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Kitty Cat Club - Fetish Club - Munich

Kitty Cat Club is a fetish club in the north of Munich. They have a dance floor, bar area, kinky playrooms, and chill out zone.

Note that this is not to be confused with the KitKatClub in Berlin

Kitty Cat Club - Munich

Strict Dresscode: rubber, latex, leather, bizarre fetish, doctor, dessous, glamour, drag, pervy uniform and gothic. Wardrobe and changing rooms are available

Domagkstr. 33 Haus 99, Freimann
U-Bahn U6 Alte Heide
Tel: 089 68099657
Website: KittyCatClub

Review by: "Anonymous" on 20.Feb.2004   (edit this review)


The KittyCatClub is a club where you can enjoy excesses and obsessions every Saturday. The atmosphere is simple and spontaneous. Drop by anytime of the night, perhaps even after your normal Saturday cinema trip, and indulge your fantasies!

Posted by: "KittyCatClub" at 6:57 am on 20.Jul.2004

Hi, i was planning on oraganising a surprise birthday party for a mate. Does anyone know if this place is still open and any contact details? Cheers

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 1:01 pm on 29.Jul.2005

Why don't you just look at their website as linked in the main article above? The website is currently advertising an event taking place there on Friday 29th July - i.e. tonight! So, erm, yes, I guess this place is still open. As for contact details, they are also given above. Or can't you read?

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 1:09 pm on 29.Jul.2005

come and party - the club is the club to be! Check it out - come - but come with no jeans - no sneakers- no t-shirts

Posted by: "steve" at 2:49 pm on 29.Jul.2005

the Kitty has been closed for several years now - the building was already torn down

Posted by: "anonymous" at 11:04 am on 23.Aug.2012
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