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Where to buy a winter coat - And how much to pay
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TT Munich book reading and discussion club
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Munich babysitters wanted
If you are a family that is seeking a babysitter, post your requirement here. Remember to include contact details (telephone number, email, etc.) or instruct candidate babysitters to send you a personal message via this forum. Note that all posts here are automatically removed after three months. If you are a babysitter…
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Translators' meetup, monthly networking event
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BIS families in Ismaning
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Oktoberfest table exchange adverts
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Toytown Big Summer Bar-be-que 2014 by a COOL lake
TT Event organisers Minitat, Ian, Siskebap, Boba with help from many others, have announceed the big TT summer BBQ party: Saturday 2nd August 2014 at Lerchenauer See, from 4pm (if wet, it will move to 9th August). This event is for everyone on Toytown and related meetups. Everyone is welcome. It's going to be a great…
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Walking Meet-Up for New Moms
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German Speaking Meetup
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Playdates with other English speaking families
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The Kids Clubhouse, for English speaking kids
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Storytime in English
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New in Munich (or new to this forum)
If you are new in Munich, or live in Munich and are new to this forum, feel free to post a message here to introduce yourself to the rest of the TT community. Do not, however, ask your newbie questions here about life in Munich. Nobody will answer them. If you have basic questions like How do I find an apartment to rent?…
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The Indian community in Munich
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Reasonably priced clothing alterations
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Cinemas showing films in English language
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FC Bayern Munich football match tickets
54 posts, 26.Jul.2014
La Leche League Breastfeeding meetings in English
15 posts, 26.Jul.2014
2014 Munich Chili Cookoff
Ladies and Gentlemen, the countdown begins. Munich's Chili Cookoff 2014 has "Bean" arranged. The Zar Bar are once again opening their doors and hearts to us. I have Jason Serious waiting in the wings to provide more wonderful homespun music. Hopefully the weather will be with us and everybody will have…
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Indian Pakistan community in Munich
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Midwife arrested for attempted murder
According to various news sources, a midwife practicing at Klinikum Großhadern in Munich was arrested on four cases of attempted murder today. Allegedly, she had added anticoagulants to the i.v. medication of four pregnant mothers prior to their scheduled Caesarian operations, massively increasing the risk of their bleeding…
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North Indians in Munich
That's a little harsh, don't you think? The OP's English, based on the first post, seems plenty fine for navigating and communicating here. The writing is better than most of what is passed off here by native speakers on a daily basis... Now, the OP not being able to figure out how to register (if it really…
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Sushi Night (and other Japanese food)
Posted image Hello All, a couple of years ago we had a Sushi Night, then I moved away, then I came back and therefore will try my luck at organizing something again. The sushi night is always on the first Tuesday of the month. I'll post here with our choice of restaurant, you add your name to the list if you wish to join. Discussion…
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Munich babysitters available
Are you available for work as a babysitter? If so, post your details and availability here. Your advert will be most effective if you include a short paragraph of text about you and what kind of work you are looking for. Remember to include contact details or instruct families to send you a personal message. Note that…
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Looking for great clubs to go to
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Working at Intel in Munich - Looking for information
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Aerial silk training in Munich
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Corn meal / cornmeal / corn flour / Maisgriess
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Whitney-Events:Oktoberfest table reservations 2014
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Apartment hotels / corporate housing
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Photography Club Munich
This Photography Club meets every two weeks on Tuesday evenings for a shoot around the city and then discussion about the shoot and socializing at a local bar/cafe. The start time for the bi-weekly meeting will vary so keep an eye on the header for location, time, and date information. We welcome all skill levels. Some…
77 posts, 24.Jul.2014
Where to buy brown sugar
Posted image Dear rubytuesday, I totally understand your question. I had the exact same problem. I also bought the stuff that is called brauner zucker at the grocery store and it wasn't what Americans called brown sugar. It was like what we call raw sugar or something. It was just brown tinted white sugar. The closest thing I found…
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Moms to be group : Let's share - At Lerchenauer See
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Running partners sought and found
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Kebab shop recommendations
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Taxis at S-Bahn stations late at night
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Are backyard chickens legal in Munich?
Yes, it's possible if you have your own garden - but you'll have to jump through a few hoops. You have to announce them at the Munich Veterinäramt, they have to register them. You also have to keep a book on what medicine (e.g. de-worming powder like Flubenvet) you gave them when and another book listing where…
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Rail&Fly or Rail&Air option from DB
69 posts, 22.Jul.2014
Filmmakers, actors and creative artists meetup
16 posts, 22.Jul.2014
The Bookshelf - English-language lending library
12 posts, 22.Jul.2014
Freising vs Erding - Which is better?
119 posts, 22.Jul.2014
Moving boxes / shipping boxes exchange
Posted image I moved recently and was fed up of buying those cardboard things from Obi etc. that tear into bits as soon as you look at them. So I decided to buy plastic 60l euroboxes for the move. Worked brilliantly. I've kept a load of them, but have ten which are now surplus to requirements. They cost me 15€ each (10 for…
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Integration schools and courses
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Mums / Mums-to-be - Weekly Meet Up - Schwabing
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Munich Skeptics in the Pub
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Pet sitter recommendations - Cat and dog sitting
Posted image Hi Folks- I am searching for a dog sitter for my two samoyeds in Bogenhausen when travelling for business. 1 week increments most likely. Occassional day time or overnight visits to house also needed. Normally I go to the hundepension in the summer and winter peak holiday breaks, but I would like a more local solution…
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House and apartment cleaning services
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Playgroup for English-speaking parents and kids
18 posts, 20.Jul.2014
MTB single trails around the Bavarian foothills
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Feelgood Salon - facials, manicure, waxing
Posted image Erm, yes UrbanAngel. I do happen to know someone else who has been there. These little fellas... They had a complimentary demonstration pedicure at "Feelgood" couple of weeks ago. And it did indeed feel good. By the way, sk8rgrl mentioned previously that Krista speaks "awesome English". Well, Krista…
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Travelling to Prague from Munich
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Bierfest Meetup in Freising
Posted image On Saturday a bunch of us are going to get a table or two at the: Fresing Altstadtfest 2014 The whole of the old centre of Freising is taken over with live music, stalls, food and beergarden tables. Meetup We will take the S-Bahn to Freising and get tables in Freising Marienplatz.(Map) Look out for the Pink Stonker.…
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Moving to a new place
14 posts, 18.Jul.2014
Curtain tension or pressure rods
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Bike tune-up and repair shops in Munich
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