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The Spicery - Munich

The Spicery is the latest restaurant in the Yum chain in Munich and it is their most fancy one. It opened in May 2012 and is where the Outland Bar used to be.

The Spicery - Munich

Wei├čenburger Platz 3
81667 Munich

Tel.: 089 67972680
Website: The Spicery

Review by: ginga on 1.Jun.2012   (edit this review)


I went there last night and I liked the look and feel of the place We were welcomed with some Basilikum tee and there were a lot of staff running around It is a place you could bring customers for a nice experience And the price reflects the decor and feeling, 20 euro for a fried rice dish, 8.50 for a Tom Kha Gai soup and yes they have some fancy cut carrots on the side of your plate but that is still very expensive Did the food taste extra special? Nope not one bit Best Thai in Munich? Nope Would I recommend this place to anyone? Yes if you want to bring customers or colleagues to a place that looks nice or for people that want the German version of Thai I had a dish which was marked with 2 chillies so should have been spicy but there was no spice at all in the dish What I love about Thai food is the contrast in flavours and textures in their dish but that was sadly missing here Oh well, back to my little Thai place

Posted by: ginga at 11:56 am on 1.Jun.2012

Good food... But guys seriously: No Mastercard?!

Posted by: "Anne" at 9:22 pm on 14.Sep.2012

Great restaurant, great food but indeed no mastercards! Better to change that. But we will be back for sure.

Posted by: "Vivian Bijker" at 12:00 pm on 18.Sep.2012
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