posts, 11 February
A caution of over-reliance and false sense of security from Pepper-Spray. The disgusting surge of rape attacks and crimes from rampaging migrants continue unabated... WE NEED TO CLOSE THE BORDERS…
112 posts, 10 February
We don't have a date for the next meeting yet, but I assume it will be a few weeks away yet as we need to give people time to get the book and read it. The book to get is The Rings of Saturn by W. G.
4 posts, 10 February
Hi Katy, I'm just outside papenburg myself, bad German skills at the moment but looking for work in the area, anything! I'm going to go back to UK in a few days I think to sort some things out then…
7 posts, 10 February
Hi!! So glad to hear from you. Maybe we could meet up halfway between Bramsche and Oldenburg? Say, Cloppenburg? I'm free anytime later next week. You can email me at kelliekottwitz@gmail.com...
33 posts, 9 February
Hello Everyone :-) I see this post dates back to 2009. Has anyone managed to open a Duisburg meetup group ? If so, would someone be kind enough to share the details. I live in Duisburg…
1 posts, 9 February
Hello, I am looking for hobby / amature musicans / singers to jam / record with in and around Duisburg / Dusseldorf. Any genre of music is fine as long as you are passionate & creative.
8 posts, 9 February
will be leaving Germany soon unfortunately, but thanks everyone for the help, maybe some positive karma will inspire someone else to creat an art group, we can always use more colour in the world.
1,781 posts, 9 February
No Worries! I didn't go last week as I was totalled by the Flu (again!). Let me see if I can get tomorrow night. In prncipal Wednesday is better than Thursday for me in any case. I just have an…
5 posts, 9 February
Topics merged by admin It's soo hard to make friends especially in a small town like bielefeld. .am new year 25yrs lady and would like to meet English speaking people or any cause I can also…
23 posts, 9 February
Further advice from someone who once was required for work to take a pepper spray hit to the face: Do not buy "spray". Buy a product with pepper gel in it and a verified measurement on its…
2 posts, 8 February
Hey Mick, Any luck with the English people in the Frankfurt Oder area? I just moved here full time although I've been coming and going from the area for the past two years. I married one of the…
3 posts, 8 February
Hi, i was wondering if there is any clubs/groups for outdoor activities (such as hiking, biking, skiing, mountain climbing) in NS area? is anyone here interests in any kind of outdoor activities?
7 posts, 8 February
So to be straightforward - where are you located? "Germany" is a bit vague, tbh. * Not that I'm interested in being/having a wingman, thankyouverymuchI'mfine,... but your post is not worded very…
10 posts, 8 February
Hi there! Has anybody tried the intensive courses at the University of mannheim, daf.uni-mannh... I'm looking during the months of Feb and Mar to do some intensive language training.
3 posts, 8 February
Hi! I am due in June too :-) I used the one Elfenstar recommended and also this one: hebammensuche.de/hebamme... It also lists if they speak English etc. I live in Stuttgart area and…
63 posts, 7 February
We've had 3 jam sessions in Stuttgart so if you're interested, again see this FB page Samson posted above: facebook.com/groups/7122... WE should be having our 4th sometime soon.. so join up…
1 posts, 5 February
Hello everyone my name is Al and i recentley move to Pforzheim, im looking to make new friends to hang out ! I like to go out for drink, coffee go to cinema and discover new places  Hope to hear…
40 posts, 5 February
I think this is not the first time you comment badly on my posts but anyway the good thing i was busy and i couldn't reply amd comment...by the way i speak 3 languages and english isn't my native…
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