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Cycling tours around Munich | Next: Monday 25.May.2015 - Chiemgau
There are already more than 20 people signed up. Chiemsee to KufsteinMONDAY 25 May 2015 Meetup: Monday, 9.30 a.m. on platform 11 of Munich Hauptbahnhof Bring: sunscreen, sunglasses, water, raingear,
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Munich Rock Camp for Ladies
The Munich Rock Camp is hosting our annual?Rock Camp for Ladies?from June 4th through June 7th in Kafe Kult (Munich's most unique independent underground club,?located in the B?rgerpark Oberf?hring).
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I'm moving to Munich! Now What?
If your salary will?be high enough and you have enough relevant work expertise, you should look into applying for the EU Blue Card from NY. I was in a similar position with my company a few months ba
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Munich dog sitting and walking services
I realize that this means that she will now be so overwhelmed, ?that Rudi will never be able to go there again, ?but I can't say enough good things about Julie (Julienator), and what good care she to
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Munich babysitters available
Hello families,?My name is Ally, I am from Alberta, Canada. I have just moved to Munich, and am eager to start working.I have?lots of experience working with children of the age 2-12. I have taught a
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Mountain Biking (Monday 25th May)
Although it's a teensy bit harder, I firmly recommend going up by way of the Huberspitz and Gindelalm. Great views going over the open bit at the top (though you do have to carry your bike up for a b
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Men's clothes shopping in Munich
Oh sorry I should have been much more clear ..I'm male..and am looking for a place which has "more variety"?and as far as category I would say substr('casual/leisure/formal.as', 0, 24) . '... ' far a
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What do think about Photovoltaics and going solar?
I worked for a UK?engineering company 25 years ago who made bespoke systems for 3rd world countries. The only way they could ever make money?was from state funded projects and public works inlcuding
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Annual Toytown Oktoberfest Party, 100 seats
This is the revised list after non-payers were substr('removed:annual_wiesn_do2Allershausen1atieghi2beagleschmeagle2Boba2brummie', 0, 24) . '... ' substr('carl1Christiane_Munich1Colin22Corneliu1crisi
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Walking Meet-Up for Parents and Expecting
What: Walk in Englischer Garten, then possibly sit down at a cafeWhen: Wednesday, May 27th at 10:30amWhere: Giselastra?e U-bahn station entrance, by the H?agen-Dazs (Leopoldstra?e 19)1. Lydia2.
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TT Munich book reading and discussion club
Some people will be reading the book in the original German, and others will be reading an English translation. There are two English-language translations of the book. I am linking to the more recen
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Ladies Bootcamp in English, in Munich
Hi Jessica,Great idea, would be amazing if it was in the Englischer Garten after work? Let me know if you get people together but I would definitely love to join. I did the British Military Fitness i
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German Speaking Meetup
Hi Everyone,?Sunday 24 May we meet at 16:00 inMamasita, Isartorplatz 4, 80331 M?nchen (S-Bahn Haltestelle substr('Isartorplatz)http://www.mamasita-muenchen.de/We', 0, 24) . '... ' stand at ground flo
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Mother/Father baby meet up fasangarten area, particularly for the olde
Living in the fasangarten area and looking for mothers near by to meet for coffee and play dates. I have 9 month old twins, a boy and a girl. The title is supposed to read particularly for the older
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Translators meet ? 7pm Mon. 18.May.2015 @ Laurin, Heiliggeist. 6
Some of the Poor Mouth characters have been on telly in interviews about the same-sex marriage referendum ("Oi tink all children should have a mammy and a daddy"). Go on, go on, go on, ah you will, y
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Badminton in Munich @ Sportzentrum Martinsried 7:30 Tue 26.May.2015
NEXT BADMINTON TUESDAY 26.05.2012 19:30-21:30The closing time for reservations is the Sunday Midnight.Booking: Please sign up below.Please note that all names down at the deadline are committed booki
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Meet up for women (25+) , permanently in Munich
I would also love to join the next meet up! ?I've just moved here with my husband as of March 1st (I am American and my husband is Italian/South Tyrol). ?For now I am taking intensive German classes
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Ultimate Frisbee in the English Garden
Next game is on MONDAY, May 25th, at 2:00 pm at location 2. That's near Hirschau Biergarten, and is our regular Sunday spot. Please note that we are playing on MONDAY due to the long weekend.?Pleas
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Cat care - cattery and catsitter recommendations
Hey,?I'm looking for a place to take my cat for two weeks, she can't stay in the apartment because an allergic friend will be staying at our place while we are out for holidays.?Can anyone recommend
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Munich Curry Night ? Wed. 20.May.2015 @ Venue TBD
Let me get this straight. You don't like the sauces in any Munich Indian restaurants so you are going to make your own hot sauce and take it with you?Why not throw in a few other ingredients and save
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20 - 30 Somethings English/German Day Walk Meet-Up through MarienPlatz
20 - 30 Somethings English/German Day Walk Meet-Up through MarienPlatz??? Day = 11am - 6pm? or 11:00 - 18:00Hello to everyone I'm new to Munich but plan on walking around shops getting something to e
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Friday beer garden. 22 May. Huiras. U-Laimerplatz
You need to send an email to the email link shown in the first post of this thread. ?Otherwise the organisers don't know which email address to use to send you the notifications.?
