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Looking for student job in Oldenburg/Bremen area
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Bonn with Kids
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After-work meetup in Landsberg am Lech
Posted image Sorry I couldn't go hunting yesterday on foot. But I have just gone hunting online and this is what you find if you go to the Schall und Rauch website: However, there is an active website for the Focus Musiclounge at the same address: http://www.focus-musiclo... Opening times: Freitag 19.00 – 01.00 Uhr Samstag…
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Bookclub in Bremen
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Shclub - English Club Dresden Neustadt
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English speaking Mums & Babies in Bremen
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Rhein-Waal University - Quality of Courses
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Human resources jobs in Stuttgart
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Board Games and RPG group (English)
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Drunken, Uninhibited Meetup for Beer (DUMB)
Let's see if we can get something going here. Biddy Early's is right near the center of the city on the Sophienstrasse. Well that's where it is located but it's near the corner of Marienstrasse, and that seems to be their official address http://www.biddyearlys.c... Please sign up. I'll show up either…
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Looking for international friends in Eppelheim, HD
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English speaking expat group in Tübingen?
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Tubingen meet up for beer, dinner, then beer
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Looking for German lessons in Regensburg
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Moving to Bonn - Finding Accommodation
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Doggy daycare in Stuttgart
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Options for short-term rentals in Mannheim
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Moving to Dortmund on the 7th Sept
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New in Leipzig (or new to this forum)
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How to meet people in a small city (e.g. Passau)
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Indian Festival of Lights - Diwali 2014
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The weekly Dortmund meetup
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Regular Braunschweig meet-up - At Braunschweig
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Lübeck Meetup for English speakers
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Seeking a good coffeeshop for working in Bonn
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German Integration Course in Bonn
[size="2"]Hi Nura [/size] [size="2"] [/size] [size="2"]Well... I can't recommend any specific school in Bonn, but I can tell you there are 30 within 5 km radius, (and 21 more within 10 km), of Bonn Hauptbahnhof and that some only offer basic courses while others also offer parents, women-only…
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Traveling 2 hours everyday.
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English-speakers' meetings in Erfurt, Weimar, Jena
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International School Neuss - Information Needed
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Looking for language tandem partner in Münster
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Moving to Cologne successfully
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Where to Rent in Nuremberg? Best sites to check.
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Moving to Leipzig soon, hoping to work as a chef
Hi tOfz Click here to see the Recognition Finder (I set it for Cook + Leipzig) which tells you in English how you can get your foreign qualifications recognised. See the top of that page for the Working in Germany scroll-down menu for more pointers on things you need to know about. You'll need to register yourself…
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Free wi-fi (aka wi-lan) locations in Luebeck
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AirBNB, temporary accomodations and registration
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Writing/Producing short films in Dresden
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Train Travel Season cards
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Where to find a good facial in Düsseldorf
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Let's meet up and enjoy more social life
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Drinks this week in Bonn
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Any native English speakers in Greifswald
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Working as an ESL teacher at Inlingua Freiburg
Apparently the description of the situation in Freiburg bears a remarkable resemblance to that which allegedly led to the demise of Inlingua in Karlsruhe. Once occupying large, representative premises in the centre of Karlsruhe staffed by a good team of loyal teachers, I'm told that it's now in a couple of backstreet…
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Moving to Regensburg - August 2014
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Mums to be in Bremen
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Where to sell my car in Nuremberg
The first thing I would do is get some proper pictures on. The car is nice enough, but a clue as to what the interior condition is like can't hurt. The next thing I would do is heavily edit your text. You have 3 languages, so there is already a lot. Nobody really cares why you are selling or about your language…
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Cub Scout Pack 24 - Dresden
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Meet-up in Münster? At Münster
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Place to live in NRW
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Best place to live near Wesel
Wesel is a cute little town, about 17 mins off the A3 autobahn between the Dutch border and Oberhausen, it is very flat and agricultural with lots of families, the area is not industrial at all. There is some sort of an international hochschule in Kleve, about 30 mins from Wesel and in Wesel itself there is a language…
15 posts, 19.Aug.2014
Moving to Göttingen
Hello Jena, Göttingen is a small university town. It's got a high floating student population. If you are going to stay here only for 2 years, then i think renting a furnished apartment will be a better choice cost wise. But then you have the downsides of having to live with furnitures of not your choice. I would…
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Ladies hairdressers in Stuttgart
11 posts, 19.Aug.2014
English-speaking dentists in Nuremberg
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Experience at International Peace school Cologne
6 posts, 17.Aug.2014
Where to buy a puppy - Aware of illegal practices
5 posts, 16.Aug.2014
Seeking friends in Ludwigsburg & surrounding areas
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