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819 posts, 00:12 hrs
But one should be prepared to deep dive into fossil faeces with maintenance. It might be a better idea to suck it up and fight for a lower salary Java position (or something trendier like Scala)…
7 posts, 17:20 yesterday
I am in the same boat (shoe?) as you, did you find a solution? I went to the Prime-Shoe today (at Odeonsplatz) but their shoes were quiet narrow. I also like Loakes, I dont want to overspend on…
15 posts, 13:38 yesterday
Leutasch Plaik: sign-up list Meeting point: 8.15am, Sunday 14 February, Hauptbahnhof outside Radius Tours by platforms 27-36, map: http://g.co/maps/8mhps 1. nomis 2. Newinmunichberlin 3.
5 posts, 07:36 yesterday
It was something I read it "Not the 1983 Diary" and being English I was brought up using the imperial system, which btw teaches you more about maths than the metric system (anybody can do…
3 posts, 12 February
Guys yesterday walking around i saw the gamespot shop in Karlsplatz selling used PS4 for 250EUR do you think its worth it? I am looking for a Ps4 to play w my mates residing in my country and…
18 posts, 12 February
Occasional Babysitter, childminder required. My wife and I are looking for a baby sitter or childminder who is able to fetch our 4 year old daugther from school and bring her home and care for her…
57 posts, 12 February
Now that you mention it, Gman, I believe you are right based on all of the Sbahn crossings that I've been through by car are single tracks. I haven't been over all of them, though.
7 posts, 12 February
The nearest public transport to the Mariennenhof is: S-Bahn at Isartor (4 minutes walk) Tram 19 at Mariannenplatz (1 minute walk) U-Bahn U5 at Lehel (8 minutes walk)
14 posts, 11 February
If something is decided by tomorrow morning I will try and cross post it to the women's meet up group on FB etc. to see if anyone is interested. I like the look of Couch Club as well!
4 posts, 11 February
Hi Cadillac, did you try posting on the Parents in Munich Facebook group? There might be some other families with similar aged kids on there. Also, someone recently suggested trying scouts troops.
3 posts, 10 February
Apparently ther are going to be two events this year! The Keg Bar hat Amnesty International Munich English Speaking Group 1454s Foto geteilt. 22. Januar um 14:34 · 
10 posts, 10 February
Thanks for the tip. She has signed up for at least one of these that I know of. Do you think she would be eligible for a Sozialwhohnung? I figure it wouldn't hurt to try. She will be living with…
286 posts, 10 February
Hi everyone - Let's make it official - anyone who wants to meet can go to the Tijuana Cafe tonight, Wednesday, at 5 pm. I will join after 6 for a little while, since I work until then.
4 posts, 10 February
Hi Lisa, The guy who is organizing this now is away this week, that's why nothing has been setup. I may go grab a curry anyway, just didn't want to start organizing. Let me know if you care to…
38 posts, 10 February
Can anyone recommend an English-speaking Steuerberater? I'm looking for someone with whom you've had a good experience, and who will have time to meet with me sooner rather than later.
443 posts, 10 February
Hi Lorraine, We meet every Wednesday and (right now) go on a walk or go to a Winterspielplatz, depending on the weather. I try to make a post every Sunday for the upcoming week, after looking at…
9 posts, 9 February
Hope I'm not too late, but have you considered an Escape Room? There are several in Munich, but I'm afraid none which would allow you to play 5 vs 5 in two rooms in parallel. It's a very good…
131 posts, 9 February
Hello My name is Manuela I am a Hungarian girl. I have experience about cleaning. I am always doing my best. If you need a weekly cleaner or only you need deep cleaning dont hesitate send me e-mail…
163 posts, 9 February
February 2016 The Readery's 10th Anniversary For the entire month (including Leap Year Day), greet us with "Happy Tenth Anniversary!" in any language and get a 25% discount on your…
141 posts, 9 February
Does someone here have suggestions for a *cheap* way to go cross country skiing in the Alps for a week? Anyone know of good youth hostels / Alpine huts / similarly priced housing that are near cross…
6 posts, 9 February
Bump. I need some help to put up lights in my bathroom, would be excellent to have an english speaking (german speaker are also ok) electrician for this matter. Any recommendations? Thanks
318 posts, 8 February
Indeed, because you never clarified what you meant. *Ahem...Shall we return our attention to the topic at hand? Any new attacks on the subway today, did they ever catch those bad guys? Is bacon…
63 posts, 8 February
Not only that, but let's talk about what's really important: Winter in spring means we've had no base accumulate for skiing, so any additional snow doesn't help us. It means putting more clothing on…
1 posts, 8 February
Feb Stammtisch (Meet-Up) of 2016 @ Café Sax (Hans-Sachs-Str. 5, UBahn: Fraunhoferstraße or Sendlinger Tor) starting from 8:00pm on Friday, 12 February. Feel free to stop by at any time throughout…
229 posts, 7 February
Our next meeting will be on Sunday 14th of February. We meet at EU Business School, Theresienhöhe 28, 80339 München; at 10 am. As always. guests are welcome and will not be asked to…
71 posts, 7 February
What a great game that ended a few moments ago.  Wales 16 - Ireland 16 A frenetic pace from the opening whistle. I thought it'll be a convincing Ireland win, especially when they were ahead…
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US Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday praised Chancellor Angela Merkel's "great courage" during Europe's refugee crisis, while warning that the influx posed a "near existential threat" to the continent.

Russian PM declares 'new Cold War' at Munich

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