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Bypassing international restrictions for online TV

I noticed that full episodes of NBC and CBS, and other major television channels are available on their websites. However, when I tried to watch them it says that they are not available to me because of my location. I'm assuming it's using my IP address to determine my location.

Is there some trick that can be used here so I can still see the episodes?

Here's the link for NBC episodes for Jay Leno..

Owain Glyndwr
have you tried looking for a US-based proxy to route through? This sometimes works for the BBC but not always since they block the obvious proxies too.
Yeah I have the same problem I tried to watch GHost hunters and heroes, no luck. Let me knwo if you find a way.
A lot of times you can find sites that stream them online, just google 'watch XY online'. is one site that I know of. Not all the links they post work outside the US but some do.
I have heard of these programs you can download where they change your IP address or something. Anyone used one of these successfully?
My fiance works with computers and I asked him about using a us proxy server. he said that this can be done but that the connection is then so slow it is painful to try and watch shows.
OK guys, I'm going to do you all a favour. If you REALLY want to see all of your favourite TV shows and recent films for free, or in some cases for pennies, and I do mean pennies,then try this ...

I've used it for 4 months now, and wish I had never bought a TV and dish and digibox, and blah, blah. This IS the REAL DEAL, believe me.

The Forums there are a bit iffie to surf, but the shows are DVD quality. If you are not happy with the above site, then I don't know what you need to make you so.

Complete Seasons of your favourite shows, and every episode.So far I have seen.
CSI new york .
Cold Case.
Boston Legal.
Prison Break.
The Tudors.
Now viewing... The Sopranos.

I do forewarn you that you need Real Media Player, and Firefox as your browser. The Forums are good but a bit vague.
If you have any problems help is on hand 24 hours a day.
Good luck, and I'm SURE you will enjoy it.

Good one Raffles, thanks. I've found a few others as well. One show that seems hard to find is Jay Leno - I'd like to watch it but these websites mostly reference other places on the internet that provide the TV/Movies.. so it generally links to the NBC location that provides that show but again it doesn't start because I do not live in America.
The quality seems pretty horrible. If I'm going to watch them unofficially I'd rather download the torrent and see it in HD. But, thanks for the post it is a good site for finding new shows while being overseas!
I find the quality very good and continue daily to watch. Perhaps you are not using Firefox as your browser. It's the recommended one to use.
Here is another option to watch online.

Yeah I know of that one too. I actually found this one quite good. It gives lots of choices of various sources for the movies. However, I'm slowly seeing that sometimes its just worth it to rent the movie or go watch it in the theatre because it can be quite painful to watch these online cuz they are so poorly recorded and the movie loses that touch for me.
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