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A specific Bonus for employees in Munich
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Bluegrass music with The Huckleberry Five
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Huntcrest Building Services
Posted image Brand new bathroom with super-dooper shower. Am well chuffed. Thanks Huncrest for doing a great job and for a lot of fun to boot. That said, I'm happy that I can now wake up with a heavy head and be safe in the knowledge that I'm not about to be greeted by a far-too-chirpy Mike as I stumble out of the bedroom. A…
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Tax advisors and accountant recommendations
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Munich Curry Night
Every Wednesday evening at an Indian restaurant in Munich. Location varies each week. Curry night is not just about having good food but also about having great time and lots of fun. The cultural diversity of people who are regularly part of this event is as colorful as the curry itself with all its different flavors and…
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Playgroup for English-speaking parents and kids
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Meet up for indecisive 20-somethings
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Squash partner wanted in Munich
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Regular Sunday Morning Squash Club
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Munich Full Moon Hash House Harriers
Posted image The Munich Full Moon Hash House Harriers are a social/running group pretty much like the MH3, only with a difference. We meet once a month on the Wednesday closest to the full moon. We hash in dark, dusk or evening sunlight all year round. So, if you fancy stretching your legs and wetting your throat after a hard day…
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Friday beer garden
Friday Beer Garden We're at a different beer garden, beer cellar, or pub each Friday. See the list of past locations. Everyone is welcome to turn up. If you like beer and a good laugh, come along! You can invite anyone too. If you don't know anyone there, contact me to find out what or who to look out for.…
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Cross-country skiing tours - Nordic ski trips
Posted image A change of scenery this week as we head to the Bavarian Forest for a long tour to the summit of Großer Arber, the highest peak in the range. This is a black (difficult) route that requires a good level of fitness as we ski around 22 km with 500 metres of height gain. At heights of 1100 metres and above the snow conditions…
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Markt für schöne Dinge (Handmade Market)
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English-speaking lawyer recommendations
I have a serious bank problem and need some help from an English speaking " German bank paperwork understanding person." My husband died and I now have my Certificate of Inheritance (which took ages) and the bank has produced Paperwork with huge discrepancies and are most unhelpful and threatening. Does anyone…
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Pub quiz nights in Munich
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Christmas shops open year-round
12 posts, 04.Mar.2015
Case for Bike for Airlines
7 posts, 04.Mar.2015
Lost iPhone - Lilienstr. Munich
Is it powered on? If it is and the owner hasn't called you yet, try long-clicking on the main button and see if Siri comes up. If it does try the commands "call my wife/husband/boyfriend/g... or "call my mother/father/brother/si... or the same in German. Or even "take me home" if you want to get…
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Munich Moms-to-Be Meetup
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Pomeroy and Winterbottom - British shop
As far as I'm aware the only comments I've made about Pomeroy & Winterbottom were on Buying British snacks in Munich in April 2003. As such, they referred to the prices you charged nearly eight and a half years ago. If you're suggesting you lowered the prices a few years later then that's good to know,…
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English-speaking midwives (Hebamme)
41 posts, 04.Mar.2015
Choosing an international school
Posted image I've had involvement at both schools, and both are excellent. As Eurovol said, BIS is slightly less expensive, but not significantly so. (See chart below.) And it is true that MIS has more "prestige", but that doesn't matter in any material way, unless those kinds of things are important to you. It…
19 posts, 03.Mar.2015
Sushi Night (and other Japanese food)
Posted image Hello All, a couple of years ago we had a Sushi Night, then I moved away, then I came back and therefore will try my luck at organizing something again. The sushi night is always on the first Tuesday of the month. I'll post here with our choice of restaurant, you add your name to the list if you wish to join. Discussion…
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2015 RBS Six Nations Championship
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Where to take Spanish classes
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Five-a-side football in Munich
28 posts, 02.Mar.2015
Munich babysitters wanted
If you are a family that is seeking a babysitter, post your requirement here. Remember to include contact details (telephone number, email, etc.) or instruct candidate babysitters to send you a personal message via this forum. Note that all posts here are automatically removed after three months. If you are a babysitter…
36 posts, 02.Mar.2015
TT Munich book reading and discussion club
8 posts, 02.Mar.2015
Bavarian International School
Both my kids are currently in their 3rd year at BIS. We chose BIS over MIS purely because of the location. They are in grade 2 and 8. The school was the main reason we decided to take the plunge and move from an expat contract to a local contract. The classes are quite small in lower school and in the first few years they…
13 posts, 02.Mar.2015
Left private Kindergarten, demands fee
17 posts, 01.Mar.2015
Canoe clubs for canoeing and kayaking
26 posts, 01.Mar.2015
Piano lessons
39 posts, 01.Mar.2015
German language teachers at the Volkshochschule
Gerald Huschka comes to mind as one who is a fantastic teacher there. And, some lady named Elke Benter (or something similar) was awful: no actual teaching, just following the book religiously. Go to page 43 in the book, exercise 5, *5 minutes working silently*, then we all say the answers and she simply replied if they…
21 posts, 01.Mar.2015
Munich babysitters available
Posted image Dear parents and children of Munich, I can be your babysitter, if you are still looking for one. I LOVE working with children! I have more than 11 years of work experience with children, teaching at an international American model K-12 school, so even if you have several kids, that would be a fun-size of a class to…
17 posts, 01.Mar.2015
Piano teachers or schools that teach in English
Posted image Hi, I posted above, I am an American piano teacher who teaches through the Munich International School and privately. I'm looking for a new student to take the place of one of my students who just moved back to the States. Please write me if you're looking for a teacher. Thanks! Karenn…
71 posts, 01.Mar.2015
Private tutors for German language learning
8 posts, 28.Feb.2015
SportScheck outlet sale - Ostbahnhof -shopping tip
Thought I'd pass on a shoppping tip to TTers ... I just noticed that the SportScheck Hotspot (Outlet store) in Ostbahnhof is having a further 50% reduction off the lowest marked price for ski clothing and winter footwear. I had a look inside and there is a lot of stock at the moment but obviously…
22 posts, 27.Feb.2015
Visiting Munich as a single woman - Any advice?
