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4 posts, 17:48 yesterday
Christmas market around Cologne/Düsseldorf
4 posts, 10:24 yesterday
Booking from Airbnb with a relative's credit card
10 posts, 20.Dec.2014
Eating Adventure Treffpunkt In NuremberG (EATING)
45 posts, 19.Dec.2014
English speakers in Friedrichshafen/nearby
4 posts, 19.Dec.2014
Skiing and mountain biking around Stuttgart
5 posts, 19.Dec.2014
English speaking people in the Rastatt area!
324 posts, 18.Dec.2014
Drunken Uninhibited Meetup for Beer (DUMB)
Let's see if we can get something going here. Biddy Early's is right near the center of the city on the Sophienstrasse. Well that's where it is located but it's near the corner of Marienstrasse, and that seems to be their official address http://www.biddyearlys.c... Please sign up. I'll show up either…
4 posts, 18.Dec.2014
Attending BTU fall 2016 - Hoping to apply
33 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Advice regarding schools for ages 9 and 11
Bluejoppo, a few thoughts on what you are seeing in this thread. First, do not take what you perceive as negativity as such. This is just a reaction to what seems --based on the limited information you provided-- as a weak plan that is almost guaranteed to go poorly, and to have serious consequences for you and your kids.…
8 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Need hairstylist for curly hair in Bamberg
18 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Cub Scout Pack formed in Dresden
Hi, As other Americans in Saxony know, we are a long way from the "American" communities that may exist near U.S. military bases in the West. However, if we can get three or four boys together of vaguely similar age, the District Executive (i.e. professional scouter) for the BSA's Transatlantic Council's…
6 posts, 16.Dec.2014
Looking for English Speakers in Kassel - At Kassel
8 posts, 16.Dec.2014
What's Plieningen like for a family?
48 posts, 16.Dec.2014
St George's School in Duisburg - Any experience?
5 posts, 16.Dec.2014
Suggestions for final cleaning, painting services
26 posts, 16.Dec.2014
Drinks this week in Bonn
25 posts, 15.Dec.2014
Living near International School Stuttgart
oranges, perhaps this move isn't your choice. As I read your posts, you appear disgruntled about something and show that dissatisfaction in your responses: expressing dissatisfaction with the helpful posts others have taken the trouble to write is so negative. Maybe it's just a bad day where you are and Thanksgiving…
18 posts, 15.Dec.2014
Advice on kindergartens in the Mannheim area
12 posts, 15.Dec.2014
Possibly moving to Celle - Need some advice
11 posts, 15.Dec.2014
Cub Scout Pack 24 - Dresden
20 posts, 15.Dec.2014
Bilingual primary schools in Heidelberg
6 posts, 14.Dec.2014
English-speaking people in Duisburg
9 posts, 14.Dec.2014
Any English speaker Meetups in Bremerhaven?
30 posts, 14.Dec.2014
English-speaking mum in Kiel
6 posts, 14.Dec.2014
Medicine & delivery? Preferably same-day
9 posts, 13.Dec.2014
Looking for other English speakers in Braunschweig
27 posts, 12.Dec.2014
Meeting English-speaking people in Wurzburg
16 posts, 12.Dec.2014
St George's School Cologne
78 posts, 12.Dec.2014
Knowledge of U.S. bases in the West
I had written a long reply and then TT didn't load when I wanted to post it and I lost it. So here it goes again but a bit shorter: I know about the US & UK military presence in Germany because I lived in Heidelberg for a long time and because I have relatives in Osnabrück. However, I can see how someone who is…
1648 posts, 11.Dec.2014
After-work meetup in Landsberg am Lech
Posted image Sorry I couldn't go hunting yesterday on foot. But I have just gone hunting online and this is what you find if you go to the Schall und Rauch website: However, there is an active website for the Focus Musiclounge at the same address: http://www.focus-musiclo... Opening times: Freitag 19.00 – 01.00 Uhr Samstag…
4 posts, 11.Dec.2014
Bike Rental for touring
4 posts, 10.Dec.2014
New job in Karlsruhe: Advice on where to live
74 posts, 10.Dec.2014
Bookclub in Bremen - Date and location TBD
10 posts, 10.Dec.2014
Need to see a doctor
actually if you want to google, try "arzt". I don't know what artz will bag you, but it won't be doctors. You don't need to ring your insurance before going to a doctor. However, you should make a point of finding out who you actually are insured with - as otherwise both companies will be chasing…
18 posts, 10.Dec.2014
Moving to the Ahrensburg area
5 posts, 10.Dec.2014
English Speaking Mums in Göttingen?
