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Drunken, Uninhibited Meetup for Beer (DUMB)
Let's see if we can get something going here. Biddy Early's is right near the center of the city on the Sophienstrasse. Well that's where it is located but it's near the corner of Marienstrasse, and that seems to be their official address http://www.biddyearlys.c... Please sign up. I'll show up either…
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New in Leipzig (or new to this forum)
667 posts, 18:05 yesterday
Friday Evening Meetups in Kiel
26 posts, 17:41 yesterday
Getting satellite television in/near Stuttgart
7 posts, 12:24 yesterday
Renting a flat in Stuttgart
18 posts, 11:38 yesterday
Making friends in Karlsruhe!
619 posts, 10:52 yesterday
Shclub - English Club Dresden Neustadt
16 posts, 16.Sep.2014
Drinks this week in Bonn
12 posts, 16.Sep.2014
Employment as an engineer in Southern Germany
I was in pretty much the same boat like you. With A2 in German and one year experience as a Wissenschaftlicher mitarbeiter. I am 30 years old and i was applying for jobs for a year and had reached the point of frustration (I wasn't even getting interview calls). Then a friend of mine working at the IHK gave me an excel…
47 posts, 16.Sep.2014
Bookclub in Bremen - Date and location TBD
17 posts, 16.Sep.2014
Cheapest travel options from Stuttgart to Berlin
25 posts, 16.Sep.2014
English newbie looking to meet people in Konstanz
9 posts, 16.Sep.2014
Bodensee curry night
Everywhere I end up (Friedrichshafen-Fischba... there has to be a curry night and here is no exception. The inaugural Bodensee curry night will be at the Goa Heidengasse 2a, 88677 Markdorf, Tel: 07544 949 90 80. Other curry houses to be visited are in Friedrichafen, and there are 5 or 6 across the pond in Konstanz to…
11 posts, 15.Sep.2014
Kickspace Heater in Germany
5 posts, 15.Sep.2014
Free Group yoga in Nuremberg
5 posts, 14.Sep.2014
English-speaking families/kids Ingolstadt
8 posts, 13.Sep.2014
Looking for English-speaking friends in Regensburg
19 posts, 13.Sep.2014
Toddler playgroups in Regensburg
9 posts, 12.Sep.2014
New to Bad Kreuznach and looking for friends
12 posts, 12.Sep.2014
ISS BaSICS international school in Stuttgart
9 posts, 11.Sep.2014
Football teams in Bonn?
20 posts, 11.Sep.2014
Moving to Göttingen
Hello Jena, Göttingen is a small university town. It's got a high floating student population. If you are going to stay here only for 2 years, then i think renting a furnished apartment will be a better choice cost wise. But then you have the downsides of having to live with furnitures of not your choice. I would…
14 posts, 11.Sep.2014
Parking: Is this a warning or not?
1571 posts, 11.Sep.2014
After-work meetup in Landsberg am Lech
Posted image Sorry I couldn't go hunting yesterday on foot. But I have just gone hunting online and this is what you find if you go to the Schall und Rauch website: However, there is an active website for the Focus Musiclounge at the same address: http://www.focus-musiclo... Opening times: Freitag 19.00 – 01.00 Uhr Samstag…
17 posts, 10.Sep.2014
American dentist near Kaiserslautern
16 posts, 10.Sep.2014
Writing/Producing short films in Dresden
6 posts, 10.Sep.2014
Options for short-term rentals in Mannheim
342 posts, 09.Sep.2014
Thursday Night Drinks Cologne
Posted image More specific details Lost? Call me: 01570 3329604 7pm - Glühwein am Heumarkt/Altermarkt At the Glühwein/Feuerzangenbow... stand "Berner Stübli", on Heumarkt, next to the Ferris Wheel (Riesenrad) Walk up through the Heumarkt christmas market, turn right after the ice skating (there's a sign for Spielzeugnisse).…
5 posts, 08.Sep.2014
Where to Rent in Nuremberg? Best sites to check.
16 posts, 08.Sep.2014
Moving to Regensburg - August 2014
11 posts, 08.Sep.2014
German language courses in Nuremberg
6 posts, 08.Sep.2014
Where to buy a good quality queen or king mattress
33 posts, 08.Sep.2014
German language schools in Stuttgart
14 posts, 08.Sep.2014
The Bonn English Singers
10 posts, 08.Sep.2014
Looking for English-speaking people in Aalen
25 posts, 08.Sep.2014
Living in Cottbus as an International Student
Interesting, when I was choosing which school to go to, it was between TU Cottbus or TU Ilmenau. Small world, I guess. I could see why your German friends would caution you about Brandenburg. If I'm not mistaken, the NPD has had better success there in elections in former East German states compared to the Western states.…
7 posts, 06.Sep.2014
Seeking a good coffeeshop for working in Bonn
16 posts, 06.Sep.2014
Where to buy canned black beans in Bonn
10 posts, 06.Sep.2014
Where can I find weed in Hannover?
6 posts, 06.Sep.2014
Netball and sports clubs - Sport for women
5 posts, 06.Sep.2014
B-schools in/near Cologne - Need suggestions
Choosing a university based on where your current girlfriend is living is not a good idea. With a 3 year undergraduate degree from India you do not have a formal Masterzugangsberechtigun... (MZB) in Germany and would require a further academic year of consecutive study at an accredited institution of higher education.…
10 posts, 05.Sep.2014
Toddler groups in Braunschweig
42 posts, 05.Sep.2014
Various advice for newcomers to Braunschweig
41 posts, 05.Sep.2014
Life in Kassel
7 posts, 05.Sep.2014
Looking for friends in Stuttgart!
5 posts, 04.Sep.2014
Working in Wiesloch-Walldorf, living in HD
5 posts, 03.Sep.2014
Women free for coffee and chat? Ludwigsburg/nearby
5 posts, 02.Sep.2014
Looking for Lupus Support Group - Anywhere
25 posts, 01.Sep.2014
Life in Wolfsburg
5 posts, 01.Sep.2014
International schools in and around Goch
6 posts, 31.Aug.2014
Lessons to swap an Australian Licence
Hi again all... So I have managed to swap my Australian (NSW) licence to a German licence! The process (for anyone who needs to know in the future) is actually not too complex... You must do a sight test at an optician. Just ask for a fuehreschein seh-test and after you pass the test you get a certificate which is…
4 posts, 29.Aug.2014
Costs of living in Rostock for a family of 4
7 posts, 29.Aug.2014
American looking for friends to hang out
5 posts, 29.Aug.2014
Rocket or Ashtanga yoga - starting a group
25 posts, 29.Aug.2014
Recommend local or bili school for 6&8year old NRW
München is the German town English people call Munich. It is a long way from Osnabrück If you meant Münster/Osnabrück then take a look at the Stadt Munster School education page (in English). They have an International education advisory service giving advice in English and other languages. Contact details are at…
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The Name of the Rose where it was filmed
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Bonn English Singers autumn concert
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Frankfurt Book Club: The City & The City
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(Amer.) Football playoff Albershausen vs München
3pm Sat. 27.Sep.2014 @ Schafhofstraße, Albershause
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