Availability of grade B maple syrup in Germany

I can only find grades A and C

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Short Corner
Anyone know where I can find some? All I see is grade A and grade C.
Why do you want B?
Owain Glyndwr
different grades are useful for different types of cooking. A is light and useful for dumping on pancakes etc, B is a medium and better if you want to use it as glazing or a sweetener. C grade is better for baking.

Don't forget the US uses different grades for its maple syrup than Canada, the grades I mentioned are Canadian grades. (I haven't actually seen US maple syrup in Munich, only Canadian, though)
I think I've seen grade B maple syrup at dm.
Owain Glyndwr
If you want American Grade B, you should look for Canadian Grade C Maple syrup, which is readily available.
Geez I am Canadian and I didn't even know that.

Did you try Melody's Canada at Jahnstr. She might have it.

Now if I could just find some AAA Alberta Beef, that would be the bomb.
(I haven't actually seen US maple syrup in Munich, only Canadian, though)
cuz Canada make something like 80% of the World's Maple Syrup, to technically, American Real Maple Syrup (not Aunt Jemima crap) is harder to find!

the grading is explained in wikipedia
Some of the BIO/Vitalia type markets also stock different grades.
Yep, I just picked up a bottle of Ahorn Syrup from my Bioladen ... they have all 3 grades. Go Bio ... it's good for you.
Any other places besides Bio carry it? And I don't care what kind, I just want to dip my pancakes once in a while...(Just don't want the drink syrup they try to convince me is good for pancakes UGH!)
Owain Glyndwr
Rewe usually stocks maple syrup.
Thanks, Guess I need to go to "town" to the BIG Rewe
Owain Glyndwr
I've seen it in the small ones as well.
how about mixing A + C to get B ?
Hi TT,
Just bought acorn syrup at Aldi but its so thin! where can I get american style pancake syrup in Berlin... ???
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