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Please help!!

I cannot pick up my router from my laptop or other pc unless I have the connection set to unsecure. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can rectify this?
What kind of encryption are you trying to use, and what do you mean by 'pick up'? It doesn't appear in the list of available wifi networks? Is the router set to broadcast its SSID? Some info about your hardware and OS would be nice, too.
make sure the password is put in properly! I had this problem with my speedport 100, two nights of techs helping me, and it was the password without the hyphen in it that messed me up.
Sorry I am not very technical, the router is a speedport 500v w, I am using Windows XP. I would like the router secure so that no-one else can use my connection.

The router is set to broadcast the SSID. However my other pc (using d-link) can pick up the network but cannot connect, and my laptop cannot find it. I have the "Bitte konfigurieren Sie zu Ihrer Sicherheit die Verschlüsselung !" set to WPA/WPA2 with pre-shared key.
Hello, I currently have my pc's hooked up to a speedport w 500V which runs through a netgear fast ethernet switch to pc's that are connected by cable.
I recentloy got a cell phone with wifi and wanted to use the speedport's WLAN to surf the net from my phone. - I opened the settings for the speedport and switched the WLAN settings to "ein" and the WLAN light comes on on the speedport but my phone is not detecting any WLAN connection.

If anyone knows what I need to do to get this working, that would be a great help.

If I recall correctly, the W500V sets the wireless SSID (the WLAN identifier) by default to "hidden", so unless you know the SSID value you can't connect to it. You need to re-set it to be visible to see and connect to the router
Thanks, does anyone know how to "reset it", and will I have to reconfigure everything for my normal internet connection if I do this?
They keep messing around with the menus, so it depends on your firmware version.

Possibly try Konfiguration, Sicherheit, SSID & Verschlüsselung, SSID unsichtbar (tickbox)

Tick for invisible, untick for visible.

Nothing to do with your internet connection per se.
Thanks, does anyone know how to "reset it", and will I have to reconfigure everything for my normal internet connection if I do this?
I didn't mean re-set the router - I meant re-set the SSID invisibility setting!
Thanks, now my phone is finding the WLAN and connecting, access point defined, but I get "No gateway Reply" on my phone after the browser tries to open. Could be a phone setting maybe I have to mess with?

Also, how do I set a password for the wireless connection?

It wouldn't be a Nokia phone, would it?
Yes, Nokia N95. I see it's a common problem with the no gateway error message. I have no problem logging onto the WLAN's at my job with the phone. I was reading one solution is to Set a WEP Key to HEX... I have no WEP set on my firmware, and on the bottom of the speedport, it only gives numbers for a MAC.
Make sure you have the latest firmware (v30.0.015) installed - enter *#0000# on your phone to check. Early N95s had lots of WLAN problems, and ideally use WPA security on your WLAN. Not only is it more secure, but there is no confusion over the passkey.
thanks, my phone has V 21.0.016 installed, according to the Nokia update website that is the latest version for my phone.

I tried following these instructions concerning the No Gateway error but still had no luck... though I am not sure about the ip address I should use? I tried making a new one, and tried using one from a pc that is already connected to the network here, still same problem:

1. On Nokia N95 go to
Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> Access Points

2. Select and open your WLan network

3. Goto Options menu and select ‘Advanced Settings’

4. Select IPv4 Settings ,
Set some IP address.
Set subnet mask
Set gateway address

Best way for step 4 is to check these setting on the pc connected to a wireless lan.
Just go to DOS prompt (run / type ‘cmd’) and check network settings by typing ‘ipconfig /all’.

Also, for using WPA I have options for WPA and or WPA 2 for both a Radius Server or mit pre-shared Key. Not sure which to use and how to go through with it, my German is very poor when it comes to technical information.
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