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Advice on the legal obligations in Germany

I wondered if vaccines are required by law here in Germany. We're interested in putting our son into Kindergarten in a couple of years and wanted to know if it would be required before entering school. If so, do you know if there are an type of philosophical exemptions? Thanks!
No they are not required by law in Germany.
At least at my son's Kindergarten, they said he would not be allowed in if he wasn't vaccinated. It wasn't a question of me doing it or not, just that I had lost the damn paper in a move, and they misunderstood me and thought my boy hadn't been vaccinated.

So I don't know if it is state-required or not, but it may be that you would have a hard time enrolling your son. I don't know for sure, just my personal experience.
The Kindergarten have the right to know what immunisations your kids have had. This is part of their responsibility and they ask to see the Impfpass when you register. They can't refuse a child because they haven't been immunised.They may have a serious chat with you about it, warn you about how many germs are circulating in a Kidergaten etc but there is no legal imperative. They may of course find other reasons to allocate the places to other children, and they don't have to give a reason why if your child isn't offered a place.
There is a lot of talk of bringing back the "Imppflicht" in Germany, and many private day-care places think they can make up their own rules, which of course they are not entitled to. So if I was you I would just leave it to the very end of the application process to tell them your child has no "Impfpass", as they would have no chance to refuse to take your child just because of that.
they would have no chance to refuse to take your child just because of that.
Of course they would, in particular private places. And of course they are entitled to it, they're private businesses with a stated contract you enter under a set of rules. It's also not exactly like they're scraping for customers either, at least in most places.
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