28 posts, 08.Dec.2014
Meet new people in Heidelberg
31 posts, 08.Dec.2014
Bodensee curry night
Everywhere I end up (Friedrichshafen-Fischba... there has to be a curry night and here is no exception. The inaugural Bodensee curry night will be at the Goa Heidengasse 2a, 88677 Markdorf, Tel: 07544 949 90 80. Other curry houses to be visited are in Friedrichafen, and there are 5 or 6 across the pond in Konstanz to…
8 posts, 08.Dec.2014
English-speaking OB-GYN in Bonn
5 posts, 07.Dec.2014
Travelling to Düsseldorf with 3-month old
Re: "is it free of charge for an adult traveling with a pram?" Local transport in Dusseldorf is run by the VRR. On their German Fragen zu Tickets page is the following: "Ab welchem Alter müssen Kinder für eine Fahrt im VRR bezahlen? -Kinder unter 6 Jahren fahren in Begleitung kostenlos." i.e. Accompanied…
56 posts, 06.Dec.2014
Employment as an engineer in Southern Germany
1. Turn on computer. 2. Open search engine. 3. Type in "IHK" and your city, or nearest bigger city. 4. Click on "search". 5. Select IHK address in desired city. 6. Look for contact address and phone number. 7. Use telephone to ring them up and ask your question. It's not rocket science. Of course,…
47 posts, 06.Dec.2014
Working as an ESL teacher at Inlingua Freiburg
Apparently the description of the situation in Freiburg bears a remarkable resemblance to that which allegedly led to the demise of Inlingua in Karlsruhe. Once occupying large, representative premises in the centre of Karlsruhe staffed by a good team of loyal teachers, I'm told that it's now in a couple of backstreet…
4 posts, 05.Dec.2014
What's good in Göttingen? Finding what's great
16 posts, 05.Dec.2014
New to Mannheim and looking to meet people
15 posts, 05.Dec.2014
Looking to meet new people in Stuttgart
71 posts, 05.Dec.2014
English-speaking doctors in Mannheim or Heidelberg
6 posts, 05.Dec.2014
Looking for good chinese dumplings in Cologne/Bonn
9 posts, 04.Dec.2014
Any English-speakers in Diessen area?
9 posts, 04.Dec.2014
Recommendation for disposable baby diapers/nappies
We tried the whole lot -- all name brands and store brands and ended up using DM's house brand for the first year (birth through crawling). If you join their Baby Bonus club or whatever it's called, you effectively get 10% off when you redeem the credit vouchers. Once our child could walk, we found LIDL's house…
4 posts, 04.Dec.2014
Meet up for mothers and babies in Ingolstadt area
7 posts, 04.Dec.2014
Seeking English-speaking families/kids
11 posts, 03.Dec.2014
English shops in Niedersachsen, Hamburg, or Bremen
7 posts, 03.Dec.2014
Best burger in town (Heidelberg, Mannheim, Speyer)
6 posts, 03.Dec.2014
Sending 6 pieces of luggage Duisburg to Frankfurt
5 posts, 03.Dec.2014
Stores for woodworking / hobby supplies?
The quick answer would be that there aren't any such stores. Seriously, though: there's no one-to-one correspondence between the availability of hobby stores in the US/UK and in Germany. If you go to the stores suggested by Zandood, you'll find they have VERY little for the hobbyist - and what they do have…
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