Serpent (snake) found in our garden - Germany

Was it a Blindschleiche or a Ringelnatter?

This afternoon, my fiance's little brother came running to me, squealing with delight that he had found a "Blindschleiche" that was captured in a very deep hole. I came outside and took a look at it and I could almost sweat that it was no Blindschleiche, but in fact, a Ringelnatter (a simple grass snake/ringed snake), from what I could tell.

The term "Blindschlieche" refers to a brown creature that often resembles a snake, usually coloured brown with a light pink tongue. What we saw, though, was black with a white underside with a yellow collar and a black tongue.

I thought that Germany was only supposed to have the Blindschleiche and another snake which is very poisonous, though rare? Has anyone else seen one of these in Germany?

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Owain Glyndwr
there are two poisenous types of snake in Germany, the Kreuzotter and the Aspisviper. There are four types of Natter in Germany as well.
This is probably gonna get merged with this snake in back garden story.
Janx Spirit
Kreuzotter - common adder (as opposed to Black Adder, who is so cunning you can stick a tail on it and call it a weasel)

Aspisviper - European viper
Ah, I didn't know that the Aspisviper was here, as well. I only knew about the Kreuzotter. Thanks for that, though. I'm almost for certain that it was a Ringelnatter, but I'm no snake expert.

Which types of Natter are here?
Owain Glyndwr
Äskulap-, Schling- and Würfelnatter.
Looks like a Ringelnatter/grass snake to me (cause of the yellow lunar-formed pattern on the head). Blindschleiche (blind-worm or slowworm) is no snake, it's a legless lizard . Grass snakes aren't poisonous and are protected in Germany (endangered species). I have seen some of them around small lakes, it's the most common snake in Germany.
Good grief, the vipers are creepy-looking. I'm sure it wasn't one of those, though. I've looked up the other ones and the only one that fits is the Ringelnatter. I'm guessing these are pretty common in Germany oder...?

EDIT: Beat me to it, zee.
They are pretty common among ponds and lakes. You can see them swimming from time to time.
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