12 posts, 27.Feb.2015
Issues of living in Munich without rental contract
122 posts, 27.Feb.2015
English speakers in/around Erding
6 posts, 27.Feb.2015
Bake This - Improv Theatre in English
19 posts, 27.Feb.2015
Hiking expedition to Manpupuner, Russia
The Manpupuner rock formations are a set of seven gigantic, abnormally shaped, stone pillars located in the Ural mountains of the Komi Republic in Russia. These monoliths are around 30 to 42 m high and have been named one of the Seven Wonders of Russia. Despite this accolade, however, they don't…
66 posts, 26.Feb.2015
Munich Cricket Club - news updates
Posted image [size=3]munich cricket club training continues fridays...just turn up to 1700-1900ish and get involved.. ground directions or similar we have a full list of forthcoming friendlies/competitive matches JULY 4 FRIENDLY HOME PUNJAB CC 1230 start [/size][size=3]JULY 11 LEAGUE HOME TEGERNSEE 1230 start…
8 posts, 26.Feb.2015
Where to hire midget and/or dwarf
13 posts, 26.Feb.2015
Where to buy miso and tofu etc.
I went to the new Asian food store in Prinzregentenstraße, i-shop, this morning, looking specifically for tofu, rice in large quantities, and miso. The store is very light and bright, the items are easy to find, and nicely presented, and the staff most helpful. In fact, I got talking to the manager,…
66 posts, 25.Feb.2015
Where to buy Cadbury Creme Eggs
33 posts, 25.Feb.2015
Where to buy Marmite in Munich
119 posts, 25.Feb.2015
Hired to be a Mystery Shopper in Germany
Here is a wee word of warning regarding cheque scams etc. Twice now, when I've had people buy my paintings and art, and I always insist on a bank transfer. What happens though is that they send a cheque directly to the bank by overnight courier so if the bank then simply processes it, it looks like…
31 posts, 25.Feb.2015
Life in Schwabing
I have lived there for years and never even noticed this at Hohenzollernplatz. True, there are some people who like to sit on the benches there, but I have never seen them cause any problems. Munich is incredibly safe. There is a primary school at the corner of Clemenstr and Hiltenspergerstr and children…
15 posts, 25.Feb.2015
Primary School/Grundschule - love your feedback
14 posts, 25.Feb.2015
Translators' meetup, monthly networking event
8 posts, 24.Feb.2015
Where and how to obtain a Meldebescheinigung
49 posts, 24.Feb.2015
Locksmiths for locked out of house emergencies
Locked myself out while taking stuff to the keller... this guy got me back in: Theodor Honold (089) 77 77 78 (160) 8456665 He was there within 30 min, charged me 70 EUR and a plus: he is an american living here for over 30 yrs, so perfect Enlgish! Really cool guy, even a member of the Locksmiths…
52 posts, 24.Feb.2015
Cycling vs. driving to work
Posted image Just found this, though I can't remember for the life of me how I got there: Aeolian Ride Inflatable bike suits. They're working on one that lights up. I can't find any info on the site about if they increase drag and whatnot, but for safety, I think that'd be great. No car could overlook you in…
27 posts, 24.Feb.2015
Snowboarding/ski season 2014-2015
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Kerala - I like this place and have always enjoyed the food and service. Most…
Paros 2 - Ha ha, I read the comments and can agree on one thing. The manager person…
El Perro e el Griego - Went there last night and thought the food was good but a little on the…
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