Using a proxy to access BBC iPlayer from abroad - Germany

Methods for bypassing their int'l restrictions

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Could this work as a way round the BBC iPlayer block here, or is that a completely different kettle of phisch?
I've messed about with proxies, and can get the BBC website to think I am in England, but iplayer would not work for me.
Johnny English
Are these the proxies behind the station Don_Riina?
iPlayer can be made to work. My mechanism is to install a proxy server on a machine in the UK - proxy+ is free and easy to setup. The point your browser and away you go. Seems like once the connection is established that the traffic is peer to peer so no bad impacts on the poor person hosting your proxy for you. All can be setup and administered remotely to deal with dynamic IPs and can be made secure through your router and proxy+ security settings.

So if you can persuade someone to host a proxy this is the way to all of the on demand services from bbc, itv and channel 4 !

It might be cheaper or easier too just to ssh to a webserver or somehow setup a ssh server on a friends computer and then use this guide

Although I guess with video the webserver would have to be decently fast.
Sssh? Is there a way for "normal" people? That is far too geek-ological!
Run a socks proxy via ssh:

ssh -D localhost:8080

then set your browser to use the following socks proxy:

server: localhost
port: 8080

and Bob's your uncle.

Any chance you could write that in English?
It's not rocket science. I regularly pull BBC and ITV programmes from their respective players. The problem with using your own proxy service on a (e.g. friends) UK system is that the nature of ADSL (upload MUCH slower than download) means they can't stream quickly to you. "Public" proxy servers can be heavily loaded and change frequently, but if you are patient you can often find one that holds up for a day or two, sometimes longer. Check places such as for example. If you use Firefox then FoxyProxy is a cool tool for managing proxies and can be setup to use proxy servers on a per-site basis so changes the proxy settings on your network according to where you are surfing to. You can also use a (free!) tool such as Proxyway to manage your diverted surfing.
necrolyte is another way.
Costs a few quid per month but does the trick. Sometimes connection speed is a bit low but so far I've been happy with it.
Easy setup but you really should have a firewall on the machine using it as you will end up with a public ip address.
Last night I tried many of the free 'high anonymity' proxies available on the 'net but could not make any of them work. I'm not sure if the iPlayer saves cookies on the local machine that must be cleared to finally convince it that I'm truly in the UK but even for the few proxies that connected it still seemed like the player knew I was outside the UK. In the end I was pretty sure that as I probably wouldn't be the only one using this approach to watch the football the proxies would be overloaded and the whole idea was a waste of time.

And necrolyte - I'm not sure what you mean, all IP addresses are public, and a decent firewall is essential anyway, so what's the extra risk of going through that VPN tunnel?
Sorry.. Don't post when drunk...

Course you usually have a public IP anyway. Nowadays most people connect through a router though which adds another layer of security if the firewall on that thing is active. This is being bypassed when using the vpntunnel client.

Anyway, with the vpntunnel solution you get a real UK ip address. As BBC is checking the IP that's the only way that I found and so far it works quite well..
I am sitting in Munich and am connected with vpntunnel right now. My IP is out of the 195.178.106.x range which belongs to Real Hosts Limited in the UK. It is a valid UK address space and thus iPlayer will play the content.. I tried many free services, proxies and whatnot but in the end that's the only thing that works.
Proxy, ssh, star trek, spock, woofers, tweeters...

Is there any hope for a normal person to be able to do this?
Blue Cow
I would be interested for an idiots guide on how to do this anyone ?
Deetz look for a webhost that's UK based see if they have any kind of money back guarantee as I have no idea if it will work. Ask if they give you any kind of shell or ssh access (If you know or remember the dos command prompt this would be like connecting to your server and controlling it via something like that. Real nerdy you bet, but you can then also use your server to request and send traffic to you).

Then you would connect to your very own UK based webserver and follow a guide like this you can make life easier set things up so it would probably only take a few clicks. I don't really know how many cheap web hosting providers would give out shell access, but if one were to find a cheap one many offer lots of bandwidth for cheap and you could probably get equal and or better performance for way cheaper than any premium proxy service or what have you.
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