Laufhaus Vitalia

Laufhaus Vitalia has been described as one of the most "user friendly" brothels in Munich. The attraction of this place over others is that it's very easy to browse the girls on offer before making a choice.

The building is located on the Euroindustriepark, which makes it difficult to get to by public transport. By car it's easy. Or take a taxi - say the name "Laufhaus Vitalia" and your driver will know where to go.

Vitalia Munich laufhaus_vitalia_munich.jpg

It's a large free-standing building. Two floors. Each floor is one long corridor with about 10 rooms on either side. You walk up and down the corridor looking at the girls standing in each doorway, or reclining on the bed inside.

Take your pick of girl. Negotiate a price. And that's it. There's no pressure to take any particular girl. You're free to browse in your own time, and even leave without choosing any if you prefer.

Prices are 50 for either suck or fuck - this lasts 15 minutes. Or there is the 100 option for both oral and vaginal sex plus a second position, lasting about half an hour. 200 for a full hour including Thai massage.

There are girls of all ethnicity: Asian, Black, and Caucasian. The quality is generally very high. Most girls are available until about 2am. Some stay until 5am.

Laufhaus Vitalia
Helene-Wessel-Bogen 16
Munich north - Euroindustriepark
Tel. +49 (0) 89 35818865
Web: Laufhaus Vitalia