5 posts, 23:51 21.May.2015
ikea item return from one store to another
Hi,I bought a table at Ikea Munchen Erching and it would be much easier for me to return it at Ikea Munchen Brunnthal. But I don't know if this is possible. At the only contact number they have on th
18 posts, 23:17 21.May.2015
Meet up for indecisive 20-somethings ? Thu. 21.May.2015 @ Schwabinger
Venue:?Schwabinger 7Start time: 20:00Address: Feilitzschstra?e 15, 80802 M?nchenTransport: M?nchner Freiheit(U3/U6)How to find the group: Listen for a bunch of English-speaking people??
456 posts, 21:17 21.May.2015
Girly cocktail night - for a good old girly natter
Hey ladies,I am from Canada and have just recently moved to Munich. I am living here with my boyfriend and one of his best friends, and so I am really missing my girls?back?home.?I would love to get
27 posts, 20:55 21.May.2015
New in Munich (or new to this forum)
Helloooo!My name is Amanda and I have recently moved to Munich from Canada?to try and find a job or internship in the field of Architecture as I have just graduated from College. My boyfriend and ano
1 posts, 12:26 21.May.2015
Hey guys!I recently created a bouldering meetup group for those who enjoy bouldering and of course, for those who would like to try out this wonderful sport. The aim is to meet once a week and boulde
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Medieval battles with padded weapons
Since apparently the system with updating the date in the post headers is gone, let me just say:Come out and fight this Sunday! There will be sword! And shields! And spears and bow and arrows and oth
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World Aids Day - Friday 1.Dec.2006
Greetings, i am very happy, that is why i came again to testimony on how Dr Enoma helped me and how he has help people that i have directed to him, i am not shy to tell about how i suffered of HIV di
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Five-a-side football in Munich
Hi All,We currently have 7 confirmed players and need a few more. If you want to join please send your number to mat1parr@hotmail.co.uk and I'll add you to the Whatsapp group. We'll be organising som
3 posts, 14:34 20.May.2015
Rowing Clubs in Munich
Thanks so much! That thread is great.?I guess my search skills aren't as sharp as I thought.I forgot to mention I was referring to sweep rowing. Unfortunately I never learned to scull so joining a cl
7 posts, 10:45 20.May.2015
Weight lifting, Weights
the sportshop in Rosenheimer platz (fundgraber or something similar), has weights, but possibly only low kg dumbells.There is an exercise store on Nymphenberg str, near cinema Muenchen. It has expens
7048 posts, 10:16 20.May.2015
Cycling tours around Munich
Long weekend this weekend, which means the weather won't be very good. However it looks as though Monday might offer a sunny window, so we'll probably do something then. Details in due course.
27 posts, 10:12 20.May.2015
The current weather in Munich
Took a walk down to Schl?ter yesterday, nice sunny day, I noticed that the May (hawthorn) blossom was out - "Summer's on its way..." I foolishly thought Ne'er cast a clout till May be out...
10 posts, 08:11 20.May.2015
IGLU - Slovenian Improv Theater in ENGLISH- 19.May.2015
Awesome. I almost went to Kempten tonight to watch them. Seems like they are on a tour through Europe! So I will be there in Munich tomorrow then!Check it substr('out:?http://www.die-wendejacken.de/#
840 posts, 22:46 19.May.2015
Games Night: All boardgame lovers welcome!
We had a great time last Sunday -- 13 game players showed up! We had as many as 4 simultaneous games going on. To those of you who noticed my hasty departure -- I did have a sudden and severe headac
1 posts, 21:42 19.May.2015
Starting a soccer "league" for 4-6 yos
Like many others, we have had a difficult time finding a weekend soccer program for our 5 year-old here in Munich.? After finding quite a bit of interest in the "Parents in Munich" group on Facebook,
11 posts, 16:34 19.May.2015
Gyms - Short-term membership options in Munich
The cheap options that I know of are mcfit and clever fit.Mcfit is a bit farther, Landsberger Str. 163, but they claim that you can sign up for less than 12 months if you can prove that you're only h
49 posts, 15:50 19.May.2015
Playgroup for English-speaking parents and kids
A playgroup for English-speaking parents and young kids. All are welcome!? Please note: The playgroup takes place every?Friday from 10:00-12:00 noon.? The address is Oberl?nderstr. 36, in one of the
7 posts, 12:23 19.May.2015
Tues.2-23.Jun.2015 Improv for Beginners Course-by Bake This
Hey Metall, feel free to send us an email at info@bakethis.de to get on our mailing list to find out about other courses which might not interfere with your band practice. Hope to see you at a show s

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