German school bags for children

Advice on which type to buy

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Am currently looking for little Misses school bag for September. She has her heart set on one with fluffy dogs or winged horses...sigh...even though I tried to steer her towards something less kitsch.

So, there is this one she likes very much, for example, which seems to come in 3 sizes - the ERGO Light 900, the ERGO Light 2 and the ERGO Light Compact. They all seem to differ slightly in size and weight, so am wondering if I can just go for the slightly smaller version safely. We live 2 buildings from Grundschule, so there will be negligible carrying involved.

I want her to fit in etc...don´t want to get her the wrong bag.

Can anyone give me the benefit of their hard earned experience?

Many thanks!
There is a shop at Karlsplatz opposite side from McDonalds and upstairs they have loads of bags! We got our 2 boys bags there!

Sorry I cant remember the name..
Mueller also sells schoolbags iirc.
We have tried them on at the shop already, so I don´t really need advice about where to buy one, its more knowing if there is any subtle difference/meaning in the sizes I should be aware about.

I am looking for the German undercurrent...hidden meanings in school bags etc...class distinctions
Class distinctions? Just dont get a cheap one... As for size, well they seem to require each child here to be able to carry half their body weight for at least 2 kilometres. Must be some odd requirement left over from *those times*. Take the larger.
Yes, there are class distinctions. Anything from McNeill, Scout or 4YOU will be fine. Those are the "classy" brands that most of the kids get. And those companies know what's in as far as the latest design goes, even if it may seem kitchy to adults. I don't think the size matters much - it would depend on the size of the child and how much stuff she's going to be carrying around for four years of elementary school. The emphasis seems to have moved to the lighter bags to ease the burden on these little kids but you still need the room to cram everything in. Most of them are carrying way more than the recommended weight to and from school. But if your child doesn't have far to go I'd say just choose the bag she likes best.
I would agree with Westvan - just get whichever bag your child likes best. Many of the German kids get the really large bags and its really not necessary for Grundschule. There will be a different fashion by 3rd year anyway and I'm sure your child, like mine, will want a new one then. As they get a bit older the flying horses etc are not quite so attractive.
There is a shop at Karlsplatz opposite side from McDonalds and upstairs they have loads of bags! We got our 2 boys bags there!

Sorry I cant remember the name..
The name is Hetzenecker. I have also bought several bags / suitcases there. They have loads of things on offer. Got my two suitcases before I came here there.
Mik Dickinson
get he bigger one.They will need it later on.Get a small one now and next year they willl need a bigger one.
Janx Spirit
And buy quality (as westvan stated, Scout, McNeill or 4You also Sammies aren't bad) a back is an important bit of the anatomy.
My oldest picked a cheap purple one from Woolworth and was totally fine with it. He didn't seem to care one way or the other if it was scout or trendy. We convinced him to get a new one for 4th grade, and now he has his second "cool" 4you big kid one. Now he cares about the label, but he didn't at first.
My youngest has an expensive scout thingy - thanks Godmother! The best thing about it and something I really like is the reflective tape and details - very important in the winter and something I didn't think of with the first kid. However, three other kids have the same bag so we need to check that he has the right one when we pick him up.
Just more food for thought to make your shopping more difficult

EDIT - I think there is less social pressure here in some ways. My girlfriend in the country on the other hand says in the village where her kids went to grade school the kids "had" to have a certain brand of bag, certain brands of pencils (!) and certain brands of notebooks or they would feel the social pressure. Made me glad I don't live in the sticks.
Thanks for all that everyone...has made my decision clear now

If you kid is lean then you have to take extra care. The bag may even cost around Euro 250, as they specially design taking the measurements and weight of your child. I know one family who did this.

get he bigger one.They will need it later on.Get a small one now and next year they willl need a bigger one.
Especially when you start sending them out to Riem to collect the rashers.
Last lot were great Mik
I find the school bags insanely expensive don't you? I mean they cost between 70 and 100 Euro and that is bloody crazy. I bought my daughter two cheap ones from Woolies and she didn't mind one bit. They were OK quality and had loads of the same extras that the other bags have (PE bag, pencil case and the like) and they were a great size. However, I did check out a 4U one the other day and they are lovely. The quality is far superior so I'm thinking of getting my Mum to fork out for one as I can't bring myself to pay for it myself!
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