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We're a family of four with two young children planning to move to the Frankfurt area in a few months. We don't think we want to live within the city itself, but are hoping to find a 3 bedroom house (detached or semi-detached) with a decent rail commute (up to 45 minutes) to Frankfurt business district. We need a garden for the kids and dog, although it doesn't need to be huge.

My huband knows and likes Wiesbaden, but I wonder what other areas we should be looking at, and what our approximate budget range would be? The only renting websites I can find are in German, which I don't yet speak (I am learning) and/or require me to know the districts I want.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
You looking for a little more "town" or a little more "country"?
As unofficial Ex-Pat "plugger" for Friedrichsdorf, I can happily say that our town seems to tick all your boxes.

It's certainly no metropolis (unlike Wiesbaden) - but it's a great family location - and is home to the Frankfurt Montessori School, if you were possibly looking at that route for education.

30 mins from downtown / financial centre on the S5; plenty of properties to look at.

Anyway - come and have a look-see.


I moved here with my husband and two small children (8mths and 2.8yrs) five weeks ago and have been living in Frankfurt while we found permanent accommodation. We fell in love with Bad Homburg and will be moving there at the end of the month. It suits us perfectly. Easy commute to Frankfurt for my husband, and plenty to do for myself and the children, all within easy walking access.
It is not the cheapest of places to live, but well worth it in my opinion.
take a look at Bad Soden also. Nice spa town that is 30 mins on S-bahn to the city. A bit 'country' but still with cafe's bars and some city-lite life. Also has a newly refurbished outdoor pool, tennis club and others.
That's a great help, thank you. I'd appreciate any other suggestions, along with budget thoughts (although I understand that these vary widely).
I have been living in Oberursel and it is great there, just over 20 minutes by public transport away from the centre of Frankfurt and about 25 min by car/taxi from Frankfurt Airport. It even has a night-bus service at weekends. The international school there does push up prices though for family sized apartments and houses. It has a small town feel and is just on the Taunus. Oberstetten is technically part of Oberursel but lacks the U and S bahn connections (which makes it cheaper) but about the same by car.

Bad Homburg? is also good. A much larger town than Oberursel, it is also the Kreisverwaltung (administrative centre) and has more companies there. Bad Homberg is a Kur-ort though which tends to push up prices. Bad Homerg is about the same distance from Frankfurt as Oberursel and has S-Bahn and U-Bahn connections.

It looks like we will be relocating to Riedburg on the Northern edge of Frankfurt in order to buy a new house. The premium that Oberursel commands was a little too much for us.

We live in Idstein. It is a great town, children friendly a great ( altstadt) old city, lots of playgrounds, all the shopping you need, many kindergartens, schools etc. and and and...

I love it here, you are in the city and country at the same time. It is great!

Sherrie :-)
We live in the Darmstadt area (Darmstadt/Griesheim/Eberstadt/Pfungstadt). Not as up market or scenic as Wiesbaden but there are nice areas, it's pretty safe and there's a lot of parks/play ears for kids. Darmstadt is a short train ride into Frankfurt. There are a number of large European organisations in the area like ESA/ESOC and EUMETSAT,. so there's quite a large ex-pat community around. This also means that rental prices might be higher than some of the areas further out into the countryside though.

Hi, we live near Budingen. We are in the countryside yet only a few mins away from the motorway into Frankfurt. I drop my wife at Bergen-Enkheim each morning and then she gets into the city by the U-Bahn. Enkheim is only 20mins away at the end of the motorway. Worth considering.
I have a wife and 11 yr old daughter and 21 yr old son. With 3400 euros after taxes I am wondering where I could live and commute into Frankfurt (within 30 mins). Also, what sort of quality of life can I expect to have on this salary with a family of 4? Will I need to rent a house? Will I be scraping to get by?
My daughter does not speak German yet. Is there a school that teaches in English or will she need a crash course so she can attend school?

Thanks for any input...
... 3400 euros after taxes ...
Add € 154.00 Kindergeld (child benefit) for your daughter ... and another € 154.00 for your son, provided he still goes to school/university
There's a nice surprise. Thanks for that. Can you recommend a nice suburb near Frankfurt?
Friedrichsdorf seems perfect for what you're looking for - 25 mins from downtown FFM on the S5 - and see my previous posts Family towns and areas outside Frankfurt and HERE

Good luck with your search.

Add € 154.00 Kindergeld (child benefit) for your daughter ... and another € 154.00 for your son, provided he still goes to school/university
As far as I am aware, the kindergeld does not apply if you work here on an "expatriate" agreement.
Bad Homburg is also a lovely town near Frankfurt. It is on the same route as Friedrichsdorf but nearer to Frankfurt.
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